Review of Norwegian flight Stockholm Oslo in Economy

Airline Norwegian
Flight DY807
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 12 Aug 17, 10:00
Arrival at 12 Aug 17, 11:00
DY   #12 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 96 reviews
Rl 777
By 750
Published on 18th August 2017
Hello readers! Welcome to a new terse series, consisting merely of two quick flights in August, 2017. The first part (you are here) includes the flight from Stockholm to Oslo while the subsequent part covers the return.


This particular background will not be of ample size, in comparison to backgrounds in other reports from this account. The story went like something along these lines:

It was a regular spring day in Stockholm and I was sitting in my room per usual, the day was ordinary until my dad came and told me we had to book tickets in August for just a single night. Apparently a wedding party of one of my cousins' wedding had been confirmed to take place on August 12, 2017. Talks about the wedding party had been ongoing for an extended period of time, it was confirmed at last which meant it was time to book the tickets after our invitation arrived. The standard options for travelling to Oslo are to take the train or to fly with SAS/Norwegian. My family agreed on flying to Oslo and I therefore searched for flights in August. Norwegian turned out to be the cheaper choice and the tickets were booked without further hesitation. This would be the first trip from our new home in the Stockholm area, the recent ARN-HEL-UME-ARN series was the final series from our previous home in Stockholm.

Note: Pictures used in this report were taken with my phone and camera.


Part 1 - ARN-OSL, DY807, Norwegian, Boeing 737-800, LN-DYC - You are here
Part 2 - OSL-ARN, DY820, Norwegian, Boeing 737-800, LN-NGS -


The hop to Oslo has a flight time of one hour, flight DY807 on Saturday was scheduled to depart at 10:00 AM in the morning. Online check-in was done the night before departure, the only task left was to collect BPs at the airport as my family would travel with hand luggage.
photo fireshot capture 141 - bokningsreferens i norwegian_ - https___www.norwegian.com_se_proce

I went up from bed at 06:40 AM on the day of departure and started getting ready to leave. Additionally, the departure information from the mobile app was screenshotted for future reference on this FR. Interestingly the boarding time was set at 09:31 according to the app, instead of a customary 09:30.
photo screenshot_2017-08-12-06-42-18i

Once the final packing had been completed, I walked to the kitchen and had some breakfast. Two slices of bread with strawberry jam, a piece of crispbread with cream cheese (knäckebröd) and oat flakes with milk constituted my breakfast. Generally speaking, many would most likely agree on the topic of jam being an unhealthy breakfast item. On that account I try to compensate by purchasing a brand that has a higher fruit content and less added sugar than what's standard on the market here.
photo dsc_0310i

I was done with my checklist by 07:52 AM and waited for the rest of the family to finish their checks.
photo 20170812_075204

The family was set to leave at 08:06, my father started the car at 08:08 AM on this hushed and dead Saturday morning.
photo dsc_0314i

Driving towards the E18 at 08:12 AM in typical Stockholm weather. Normally I take the E4 directly to ARN but since I have moved to another area in Stockholm, the routing will be slightly different.
photo dsc_0318i

On the E18 freeway towards the city centre.
photo dsc_0321i

Taking road 267 after a few minutes on the E18, road 267 serves as a connector between the E4 and the E18 in the northern outskirts of Stockholm.
photo dsc_0329i

Towards the E4.
photo dsc_0331i

To the E4.
photo dsc_0335i

Joining the E4 freeway towards Arlanda Airport at 08:28 AM.
photo dsc_0337iphoto dsc_0341i

Continuing the drive on the E4.
photo dsc_0342iphoto dsc_0345i

A multitude of my other cousins in Stockholm were also going to Oslo for the wedding party, some of them had already arrived in Oslo the previous day while one of my cousins would be on the same flight as us this morning.
photo dsc_0347iphoto dsc_0348i

