Review of Cebu Pacific flight Singapore Manila in Economy

Airline Cebu Pacific
Flight 5J806
Class Economy
Seat 37J
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 12 Sep 17, 18:40
Arrival at 12 Sep 17, 22:20
5J 18 reviews
By 2363
Published on 27th September 2017
Hi Guys, im back again to share to you my recent flight back home.

I am proud and ecstatic about this flight as i managed to booked this flight for S$58 only. As like any other LCC, from time to time they offer special deals on flight fares. In this case, its their Piso (1 peso) fare, base fare would be P1 plus taxes, since I'm in Singapore so its S$1. Its been like more that a decade ago since the last time i managed to get this deal from Cebu Pacific. On the time of booking, i was browsing my social media accounts then suddenly i saw a post about their upcoming P1 fare, i waited for few minutes and when the clock strikes at 12 midnight i immediately search for my desired travel dates and pooooppp!!! its S$58 2 way fare. Without any hesitations, i booked this flight in an instant! I even told this deal to my Aunty and i managed to booked her MNL-BKK 2 way flights for S$68.

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As always, i booked a red eye flight which departs Singapore at 130am. few weeks before my flight, i received an email informing that my original flight was cancelled and automatically transferred to the 1030am flight on the same day. i called their customer care hotline and asked to rebook my flight into an earlier departure, which the agent check if there is available slot for me and in less than a minute, I'm leaving Singapore a day earlier. 2 days before my journey, i add 20kg of baggage allowance and pre ordered a meal for S$48.

Singapore Changi Airport

As usual, Changi is the best Airport for me. its efficient, clean, easy to navigate and you will never get bored even you stuck in this airport. I will not get into any dipper about this airport as i know you already know how wonderful this airport is.

I managed to get my boarding pass in no time. I asked the lady agent if i could have a window seat, she gave in with my request plus an emergency seat row. Sometimes a little smile can go a long miles and no harm in asking. I thank her and leave counter and wander around the landslide area. The next thing is i pray that my seat next to me is vacant.

I really love Terminal 2's Flight information display, its classic, i can stare on that board for a longer time watching it flips its updates.
photo img_3140

when in was going inside the transit area, the check in counter is queue is starting to build.
photo img_3141

way to immigration
photo img_3143

As much as possible i always check ic early to wander inside the 3 terminals. These are the transit area. Duty Free, Indoor gardens, Kids corner, Entertainment hall, Food hall and sky train. photos are taken for all 3 terminals of Changi.

There was a heavy influx of passenger at Terminal 1
photo img_3165


Boarding time comes (1810H) and no 5J A330 in sight. After 5 minutes the bird landed and settled at gate E3. As the Plane landed i headed immediately to the boarding gate and expect that there were no queues and maybe im the few last passenger getting in, but i was wrong. They just started to accept passenger to enter the gate. to my surprise the STD was retimed, I did not notice that the FID already stated that there will be an 40 minutes delay for this flight, which for me is acceptable as i am not in a hurry.

Inside the Plane

When the time of boarding they let Senior Citizen, With infant/kids and any required assistance passengers to first board the plane. Then the rest, are all on the same time. However, they tell us that passengers seated from rows 1-14 may used the first door then the rest will be on the second door. i was seated near the airbridge gate so i am one of the first passenger to board the plane.
photo img_3228

my seat for around 3-4 hours…
photo img_3229

View from my seat…
photo img_3230photo img_3257

im seated near to lavatories, if you are the type of passengers that doesn't want to be disturb or easily distracted by noise and movement, this seat is not for you. and it might be compromise your leg room as there is a big protruding part of the emergency exit door that restrict or lessen the space for your leg.

Ground personel are still busy and in rush for the turnover.
photo img_3239

the seat width is a litte bit narrower as the retractable table is stowed on the armrest. backseat pocket literature, in my case its on the side wall.
photo img_3238photo img_3249

After 50 minutes of delay, we already took off and bound for Manila. the Captain's voice heard and apologies for the delay and try to minimized the delay of arrival.

