Review of Ural Airlines flight Moscow Rostov-on-Don in Economy

Airline Ural Airlines
Flight U6147
Class Economy
Seat 8F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 18 May 14, 22:05
Arrival at 18 May 14, 23:45
U6 2 reviews
Published on 15th December 2014
Hi! This is my second flight report, and as i had seen, is the first one of Ural Airlines. This flight is the fourth leg of a Maratonic race from Santiago of Chile to Rostov-on-Don via Sao Paulo-Madrid-Moscow.

Despite that Iberia (the airline that took me to Moscow) with S7 are partner airlines in One World, is very difficult to connect flights from Madrid to Rostov, because always is less than 30 minutes to make connection, and is not the easier as it is in a International-International or domestic-domestic flights. So i bought a ticket with Ural Airlines that offer me less time to wait (4 hours) than the next flight of S7 (7 hours) and arriving at a decent night hour and not in the middle of night. You can imagine that after such long trip the only thing that i wanted was to arrive soon and sleep.
photo SAM_1739photo SAM_1745

So, the first thing that i did, after receive my bag, was to go to the counter of Ural Airlines to Check it (in Domodedovo russian airlines let you check from 24 hours to 2 hours before flight, so you can stroll around without heavy weight). Then i went outside airport, where you can find some wooden booth, where you can find cheaper food than inside the airport. So if i went to Russia why not better to taste some blinis or sosiskis than a western burger king or Subway. Also it was a good oportunity to get fresh air that i desperately needed after such maratonic trip.

Then i went around to make time, spotting some planes and airlines that are not so common for a guy like me from the southern of the world.

A real institution of Domodedovo this lego-made sculpture, that is a real representation of how we can feel tired when travelling:P
photo SAM_1735
nice counter of Uzbekistan
photo SAM_1727
Qatar Airlines and Ural Airlines in the International Terminal
photo SAM_1728
And in the opposite side, a Jumbo of Transaero, an A320 of Ural Airlines, and a departing A319 of Rossiya
photo SAM_1729photo SAM_1734
Despite flying to Minsk in Belarus, the flights of Belavia, and other airlines to Minsk departs as domestic flights from Russia
photo SAM_1729photo SAM_1730

Around 19:30 i went to the airside to wait my flight to Rostov-on-Don. But around 20:15 the hour of boarding start, i read in the screen that i should wait until 20:45 to have news for this flight. This make me thing that would be highly probability that flight would be delayed. I tried to ask to some dispatchers of other flights of Ural to have some news. Sadly. not all airport personel speaks english, so i had to be mix my poor knowledge of russian with gestures to get understanding. But a nice girl, asked by radio and gave me information, that my flight would depart around 10 pm. I had to text my wife to ask her patience because flight would be delayed and that was not my fault.
photo 10428057_10152553785612122_845825953497729895_nphoto 10176152_10152553784427122_7314481873827917354_n

Domodedovo really looks like a green field with such greenies airplanes of S7
photo SAM_1748photo SAM_1751photo SAM_1749

At this moment i desired so much that my plane would be this, but not all in life is as you wish …
photo SAM_1753
A B738 of El Al boarding people to Tel Aviv
photo SAM_1754
Nice pic of Tupolev 204 of Red Wings

Around 21:50 the boarding started, by bus to a remote location, indeed, very remote from terminal.
photo SAM_1760photo SAM_1761

Then the board was faster and the occupation of the flight was around 70%, that let me take advantage of an empty next seat to give some rest to my legs. The crew aware of the delayed make everything to prepare the cabin faster.
photo SAM_1762photo SAM_1765photo SAM_1766

A B767 of Transaero was resting next to us
photo SAM_1763photo SAM_1764photo SAM_1767

At 22:20 the flight departed. After 20 minutes the meal service started with a lunch box that included a little portion of salad and a sandwich, a cookie and a glass of water and juice. The flight was calmed and without incident.
photo SAM_1769

Approaching to Rostov-on-Don
photo SAM_1778photo SAM_1780

At 23.45 the flight landed , and we parked next to a B734 of UTAir. We descended of the plane by stairs (Rostov Airport has no fingers), and then a shuttle bus took us to the terminal. Then we rushed to a little room where we took our bags after a little wait. Luckily before it could mix with the baggage of a flight that arrived from Sheremetyevo after our flight.
photo SAM_1783photo SAM_1785photo SAM_1786
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Ural Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Moscow - DME


Rostov-on-Don - ROV



Well despite the incident of the delay, the flight was ok, nothing dissapointment, cheap wasnt meant bad quality. And for time is a good alternative instead of the 6 hours between the flights of S7 to Rostov in the second half of the day. Another interesting experience with Russian Airlines.



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  • Comment 124589 by
    lagentsecret 12304 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    It's better not having high expectations flying such airlines lol

    It should be painful to be in an airport where nobody's speaking english
  • Comment 124590 by
    KL651 TEAM 4536 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.

    What an exhausting trip this must have been! In such cases, a delay really feels terrible.

    Service wise, russian domestic flights seem pretty good with a full catering.
  • Comment 124594 by
    marathon GOLD 10065 Comments
    Great to be able to check in that early. I hate airports / airlines which make you wait airside until ETD-3h or so.
    Outside DME, the pictures give the impression of being in a city, although DME is really in a forested area.
    SCL-ROV in economy must be indeed exhausting, but you had good private reasons to do it :)
    Great report nevertheless; thanks for sharing !
  • Comment 124646 by
    02022001 GOLD 4363 Comments
    Thanks for this FR ! Great trafic in Domodevo...

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