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Flight PS 803
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 15 Aug 17, 20:00
Arrival at 15 Aug 17, 20:40
PS 81 reviews
By 865
Published on 14th September 2017
Hi and welcome to the last part of my trip to Kiev and Minsk with UIA.

You can find the previous parts here:

This report covers the flight back to Warsaw after the flight from Minsk that landed at 18:20 and as our next flight was at 20:00, we had just enough time to pass the transfer security check, make some shopping and go to our gate.

Spotting was this time restricted only to some UIA 737s and among them the one that took us here from MSQ.

photo img_4600photo img_4602

I was really hoping this flight was going to be operated by an Embraer 190 that I haven't flown yet in UIA livery as I have already tried the classic 737s and the newer but not too comfortable 737-800.

The aircraft map during online check-in showed the Embraer 2+2 seat plan, but you never know until the very last moment if they wouldn't change something. To be prepared for that I chose the A and B seats. In case they change it to 737 we will still have a window and middle seat.

After a long bus ride we finally stop in front of …. Dniproavia ERJ-145!

photo img_4604

That would be a surprise and a nice change but I turn around and discover an E-90 UR-EMA supposed to take us to WAW.

photo img_4607photo img_4608

I take my seat, just two rows after the emergency exit row with a good wing view.

photo img_4609

The cabin of this E-jet is well maintained and quite new (the aircraft age is approximately 5 years). The yellow things that you can see in the lockers are pillows for the emergency row passengers. I asked for one not knowing it is a part of the extra legroom seat for extra money as the CC explained.

photo img_4611

This time I wouldn't say a bad word about the pitch, it was very decent.

photo img_4615

As we begin to taxi, I manage to spot… some UIA planes, but this time it's one of their 767-300 and some classic and NG 737s

photo img_4610photo img_4618photo img_4620

This TU 154 is even more classic, but it's used for training purposes

photo img_4621photo img_4623

A funny thing was that just before we took off, the sun has disappeared, but as we got airborne, we could see it again: a sunrise just after sunset.

photo img_4627photo img_4630

Passing Dnipro river once more today

photo img_4638

Once the fasten seat belt sign was off, we were approached by a very nice CC and asked if we had ordered an extra meal. We've been waiting for this moment to see if we were going to receive these meals despite the fact that we have already received them by mistake during the first flight from WAW to KBP, 4 days ago. A couple of minutes later our hot meals arrived.

photo img_4645

This time it was my turn to have the so called Italian Travel Lunch. It consisted of a main dish (pasta carbonara), a caprese style salad, a roll and a piece of orange tiramisu. Everything served on china, with metal cutlery and only for 7 euro. It tasted great, however I offered the cake to my friend and took his in exchange.

photo img_4650photo img_4652photo img_4656

The flight was very smooth and passed in a nice atmosphere. A good meal, a nice cabin and friendly CC made it a very pleasant trip.

Heading west made us chase the sun

photo img_4640photo img_4657

When the Vistula (Wisła) river appeared, we knew we were getting close to home.

photo img_4667

We flew over Warsaw and made a deep turn left to land from the north west.

photo img_4677photo img_4679

On short finals

photo img_4685photo img_4689


photo img_4691

I think the Fast Jet aircraft came to WAW for maintainance. Sorry for bad quality pic but I love this parrot livery, it's so exotic!

photo img_4695

We park next to a Travel Service 737-800

photo img_4697

and after a long walk through the passport control and whole baggage claim area, we finnaly find our belt

photo img_4700

That's the end of the story! Many thanks for reading!
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Ukraine International

Cabin crew9.0

Kiev - KBP


Warsaw - WAW



UIA E-jets are definitely more comfortable that the 737s, especially the newer ones. Once more the strongest part of the whole product was a very professional and friendly cabin crew. The extra meal was great, I recommend ordering it to everyone flying UIA as for 7 euro you can make your flight (almost) a business class one.

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