Closing in on the airport.
photo dsc_0351iphoto dsc_0352i

Taking the exit to ARN.
photo dsc_0355i

Driving to the BETA long-term parking facility at ARN. The airport operator has got two long-term parking facilities at ARN, ALFA and BETA while other long-term parking lots are operated by different private companies.
photo dsc_0356i

Approaching the BETA parking lot.
photo dsc_0357i

It took a fair amount of time before a vacant spot was located within short walking distance from a bus stop, but eventually we found an acceptable spot.
photo dsc_0358i

The poster advises people to take a photo of the bus stop (in Swedish), in case you forget which stop the car was close to when returning.
photo 20170812_084707

Waiting for the shuttle bus at 08:48 AM.
photo dsc_0359iphoto dsc_0360i

The yellow shuttle bus arrived at 08:50 AM and we hopped on. Besides for getting to/from the parking facilites, these buses are also used for getting to the rental cars offices, one of the Radisson hotels, the Jumbohostel and a selection of other spots around the airport.
photo 20170812_085017

The ride to Terminal 5 lasted for roughly five minutes.
photo 20170812_085519

The shuttle buses stop at the arrivals level at Terminal 5, it is possible to enter the departures level by entering the building followed by going upstairs by escalators/stairs or lifts.
photo 20170812_085527photo 20170812_085558photo 20170812_085701

On an escalator towards the departures level.
photo 20170812_085745photo 20170812_085820

Minimal time was wasted in the landside area, boarding was scheduled to commence in 30 minutes. Upon arriving in the departures level, I quickly walked to a kiosk and printed out our boarding passes.
photo 20170812_085911

Row 25 would have to suffice.
photo 20170812_090009_li

The line for the security checkpoint was of considerable length but fortunately it was not too sluggish. There are two security checkpoints at Terminal 5, one for gates 11-24 (we were here as our gate was 13A) and one for all gates. This point is convenient for departures from gates 11-24 while the second control by the SK desks is better for departures from gates 1-10 and F26-F69 at Terminal 5.
photo 20170812_090202

Rainy weather.
photo 20170812_090231photo 20170812_090431

Bag repacking area, seen while standing in line for security.
photo 20170812_090437photo 20170812_090456_li

photo 20170812_090610_li

Security was cleared in 11 minutes, there were 17 minutes left until boarding (or 18, according to the app which suggested boarding to start at 09:31).
photo 20170812_091336_li

The assigned gate for flight DY807 to Oslo was 13A, pictured. We met our cousin by this gate who were joining us on DY807.
photo 20170812_091421_li

Flight information display screen, or simply FIDS.
photo 20170812_091624

I decided to wander around the gates that were in close proximity to gate 13A, before boarding commenced.
photo 20170812_091715

Austrian E-190.
photo dsc_0362iphoto dsc_0364i

QR B788.
photo dsc_0369i

SK A320.
photo dsc_0371i

Flight information:

Airline: Norwegian Air Shuttle

Flight no & route: DY807 ARN-OSL

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 10:00 (10:18), UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 11:00 (10:59), UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 1 hour (41 minutes)

This 738 registered as LN-DYC was delivered to Norwegian in March, 2010.
photo dsc_0372i

Boarding was announced with a delay of eight-nine minutes at 09:39, there was no priority boarding but passengers at the front of the aircraft were asked to use the jetbridge while passengers at the back would board from the rear side of the aircraft.
photo 20170812_093932_li

Walking to the apron. My cousin seated at row 1 boarded using the jetbridge while my family walked to the rear of the plane.
photo 20170812_094401

Walking to the 737 in rainy weather conditions.
photo 20170812_094425

The ride.
photo 20170812_094435photo 20170812_094442_hdr

LN-DYC it is.
photo 20170812_094444

It would most likely not just be a rainy morning in Stockholm, but a rainy day in Stockholm.
photo 20170812_094447

