Review of SriLankan Airlines flight Colombo Jakarta in Business

Airline SriLankan Airlines
Flight UL364
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:40
Take-off 20 Aug 17, 07:20
Arrival at 20 Aug 17, 14:30
UL 58 reviews
By 2943
Published on 22nd August 2017
I've always been fascinated in trying and reviewing premium products offered by various airlines. Given the chance to visit a friend in Sri Lanka, probably this time I would try their flagship carrier, Srilankan Airlines. The price they offered for round-trip business class between CGK-CMB was also reasonable.

This trip report will only cover the second leg of CMB-CGK, so it will also cover some details in their home base, including the Serendib Lounge.

At the Airport

I arrived at 5 AM and apparently it was a very busy morning in CMB. An extremely long line during security check before entering check-in hall. I spent almost half an hour waiting in line before finding the check-in desk.

Check-in desks for UL flights are located at the far right of the building, with lots of passengers forming a long line in economy class, given many UL flights are also departing that morning.

UL's business class check-in counter:

photo 20170820_051537photo 20170820_051653photo 20170820_051718

Looks like it's going to be a half full flight in business to Jakarta today, 15 seats taken out of 28. While on the first leg CGK-CMB, it was completely 100% full in business with so many passengers were transiting to Middle East.

Checking-in was done quick. The agent handed me the boarding pass and lounge invitation.

photo 20170820_052649photo 20170820_053553

Finally, i had the chance to try their home base lounge which is the Serendib Lounge. I love the design of the entrance door, it looks so traditional but yet so sophisticated.

Serendib Lounge entrance door.

photo 20170820_053411

When I came in, there weren't a lot of people inside. Few minutes later, it started to get packed with people departing to Dhaka, New Delhi, and Guangzhou.
photo 20170820_053610photo 20170820_053626

The lounge itself even though not so big but is divided into seating area overlooking the tarmac, dining area, bar, business room and Ayurvedic Spa. Everyone who is using this lounge is entitled to get a free 15-minute foot massage. The lounge agent approached me proactively to offer this service, but I declined.

Overall, I found the service in this lounge to be satisfying. The agents are completely friendly. One of them even asked me to make a feedback about how their service is in the lounge by using a self-service machine and I happily obliged. All positive feedback for them.

Unmanned bar area:
photo 20170820_053721photo 20170820_053727

The breakfast spread that morning had many options, from continental to Sri Lankan style breakfast.
photo 20170820_053709photo 20170820_053715photo 20170820_053828

Sri Lankan breakfast on offer:

Kiribath or rice cooked in coconut milk and made into diamond shape.
photo 20170820_053853

Stir-fried vermicelli
photo 20170820_053914

Chicken curry and Fish Ambulthiyal;
photo 20170820_053939

Grilled mushrooms and Seeni sambol:
photo 20170820_054056

Continental breakfast on offer:

Chicken sausage:
photo 20170820_054010

Scrambled egg:
photo 20170820_054029

Grilled tomato and baked beans:
photo 20170820_054048

I definitely opted for Sri Lankan breakfast. There's no place to have authentic food rather than in its original place. Apparently I did not get a wrong choice, the breakfast I had was delicious and fulfilling.

As the sun arises, the view on the tarmac becomes much clearer. It was dominated with Srilankan and Jet Airways aircraft.
photo 20170820_060618photo 20170820_061046

Soon it was time for boarding. When I got to the gate, it was already final call. It seems like I spent a good time in the lounge that I almost completely forgot to board. All thanks to the charming lounge agents.

