Review of LATAM flight Florianópolis Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight JJ3184
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 26 Oct 17, 14:40
Arrival at 26 Oct 17, 15:55
L2   #69 out of 129 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 91 reviews
Published on 19th March 2018
Déjà vu? Yes. I am reposting my report, which vanished yesterday when flight-report.com's server suddenly decided to retire and die. :(


Once upon a time (in the 1850s, to be more exact) some German wives complained to their husbands: "The veather is cold in the north of Europe. Global varming is still decades ahead. There's no reason for you to drink so much Bier!"

"Ach!" the men replied. "Kein Problem!" And they moved to Brazil!

Here they settled in the valley of river Itajaí, where the heat can be suffocating in summer. The perfect excuse for perpetuating their ethylic traditions!

They also founded some important settlements like Brusque and Blumenau, which grew into important cities. In the 1920s a beach near the town of Camboriú became a popular destination among people from those cities. The few houses along the beach became a new town, and this new town kept growing until it eventually split from the original Camboriú in 1964, becoming a municipality in its own right: Balneário Camboriú. Balneário is Portuguese for resort.

Brand-new municipality Balneário Camboriú in the 1960s
photo historia-1

Fast forward to October 2017, and we find nechus munching through a glorious coxinha under the shade of the trees lining Avenida Atlántica.

Allow me to share with you some of the sights I enjoyed while in there, in the following…


Balneário Camboriú has grown into an impressive metropolis. Only about 120.000 people live here, but thanks to its hotel infrastructure it can host more than a million visitors!

photo img_3288

You can get amazing sights of the city from the top of the Morro da Aguada, the jungle-covered hill at the southern tip of the city (aka Barra Sul). To get to the top, you board the bondinho, a cable car. (nh = French gn)

photo img_3222

This hill hosts the not less impressive Unipraias Park, which is a full-blown tourist atraction with fun rides such as a zip-line…

photo img_3262

…and a sledge that speeds downhill across the forest. Here, yours truly is in charge of the accelerator, much to my colleague Nancy's mortification. She's our school's Chemistry teacher. :D

photo img_20171023_151833c

Also, in the park's educational paths you learn about the breathtaking mata atlántica.

photo dsc01152

The bondinho has three stations. The one you see down there is Barra Sul.

photo img_3230

The view as you climb the hill is superb. There's Avenida Atlántica, the boulevard that runs all along the seafront.

photo img_3243

The second station, Mata Atlántica, is on the top of the hill and is the entrance to Unipraias park.

The third station is on the other side of the hill, on Laranjeiras beach.

Laranjeiras beach

photo img_3260
photo img_3271

Walking along the park's paths you come to this observation deck with a view of the city, including the tiny, uninhabited Ilha das Cabras (Goats Island) in the middle of the bay.

photo img_20171023_123154b

Before coming to Brazil with this group of students I negotiated a whole day that I could spend on my own. This day I visited the other end of the city, called Barra Norte.

photo img_3299

The north end of Balneário Camboriú is less frequented by tourists, but not less beautiful. There is a wooden path that stretches along the shore, tightly tucked between the forest and the sea. It starts here, under this huge tree. Look! What's growing on its branches?

photo img_3301


photo img_3303
photo img_3307
photo img_3306
photo img_3309
photo img_3311
photo img_3429

Every few meters there are benches and stairs leading to some small rocky beaches where you can seat and get soaked in the peace and quiet of the place.

photo img_3319

On the way I found some joggers and couples with their babies.

photo img_3323

What about going a little off the beaten path, literally? I’d love to see what’s deep in the forest. Let’s climb up there.

photo img_3330


photo img_3334

Look! Those ants carry little pieces of leaves to their nests. They use them to grow fungi, which they then use as food. I hope they won’t eat me. I’ve been told I’m a “fun-guy”. XDDD

photo img_3343

It’s really lonely around here. I hope I won’t meet the Brazilian equivalent of Jack the Ripper or something worse!

photo img_3344

Hi, teeny-weeny friend. You won’t transmit any mortal disease to me, will ya?

photo img_3348b

I’m in ecstasy as I discover leaves in new shapes and shades of green…

photo img_3405

…at every step!

photo img_3408

Back on the path.

