Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Jakarta Denpasar in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA412
Class Economy
Seat 39K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 30 Aug 17, 21:50
Arrival at 31 Aug 17, 00:20
GA   #8 out of 120 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 161 reviews
Published on 7th September 2017
Hello friends! Welcome to my report.

Firstly, as usual, please apologize for my bad English, and also bad photo quality as I took all shots by my cellphone.


The main purpose of this Bali trip was to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday. What a long life for her. In this special occasion, our family decided to arrange a special family tour to Bali. But we had realized previously that the date was coincidence with one of Indonesian national holiday, the Eid Al-Adha, one of important Islamic celebrations. That's why we had preserved the tickets about 4 months before the journey, and even at that time the ticket price had hiked higher than normal.

Why Bali?

My uncle (my mom's 2nd brother), an owner of a well-known advertisement company in Jakarta, has a private villa located in Seminyak, not so far from Kuta. That's why Bali is suitable for us to celebrate this special occasion. As you know, Bali is the most popular tourist area in Indonesia. Some people outside Indonesia even know about Bali but not Indonesia, not knowing that Bali is part of Indonesia. What a very popular island. Popularly called "Pulau Seribu Pura" (island of thousand temples), it's the only region in Indonesia where significant majority of its people adhere Hinduism, while majority of Indonesians are Muslim. Apart from temples, Bali is well-known for its beaches (Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur, etc). It has been popular for Australians to spend their weekend.

This time I chose GA 412, scheduled to leave Jakarta at 8.00 p.m. Honestly, that was also because my auntie (my mom's youngest sister) and her family had chosen this flight. If I go alone, I'm not sure to choose this flight with the usual expensive price of Garuda, as this flight costed IDR 950,000 (about USD 71.50). Luckily for me that all tickets would be paid by my uncle (my mom's 2nd brother).

The flight would be my first time in Garuda's wide-body jet, and also my first domestic flight in wide-body jet. Interesting, right?

OK, let's jump to the main story.

August 30th, 2017. From our residence in southeastern Jakarta, I and my youngest sister hop a car through Go-car app to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. It costed IDR 125,000. Inside the car I had a long chit-chat with the driver. He told me that a nephew of him was a pilot in Kalstar, a small-scale airlines in Indonesia, and recently he operated its newest Embraer fleet. He also told me about his experience transporting people to the airport.

About 2 hours before scheduled departure of GA 412, we arrived at the Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Before July 2017, Garuda was the sole airline operating in this terminal, but recently Korean Air, China Airlines, and Saudia moved here. I heard that all Skyteam members will move here in 2018, while other Skyteam members (Vietnam Airlines, China Southern, Xiamen Air, and my favorite European carrier KLM) are currently still in Terminal 2.

Here we met our auntie and her family (her husband and cute twin children) who had arrived here earlier. Then we proceed to check-in counter. As we had done the online check-in, we just needed to drop our luggages and print the boarding passes.

There was still an hour before scheduled boarding time. We decided to eat Malay-style "roti kaya", added with 2 boiled eggs, and drink a cup of tea here.

photo 37042160635_f6d7f77ef8_bphoto 37042161955_4419cea3d7_b

Then we proceed to the boarding gate after an usual security check.

photo 37042159095_2b77c82532_bphoto 37042158715_695047dc85_b

All gates shared the same waiting room. I like this arrangement, as we can still move freely before boarding, unlike in the terminal 1 or 2.

photo 37042158035_073c8d36f5_bphoto 37042157465_2fb27da3da_b

Need water? You can drink or fill your bottles here.
photo 37042156965_c3987f8832_b

The boarding gate.
photo 37042156165_bd4b095b9c_b

While waiting, an announcement was made, informing the people that our flight (GA 412) was delayed and the boarding was scheduled at 8.30 p.m. As the compensation, in line with Indonesian regulation, airline crews distributed a box of snacks, containing a bread, a choco bar, and a cup of mineral water.

To spend my times before boarding, I recharged my cellphone at a box containing 10 socket plugs. It really helps you lot. Free Wi-fi was also provided.