Some shots I took along the way:

Another security check just before entering boarding gate. It could get too crowded so I advise to get to the gate earlier.
photo 20170820_065220

Turn left for business class:
photo 20170820_065906

On Board the Aircraft

Right in front of the door, a gorgeous FA in beautiful green peacock sari welcomes me with their signature "Ayubowan". For today's flight, I was so glad to find out that the seat is their newest seat on their A330-300, the New Super Diamond Seat covered in plush green leather.

photo 20170820_070024photo 20170820_070035photo 20170817_143430

It is equipped with a large swing-out type monitor, power port, reading light, USB port and a touch screen remote control.
photo 20170817_143515photo 20170817_143524photo 20170817_143539

There's a bottom rack to put magazine, safety card and stuff.
photo 20170817_143558

Leg room is very good.
photo 20170817_143608

A soft pillow is already on each seat, a blanket is put on the ottoman.
photo 20170817_151027photo 20170817_151421

A pair of headphones was hung at seat side and when I used them, they were decent enough although not as good noise-cancelling as they said it should be.
photo 20170817_143625photo 20170817_151123

The table is stored under the seat side panel and is of folded type.
photo 20170817_155852

One thing I found lacking from this seat is that there is not enough storage space to store things. The seat panel doesn't have any compartment, the space under the ottoman is also closed off. So maybe they expect you to store all belongings inside the overhead compartment.

Inflight entertainment is quite extensive with lots of choices for movies, music, games, interactive map, etc. The map can be viewed in many different ways and angles and also adjustable with the touch screen function. Outside camera is also available with forward view and downward view. A nice feature from UL.
photo 20170820_071658photo 20170820_071722

Once settled in, one FA approached me to offer welcome drink. There were 3 choices of water, orange juice or apple juice. I chose apple juice this time.
photo 20170820_070132

Another FA came around to distribute hot towel.

Unfortunately, UL does not provide amenity kit in this sector. Probably because the flight time was only 4 hours 40 minutes, but I still think that they should have provided at least a simple kit.

Few minutes later, a menu book was handed out. UL offered wide range of beverages, including Sri Lanka's infamous Ceylon Tea. There were 4 choices of breakfast. It contains menus for both Colombo-Jakarta and Jakarta-Colombo routes.

Here's what the menu looks like:

An FA took my order and this time, I again opted for Sri Lankan breakfast of Sri Lankan Style Milk Rice Trio. I could tell from her expression that she was extremely happy when she heard it, and apparently she said "It is a good choice." It surely was a great choice that I won't regret.

Some 15 minutes after take-off, the crew began the meal service.
My meal choice came in one single tray, consisting of main course, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Later on, the purser himself came around offering choices of bread. I took a bread roll and a croissant. While the roll was OK, the croissant was more to the soft-type and not flaky at all.

photo 20170820_075756

Closer look to the main course:
photo 20170820_075831

Bread roll and croissant:
photo 20170820_080832

I finished that gorgeous meal in just couple of minutes. Then, the FAs walked around to offer coffee or tea. Tea was my choice. When in Sri Lanka, a sip of their infamous tea is a must.
I also asked them to have the Port Wine, Cockburn's Special Reserve.
photo 20170820_081853photo 20170820_084410

For this breakfast time, it looks like the FA does not proactively offer alcoholic beverages, unlike the CGK-CMB sector which is on lunch time. So if we'd like to have it, we have to ask them.

I spent most of the remaining flight by listening to music and checking on the map. While at the same time, I also indulged myself with their collection of tea. I happened to sample their ginger black tea and Earl Grey Ceylon tea.
photo 20170820_084426photo 20170820_101702

The seat is a fully flat bed type. It's quite comfortable to sleep on.
photo 20170820_085944photo 20170820_085951

All good things must come to an end, including this very first yet amazing UL flight.
20 minutes prior to landing, the crew offered pre-arrival drink. Choices are exactly the same with welcome drinks.
photo 20170820_114841

From this experience, I won't hesitate to fly with them again. I found SriLankan Airlines to be a decent airline with amazing hard and soft product, especially in business class.

Bonus : Click here display

Galle Road and surrounding

Galle Road is one of the main avenues in Colombo with clean surroundings.

Viharamahadevi Park

photo 20170818_094650photo 20170818_094528

Gangaramaya Temple

Right after entrance

A huge Bodhi tree inside where devotees pay homage to Lord Budha:

photo 20170818_101131photo 20170818_101909

Seema Malaka Temple

photo 20170818_102748photo 20170818_102930

Sri Ponnambalawaneswaram

photo 20170818_114755

Inner sanctum:
photo 20170818_115055

Flower offering:
photo 20170818_115429

Wolvendaal Church

photo 20170818_120731photo 20170818_120855

Must try in Colombo: rice and curry

photo 20170818_131856photo 20170819_094823
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SriLankan Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Sri Lankan Serendib Lounge


Colombo - CMB


Jakarta - CGK



SriLankan Airlines has exceeded my expectation with sophisticated product and most of all, value for money.



