Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Sofia in Business

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS795
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 08 Aug 17, 10:15
Arrival at 08 Aug 17, 12:45
OS   #60 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 207 reviews
By 865
Published on 8th September 2017

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Hi back and welcome to this 15th FR from my summer routing!

We are flying yeeeeet another OS C class medium-haul. This time though, I have absolutely no picture of the airport (let alone any lounge^^) because I litterally ran for 30 minutes before getting to the security screening located before the gate, with no priority lane… There was actually a VIE agent that directed the pax

We were once again and for the last time seated at the bulkhead with no one on the opposite row
photo img_6566
Generally speaking, the yield on OS C Class seem pretty decent but not really on the VIE-SOF leg as SOF is more a tourism destination, even if I saw quite a lot of businessmen traveling in Y

The pushback allowed me to have some gorgeous views of the local fauna

I could finally see a CI A359 which I would LOVE to fly with
photo dsc_2764photo dsc_2765
This design will remain as one of the most beautiful ever created
photo dsc_2766
Another Taiwanese aircraft was parked at VIE, this time an Eva Air 77W
photo dsc_2767
Spotting during taxi revealed an airline I had never "seen" before (I knew of it obviously^^)
So, El Al was here with a 737-900, winglets equiped
photo dsc_2768
The Austrian flagship aircraft, a 77E
photo dsc_2769photo dsc_2770
This livery with the song notes reminded me of a commercial aired by OS a decade ago in which the 77E was featured

It think it was actually OE-LPD in the commercial but with the old livery, it had just been delivered at the time.

An aging 767-300ER. The most recent 767 in the OS fleet is almost 17yo whereas the oldest is… 26yo !
photo dsc_2771
An Embraer 195, definitely younger (OE-LWM, 5yo)
photo dsc_2772
One of the two Fokker 70 left in OS fleet, named "Dornbirn" (OE-LFQ), more than 21yo but what a beauty !
photo dsc_2773photo dsc_2774
And… perhaps one of the most famous Embraer 170, OE-LTK ;)
People's Vienna Line (PE)
photo dsc_2775photo dsc_2776photo dsc_2777
Embraer 195
photo dsc_2778
Airbus A320 CEO
photo dsc_2779
Take off !

From this row, you really have to contort yourself to get a picture of the CFM engine with its blades turning at thousands of revolutions per minute but it is worthwhile ;)
photo dsc_2782photo dsc_2783
You have two windows at the bulkhead row
photo img_6570
The wingtip is nothing extraordinary
photo dsc_2784
The middle seat that is in theory "blocked", but you can of course sit on it because the seatbelt is here as well as the tray table. I'd understand that for flexibility purposes it works good for OS but nothing can beat a recliner ! Note that the curtain divider between C and Y is always set.
photo img_6567
I don't really like the look of this old overhead panel but I'd have to admit it is way more practical to mess with the AC
photo img_6568
The galley curtain was flying during climbout
photo img_6569
Tray table ready ! It was in my best interest to eat as much as I could as my next layover was of more than six hours with no lounge access (you read well), hence the FR title, "Foodstock"^^
photo img_6571
For our meal, as a main, we had a meatball with celeriac in remoulade dressing, a slice of tomato and a bit of lettuce. As for the dessert, it was a lemon cake with strawberry sauce.
The meatball was perfectly cooked and I just like the celeriac with the meat, I think that is a nice assortment.
photo img_6572
A white napkin and branded metal cutlery were here as well
photo img_6573photo img_6575
Along the eternal refreshing tissue I talked about before
photo img_6576
Several passings of the crew (a male FA) for the drinks but I sticked to a glass of water
photo img_6574
The toilets showed their age but were decent
photo img_6577photo img_6578
Not really needed to go again through the onboard documents ?
photo img_6579
After a little nap, our approach led us over the untouched Bulgarian countryside
photo dsc_2785

Landing !

AND… we are back at SOF ! Thank you Lufthansa and Austrian for honoring this error fare ! :) i will always, maybe not "love you", but still, have a soft spot for you !
photo img_6580
Yet another effort CFM, the end is near !
photo img_6581
The terminal was not crowded at that moment
photo img_6582
Austrian aircrafts seem to always park to a remote stand, not that I complain ;)
photo img_6583
There is a downside though, SOF is a very warm city in summer ! It was hot as hell in the paxbus! Hopefully the drive was a short one. There is no paxbus for C pax, everyone is in the same boat.
photo img_6584
Luggage came fast with the priority tags and it was no pain going through customs as there is no one to stop you.
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Vienna - VIE


Sofia - SOF



For the fourth time, a regular satisfactory flight with OS in C class. As for the punctuality, we departed 2 minutes late and reached the gate 3 minutes late, which is almost perfect.

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