After the seat belt sign was turned off, the cabin crew started to do their task. they prepare their BOB meal carts. I was excited about their new collection of their in flights meals, i love salted egg dishes, from chips, to prawn, crabs and chickens, that is why i preorder a "salted egg glazed chicken" for $11.
photo img_3255

Since, i pre order my meal it comes with a free small bottle of flavored iced tea.
photo img_3250photo img_3253

After my first bite, i tell my self to give another try. After second bite, i told my self maybe ill eat a bigger portion, and on my third attempt, i confirmed that it was tasteless. i am very disappointed about this dish, i do have a high expectation about this dish as 5J recently held an event just to showcase their new in flight dishes. It really blunt, its seems like it just a fried chicken soak in butter/oil, i dont taste any saltines of the salted egg. i should have bought a full sub in subway, with that i can assure that i like what im eating.

After i forced my self to finish the meal, as i dont want to waste and i pay for that anyway. i gave lavatory a visit, this high density 436 seater A330-300 has 8 lavatories. it was decent, it has tissue paper, and quite clean. i like the lights on the side of the mirrors it looks like a vanity mirror.
photo img_3258photo img_3259photo img_3260

After the meal service cabin crew tarted to roll their duty free items for sale. Cebu Pacific is known for their in flight games, and this flight is not exempted. 9 lucky passengers won a small pencil case.

Cabin crew dont mind putting my legs up on the emergency exit door while watching Fun Mom Dinner, which is hillarious. Just in time after the movie, pilots informed us that it will be landing soon and prepare for arrival. and we landed Manila just 20 mins behind schedule.
photo img_3234


After Immigration, it was a busy hours with other airlines arriving a head of us, the queues were long but moving steadily. managed to clear in 20 minutes. still acceptable for me,
photo img_3263

I dont know whether this is NAIA's procedure or Airlines Procedure, that all luggages from 1-2 arrival flights is only using 1 baggage belt. which makes the area crowded and very confusing. all bags from Sinagpore and Hong kong are mixed together in one belt. My bag is on the belt after when i reached there.
photo img_3265photo img_3266

Curbside while waiting for Uber.
photo img_3267

And that is the end of my experience of the half of my $58 plane ride. lol

But wait… There are more!

Bonus : Click here display

photo img_2326

I also want to share with you the new Terminal 4 which will be open starting 31st October as Cathay Pacific and Korean Air as the first airline to utilized the new Termial, followed by Cebu Pacific, Spring airlines, Air Asia group and Vietnam Airlines within 1 week of operations.

Changi Terminal 4 held an open house to public to have a sneak peak of the new terminal last August. And of course i dont want to missed this chance so i register only and went to my preferred schedule.

The main departure curbside, FID, Seating areas

they do have" Auntie and uncle" robots
photo img_2338

Terminal 4 is more on a self service terminal, ideally it will be be seamless and automated procedure from the moment you step in the airport and leave the airport. there are self check-in kiosk andthen self bag drop. There are also a manned check in counter for passengers having problem on checking in and alarm to seek help from the agent.
photo img_2347photo img_2348photo img_2352

more automated immigration is available in this terminal.
photo img_2356photo img_2357

In this terminal, there will be only one security check this is after immigration. after security there is a Immersive Wall, a wide and seamless ultra high definition screens which amazes me, as it brings the color comes to life.
photo img_2366photo img_2368photo img_2369

transit Area, Duty Free, Indoor garden, Heritage facade, sitting area, petal clouds

Unlike the other 3 terminals, terminal 4 has an open gate concept. there are no second security check and holding area. it will be a big hall of waiting area. Departing and arriving passengers are also separated, the outbound is at the higher level and arrivals is 1 floor below.
photo img_2427photo img_2546photo img_2547

Boarding gates at Terminal 4 is a Plane spotter friendly, it is parallel to the center runway, with the help of the big windows you can see planes that take off and lands.
photo img_2559photo img_2589

Arrival hall, Immigration and baggage belt, waiting area and taxi stand

there you have it, a small sneak peak of Changi's new Terminal 4.
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Cebu Pacific

Cabin crew6.0

Singapore - SIN


Manila - MNL



everything seems fine, i can tolerate the change of schedule and few minutes delay, but i cant get over with the "salted egg glazed chicken" it makes me sad when i think of it.

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