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  • Comment 409688 by
    TonTonChristian 575 Comments

    Thanks MRTY for this FR.
    Business cabin of UL flights seems to be upgraded since my 2013 UL flight to BKK. I remember a "Silk Road" for J pax in CMB airport. Special departure lounge with private check in agents and custom officer and policemen .. I tried it. Nice...

  • Comment 409693 by
    Thurya 78 Comments

    Hi Mrty,

    Thank you for the detailed trip report. You have flown this sector with UL at the right time because it was earlier served by narrow bodies. Glad you enjoyed Sri Lankan food. The breakfast offering at Serendib looks almost identical but slightly better than the Araliya Lounge which is serving foreign airlines at CMB. A333 J class is the best hard product UL offers and its great that soft product was equally impressive. Anyway, isn't four diamonds of milk rice too heavy? ;) For me, its like activating sleep mode instantly :D

    Thanks again!

    • Comment 409760 by
      MRTY AUTHOR 61 Comments

      Yes, if I'm not mistaken, it was served by an A321 previously?
      I always have to try local food when I'm traveling somewhere, it gives me a sense of being local and blend with local culture. I love to do that. Moreover, Sri Lankan food is suitable for me.

      Since I really like that diamond rice, I have no complaint of having it more :)
      Thanks again for commenting.

  • Comment 409708 by
    nicander24 16 Comments

    Hey! Thanks for posting a review on Sri Lankan! Glad that you enjoyed the service, it looked fantastic. Minor correction there, the business class seat is Zodiac Cirrus, not B/E's (or Rockwell Collins now...) Super Diamond

  • Comment 409786 by
    Razza_Pr 216 Comments

    Greetings, MRTY, and thank you for this FR.

    "The lounge agent approached me proactively to offer this service, but I declined."
    -It's lovely how the staff were proactive about it. What amazing hospitality!

    "UL offered wide range of beverages, including Sri Lanka's infamous Ceylon Tea."
    -Infamous isn't exactly the word I'd use to describe something that's well-celebrated and appreciated in the tea-drinking world..

    "Here's what the menu looks like:"
    -Hm.. I can think of one other oneworld airline who should put 'A Celebration of Rice' in the preface of their menu - given that they usually only have rice as an option but with different sides. If I told you it's not MH, I'd be lying.

    "My meal choice came in one single tray, consisting of main course, yogurt, and fresh fruit."
    -The presentation looks great! Sri Lankan rice farmers ought to be proud of the respect and effort put into the dish!

    "Bread roll and croissant:"
    -Pardon, but that looks more like a Danish to me than a croissant..

    "It's quite comfortable to sleep on."
    -Was it? Last I slept on leather, I had a less than pleasant experience upon waking up and having to 'detach' my thighs from the couch..

    "All good things must come to an end, including this very first yet amazing UL flight."
    -Very first? But in the beginning of your report you stated that you booked a round trip J class?

    How was the condition of the lavatory? Was it stocked with any amenities?

    This report of yours has piqued my interest to try out UL one day.. it looks pretty solid! And in my opinion more promising compared to AI.

    Thanks again for this FR. Cheers!

    • Comment 409791 by
      MRTY AUTHOR 61 Comments

      -Infamous isn't exactly the word I'd use to describe something that's well-celebrated and appreciated in the tea-drinking world..
      Oopss, wrong diction here. Sorry and thank you for correcting :)

      -Very first? But in the beginning of your report you stated that you booked a round trip J class?
      Yeah, you can say this flight is the very second.... Thank you for the correction :)

      How was the condition of the lavatory? Was it stocked with any amenities?
      I forgot to mention about it. The lavatory was stocked with Acca Kappa product, the eau de cologne, hand lotion and stuff.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you will have similar wonderful experience with them in your next flight.

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