Review of Delta Connection flight Gainesville Atlanta in Premium Eco

Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL 5347
Class Premium Eco
Seat 9D
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 24 Aug 17, 06:15
Arrival at 24 Aug 17, 07:05
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Published on 29th August 2017
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Trip Report Series Part 7 - Delta Aviation Tour
Welcome to my first "Trip Report Series." During the spring, I was notified by a close professor friend of mine that I had been accepted to work at the University of Florida in Gainesville as a High School summer intern. Understandably, I was extremely excited about the ability to be working in a college laboratory during the summer. As such, I booked my flights from my home in New York to my job location in Gainesville, Florida, and from Gainesville to Tucson, where my professor runs a major laboratory and where I will be working for part of my summer. My itinerary is as follows:
Flight 1: [DL 1539, LGA-ATL, Boeing 737-900ER, N846DN, Economy] - Click Here
Flight 2: [DL 5451, ATL-GNV, Bombardier CL600-2B19 (CRJ200ER operated by ExpressJet dba Delta Connection), N871AS, Economy] - no report, although it's worth mentioning that this flight was delayed for over two hours due to "paperwork done incorrectly" and having to clear the runway immediately after lining up due to an aircraft that was about to land in the opposite direction.
Flight 3: [DL 3290, GNV-ATL, Bombardier CL600-2B19 (CRJ200LR operated by Endeavor Air dba Delta Connection), N8972E, Economy] - no report
Flight 4: [DL 1172, ATL-LAX, Boeing 777-200LR, N703DN, Economy] - Click Here
Flight 5: [DL 4836, LAX-TUS, Bombardier CL600-2C10 (CRJ701ER operated by SkyWest dba Delta Connection), N770SK, Economy] - Click Here
Flight 6: [DL 1240, TUS-ATL, McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30, N906DA, Economy]
Flight 7: [DL 5319, ATL-GNV, Bombardier CL600-2D24 (CRJ900 operated by Expressjet dba Delta Connection), N132EV, Premium Economy]
Flight 8: [DL 5347, GNV-ATL, Bombardier CL600-2D24 (CRJ900 operated by Expressjet dba Delta Connection), N153PQ, Premium Economy] - You are here
Flight 9: [DL 202, ATL-JFK, Boeing 737-900ER, N872DN, Premium Economy] - Click Here

Welcome to the final two installments of this lengthy trip report series. I had just finished up all work in Gainesville, and was ready to return to New York before my school is scheduled to start. When I booked the flights back home using a gift certificate, I decided to throw in a little treat for myself…a 5-hour layover at the busiest airport in the world!
The flight out of Gainesville was scheduled to be the first departure out of GNV, departing Florida at 6:15 AM and arriving in Atlanta around 7:10 AM. Furthermore, this flight was the only flight out of Gainesville operated by a CL600-2D24 (CRJ900-NextGen), all other departures were scheduled to be the old, boring, and cramped CRJ200s. I then decided to take a mainline Delta flight to JFK airport, which is farther from my house than LaGuardia but much cleaner and larger, departing Atlanta around noon and arriving in New York just after 2pm. During my layover in Atlanta, I decided to go planespotting at three locations: the roof of the South parking deck, the International Park-Ride deck, and the new post-security area of the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal.

The previous morning, I checked in for my flight online, and was pleased to find that my Comfort+ window seat was supposed to be accompanied by an empty aisle seat as well. Delta's online process check in was very straightforward, I paid the fee for one checked bag online and sent the mobile boarding passes to my phone in less than 5 minutes.
photo screen shot 2017-08-27 at 9.10.22 pm

