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Airline Air Berlin
Flight Ab8028
Class Economy
Seat 5E
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 19 Jul 12, 08:30
Arrival at 19 Jul 12, 09:50
AB 77 reviews
Published on 19th September 2017
Hello! i've found some pics from a trip that i made to Europe in 2012, so i think that despite being old pics, it should be a good idea to share it such flight reports, as far my memory can remember some details of it. I ask to forgive the quality of the pics .

In 2012 i went to Europe because i was to participate in an academic congress in Vienna, so i took the advantage to turn a trip based for 15 minutes to a trip to 13 countries for 28 days starting in Sankt Peterburg to Madrid. And as i was to be based for a week in Vienna, i decided to make some day trips. And one of this was a roundtrip to Belgrade. Initially i wanted to go to Romania, but after booking my daytrip, i received an email from Air Berlin that my returning flight to Vienna would be changed to next day, and that was dramatic because the next day was the day of my presentation. I send an email to the customer service of Air Berlin and after apologize, they agreed that i could change the destination of the trip to another with similar fare. (99 euros). So i decided to visit Belgrade.

So the July 19th started very earlier, as i went to the Wien Westbahnhof (some 10 minutes walking from the hostel) to take the bus Vienna Airport Lines that would take me the airport. The trip to airport was smooth.
photo fl1001_8191410297_o

As i was travelling for a day trip i only had a backpack so having done my OLCI i went just straight to the gate. As you can see it seems that was a gate with a clear Balkanic orientation.
photo fl1002_8191410783_ophoto fl1003_8191411253_o

The airplane for the day was a Bombardier Dash 8-400 (my second time in a turbopropeller, the first one was from Berlin to Cracow with Air Berlin also), so we went by bus to the remote standing position to board our plane. In the way i saw some German wings' airbus with the old livery, Niki Air and Air Berlin jets, an ATR of BelleAir and a Boeing 737 of Ukraine International Airlines.

Our bird come to our sight and the bus stop and all we went to board our plane.
photo fl1019_8192505630_ophoto fl1020_8191418925_ophoto fl1021_8192506290_o

The pitch was a bit tight (i'm 1.85 mt. guy) but for a short trip was acceptable
photo fl1022_8191419131_ophoto fl1023_8191419213_o

The takeoff was quite uneventful, and the plane was going southward, following the Danube above the hungarian plains toward Serbia.

The catering was quite simple for a short ride, a muffin, a cup of tea and a glass of apple juice.

The landing was smooth, and after some taxiing we were directed to a remote position to wait the bus that would take us to the terminal.

photo fl1054_8191426837_ophoto fl1055_8191409879_o
An old guy, JAT, now Air Serbia
photo fl1057_8191409361_ophoto fl1058_8192496446_o

In the terminal, everything went faster, as i only to go by immigration (we chileans didnt need visa there), and i went off the terminal faster as my only baggage was the backpack.
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Air Berlin

Cabin crew8.0

Vienna - VIE


Belgrad - BEG



The leg Vienna-Belgrade was good, but the return leg was quite problematic, because the plane was scheduled to depart at 18:00 and we really depart around 21:30 (i was very nervous because i didnt want to arrive too late to Vienna as next day i had earlier my academic duty in the congress. This was the 3rd of 4 flight that i had with Air Berlin, and of them 50% was late without so much reasons given to passengers. But well was part of the experience of the trip, and i was so amazed that a german company could be so irregular as chilean we think of Germany as perfection and order. Well, know 5 years after, we can see how Air Berlin is going on (and still the BER Airport isn't ready).



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