Finally we were called for boarding at 8.45 p.m. We reached the plane by bus. Same situation with my previous flight by Garuda to Pekanbaru.

Reaching the plane. Its reg code was PK-GIH. delivered in June 2015. Some days before our flight, it was used for Hajj flights, transporting Hajj pilgrims from Jakarta and Medan.

Entering the cabin.
photo 36207109884_a2d2fc4228_b

My seat (39K) at the window side.
photo 37042152755_67d2e7c0be_b

While waiting for the boarding completed, we had been allowed to explore the IFE. You can navigate the IFE through either the controller stick or the touchscreen LCD. It had nice collection of movies, especially Indonesian and American movies. But if I can compare with other airlines, personally I think Malaysia Airlines and KLM have better collection.

Boarding process completed. I don't know the exact number of passengers, but I guess the flight was fully occupied, and half of the passengers came from outside Indonesia. I saw many "western" people, holding Australian, American, British, French, and even Lithuanian passports. This was my 1st time seeing people from Lithuania, a country that was not too popular for Indonesian. "Garuda" and "Bali" were perfect combination for foreigners in Indonesia, making the flight chosen by many international tourists.

After boarding completed, the pilot made an announcement apologizing the flight delay, as there were problems on the previously-designated fleet and they decided to choose other plane.

Then the safety instruction video was played on the IFE. The video was in English and Indonesian, also containing sign-language for passengers with hearing disabilities. Honestly, the video was less "creative" compared to videos of KLM and Air France.

Outside the window, China Airlines and Korean Air were seen. They moved recently to the new Terminal 3.

Some minutes before take-off, cabin light was dimmed. This Indonesian music album from Sammy Simorangkir, ex-vocalist of "Kerispatih" band, accompanied me during take-off.

photo 36207107404_05502cda1c_bphoto 36207107264_1434fe6130_b

The plane started to fly at 9.50 p.m. (UTC+7). Lamps from houses in Jakarta were seen.

photo 36207107144_f24b66a8dc_b

Some minutes after departure, the seat-belt sign was switched off. Then the IFE showed a Skyteam advertisement.

photo 36207106924_39f75d539f_bphoto 36207106684_e65dbf3e64_b

As usual in every my flight, I checked all stuffs inside the seat pocket.

photo 36207104714_fd9849fe04_bphoto 36207106574_23e853bb3e_b

"Colours" magazine.

Another edition of "Colours", special for Hajj and Umra flights, containing articles about Islam, Mecca, and Middle East.

photo 36207105544_61a5a83115_bphoto 37042144695_aac0625926_b

"Stars" IFE catalogue.

photo 36207105244_2a627c7f49_bphoto 37042144285_64cc4c6ddb_b

Souvenirs catalogue, also special for flights to Saudi Arabia.

photo 36207104914_e1023d7f03_bphoto 37042144015_f979a586ee_b

During the flight, we faced bad weather for 3 times. That's why the meals came a little bit late to our seat, as the cabin crews had to pause serving meals during medium-scale shakes. There were 2 options of meals: chicken or fish. I said "fish" and the cabin crew gave me a food set containing fish fillet with sauce, rice, vegetables, and a cup of fruit jelly. I also asked for a cup of guava juice. The fish fillet had a bit spicy flavor, and the taste was average. Good enough to fill your stomach after 1.5 hours delay.

photo 36645461550_5fe258a95e_b

After finishing my dinner, I continued exploring the IFE.

Here you also can buy your desired items on the shopping catalogue. Wanna buy the bracelet?

Live TV channels were also available. You could watch the latest news happened, including the storm in Louisiana.

I also checked the plane's Wi-fi. Internet service was also available with hour-based rates. Very useful if you want to watch Youtube videos.

Don't forget the other important thing: the lavatory.

photo 36871285982_b4fd83a0f5_b

I spent times before landing listening musics on the IFE. My sister, a fan of Korean idol groups, enjoyed listening K-Pop albums on the IFE.

Then the arrival announcement was made. We prepared for landing, fastening the seat-belt and adjusting the seat. Unfortunately I could not take photos during landing, as it was really dark outside the window.

