Review of Indonesia AirAsia flight Penang Medan in Economy

Airline Indonesia AirAsia
Flight QZ107
Class Economy
Seat 20D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 21 Aug 18, 12:45
Arrival at 21 Aug 18, 12:45
QZ   #88 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 34 reviews
Published on 15th November 2018
Hello friends! Welcome to one of my reports.

Firstly, as usual, sorry for my bad English, and also bad quality of the photos as I took all of them by my cellphone.

Here are parts of the journey:
August 20th, 2018: Jakarta (CGK) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) by KLM Boeing 777-300ER (click here)
August 21st, 2018: Kuala Lumpur to Penang overland
August 21st, 2018: Penang (PEN) to Medan (KNO) by Indonesia AirAsia Airbus A320 (you are here)
August 24th, 2018: Medan (KNO) to Jakarta (CGK) by Batik Air Airbus A320 (click here)

AUGUST 21st, 2018

After about 6 hours bus trip from Kuala Lumpur, I arrived at Butterworth, an industrial town located in mainland Asia (Malay Peninsula) facing the Penang Island. Here I hop the ferry crossing the strait to Penang Island, or more exactly Georgetown area, Penang's administrative and business center.

Sights from the ferry, including Penang Bridge, one of Penang's icons, connecting Penang Island and the mainland.

photo 30326417127_4cf266cf45_bphoto 45265583661_ae6a22142b_b

Having breakfast at a local restaurant serving "Nasi Kandar", one of Penang's must-try food which is the Indian-style rice dish mainly sold by "Mamak" or Muslim Indians.

photo 45265578221_9ab95af592_bphoto 45265579781_d80fd831a8_b

After breakfast, I walked to the nearby Chowrasta Market. Daily items, foods, clothes, and others are sold here.

photo 45265576721_a268466ff5_bphoto 45265574971_706f073b8b_b

Komtar, one of Penang's landmark. It had been Malaysia's tallest building before the arrival of taller buildings in KL, especially Petronas Twin Towers.

photo 45265573391_19560bd059_b

Komtar's ground level contains Rapid Penang bus station, from where I would leave for the airport. The Rapid Penang bus is the cheapest, but also the most time-consuming, transport option to Penang International Airport. It costs MYR 2.70 to reach the airport. Very cheap, compared to the KLIA - Kuala Lumpur buses which cost MYR 11.00-12.00. You must pay the exact fare, no changes are given. As a city bus, it will stop at all bus stops along the route.

Arriving at the airport after 40 minutes bus journey.

photo 30326567707_bf206c6f1f_bphoto 30326567237_744402cf8f_b

I had been not in Penang International Airport since 2011, when me and my family had a short vacation from Medan to Penang. The airport is probably one of main air gateways to Malaysia. Recently Qatar Airways operated routes from/to Doha, making access from Europe and Middle East to this airport easier.

photo 31391406438_31af42f467_bphoto 31391405748_1798556b24_bphoto 44353668215_8dfc9ae778_b

Flight schedule.

photo 30326564667_10552af810_b

Check-in counters.

photo 30326561427_bb8260b15d_b

As an LCC, AirAsia only provided self-check-in computers. No staffs at check-in counters, but helpers were still available to help people working with the computers.

photo 30326563817_22f45b6349_bphoto 30326563157_b3caedf8cf_b

My boarding pass.

photo 45215407642_2388b00e51_b

Time to enter the airside, and I was surprised by the long queue for immigration checks.

photo 45215408102_f536f2cb94_b

I spent probably 30 minutes in the immigration queue. Luckily there was still an hour before scheduled departure. I tried to explore the airport, but the airport's layout made me unable to take photos of sights outside the window.

photo 45215406362_3005ef02f9_bphoto 45215405732_8f6c39d736_b

Cathay Dragon preparing for departure back to Hong Kong.

photo 30326559837_ec3edcc96d_b

Indonesia AirAsia (QZ), with registration code PK-AXV, painted in special livery, would bring me to Medan.

photo 45215405102_4688943edb_b

Boarding started.

photo 30326559587_e0334690ea_bphoto 30326558767_11ceae538e_bphoto 30326557847_7f3de7ff39_b

Cathay Dragon seen from the aerobridge.

photo 30326558457_a4c1e6a853_b

Entering the plane, greeted by young cabin crews.

photo 31391391448_7bc6d1bed5_bphoto 31391390788_a00aabbd0f_b

LCC typical, ads dominating the cabin.

photo 44543480624_93198c1bac_b

As I sat on the aisle side, I couldn't take pictures of window sights, especially while take-off. But as about 50% of the seats were vacant, I moved to an empty window-side seat after take-off.