I woke up at 3:50 AM, and a family friend drove the 20 minutes from West Gainesville to GNV airport.
photo img_1866
Exterior of the passenger terminal of GNV.
photo img_1867
After exchanging goodbyes and farewells, I stepped inside the terminal. Quite a few people were inside, as an American airlines flight to Charlotte, NC was scheduled to depart just 20 minutes before my flight to Atlanta.
GNV AA & DL Check in/Bag drop area:
photo img_1868
I used the self-service kiosks to print my boarding passes. Delta has just 4 of them at GNV airport.
photo img_1869
Delta and American each occupy two check in/bag drop counters here.
photo img_1870
After getting my bag checked and dropped with an agent (which was very efficient and took just 1.5 minutes), I headed right over to security. Although I didn't have TSA Precheck this time around (bummer!), I was through security in just 4 minutes, despite the fact that only one security line exists at GNV.
The sterile area of GNV is very small; this entire space serves as the seating area for all three gates. Delta is the sole tenant of Gate 3, while American occupies both gates 1 and 2. The only restaurant after security, Tailwinds Grill & Bar, was open for breakfast at this time.
photo img_1871
My gate, with information about my flight already displayed.
photo img_1872
Boarding was called right on time, and priorities were respected. I boarded via the Sky Priority lane, just after pre-boarding and First Class.
Our aircraft: A 2010 Bombardier CL600-2D24 (CRJ900 NextGen) registered N153PQ. This aircraft operates for ExpressJet, though it will be transferred to Endeavor Air next year when the feeder contract between ExpressJet and Delta Connection ends. This was most likely my last ExpressJet dba Delta Connection flight. From now on, ExpressJet will be strengthening their relationships with American Eagle and United Express.
photo img_1873
Some readers might notice that this aircraft, like the previous CRJ900 I flew on (N132EV), was involved in an accident in 2014. The aircraft was cruising at 34,000 feet from Atlanta to Tulsa, Oklahoma when one of the cockpit windows cracked. The aircraft immediately made an emergency landing in Birmingham, Alabama (BHM), and the aircraft was subsequently repaired.
You can read more about the incident here.
Boarding through the plain, windowless jetbridge.
photo img_1874
This 7-year old CRJ900 had definitely seen better days.
photo img_1875
Obligatory fuselage shot.
photo img_1876
First Class, laid out in a 1-2 configuration.
photo img_1945
Economy Comfort+ cabin.
photo img_1878
I settled into 9D, the last row of Comfort+ and the window seat on the starboard side of the plane.
View forward from my seat.
photo img_1883
Seatback. Notice the red stripe distinguishing it from a normal Economy seat.
photo img_1880
Legroom was very good for this 45-min hop. Note the presence of the power outlet between the two seats.
photo img_1879
Standard seatpocket literature - Delta's inflight magazine, entertainment guide, and a barf bag.
photo img_1881
View outside my window. Row 9 is one of the few rows in Delta's CRJ900 configuration with an aligned window. You can see the lights of the General Aviation area in the distance.
photo img_1885
How does a window even get this dirty?!
photo img_1887
Note the different styles of overhead bins in PY and F. Don't let the size of the overhead bins in the Main Cabin fool you - my large backpack with my laptop and some other books in it barely fit into the overhead bin. The bins in F seem even smaller, so I don't see how you can fit anything larger than a purse in there. Anyways, the overhead bins in CRJs are too small to accommodate items like a large carry-on suitcase; I had to gate-check mine to my final destination before I boarded the aircraft. Does anyone know if the bins on the ERJ-17x/19x family are larger and are capable of handling an average carry-on suitcase?
photo img_1888
One of my colleagues was also supposed to take this flight, but she slept in by accident and had to purchase another flight back home. Welp…
Today was reverse ops day at GNV, so after the boarding door closed, we taxied to the business end of Runway 29 for departure. If we had used Runway 11 for departure, we would have had the opportunity to view the General Aviation terminal during our taxi, as well as a view of the passenger terminal and downtown Gainesville on our departure. However, that was not meant to be today, and this was the view during the entire taxi.
You could barely see the lights of the control tower and the passenger terminal. *Again, I apologize for the potato shots; my phone does not perform very well in a dark environment. The intense LED lighting in the cabin did not help either.*
photo img_1890photo img_1892
Dawn was just breaking.
photo img_1893
Rolling down Runway 29.
photo img_1894
General Aviation Area, and Runway 7/25.
photo img_1895
Pictures on climbout and view of the outskirts of Gainesville City.
photo img_1899photo img_1898
You can see Jupiter as the bright dot near the center of these photos. This was one of the reasons why I chose to take the first flight of the day.
photo img_1904photo img_1908
Our initial cruising altitude was 31,000 feet.
photo img_1910
While flying over southern Georgia, we encountered a large storm cloud to our east. You could see the distinct lightning flashes from time to time through the cloud. It gives you a sense of the behemoth character of mother nature. Truly awe-inspiring.
photo img_1916
It was a pretty uneventful flight; I just charged my phone and took some pictures out of the window. My seatmate, however, slept before the boarding door closed, and woke up after the flight landed in Atlanta. Heh.
I ordered apple juice and Biscoff cookies as my "wake-up" meal. No pictures this time, unfortunately. Furthermore, the wi-fi did not work onboard N153PQ; I was unable to connect to the GoGo in flight network for the duration of the flight.
The sun gradually rose over the Eastern Seaboard.
photo img_1921photo img_1918photo img_1924
Before I knew it, we were starting to descend from FL310.
photo img_1927photo img_1928
You can see the city of Atlanta in the distance, since we approached in a westerly direction toward Runway 27L.
photo img_1931photo img_1933
We performed a hard touchdown at 7:04 AM, 11 minutes ahead of schedule.
photo img_1939
Final approach.
photo img_1930photo img_1934photo img_1935
Taxiing toward the C gates.
photo img_1937photo img_1941
The C concourse has a large Southwest presence.
photo img_1943
Pulling into gate C-30.
photo img_1944
The entire plane disembarked in just 10 short minutes, and I was thrust into a somewhat busy Concourse C. As you can see, both the C and A concourses are undergoing renovations.
photo img_1946
It became necessary to take the ATL Plane Train to the ground transportation area.
photo img_1947photo img_1948photo img_1951
Between Concourses B and C, there is a walkway depicting the history of the city of Atlanta.
photo img_1950
A couple of minutes later, I made it to the ground transportation area of the South end of the Domestic Terminal. My next stop will be the roof of the South parking deck, located across the street from here.
photo img_1952photo img_1953
Thanks for reading this flight report, and be sure to read the next one for a special bonus report about my mini planespotting trip in Atlanta!
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Delta Connection

