Review of Brussels Airlines flight Manchester Brussels in Economy

Airline Brussels Airlines
Flight SN2178
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 24 Aug 17, 18:20
Arrival at 24 Aug 17, 20:15
SN   #86 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 264 reviews
Published on 1st September 2017
For my birthday in August 2017,I really didn’t want to have it in Manchester.
In May 2017, I was actually looking for a flight to Rome (!) when I happened upon something on the website of Brussels Airlines, an airline renown for cheap fares to Italy.

I believe this must have been fate as on the SN website,was a tab that said “Hi Belgium Pass”. I clicked and couldn’t believe what was on offer !

Brussels Airlines along with selected Belgian Tourist attractions,Belgian Railways and various Tourist Attractions were offering ;

A return flight from Europe to Brussels
Check&Go Fare with hand baggage only
Unlimited train rides around Belgium including the return trip from/to Brussels Zaventem Airport
2 free tickets for attractions in 2 selected Belgian cities

Talk about a lovely birthday gift ! I could not wait to book and waited patiently for payday !

Although the adverts implied the rate was fixed at EUR149/GBP129.00,this rate was actually based on the exchange rate between the Euro and the Pound in March 2017. I ended up paying GBP133.00 in total which included a foreign transaction charge from my bank.

photo hi_belgium_pass-585x390photo screenshot_2017-09-08-19-10-33-1

The Hi Belgium programme flies you to Brussels on a Thursday and you can return on a Sunday/Monday or Tuesday. Pesonal commitments meant I could only go Thursday to Sunday.

When I made the booking towards the end of May 2017, the actual fare was GBP133.00 ! Still a great deal and my first experience of travelling with hand baggage only !

In this age of digital instant communication,it was around 21 hours before I received my flight's eticket with a further 3 month wait for the train and attraction tickets. I only received the train tickets very close to my departure to Brussels and the attraction tickets upon arrival in Brussels.

My maps and leaflets in preparation for and collected during the trip !
photo 20170904_005127-1

Brussels Airlines ; past and present

The story of Brussels Airlines starts in 1923 when Sabena ( Societé Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne ) was the proud national flag carrying airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001.
During it’s almost 80 years in the skies,Sabena was a byword for superior European Hospitality in the air. The Royal Kingdom of Belgium is a country renown for it’s great food and when coupled with the national airline,passengers enjoyed very niche inflight service and hospitality.
Some of Sabena’s slogans showed the airline had a very personal approach to passengers

Go Belgian
Sabena, the airline for business people.
We would like you to travel more pleasantly
You’re in good hands

The historic liveries of Sabena from day 1 to the last day :(
photo historic liveries

Adverts showing what a heavyweight Sabena was
photo screenshot_2017-05-22-23-30-17-1
photo sabena

Historic Timetable Covers

photo timetables
photo 1998
Sabena and Swissair were once in the Qualiflyer Alliance,the first airline alliance. Both airlines sadly went bankrupt after 9/11 . Both Brussels Airlines and SWISS are now together in the Star Alliance,continuing a historic legacy partnership.

The final Sabena flight ( SN690 from Abidjan to Brussels ) on 7th November 2001 marked the end of 83 years of Sabena. The flight was operated by an A340-300 registered OO-SCZ.

A group of investors took over Delta Air Transport, a Sabena subsidiary and transformed it into SN Brussels Airlines.

SN Brussels Airlines

SN Brussels Airlines was born from the ashes of Sabena in 2002.
SN Brussels Airlines kept the historic SN code alive whereas the new SWISS took on the code LX from the Swiss carrier Crossair,thereby ending decades of the SR code.

The new livery kept the last ever Sabena tail with the Royal Blue extending down to the rear of the fuselage/exhaust. There was an Orange line running above the cabin windows for the length of the aircraft, which stopped before the cockpit area. The website address appeared above the rear windows on each side of the aircraft.