We departed at 12.45 p.m. (UTC+8) The take-off process was smooth, and the sky was very clear. No turbulences happened.

After seat-belt lamp was turned off, I checked the lavatory as usual.

photo 44543479484_06e9157536_b

Also items inside the seatpocket.

photo 31391343438_8ea2f239d6_b

"Santan" (Malay / Indonesian: "coconut milk) inflight meals menu. "Pak Naser's Nasi Lemak" and "Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice" have been AirAsia's signature dishes for long time.

photo 31391342738_52d0fd3402_bphoto 31391342258_640434d45c_b

"Travel 360" magazine, Indonesian version (in Indonesian language).

photo 31391341818_9e51779c1d_bphoto 31391341298_fbdb1b8a05_b

"Travel 360" magazine, Malaysian version (in English).

photo 31391340558_f7c3b2be1e_bphoto 31391340188_5d6c45c5b5_bphoto 31391339628_26fbdfa487_b

I also tried the "Rokki", an IFE system accessed through Wi-fi. "PK-AXV" was the 1st (and only???) QZ's aircraft installed with "Rokki", while the system had been available in all Malaysian AirAsia (AK) fleet.

If an announcement was made, the web browser turned like this.

photo 45042940224_30067f4460_b

The flight was short. Only 45 minutes in the air, we had been called to prepare for landing.

Entering Sumatra Island.

photo 44353803445_c43fd391c0_b

Touching Kuala Namu International Airport, Medan, at 12.45 p.m. (UTC+7).

Parked beside a 737-900ER of Lion Air.

photo 44353832485_30df4cf9de_b

Time to leave the plane.

photo 31391387028_249a7ebe0c_bphoto 31391386538_115af3f863_b

Final shots of the plane's exterior. What a beautiful livery.

photo 43451181210_2efa21393c_b

The immigration queue here was very short and the process was quick.

Baggage carousel.

photo 30326415757_15ebe9a3bb_b

Arrival area.

Train station, from where you can take trains to Medan city center. But the price was too expensive for me (IDR 90,000-100,000).

photo 44543482464_cdfd78a8f2_b

Express buses are far cheaper (IDR 20,000-30,000) than the train, so this was the way I reach my destination.

photo 44543481024_bc2d298a2a_bphoto 44543480394_7bdb32d53f_b

Finally, click the spoiler below to see my activities in North Sumatra:
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Indonesia AirAsia

Cabin crew7.5

Penang - PEN


Medan - KNO



I was so lucky to board Indonesia AirAsia (QZ)'s latest fleet, the PK-AXV, painted in special livery showcasing Indonesian culture, also the first fleet of QZ equipped with Wi-fi and the "Rokki" IFE portal accessed through it. The plane still looked fresh and well-maintained. Cabin crews were nice and friendly, though not the friendliest I've ever met. The "Rokki" portal contained good collection of movies, but I had only short time to explore it because the flight took less than an hour. As an LCC, meals could only be bought and pre-ordered.

Penang's Airport was good and clean with some facilities like free charging stations provided. But I was quite disappointed with the long queue for immigration check. It was located quite distant from Penang's city center (Georgetown), but having good transport options like Rapid Penang buses and taxis. The airport served frequent international flights to Medan and Singapore, and also to Doha by Qatar Airways.

Medan's Kuala Namu Airport was good, far better than Soekarno-Hatta Airport. I just hope that they can improve their service and cleanliness, also more international routes provided. Recently Cathay Dragon operated the Medan-Hong Kong v.v. flights, offering a great option to depart to or arrive from East Asia, Europe, and America.

Thanks for reading!



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    marathon GOLD 10195 Comments
    I took a domestic flight out of PEN back in 2014 and had noted in my flight report that the terminal was very plane spotter friendly - I could take pictures from jsut behind the windows. Maybe the arrangement of the international section is different; sorry for you.
    Thanks for the story of this flight, and for the bonus on Medan / Lake Toba which have been on my looong to visit list for many years !

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