Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Johannesburg in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH572
Class Business
Seat 87A
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 10:25
Take-off 17 Jul 17, 22:05
Arrival at 18 Jul 17, 08:30
LH   #54 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1129 reviews
By 4292
Published on 12th August 2017
Routing :

CDG – MUC / Airbus A320-214 CEO SL D-AIUT Lufthansa LH2239 Economy K / 6 AM Beer City Flug [THERE]
MUC – SOF / Airbus A320-214 CEO SL Lufthansa LH1702 Economy K / Eastern Orient Express [THERE]
SOF – VIE / Airbus A320-200 CEO OE-LBP Austrian OS796 Business C / Vienna coffee [THERE]
VIE – FRA / Airbus A319-100 CEO OE-LDG Austrian OS125 Business C / Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 [THERE]
> FRA – JNB / Boeing 747-8i D-ABYO Lufthansa LH572 Business C Upper Deck / I’m leaving on a jet plane, (I know) when I’ll be back again [YOU ARE HERE]
JNB – SZK / Embraer 135 ZS-SWN South African Airlink SA8865 Economy Q / A different kind of animal [THERE]
SZK – MQP / Cessna Caravan C208-B ZS-MLT South African Airlink SA8930 Economy Y / Dreaming of Cessna [THERE]
MQP – JNB / Embraer 140 ZS-ALR South African Airlink SA8828 Economy Q / Outclassing the road [THERE]
JNB – DUR / Airbus A330-200 ZS-SXV South African Airways SA559 Business C / Comfy old cabin [THERE]
DUR – CPT / Boeing 738WL ZS-ZWU British Airways by Comair BA6310 Business U / On the ‘Business’ again [THERE]
CPT – GRJ / Embraer 135 ZS-SWN South African Airlink SA8631 Economy Q / Lost Garden route flightpath [THERE]
PLZ – JNB / Boeing 737-800 Split Scimitar winglets ZS-ZWH British Airways by Comair BA6242 Economy O / From PE with chill [THERE]

JNB – FRA / Boeing 747-8i D-ABYR Lufthansa LH573 First C Nose / "Luck" [THERE]
FRA – VIE / Airbus A320 CEO OE-LBL Austrian OS128 Business C / Good Morning Austria

VIE – SOF / Airbus A320 CEO OE-LBM Austrian OS795 Business C / Foodstock
SOF – MUC / Embraer 195 D-AEMD Lufthansa LH1705 Cityline Economy K / …6.5 hours later
MUC – CDG / Airbus A319-100 CEO D-AILY Lufthansa LH2238 Economy K / Clap-my-end or "I (don't) love Paris, in the summer…"


So, welcome back to the routing for what starts to be the interesting part ! If I took positioning flights to SOF and booked the error fare from SOF to JNB, it is obviously to enjoy this very flight, the only long haul roundtrip of the year, sadly. And because it is C class, there is a lot to enjoy !

We first went to the LH Business Lounge located gate Z 26.

On our way, we saw that this part of the terminal was completely empty
photo img_5801
This is the lounge entrance
photo img_5803photo img_5804
After checkin-in, you either have a moving belt or stairs
photo img_5805
Up there you have the toilets + showers on your left hand side as well as a desk with multiple agents dealing that day with a flight to PVG apparently cancelled
The toilets look like this :

Very clean and modern looking.
This is the catering area
photo img_5806photo img_5807
You can sit wherever you want
photo img_5808photo img_5809
There was plenty of space on that day

Before eating something, I went for a shower. A cleaning lady was waiting with a register where you had to write flight details, most (if not all) of the passengers taking showers were flying the LH572 to JNB.
She said a shower cabin was available immediately so I quicky returned to my seat and asked my mother if she wanted one, so she went to register with me because she does not speak english, but she had to wait with a small electronic bipper that told her when the shower room was ready.