The look would then be refreshed,but with the orange cheatline and SN Brussels Airlines titles above the windows of the forward fuselage and with a dusty blue underbelly which stopped before doors 1. The website address again appeared above the rear windows on each side of the aircraft.

Some A330s had Royal Blue engines and the ex Sabena " S" logo.
photo sn

SN Brussels immediately wanted to be different by having orange elements in the cabin crew uniform whereas many airlines just had standard navy uniforms.
photo 2005-sn-brussels-airlines-crew

Passengers received an inflight newspaper called Connect instead of an inflight magazine.
photo connectsn2174-1

Catering on European flights varied from snackboxes to Pizzas,fruit….all complimentary unlike today’s buy on board.

The first slogan was “Passionate About You” and earlier adverts were quirky ! Later slogans would be "flying your way" and the current "Going the extra smile".

SN Brussels adverts ;

*An Airhostess breastfeeding a baby passenger
*An Airhostess crying as passengers disembarked
*Passengers disembarking an aircraft with red lipstick all over their faces ( indicating the Airhostess had kissed them all as they left the aircraft ! )
photo screenshot_2017-05-22-23-24-39-1

*Babies dressed as London Businessmen outside a London taxi ( this advert was used extensively to show that even a child could book a flight on, the then website address ! )
photo screenshot_2017-05-22-23-25-49-1

A viral advert which I loved shows lots of SN Brussels staff instructing one another and hurriedly running around the airport as a flight gets ready to take off. After take off the Captain asks a male passnger to look out the window and hundreds of SN employees have gathered to form the words "It's A Boy !"

Another advert I find beautiful…well I will let you watch it here !

The adverts really stood out and got the “new” airline noticed in the travel world.

The birth of Brussels Airlines

In 2007, SN Brussels and Virgin Express of Belgium merged to create Brussels Airlines.
A smart livery was introduced and the underbelly and engines kept the dusty light blue colour of SN Brussels which extended along tglhe whole fuselage but the orange cheatline was dropped.
The tail was still Royal Blue but with 14 red dots to represent runway lights ( originally there were 13 dots but some in Belgium found this to be superstitious ).
photo a330

And so after around 80 years the Sabena logo vanished forever although the Sabena name lives on in Sabena Technics and the SN flight code.

What is Belgium famous for I hear you ask ?!

*The Longest Tramline in the world
*Fries ( The Belgians would not dream of calling these French Fries ! )
*The Atomium
*Spa ( mineral water and therapies )
*The legend that is Jean Claude Van Damme

The legendary Dinner In The Sky Concept was born in Belgium ! I still don't get people having dinner cooked for them while they eat suspended in the air from a crane, but hey !
photo atomium

2 of my favourite dance and techno artists are from Belgium (Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl )

photo belgie

My Brussels Airlines collection

photo 20170831_205701-1
photo 20170831_204621

Loops ; the Frequent Flyer Programme from Brussels Airlines


Use LOOPs on Brussels Airlines operated flights in Europe from 1 January to 31 December.
No restrictions. No blackout dates. No reason why you can’t spend Christmas in Stockholm.

If you live together, you LOOP together. Up to five people living under the same roof can pool their LOOPs,
to take off even sooner!

Earn LOOPs for every euro you spend on the flight fare, but also on air transportation charges and on extra luggage.
Costs for third parties, such as airport taxes, are not eligible for LOOPs.

Your unspent LOOPs last a lifetime, as long as you fly with us at least once every 12 months. It’s a great excuse to have an espresso in Milan.

SN2178 Fast Facts

24th August 2017
Registration 00-SSL
Airbus A319-111
15 years old
Previous flight Naples-Brussels

Check In

I arrived at MAN at 1530pm into the Station ( multi purpose hub for bus,tram and train links ) and walked to Terminal 1 via the moving walkway.
photo 20170824_153216
photo 20170824_153515

Flight Information Screens didn’t show where to check in….
photo 20170824_153557
photo 20170824_153705

I looked to the left and there are “pay to use”weighing machines to check baggage weight ?????