Max Manus on the tail (full name is Maximo Guillermo Manus). He was a Norwegian resistance fighter and was active during World War II. Max Manus was also a shop assistant, author, sailor, businessman and a personal protection officer, according to Wikipedia.
photo 20170812_094451photo 20170812_094453

Walking upstairs.
photo 20170812_094458

Inside the aircraft.
photo 20170812_094544_li

Seated on seat 25A.
photo 20170812_094643_li

photo 20170812_094645photo 20170812_094700_li

Wing view in wet conditions.
photo dsc_0375i

Legroom and the seat pitch were adequate for a flight of this length, and they remained acceptable with a small camera bag.
photo dsc_0376i

TK1793 from Istanbul IST.
photo dsc_0378i

Boarding was succesfully completed by 09:55 AM.
photo 20170812_095558

Before taxi, I snapped a few pictures of the seatback contents. The safety card was up first.
photo dsc_0381iphoto dsc_0382i

photo dsc_0385i

Barf bag, two copies were spotted in the pocket of the seatback in front of me.
photo dsc_0386i

Taking pictures with the large amount of droplets on the windows was a difficult task, I managed to click a small selection of pictures using the camera's auto-focus before giving up and switching over to manual focus.
photo dsc_0388iphoto dsc_0389i

The safety video was displayed on these overhead monitors, it was shown in English and Norwegian if my rusty memory can be trusted.
photo dsc_0391i

Pushback from gate 13A at 10:09 AM.
photo dsc_0392iphoto dsc_0396i

Taxiing to runway 19R.
photo dsc_0398i

Air Serbia A319 rolling down runway 19R, operating flight JU411 to Belgrade.
photo dsc_0400iphoto dsc_0401i

photo dsc_0405i

Lining up with 19R.
photo dsc_0408iphoto dsc_0411i

Rolling down runway 19R.
photo dsc_0412iphoto dsc_0414i

Lifting off at 10:18 AM.
photo dsc_0415i

Amapola Flyg Fokker 50, Thai B77W, Titan B752 and the Jumbohostel.
photo dsc_0419iphoto dsc_0422i

Climbing out.
photo dsc_0424i

Road 273 and the freeway to the airport.
photo dsc_0426i

Benstocken long-term parking facility (private).
photo dsc_0427i

Heading towards Oslo.
photo dsc_0429i

E4 freeway.
photo dsc_0434i

Lake Fysingen.
photo dsc_0436i

Stockholm North Logistics Center.
photo dsc_0438i

Rosersberg, in the northern outskirts.
photo dsc_0439i

Climbing out.
photo dsc_0441iphoto dsc_0443i

The clouds were taking over a couple of minutes after departure.
photo dsc_0445i

Through the cloud layers.
photo dsc_0449i

Mood lighting.
photo dsc_0451i

Unlike previous occasions, connecting to DY's Wi-Fi was a hassle-free experience this occasion.
photo screenshot_2017-08-12-10-25-27i

Tones of blue in the skies have been spotted.
photo dsc_0452i

Cartoons were running on the overhead monitors while we were cruising towards Oslo.
photo dsc_0456iphoto dsc_0460i

Cruising at 26 000 ft.
photo dsc_0462iphoto dsc_0464i

Oggy and the Cockroaches on the monitors.
photo dsc_0465i

There was not much activity onboard, besides the BOB service with few interested passengers.
photo dsc_0469iphoto 20170812_104255