Cabin crew5.5

Gainesville - GNV


Atlanta - ATL



Once again, this was another excellent flight onboard ExpressJet's CRJ900. Unfortunately, as of early next year, ExpressJet will no longer fly for Delta. Their CRJ200s (Delta Connection) will be retired, and the CRJ700/CRJ900s will be transferred to Endeavor Air, but will still operate under the Delta Connection brand. As such, this is likely my last ever flight with ExpressJet on Delta Connection, though I expect to fly with them under the American Eagle or United Express brands. The Economy Comfort seat was more than enough for the 45 minute flight, and the fact that I had access to a power outlet to charge my phone, among other amenities, made this flight even more comfortable than I expected it to be. As always, the crew met all of my expectations. Thanks to Delta and ExpressJet for making this a very enjoyable flight, and I will see you guys soon.
Stay tuned for my next trip report!



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    joaointhesky 69 Comments

    Thanks for the nice report! Love reading these common ones, regional aviation is so nice!

    "Does anyone know if the bins on the ERJ-17x/19x family are larger and are capable of handling an average carry-on suitcase?"

    Yes, they are large. The E-Jets may be regional jets, but the flight experience is better, in my opinion, when you compare them to the 737 and also the A320.

    • Comment 411401 by
      OH-LWE AUTHOR 33 Comments

      Thanks for your comment and clarification about the overhead bins.
      I've never flown on an E-jet, but based on reviews I read online, it does seem that they are more spacious than the CRJs. I look forward to flying on one soon.
      Thanks again, and happy flying.

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