So I went for mine because I badly needed one after 4 flights. The water pressure was more than enough and the temperature easy to adjust.
photo img_5816photo img_5817
It was warm enough in the cabin, everything was utterly clean
Back to the rest area, the wifi was fast and easy to access
photo img_5818
We had a small view over the apron obstructed by the curtain
photo img_5819
Then I went looking for some food (Frankfurt sausages and sort of gnocchis) to wait and charged my devices on the power outlets located on every furniture in the rest area.
photo img_5820
When the time came to board, hopefully there was a FIDS to check if the boarding gate had changed. It will be Z69 for us, last gate of the pier…
photo img_5821
Here is a bad view of D-ABYO, our beast for the night
photo img_5823
First jetbridge
photo img_5829
Nearly there
photo img_5830
Warm welcome on board from the FAs
Up the stairs and we arrived into this well known 2-2 layout along the nice side stowage compartments
photo img_5831photo img_5833
We took water as PDB because wine makes me sick when flying, so I'm not really an alcohol person
photo img_5836
And the bad point about the seats many FR pointed out immediately came into view
photo img_5837
The ottoman is ridiculous even just for feet. Under it, you can stow your shoes.
The amenity kit and a still water bottle are located under the seatback pocket which is itself located under the IFE.
The seats are nicely indicated though with a kind of metal bar
photo img_5838
The seat controls are fairly simple but a bit used considering the cabin's age
photo img_5839photo dsc_0008
The menus were then handed by our friendly blonde female FA that introduced herself
photo img_5840
"A warm welcome on board"

Noise cancelling headset : Bose QC15 I think
photo img_5847photo img_5848
The safety video was then displayed on the IFE, which image quality I have to say is mediocre
photo img_5849
We pushed back on schedule and took off a while later

The service started of course with a hot oshibori
photo dsc_0011
We were around here
photo dsc_0012
Then came the hot nuts along the wine.
However the vinothek was not up to date
A very sweet white wine from New Zealand was suggested by our FA but it did not appear on the "Vinothek" part of the menu provided, our first choice was not available. most of the wines as you could see on the menu are fairly recent so not very mature enough.
The tray table felt solid and stable.
photo dsc_0013photo dsc_0014photo dsc_0015
The beverages trolley
photo dsc_0016photo dsc_0017
The branded polyester napkin was set by the FA
photo dsc_0027
We took the "Spiced Salmon with Turnip Celery Salad, Frankfurt Style Pesto and Pumpkin Seeds" as a starter. A very bright idea because it tasted excellent
photo dsc_0025
Metal LH branded cutlery
photo dsc_0026
Here is a small simple salad
photo dsc_0028
As for the main course, I opted for the Ravioli with pesto sauce and mediterranean vegetables (zucchini)
photo dsc_0029
I declined the dessert, this was already way too much for me being the fifth flight in a row.
But took the small chocolate box provided :-)
photo img_5861photo img_e5862
After that I went to the toilets to check if everything was clean and if there was some amenity items : answer was "yes"
photo img_e5852
Same smoke detectors as in the AA 787 I flew between SCL and DFW last year.
photo img_5853
Refreshing tissue
photo img_5854
A hand cream from Korres
photo img_5855
Shaving cream, paraben free please, along with actual shaving kits
photo img_5856
A pocket comb
photo img_5857
And finally a mouth wash, but I know you can read all of that for once that it is well lighted
photo img_5858
This is what I was seeing with alcohol in my blood^^
photo img_5859
Now it is time to sleep a bit
photo img_5867photo img_5868photo img_5869
After having slept for a good 5 hours, these are the views we were treated to on the outside

Breakfast : I obviously chose the full version

Some branded metal cutlery here as well

Everything on the tray was well prepared and tasty. You really feel ready for your day after this kind of meal.
The sun was by then completely set
photo img_5892photo img_5895
I enjoyed a bit more my seat and charged my devices
photo img_e5880photo img_e5883
A kind of seatbelt I had never seen before
photo img_5877
With the light you can better see the size of the side stowage compartments
photo dsc_0035
The amenity kit was provided y "Bree" and contained
- a headset cover
- a mask
- socks,
- earplugs,
- a hand cream and a lip balm,
- a refreshing tissue,
- 2 lens wipe (nice to think to pax with glasses, smartphones or DSLRs)
- a pocket comb,
- toothpaste,
- a toothbrush

We had a gorgeous approach over Johannesburg

As for the landing, it was a smooth one

With a bit of spotting while taxiing

I will probably try Emirates next year to New Zealand in J class as well.