Close to this money making machine are check in desks – I looked over to where a European airline was due to start checking in and as there were no queues, I walked over and asked the lovely girl if I can weigh my hand luggage and she kindly obliged. I had just under 6 kilos of my permitted 12 ! Winner winner chicken dinner !
I also asked her if she knew where SN would be checking in and she advised it is behind the normal checkin area. I thanked her and headed off and couldn’t believe that said area even existed anymore !

At the Emirates ticket desk – I met an old friend from when we worked together in the Emirates Contact Centre.,, I had wanted a printed timetable but they were out of stock ( clearly a high demand item ! )

Such a poor lack of branding considering how rich Emirates is
photo 20170824_153733

Things look slightly better when inside the ticket office
photo 20170824_153833

I then headed behind the main check in desks ( on the right of the area just before you go through the barriers to get to security).
Lufthansa/SWISS/Austrian and Brussels Airlines all check in in this area. The shared ticket desk had such a poor and worn out state that I didn’t want to take a photo and ruin this report. But seriously, considering Lufthansa is a heavyweight,surely it can invest in some quality branding for itself and it’s group airlines.
I was pleasantly surprised to see an old friend from my Manchester Airport days at the Lufthansa checkin. The SN check in was due to open at 1545pm – I left the very small queue for all of 2 minutes to talk to my friend. When I looked back there was a massive queue snaking back in this rather tightspace where there is no natural light or decent space !

photo 20170824_154441
photo 20170824_160608

I had already separated liquids and showed these to a security officer who was handing out clear bags. I then scanned my boarding pass and went through to security. I waited all of 30 seconds and was then directed to a bay area – there was a bit of a wait to get a tray. Thankfully I didn’t get asked to remove my shoes,which although necessary is a nuisance. I did separate liquids,my tablet and belt and was told 3 times that my tablet will be checked. I said ok 3 times ! However when I went through the body scanner,although it didn’t go off, I got a full body search. And I mean full. In full view of everyone !
Security was swift yet thorough. I can only imagine that the security staff at MAN are paid well as their attention to detail and enthusiasm is high.
Once security was done, I went a seating area to put my bag down and put my belt on. I then realised I had left my paper ticket at the checkin desk. I guess in today’s digital age it’s not a massive deal however the barcode for my return flight was still on the printout !

I then had to walk through the duty free maze and won’t bore you with photos or details as you will have seen these in my TK1994 reports. I will mention however my experience at the Zoodle by WH Smiths store. This is a store dedicated to the young traveller and offers a wide range of books, toys, stationery, sweets, gifts and much more. WH Smiths is the UK’s leading newsagent.
So bear in mind we are in Manchester Airport, where after years of witnessing poor customer service,things are on the up. However I was lucky to meet a robot masquerading as a human being. I am of course being sarcastic. I bought 2 drinks for GBP3.00 where in Manchester City Centre the same two are only GBP1.00 ! Anyway Mr Robot had no manners,no thank you,please,social interaction other than ask for my boarding pass. He then put the change on the counter. It must be soul draining to be in a job and not be bothered. I feel sorry passengers having to encounter this manbot ( man robot ).
I sat near gate 20 doing emails,messages,notes etc.

I then went and sat at the back of the almost empty gate 22 where Turkish Airlines TK1996 was almost complete for boarding ( registration TC-JTD "Cankaya"/ "Jankaya" )
photo 20170824_165413

Istanbul here comes Cankaya !
photo 20170824_170147
photo 20170824_170149

Royal Air Maroc 737-800 at Manchester Terminal 2 . One of RAM's three weekly services to Casablanca commenced in 2017.
photo 20170824_165443

Around 1720pm, I went over to the Lufthansa gate (25) and asked a lovely lady if she wouldn’t mind telling me which gate SN2178 is boarding at ? She was very kind to advise it is gate……………………..7 !!!! Aaaah !!!
I dashed to gate 7 – no easy task with a bulky hand luggage.