Our plane touched down at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, at 00.20 (UTC+8, an hour ahead of Jakarta).

photo 36871281592_804623c7ea_b

Here I saw international carriers preparing for departure, including Qatar Airways, Korean Air, and China Eastern.

(I wish I can take better pictures, but I'm a bit traumatic to use pocket cameras. I had 2 cameras before, and the LCDs of both were broken easily.)

The plane reached the boarding gate some minutes later. Time to leave the plane.

photo 36645460370_a32f561671_bphoto 36871285442_8e43010c59_b

Final pics of our plane.

photo 36645459980_fbd5a602d6_bphoto 36871284952_09b3d714ea_b

Way to the baggage claim zone.

photo 36645459750_161bd87371_b

At the 1st row is Balinese script, written as "Om Swastyastu", a traditional Balinese Hindu greeting.

photo 36871284402_d4fc407e9d_b

Baggage belt.

photo 36853957236_7b06192d1b_b

We then left the airport by a car ordered through "Grab" apps to my uncle's villa in Seminyak. I spent 4 days in Bali before returning to Jakarta in September 3rd. You can read the report here.

BONUS: some pics of Bali.

Pura Tirta Empul, a Hindu temple with large water pool.

photo 36688323310_ed244a58ee_bphoto 36249379684_1aa25e5868_b

Mount Batur, Kintamani.

photo 36271202313_1485d7e488_b

Blanco Museum, housing paints of the late Don Antonio Blanco, a Filipino painter with Spanish and American ancestry, who spent majority of his life in Ubud, Bali, until his death, and his corpse was cremated through Balinese Hindu ritual called "Ngaben".

photo 37084440335_236c7fefe7_bphoto 36249379584_cc6e5c8e8c_b

Kuta Beach, probably Bali's most popular beach.

photo 36271203303_1926637cf5_bphoto 36688322810_a5db9b4746_b

Seminyak Beach, close to my uncle's villa, seems more "peaceful" than Kuta.

Finally my most favorite Balinese dish: "Babi Guling" (suckled pig).

photo 36271202073_c852effc4c_bphoto 36271203723_fee4fae761_b
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew8.0

Jakarta - CGK


Denpasar - DPS



Once again, this was my 1st experience with Garuda's wide-body jet, and also my 1st domestic flight with a wide-body jet, especially my favorite plane type, Boeing 777-300ER.

Of course, I was quite disappointed with the flight delay, but I appreciated Garuda's effort to give the compensation to me and other passengers.

The cabin was clean and well-maintained. Delivered in mid-2016, it was frequently used for trans-continental flight to Amsterdam and London, and also Hajj flights. Cabin crews were nice, good-looking, and helpful, but I hope that they can improve their English. The meal quality was average, good enough to fill your stomach. I'm sure they can provide more interesting dishes. The IFE system was interesting, but I also hope that they can add more music and movie collections. The great innovation was the live TV. Not many carriers provide this facility.

Then the airports. Soekarno-Hatta Airport's Terminal 3 was the newest terminal, with clean condition and average service quality. Some of my friends have criticized its low quality of architecture and lack of planning. There were even many errors and breakdowns during the initial months of its operations, but I'm sure that it has improved their quality. I hope they can do better service, especially to welcome other international carriers and also our guests for 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta and Palembang.

Ngurah Rai International Airport's new terminal building was opened in 2014. It was still clean and well-maintained, with good service from its crews. Personally, the airport terminal is far better than Soekarno-Hatta. But it needs to anticipate growing numbers of passengers. There is a plan to build a new international airport in the northern side of Bali, as any expansion project of the airport is almost impossible due to its location on a narrow isthmus surrounded by sea. Even the runway is located on a reclaimed area. More international carriers are operating in this airport than in Soekarno-Hatta, especially chartered flights transporting tourist. Notable carriers are Emirates, Qatar Airways, KLM, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and of course our own flag-carrier, Garuda Indonesia.

OK, that's my report. Any feedback and suggestion are appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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