Descending towards Gardermoen Airport.
photo dsc_0473iphoto dsc_0474i

Lining up with runway 19L at Gardermoen.
photo dsc_0481iphoto dsc_0484i

Through the clouds, for the second time.
photo dsc_0485i

Råholt, a town close to the airport.
photo dsc_0488i

The E6 freeway.
photo dsc_0490i

Aurvegen (road).
photo dsc_0495i

Residential areas around Mogreina.
photo dsc_0496iphoto dsc_0497iphoto dsc_0498i

Hersjøen (lake).
photo dsc_0499i

Transjøen (lake).
photo dsc_0501i

Moments before touchdown.
photo dsc_0503i

Landed on runway 19L at 10:59 AM local time.
photo dsc_0505i

Taxiing to our gate.
photo dsc_0507iphoto dsc_0511i

Continuing the taxi.
photo dsc_0515i

Thomas Cook A321.
photo dsc_0518iphoto dsc_0522i

Our aircraft came to a final stop at 11:04 AM. Our neighbour was EI-FPD, a CRJ-900 operated by Cityjet.
photo dsc_0526iphoto 20170812_110558_li

Disembarking could be done from both sides of the plane.
photo 20170812_110601_liphoto 20170812_110607_li

We left the aircraft from the rear as it was in closer proximity to row 25 than the jetbridge at the front.
photo 20170812_110714photo 20170812_110741

Walking to the terminal at 11:07 AM, thankfully it was not raining here.
photo 20170812_110744

Goodbye LN-DYC.
photo 20170812_110902

We met our cousin inside the terminal and walked to the exit together.
photo 20170812_110918

My first impressions of the airport were great. The airport was clean with a contemporary design, an extremely stark contrast to ARN. Well done OSL.
photo 20170812_110940photo 20170812_110956

Continuing towards the landside area.
photo 20170812_111150

While moving through the corridor, I noticed numerous spotter-friendly windows to my right. Stopping for a few spotting shots could not hurt much. Lufthansa A320.
photo dsc_0527iphoto dsc_0529i

Thai B77W.
photo dsc_0532i

I walked at an increased level of pace, after putting the camera back in my bag. It was required to combat the lost walking progress while taking spotting pictures.
photo 20170812_111218

Taking an escalator downstairs.
photo 20170812_111223photo 20170812_111301

Towards arrivals.
photo 20170812_111304

A duty-free shopping section was seen while making it to the baggage hall and customs.
photo 20170812_111343

In the baggage hall area.
photo 20170812_111353_li

In the arrivals area, at 11:15 AM. My father had booked a rental cars so we immediately followed the signs towards the rental cars offices.
photo 20170812_111521

The offices were located downstairs according to the signs.
photo 20170812_111707

Originally my father booked a small hatchback with four seats, we had no idea of the presence of our cousin at the time of booking and therefore did not put seconds thoughts into it. Fortunately there were larger cars available and the agent upgraded us to a five-seater for a smaller fee.
photo 20170812_111757_li

Walking to the car after the formalites were dealt with.
photo 20170812_112806photo 20170812_112852

To our surprise, the agent upgraded us to a Toyota RAV4 SUV. I had a larger hatchback in mind when I heard about the upgrade but I presume this was more than fine.
photo 20170812_112924_li

Driving out of the parking garage at 11:34 AM.
photo dsc_0534i

On the E16 freeway.
photo dsc_0535iphoto dsc_0538i

Joining the busy E6 freeway towards Oslo.
photo dsc_0543i

Jessheim has been passed, a town in Akershus County.
photo dsc_0546iphoto dsc_0553i

Houses around Isingrudvegen (road) in Kløfta.
photo dsc_0559iphoto dsc_0566i

Approaching the exit to Sørumsand, Frogner and Lindeberg in Akershus County. 20 kilometres (12,43 miles) left until we arrive at the hotel.
photo dsc_0568i

Passing Skedsmokorset.
photo dsc_0575i

11 km (6,84 miles) to go.
photo dsc_0581i

Driving under road 22, the bridge seen on the top of the picture.
photo dsc_0582iphoto dsc_0590i

Seven kilometres left after 23 minutes of driving, 11:58 AM at this point.
photo dsc_0591iiphoto dsc_0594i

A few minutes left before leaving the E6 freeway.
photo dsc_0596iphoto dsc_0600i

The car came to a final stop at 12:07 PM, the drive from the airport to our hotel lasted for approximately 32 minutes.
photo dsc_0601i