I got even more of a shock when I saw my A319 at the gate ! I had been expecting the inbound aircraft to land later, but as I approached gate 7, I noted that passengers were coming off and that the aircraft had landed at 1718pm. My very tight gate area was choc a bloc full.

photo 20170824_172817

Manchester Airport needs to be bulldozed and built from scratch with lots of natural light, glass panelling and plenty of space.
Once all passengers had disembarked, from the gate area I could see that a new crew was waiting to board on the stairs and were wearing hi-viz jackets with the Brussels Airlines logo. The Swissport gate staff were nice and friendly.

Boarding / Welcome / Take Off

Boarding commenced at 1750pm. It is worth noting that SN2178 had departed late from Manchester every day for the 7 days preceding my flight. Today would be no different !
As I waited at the stairs, the dispatcher said he had been told I am a nervous flyer ?! I laughed and said he had been misadvised. I am never more happier than when I am in the sky !
I was the first to board and was welcomed very nicely by the Purser who looked at my boarding pass and noted my name. It seems she must have also got wind of the non existent fact that I am a nervous flyer !

There was no boarding music and the cabin was smart with slimline leather seats and upholstered in dark navy leather with red leather headrest covers.

photo 20170824_173721
photo 20170824_175107
photo 20170824_175140photo 20170824_175434
photo 20170824_175439
photo 20170824_175532

As I went to put my handluggage in the overhead locker, an Airhostess smiled and welcome me. I told her it was my birthday and she wished me Congratulations ! I asked the Airhostess about the weather in Brussels and she said it was very similar to Manchester. This set of crew were flying home to Brussels. Or so I thought. More later !

The cabin looked very smart and the hustle and bustle of boarding got into full swing ; there were several announcements throughout boarding to stow hand luggage under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker, in order to accelerate the boarding process. The panelling by my feet was very very dirty – although this is a 14 year old aircraft,this isn’t a reason for such uncleanliness. The traytable had a drink stain and I actually cleaned it with some handwipes which I had.

Upper Seatpocket - the lower netted seatpocket has more room to hold personal items than the Turkish 737-800 !
photo 20170824_175546
photo 20170824_175711

Very spacious legroom but very dirty panel on the right
photo 20170824_180103

The Airhostess in my area had seen me taking photos of the seat area and must have seen me take out the sick bag which had chewing gum stuck inside the top part of the bag. How rude of someone to leave this behind and how strange that cleaners haven’t check this, Anyway, the lovely Airhostess asked if I would like another one for the photo. I said yes and she promptly went and got me one. The attention to detail was impressive and it is little things like this that make big impressions. After my KLM incident in 2014,I was very wary of how I would be treated on Brussels Airlines as the Dutch and Belgians share the same language and culture. But I was made to feel very welcome and valued. Nice !

The cute sick bag ! It should be renamed Slick Bag !
photo 20170824_180237

Boarding was completed by 1808pm and doors closed at 1809pm.

During boarding the Captain had made welcome announcements in English,French then Dutch. Pushback commenced at 1810pm. The Purser did a welcome after door close and again in English,French and Dutch.

There was a manual safety demonstration done ; 2 crewmembers were positioned in the cabin whilst the Purser went through the safety briefing.

Being a seasoned flier,it was strange to see the safety demonstration commence with the exits.
The demo then moved onto ( in order) the seatbelt, oxygen mask,lifejacket and ended with the safety card.The Steward stood near me advised I am sat on an exit row and to read the placard on the door and asked me and everyone on row 10 if we had questions. The cabin was then secured ( when cabin crew walk through the cabin and ensure seatbelts are fastened and all loose items are removed. My jacket was taken and placed in an overhead locker.