Before leaving, I forgot safety card !
photo img_5896
Center page
photo img_5897photo img_5898
I had asked before descent if I could pay a visit to the flight deck after landing, which was granted in its principle by our friendly FA but she told me she will have the confirmation of this later on. Which she did.

So after everyone had left the Upper Deck, she called me and I went there.

We shook hands both with the Captain and FO and talked a little bit about fuel consumption (100 tons) but the parking checklist had not been done yet and I could feel I was not very welcomed at that moment, although it was nice hearing this "live".

Furthermore, when the captain asked me not to share the pictures I was taking on social networks, I felt he was treating me as a kind of stupid youtuber taking selfie every 5 minutes or so. I did not take the trouble to answer to explain the purpose of the pictures, which is to share them with avgeek like you, readers, but it was not very friendly like I experienced last year flying American Airlines from JFK to EZE when the FO even left his seat and offered to take pictures.

This was nice to be welcomed obviously but if they feel it is an obligation because I was flying Business Class, then it is better not agreeing receiving pax visiting them in the first place. If passengers have an aviation interest, then it is something to share, to discuss, it shouldn't be kind of a burden. So that is why I won't put a 10 for the crew, even if our FA on the Upper Deck were very pleasant people.

So as Flight-Report labelled itself as a social network, I can't directly share the pictures with you. What I can do is uploading them to a Flickr album and give you the link via e-mail for those interested, but I really don't want to break my word by posting them here, sorry for that!

And on that last weird feeling, it is time to end and leave D-ABYO that landed here perfectly on-time.
photo img_5899
And unfortunately we got into the world's second worst airport after Vienna, in my opinion of course : JNB ! Perhaps one of the most confusing airport I've been through.
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Cabin crew8.5

Lufthansa Business Lounge - 1Z


Frankfurt - FRA


Johannesburg - JNB



Lufthansa performed well on that flight. The only point I haven't mentionned here is the IFE, except as for the liveshow, the image quality really is not there. I wouldn't like to watch a movie on these horrible screens. But of course, flying Business means sleeping, so this is not a catastrophy.

The Z Business/Senator Lounge in FRA was superb, and I mean it.
FRA itself is a peaceful airport, very large, not too packed on that evening. The only bad point was that at the last gate of the pier, our gate Z69, there is not much room for the queues which generates a mess.

JNB is not practical at all, the border police is slow, does not want to do its job, it is annoying. Bags arrived quickly to be honest, so the priority tags attached at SOF airport served well.
The most annoying thing at JNB is the "Porter luggage scam" where you have bunch of people wearing what seem like official badges and uniforms trying to help you with your luggages, asking for your destination if you are transiting to get money from you when they will have carry your bags.

So... BEWARE ! Do not let anyone take your bags, please use common sense, nothing is done for free ;) Do like me : either go voluntarily into the wrong direction or tell them "wherever I go, I will go alone", thought that one was fun. And they did not insist.

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    marvin150892 42 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this flight experience with us :)
    You took many great photos - now I have a good impression of what I can expect at the LH Business Lounge in FRA ;)

    • Comment 408263 by
      st7515 AUTHOR 221 Comments

      Pleasure Marvin !
      Now that I think of it, kindly note that the desk/toilets/showers are located on the left hand side upon exiting the stairs in the lounge, not the right, this was a typo!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and writing a comment ;)

  • Comment 408299 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5222 Comments

    Very nice report. The overall experience looks nice, especially if you're travelling with someone else. If travelling alone, the LH J seats don't offer much in the way of privacy, but they do look comfortable. The 748i is a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 408315 by
      st7515 AUTHOR 221 Comments

      You're very welcome Kévin!

      You are definitely right, there was the privacy point I forgot to talk about, and indeed, there is absolutely no privacy, either with your immediate neighbour, the front row, or even the back row if you are seated on a upright position. Which can be quite unpleasant for instance to take pictures of the seat and all.

      You have as well the pax letting their water bottle slide along the cabin on the side stowage compartments upon landing, which is disturbing you if you take pictures or a video.

      But to the pax not doing any kind of FR, I guess it is fine^^

      Thanks for reading and taking the take to comment!

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