Review of British Airways flight Port Louis London in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA2062
Class Business
Seat 4E
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 12:10
Take-off 04 Aug 17, 21:10
Arrival at 05 Aug 17, 06:20
BA   #61 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 968 reviews
Published on 5th August 2017
Hello & Welcome to my inaugural trip report! Please feel free to leave any criticism so I can improve. :)

BA2062 - MRU -> LGW (Boeing 777-200ER, G-YMMC)

After a great 7 days in Mauritius, staying at the Shangri - La Le Touessrok (pictures below), it was time to leave for the Airport.

photo 20170801_145920photo 20170801_093619photo 20170802_123834

Although our flight left late, we didn't want to risk the Mauritian roads in the dark, as the driving seems to be very reckless there. We therefore took a taxi from the airport at about 1645.

photo 20170804_164215

It's a beautiful drive down the eastern coast of Mauritius to the airport:

photo 20170804_164924photo 20170804_173650

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Int'l. Airport is a very beautiful building inside, and surprisingly modern.

photo 20170804_183351photo 20170804_174534

As we had arrived at the airport about an hour before Check-In began (it began at 1820), we decided to sit down on some benches. Unfortunately, about 15 mins after we had sat down, a HUGE family sat down next to us and basically hounded us out, leaving us to have to stand around for several minutes before joining the growing queue in the Priority lane.

photo 20170804_175950

After breezing through the Premium Passport Control and Security lanes, we headed to the ATOL lounge which was opposite Gate 19 and on the 1st floor. When we entered the lounge, we were given welcome cocktails, which were delicious. Unfortunately, the food selection in the lounge wasn't very expansive.

photo 20170804_185343photo 20170804_185708

I took some fishcakes, which were delicious. There was also some chicken available, however it was in a Mauritian / Indian style, which was okay, but not great. The cheese sandwiches, although nice in the middle, had gone hard from being left out for so long. They also had a selection of free, mostly UK, newspapers (although they were a day old), including the Telegraph and the Mail. Having already read that day's Telegraph on my Tablet, I took a Mail to pass the <2hrs we spent in the lounge.

photo 20170804_185932

Soon, it was about time to go to the gate, which had been announced as Gate 26.

photo 20170804_201724

By this time, the airport had become very busy.

photo 20170804_202337

By the time I had made it to the gate, after buying some Mauritian Vanilla, we were about 10 mins from boarding. Soon enough, I joined the priority queue, and we slowly made our way down into the plane.

photo 20170804_203251

It was while on the aerobridge we caught our first proper glimpse of the beautiful 777-200ER, G-YMMC.

photo 20170804_204122

After settling down in seat 4E, which was a rear-facing middle seat with direct aisle access at the back of the first section of Club World, I was given a choice of water, champagne or orange juice as a welcome drink. Being underage, I chose the orange juice, which was a nice fresh orange juice with bits.

photo 20170804_210034

Shortly, while I was settling in to my Club World convertible seat, the menus were handed out (naturally, I wasn't given the wine list)

photo 20170804_210851photo 20170804_210855photo 20170804_210901

While perusing the menu, we were given the ELEMIS Club World Amenity Kit, which included British creams, socks & eyeshades made of British cotton, and a dental kit, as well as a voucher, pen and earplugs.

photo 20170804_211107photo 20170804_211102


Seat Controls:

photo 20170804_211634

IFE (this had to be folded away before takeoff):

photo 20170804_211629

Seat in Fully reclined position ( I unfortunately didn't get a picture of the seat completely flat).

photo 20170804_215224


We taxiied around for about 30 mins, which was inexplicable, as there was an Air Mauritius A340 to Mumbai leaving at the same time as us, but nothing to delay us so much. Anyway, after a smooth takeoff, the seatbelt sign was switched off after about 15 mins, at which point the crew handed out hot, scented towels. Unfortunately, they disappeared for another 15 mins, leaving me with a cold and wet towel on my table, which was resricting movement and freedom.

After the scented towels were handed out, the IFE was switched on.


There was a good selection of movies and TV, however I chose to watch an episode of the Kardashians before dinner.