We then taxied the short distance to runway 2 and at 1820pm, 35 minutes behind schedule, OO-SSL departed runway 2. For such a small aircraft,the A319 sure is a powerful beast !

photo 20170824_182003
photo 20170824_182442
photo 20170824_182445
photo 20170824_182459

The first time I have ever seen Manchester Airport after take off !
photo 20170824_182501
photo 20170824_182504
photo 20170824_183045
photo 20170824_183055

Inflight Entertainment

b inspired is the Brussels Airlines' smart, trendy and stylish inflight magazine.
photo 20170824_183115

There used to be a separate magazine for African routes called Spirit of SN,later bspirit and finally be there, but this has been stopped due to non African routes joining the SN network and the magazine is now known as binspired with separate short and longhaul editions.

My copy had one page ripped out and placed back inside. The cover was stained from when previous passengers had used the magazine as a drinks mat.
Airshow would have been nice on drop down screens to track the flight's progress but wasn't offered.

photo 20170824_175936
photo 20170824_184848
photo 20170824_184853
photo 20170824_184906
photo 20170824_184916
photo 20170824_184930
photo 20170824_184946

The Cabin Crew

Well dressed,smart,exceptionally professional and caring. They really made me feel nice and valued.
After take off, I was astonished when the Airhostess who had been boarding the flight in my seating area, brought a tray with a glass of champagne and a savoury mix.
She said it was with compliments for my birthday !
Whilst I was overwhelmed and felt special, I politely advised I don’t drink alcohol as I am Muslim.
The Airhostess then asked if I want anything else.
I then requested an Orange juice. Wow ! What a nice surprise and it really made my flight nicer.

photo 20170824_183521
photo 20170824_184007

Speaking 4 languages myself, I watched in awe as the crew flawlessly switched between English,Dutch and French although language badges showed they spoke Spanish,Italian and Arabic too !
My overall impression was of a well co-ordinated team who worked well together and were exceptionally professional in every way. Before landing, the Purser went round the cabin with transfer cards and advised tat passengers going to Madrid needed to go straight to their gate due to the very tight transfer time. I do believe that if you have a passenger friendly Purser,you will have happier crew and happy passengers, so win win all round !

Inflight Service

In Check&Go catering is available to buy. This flight was quite busy,mainly for drinks orders. Tea and Coffee was served with a separate plastic cup which had sugar,serviette etc and really added a premium touch ! Handheld cardreaders were used for all inflight sales. Boiled sweets would be nice for take off and landing. Brussels Airlines is a small airline and little things will make it stand big.

photo 20170824_185027

A true Belgian culinary experience ! Fries in the sky ! However only available on flights of 2 hours + duration.

photo 20170824_185046
photo 20170824_185017

20 minutes into the flight, you could tell you were over the North Sea as the Sea Air causes light turbulence. Just as the turbulence started the aircraft dropped slightly. My heart was in my mouth and I gasped. Although I had to control how I reacted as due to my appearance,it may be misinterpreted due to the world we live in. At 1955pm Brussels time, the Captain came on and did a tri lingual announcement to advise would would be landing in 25 minutes. The aircraft then seemed to be in a slightly downwards position.

We landed at 2015pm and the Purser did a welcome announcement and again advised that Madrid passengers had to go to their gate immediately.
We were on the gate at 2020pm. The Captain apologised for the delay as the airbridge was being placed by a trainee followed by chuckles from passengers !

I was lucky to get a glimpse of the SN Magritte branded A320 and also the amazing SN Tomorrowland A320 parked next to us.

I was last off the aircraft and before I disembarked I was able to have a photo with the amazing Cabin Crew and Purser. I was delighted when the Captain came out and thanked me for flying Brussels Airlines. The crew did ask if I had a connection and I advised I didn’t. I was surprised to learn that this same crew was flying back to Manchester.
Within the hour.
On the same aircraft !
I bade farewell and was highly impressed with my first ever SN flight.

photo 20170824_183317
photo 20170824_183434
photo 20170824_190632

Upwards rolling window blind !
photo 20170824_190744
photo 20170824_190937
photo 20170824_190942
photo 20170824_191737
photo 20170824_191739
photo 20170824_191745
photo 20170824_191819
photo 20170824_191827
photo 20170824_192102
photo 20170824_192726
photo 20170824_192800