We went to the wedding party at 17:30 (5:30 PM) the same day before returning to Stockholm the next day, I did not manage to visit the city centre in my short stay which means I will not have a bonus of downtown Oslo featured on this series. I will only include a brief selection of pictures from two neighbourhoods I was able to visit before returning home. Thank you for taking your time to read this FR :), have a good one and see you later!
photo dsc_0605i

A short bonus of my stay, including a short walk to a metro station and views from my hotel:

Views from the hotel and a walk to a nearby metro station:
Bonus : Click here display

Visiting one of my other relatives living in Oslo, the next day:
Bonus : Click here display
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Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Stockholm - ARN


Oslo - OSL



An unexceptional hop with DY from Stockholm to Oslo, the flight was on-time with an acceptable level of comfort.

Cabin comfort - Seat pitch was sufficient for a short leg.

Cabin crew - I barely had any interaction with the crew on this short leg, I will leave the rating at 7,5.

Entertainment - Wi-Fi worked flawlessly. In addition, cartoons were running on the overhead monitors.

Meal/catering - Almost everything is BOB, I think water on cup can be served for free if requested (I have taken notice from other DY flights but I am not entirely sure if it applies to all occasions)

Information on the route Stockholm (ARN) Oslo (OSL)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Norwegian avec 7.0/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 0 heures et 53 minutes.

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  • Comment 409257 by
    OH-LWE 33 Comments
    This is an extremely well-detailed Flight Report! I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures as well as the unexpected bonus at the end.
    Have a good one, and many thanks for this report!
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    loukas 341 Comments
    When I read your reports I always have the impression of being there with you, seeing exactly what you see. You have a great ability of showing every detail. Great job! Have flown Norwegian twice. For me it's the best LCC I've tried so far.
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      Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting :).

      Your nice feedback is highly appreciated, it definitely made my Sunday a little bit better :).

      Norwegian offers a pretty good deal on many short hops!

      Thank you for stopping by, see you :).
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    Hej! Thanks for sharing another great FR! :)

    Jag älskar din frukost! Den är så svensk haha.

    En andra väg till Arlanda... Men den är också snygg. Och det regnar (typiskt sverige).

    Du vet att jag älskar Arlanda så att jag kan inte beklaga mig över den snygga flygplats.

    13A påminnar mig om 14A när jag hade gå ifrån Sverige.

    Snygga bilder!! Austrian E-190, vad kul!!!

    Safety video.... Förstod du allt på norska?

    Landskapet är så vacker! Hur kan någon inte gilla det?

    Gardermoen är bäst. Jag vet ingen flygplats som är bättre i Europe. (Jag tycker att landa i ARN är 100X bättre)

    Akershus County påminnar mig om landskapet i Tyskland. Men jag måste säga att husen i Trosterud är så vacker.

    Jag skriva på Svenska eftersom jag vill öva mig (hoppas att du förstår mig).

    Tack så mycket!! Ha det bra!!! :)
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      Tack så mycket för din kommentar :).

      “Och det regnar (typiskt sverige).“
      - Indeed! An ordinary experience in Stockholm and Sweden in general.

      “Du vet att jag älskar Arlanda så att jag kan inte beklaga mig över den snygga flygplats.“
      - Intriguing to hear.

      “13A påminnar mig om 14A när jag hade gå ifrån Sverige.“
      - Right! I remember that day.

      “Förstod du allt på norska?“
      - Most of it haha.

      “Hur kan någon inte gilla det?“
      - Well.....

      “Gardermoen är bäst.“
      - Du måste åka till Gardermoen, en vacker dag.

      “Akershus County påminnar mig om landskapet i Tyskland.“
      - That partly explains why it's so nice :).

      I am impressed and shocked at the same time, by your comment in Swedish. I did not expect it, if I am being honest. Your Swedish skills are great, I thought you were a local while reading through the comment.

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