Soon enough, Kenyan cashew nuts with a drink (I chose a Schweppes ginger ale) were handed out: (note that the scented towel is still present)

photo 20170804_221530

Again, there was a long wait before the meze starter was handed out: (finally, when the tray was put on the table, the scented towel was removed.)

photo 20170804_224328

Also present on the tray was a salad, some British Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Chocolates, Vinaigrette for the salad, and some (very cold) metal cutlery. When we just approaced Madagascar, the main course of the beef was handed out. While the mashed-potato and the 'creamed jus' were delicious, and the vegetables were edible, the beef was as tough as a block of wood, and as chewy as chewing gum.

photo 20170804_225656photo 20170804_231716

Because I was tired and a bit fed up of the food, I skipped dessert and went straight to sleep. The bed is comfortable, and the eyeshades are thick enough not to let any light in.

Unfortunately, I woke up desperate for the bathroom, and just as I got up, the seatbelt sign went on.

photo 20170805_032050

I was pretty desperate, but there was nothing I could do. I passed the time by playing around with the map, and saw that we had flown directly over my home town, Entebbe.

photo 20170805_032711

The 777 was flying around a large thunderstorm, as one could see clearly on the map.

photo 20170805_031111

Finally, about an hour later, the sign went off, while we were over the CAR.

photo 20170805_032711

After visiting the bathroom, I got a packet of crisps and a Diet Coke from the Club Kitchen, located between the two Club World cabins.

photo 20170805_035508

I then went back to sleep.

When I awoke, we were flying over Southern Tunisia, and we got a view of a conurbation below us.

photo 20170805_064658photo 20170805_070516

After getting a fanta and some Salt and Vinegar Crisps from the Club Kitchen, there were just over 2hrs left of the flight.

photo 20170805_071624photo 20170805_072943

Over the mediterranean, the lights were turned on, and the breakfast tray of Bircher Muesli and some warm bread was served. It was refreshing and delicious.

photo 20170805_080850

The cooked breakfast was an omelette, and unfortunately I despise omelettes, so I went for the continental breakfast, which was as good as continental breakfasts go. All the while, the brilliant flight crew were topping me up with some English Twinings Earl Grey Tea.

photo 20170805_084041

Eventually, over northern France, the seatbelt sign came on, and we descended into the rain of Crawley.

photo 20170805_091728photo 20170805_091359

After landing, we got an okay view of the front of G-YMMC, and a view of a Med-View Airline 747-400, an airline I had never heard of before.

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British Airways

Cabin crew10.0

AML Lounge


Port Louis - MRU


London - LGW



Having heard bad things about BA's long haul Club World seats, I was very pleasantly surprised by them: they were both comfortable, and the reports of the shoe storage not being reachable while reclined are wrong: it is quite easy to lift up the footstool and reach down. The crew were excellent, and the only thing that let it down was the awful Beef. Overall, an extremely enjoyable flight.

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  • Comment 406958 by
    indianocean SILVER 7574 Comments
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
    I enjoyed reading your report. I don't think anything special is missing. Nice first.

    You wrote "After breezing through the Premium Passport Control and Security lanes" and yet your score for airport fluidity is only 5 on 10. Was there another detail you didn't write about?
    • Comment 407015 by
      It was just the general feeling of there being a lot of pushing and shoving, especially in the departures hall before check-in, people pushing in front just to weigh their bags, not even needing to check-in, and while walking down the jetbridge, there was also an incident with the attendants not being able to fold up the multiple prams that were there, in the end holding up the queue and requiring the parents and FAs to help as well.

      Thanks for the compliments! ;)
  • Comment 407033 by
    MrMax 142 Comments
    Hi There!

    Great job on this FR. So great to hear something nice said about the BA business class hard product amid criticism of both BA and VS's J class hard product. How does BA compare with Virgin's "upper class"? Thanks for your thoughts.

    Also, FYI: MedView is a Nigerian airline flying out of the city of Port Harcourt. However, it is on the E.U. list of banned carriers, so it is confusing to see it in LGW because -- at least for now -- the UK is still a member of the E.U. Any thoughts on why MedView is allowed to fly to London??????

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!
    - Max
    • Comment 407156 by
      THanks for the compliments! Never been on Virgin Upper Class, but i have been on a Virgin 747 Premium Economy LHR - SFO & LAS - LGW and it was horrific... the IFE worked on neither flight. About MedView, it leases that 747 from AirAtlanta Icelandic, which is probably how it gets around the ban.

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