SN2178 from Manchester :)
photo 20170824_193700

Tomorrowland - Today's Neighbour ! Bulgaria Air and All Nippon are further neighbours !
photo 20170824_193451

ANA - All Nippon Airways 787 getting ready for an overnight flight to the land of the Rising Sun !
photo 20170824_193546

I was so happy with my excellent flight and crew that I took a wrong turn and ended up at the departure gate of the SN flight departing to Manchester !
photo 20170824_193530

A lovely lady there said she can help me get back downstairs but I advised I will head back down. I cleared Immigration in less than 30 seconds and arrivals was really quiet until I got into the baggage area. The joy of not having to wait for checked baggage ! A feeling like no other !

photo 20170824_204758
photo 20170824_204831
photo 20170824_204844
photo 20170824_204938
photo 20170824_205057
photo 20170824_205849

I then went to the Brussels Airport information desk and the lady was serving some Mexican passengers. They asked what they could see tonight and she laughed and said nothing as everything was shut ! I was offered vouchers for both Brussels and Brugges but I advised I am visiting Brussels off my own back and that I will take Brugges vouchers. The vouchers came with a map in a lovely plastic branded wallet.

photo 20170824_205119
photo 20170824_205147

I made my way to the Train Station ( only 1 return journey is included in the Hi Belgium programme meaning that the train station gates can be opened once when arriving at Brussels and once when departing Brussels. An Italian gentleman asked me about a train that had just gone. I asked where he was from and he said Italy and asked if I was Pakistani ! I said yes with a smile and he said that lots of Pakistanis live in Italy and that he had visited London and Nottingham.

I then got my train to Brussels Zuid Station ( Bruxelles Midi in French ). As I got off the train I asked the conductor if I can get a Metr to the Louise area where I was staying. A British gentleman behind him said in a strong English accent that I needed to go downstairs to get the Metro to Louise ! From the train station I got a Metro to Louise and when I said Merci to a girl holding the door open,she said " You're welcome ! ".

Hi Belgium Brussels Highlights

Sabena Exhibition and gifts at The Atomium

photo 20170825_122123
photo 20170825_122205
photo 20170825_122623
photo 20170825_122813
photo 20170825_122817
photo 20170825_122852
photo 20170825_122902
photo 20170825_122920
photo 20170825_122943

Brussels - the Royal Capital of Belgium !

NH Louise Hotel - my home for 3 nights and formerly the NH Brussels City Centre
photo 20170825_111032

The Louise area of Brussels and The Hotel in the background
photo 20170825_111751

Justice Palace
photo 20170825_112057

World War 1 and 2 Memorial Column at Place Poelaert / Poelart Plein, for the best view of Brussels
photo 20170825_112334

Spot the Atomium ! Although you will shortly see this Belgian Icon up close very soon !
photo 20170825_112458

Street Signs
photo 20170825_113130

Koekelberg Basilica - an Art Deco Church
photo 20170825_115811

Tram to Heyzel
photo 20170825_125922

Tin Tin Boutique
photo 20170825_164730

Welcome by the boy wonder himself !
photo 20170825_164738

Smurf statue in front of Galerie Horte Shopping Centre
photo 20170825_165923

Galerie Horte
photo 20170825_165932

Smurfstore Window
photo 20170825_165955

Store Signage
photo 20170825_170146

The Atomium - Global Symbol of Brussels and Belgium
photo 20170825_125852
photo 20170825_124458
photo 20170825_122245
photo 20170825_122342

Heyzel Palace
photo 20170825_125439

The Brussels Metro - not only bright and beautiful but music is also played on the platforms. I often heard Jax Jones "You don't know me ! "
photo 20170825_130220

Bus Stop ? No, a Bike Stop !
photo 20170825_153512

Stunning architecture in the EU District
photo 20170825_153551

Strange looking creature promoting Belgian Fries next to Grand Place / Grote Markt ( the main square )
photo 20170825_163412

