Review of SA Airlink flight Cape Town George in Economy

Airline SA Airlink
Flight SA8631
Class Economy
Seat 13C
Aircraft Embraer ERJ135
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 01 Aug 17, 11:45
Arrival at 01 Aug 17, 12:35
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Published on 15th August 2017
Routing :

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Readers, welcome back to this extensive routing !

I will firstly apologize as all my pictures/videos from this flight were deleted thanks to my computer that decided to let me down after this very flight. Consequence : I couldn't save my data on its HDD and was forced to use an hotel computer to transfer the data between my SD card and an External HD I had bring with me but… now that I read the External HD, there is nothing… So I will have to do this FR with iPhone pictures, sorry for that !

We arrived at CPT at 10:10 AM with the Sixt service called "myDriver" but, as Blacklane, however being 25% cheaper, this was exactly the same vehicle : a Mercedes C Class, so not at all an E-Class or 5 Series as advertised on both platforms. The cost was I think expensive for a C Class : 35 USD / 30 EUR.

Landside, it is mostly clean and modern even if once again, I do not find the indications clear enough. This is something that I found to be recurrent in major South African airports.

These are not the Airlink counters, only SAA. The Airlink counters are located behind these ones (A8-A11)
The agent was a nice polite man that allowed us to drop off our bags quickly, even if time was not our main concern as we had no lounge access
photo 35511235073_8b4d6d6212_ophoto 36157876932_97a2d05f34_o
The security, as in JNB and DUR, was packed and not all the safety locks were open. There were lots of school classes / sports teams as in the other airports. Fortunately, they did travel light and did not cause any trouble passing through security.

After security, the international terminal is located on the left whereas the domestic part is on the right hand side.

Further down, the C gates (downstairs) are accessible on the right via a moving belt.
Downstairs, it was not too cold compared to JNB. I suspect they were heating this level which was great
photo 35484251144_c661516488_ophoto 36157900672_ba40e7bcec_o
We waited for our flight at gate C5
photo 36157861102_cb3c920940_o
Boarding was called really late because of the aircraft's late arrival from Windhoek (WDH) due to unexpected headwinds.
Paxbus meant spotting but with an iPhone… ok, it is just to give you a general view^^

We were asked by the boarding agent (who was with us on the paxbus) to wait until everything was ready and she went there to check it out.
photo 36282296786_bb30d4232f_o
It was not raining a lot but the tarmac was damped and the wind blew up all the water on us which was very unpleasant. I would have rather liked a boading by group instead of everyone being outside and completely wet. Let me tell you that the first pax to board were not quick to setup in their seat, quite self-serving to be honest.
Our aircraft was ZS-SWN, the same we flew from JNB to SZK two weeks earlier
photo 36319819595_50761482d5_o
There was a kind of shelf on wheels to put hand luggages that wouldn't fit in the overhead compartments, being smaller than those installed on an A320/737
photo 36326714925_cdf5be97a1_o
The cabin itself was not very warm so it was even worse being wet.
photo 35483924014_0656348efa_o
But, as two weeks earlier, it was in good shape, except for the seatback pocket that had been unbuttoned in between those 2 flights. It was not difficult buttoning it again !
The pitch was still honest
photo 35484247814_51899b7171_ophoto 36157871282_be6627be22_o
The headrest cover
photo 36184369201_bf7edbfae7_o
The Captain announced us over the PA a flight time of 40 minutes and apologized for the delay.
After take-off almost in the fog, we cruised at FL275.
The catering was similar to the other Airlink flights we took, meaning a choice of muffin/sandwich this time a bit smaller though, and a choice of drinks from Ceres.
photo 36190060011_25ca0b4563_o
There was just one sandwich left when the FA reached our row so my mother took the muffin instead.
photo 36276752026_6f09340366_o
Here is the intact safety card :
photo 35517855953_f3b5b19b47_ophoto 35924594530_2d21133081_o
and the back page
photo 36157900942_817d5b8c2a_k
Blank air sickness bag
photo 35511085793_11b593b9af_o
The Skyways magazine
photo 36190060691_eb648b21a3_o
The only picture I have with blue skies :/
photo 35930359790_47b240d755_o
Hopefully I had uploaded a small video

But unfortunately, I have nothing left from the gorgeous approach over Mossel Bay and George city arghhh
Even the spotting on the tarmac with blue skies was lost ! The only thing I can tell you is we landed runway 29.

I still took a picture of the ceiling on the luggages' belt room. It was 12:57 PM, not bad for such a delay at the beggining
photo 36190074091_fb4edb70c4_o

Our transfer was operated by Kontours, a reliable family-sized company that took us to two viewpoints along our transfer which I obviously, being DSLR pictures, lost…
It was Dolphin's point (in Wilderness) and Cloud 9 Lookout (Egret Road, on top of Sedgefield)
Here, we were at a paragliding spot
photo 36282301886_a1c2eb7986_o

And here is the lovely Knysna's waterfront to end on a good view :
photo 35930361950_95cb5537e6_k
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SA Airlink

Cabin crew7.0

Cape Town - CPT


George - GRJ



The cabin was too cold, it should have been warmer on a winter morning with rainy weather.
The crew was nice but not extraordinary

Lack of enough sandwiches for a midday flight but quality was there.



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