Brussels Caps - be hip,be Belgian !
photo 20170825_163719

Next Stop Brugges

Enjoying the Belgian countryside enroute from Brussels to Brugges. I pressed a button that said Help/Assistance after the conductor announced the train would soon be split up into two trains. Anyway,he comes over,tells me I can stay onboard upto Brugges then shook his head and told me off for pressing the help button. I guess I should be grateful he didn't ask for my ticket….I was sat in First Class without realising !
photo 20170826_141213

Funny story at this station. As the train pulled up, a girl got off and dropped……a pregnancy testing kit ( like you do ! ) She had bushy hair and earphones in and it was funny seeing a lady who got off behind her shouting to her that she had dropped something and the girl being oblivious !

photo 20170826_143527

Welcome to Brugges
photo 20170826_144918

Outside Brugges Train Station
photo 20170826_145422

Transport Links Guide
photo 20170826_145910

Brugges Busses
photo 20170826_145916

Picturesque Brugges
photo 20170826_152013

Ancient Church
photo 20170826_152111

Friet Museum ( where else but Belgium ! )
photo 20170826_154316

Souveniers from Brugges

photo 20170826_163012

Clock Tower in the main square
photo 20170826_163139

Main Market Square
photo 20170826_163151

City Tour Bus
photo 20170826_163304
photo 20170826_175939

photo 20170826_165618

photo 20170826_165803

Belgian Foods sign
photo 20170826_170348

Belgian Chocolate Shop
photo 20170826_171950

Canal Boat Tours
photo 20170826_174757

Tintin strikes again !
photo 20170826_175412

Organic shop front…I loved the sign in the window
photo 20170826_175652

Brugges food and souveniers

Pear Chocolate !
photo 20170826_162814

Waffles with toppings
photo 20170826_170416

Belgian Frites Magnets
photo 20170826_172554

Those oh so delicious Belgian Fries with mayonnaise…in a Belgian flag coloured cone !
photo 20170826_172959

Fresh Waffles
photo 20170826_174205

Scarves for sale at a flea market
photo 20170826_175010

Puppets for sale at a flea market
photo 20170826_175023

Decadent Belgian Chocolate ! There can never be enough of this delectable delicacy !
photo 20170826_175448

Brugges Choco-Story Museum 1 of several attractions to choose from with the Hi Belgium Pass

David and Muriel at the Museum were very very nice ; I got a free chocolate gift !
David explained the ingredients and they had a nice chat with me and asked if I had seen the demonstration.
I advised that there were were too many people so I just took a photo. I had a photo with David and Muriel.
After almost an hour of being sent in the wrong direction by many people , it was with some delight when Muriel gave me clear instructions on how to get to the Diamond Museum.
David even called ahead to say I am coming. I will let the photos do the talking !

photo 20170826_155239
photo 20170826_155310

Free Chocolate Buttons !
photo 20170826_155347

Free Chocolate Bar gift !
photo 20170826_231147

photo 20170826_155351
photo 20170826_155355
photo 20170826_155540
photo 20170826_155600

Demonstration of Chocolate being made !
photo 20170826_155826
photo 20170826_160011
photo 20170826_160106
photo 20170826_160112
photo 20170826_160137
photo 20170826_160148

Guestbook signed by a woman who spent ages writing a message. See her "effort" here !
photo 20170826_160401
photo 20170826_160517
photo 20170826_160521 1
photo 20170826_160531
photo 20170826_160604
photo 20170826_160617
photo 20170826_160637
photo 20170826_160740
photo 20170826_160930
photo 20170826_161647
photo 20170826_161659
photo 20170826_161902

Brugges Diamond Museum an "attraction" to choose from the Hi Belgium Pass

Perhaps the lady who wrote the not so nice comments you just saw in the Choco Museum's guestbook,should have come to the Diamond Museum. I had arrived in Brugges in the mid afternoon of Saturday 26th August 2017 and I knew that I had to visit both the Chocolate and Diamond Museums before at least 1700pm.
After visiting the Choco Story Museum, I was still sent in many different directions by people trying to guide me to the Diamond Museum ! This is despite Muriel clearly highlighting the route on a map !
I was elated to arrive at the Bruges Diamond Museum.

photo 20170826_170612
photo 20170826_170622

I pressed the bell and a smiling man came out and buzzed me in. I told him I was so happy to finally be at the Museum.

The male at the museum asked where I was from. I said my family is from Pakistan and that I live in Manchester.

He went quiet and his smile vanished too. I didn't think anything of it. But to bridge the awkward silence I asked where he's from and he told me Kosovo/Belgium.

I smiled and then began taking photos in reception for my blog being done for SN. Bear in mind I have previously been in touch with the museum to advise I am visiting. and blogging the visit.

photo 20170826_170736
photo 20170826_170752
photo 20170826_170803
photo 20170826_170901
photo 20170826_170919
photo 20170826_171456

About 4 photos later the male rather abruptly said that photos aren't allowed but I can take some photos in reception as none of the diamonds in the reception area are real anyway. Wow.
He then pointed to a sign that said No Photography. I asked how this rule can be possible when I am to write a blog. He advised it’s a common problem with bloggers who feel they can take photos. I asked if this rule was on the website. He told ME to look on the website. He said rules are rules and I asked him to get his manager.

She came up from the shop a few steps down and a conversation was had about this rule. The male was instructed by his manager to call “the boss”.
He did so and said the manager was busy. I said it was rather convenient.
The male then retorted his boss was in a meeting (at 1730pm on a Saturday evening).

He further advised that the museum's insurance would be invalid if visitors at the Diamond Museum took photos of gems and the cabinet alarms but that if permission was given to professional bloggers it was ok ? What happens in this instance ? Do the Museum staff tell the alarms that the photographer is approved ?

The female Supervisor said permission was needed but they will check. I advised I will complain to SN and the female supervisor said "mm hmm". I said it's not "mm hmm". However the male then steps in and said they work closely with SN,as if to indicate that only telling visitors about a no photo rule is approved by SN. He then commented that all museums ban photography. I don't know what kind of museums this guy visits but they don't sound like any museums I have ever known.

I then asked the male if everyone visiting before me via the Hi Belgium Pass,had similar issues.

I was astonished at this male's response. He put up his palm facing away from his chest and face whilst moving his head side to side and said and I quote verbatim "Look I have had a long day and I don't need your attitude".

I could not believe this. I was fuming. I told him he had an attitude. He said he didn't and that I was being offensive by asking why his Senior manager wasn't picking up the phone. He then chucked the bosse's card at me and also said I should take the bosse's number.

I left and this lunatic buzzed me out without a word or apology. I was so angry I had to go and sit down at a Frites Shop to calm down then try to enjoy Belgian fries. I didn’t even get past the reception at the Diamond Museum due to the not so apparent rules and the rudeness of Mr Nasty.

I would certainly not recommend a visit to this awful place and SN should discontinue using this disgraceful establishment as a partner as it is blackening SN's good name. I am sure this is the same guy who made a child cry and is mentioned on tripadvisor for his disgraceful behaviour.
This place did nothing to give me a good impression of Belgium whereas I was overwhelmed at how nice everyone is in Belgium.
Nowhere on the Museum website is it stated even once that photography isn’t allowed.

I work for a global security company and understand rules but the rules are clear. My customer's don't suddenly get told the rules. Similarly I am not an International Jewel Thief and nor is this little museum a major international gallery.

I am shocked beyond belief and trust that this establishment will immediately be taken off the SN list of attractions and a substitute found.

Now let's get the train back to Brussels ! The train I caught was headed to Luxembourg via Brussels.
photo 20170826_193605

Souveniers from this Belgium trip including the stylish Hi Belgium wallet

photo 20170831_204438
photo 20170831_204453
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