I have been to places as distant from each other as New Zealand and Spain, but Balneário Camboriú has a particularly nice effect on my mood. The weather is so benign, the city streets are so calm and enjoyable in spite of the skyscrapers, and the nature around it is so amazingly beautiful! I could live here!

photo img_3375

A little farther down the path I see a group of older people staring down at a rock in silence. I whisper “O que acontece?” I have no idea if that’s good Portuguese, but I want to know what happens. It seems that I got it right, because a man points at a huge lizard resting at the foot of the rock.

photo img_3378

Isn’t it beautiful?

photo img_3382

I love its skin!

photo img_3384b

Some meters beyond, the path comes to an end…

photo img_3386

… at the Praia do Buraco…

photo img_3389

…where some local daredevils make good use…

photo img_3390

…of the soft breeze.

photo img_3391

To finish with, here's some evidence supporting my introductory story. As I said, the Germans settled in the valley of river Itajaí and founded cities like Blumenau…

photo img_3008

…where they keep their traditions alive, such as beer brewing. We visited Blumenau precisely on the last day of the local Oktoberfest, aka Bierfest.

photo img_3058

It's held at the Vila Germánica…

photo img_3057

…built in the likeness of a German town.

photo img_3065

It's said to be the largest celebration of this kind in America.

photo img_3073
photo img_3074
photo img_20171022_113314

Eisenbahn happens to be the most important brewery in Blumenau…

photo img_20171022_113511b

…and, as you can read inside the "locomotive", it boasts about being "born in the Brazilian capital of beer and Oktoberfest."

photo img_20171022_113511

And because all good things have to come to an end, it's time to head to…


A small bus picks us up at our hotel for a 60-minute ride to Florianópolis.

As a Chilean national, in constant, instinctive search for the triangle of life, I can’t help cringing at the sight of these needle-like apartment buildings that look so vulnerable, for my standards.

photo img_3439

Bricks! How can you build such a skyscraper with bricks! People tell me “But we don’t have earthquakes in Brazil.” They’re soooo wrong. They have not had one for hundreds or thousands of years, but our planet is not an inert rock. I’m terrified at what will happen here the day the earth shakes a little!

photo img_3440

Lots of traffic on route 101, aka Rodovía Gov. Mário Covas, which runs all along the coast of Santa Catarina state.

photo img_3443

I love Brazil, but I must mention that Brazilians drive like mad men. Especially motorbike riders! And the roads don’t help. So always be careful, and never take a green light for granted. I’m telling you from my own experience!

photo img_3444

Of course, those cows couldn't care less.

photo img_3448
photo img_3452

I’m amused by this sign in front of me. Preferential seat for… obese people! In a country so politically correct (read “hypocrite”) like Chile, where a disabled person must be called “a person with different abilities”, calling someone “obese”, and doing it in writing, in the public transport, and with a graphic depiction of their obese anatomy would be unthinkable!! I feel at home in Brazil! XD

photo img_20171026_105711

First sight of Florianópolis from the highway.

photo img_3454
photo img_3456
photo img_3459

Havan is a chain of department stores. Why settle for a distinctive corporate logo when you can have the whole Statue of Liberty at your door?!

photo img_3472

We go across Hercílio Luz bridge, which connects Santa Catarina island - where Florianópolis is located - to the continent.

photo img_3474

Most of the city lies north of the bridge.

photo img_3478

South of it are some lower-income neighborhoods and the airport…

photo img_3477

…which turns the trip to FLN into an unusual experience if you are used to arriving at airports via modern highways, with lots of lights and fanfare.

photo img_3479

That’s not the case with FLN. The bus makes its way along some humble streets of shops, restaurants, and speed bumps…

photo img_3480

…waiting patiently every time the public transport stops to pick or drop passengers. A little sign is the only evidence that there’s an airport nearby. You turn left at that corner…

photo img_3481

…and surprise! FLN comes suddenly in sight, almost out of thin air.

photo img_3483
photo img_3484
photo img_3485

The entrada (access) to the parking lot comes first. That capital E is not for entrada, though, but for estacionamento, only one letter shorter than my Spanish estacionamiento.

photo img_3486

If you think that the access to the terminal…

photo img_3487

…does not look very inviting…

photo img_3488

…I have to say that I agree.

photo img_3489

At the time of this trip, in October 2017, the concession holder was the Brazilian Infraero…

photo img_3490

…but earlier that year a new company had won the concession: the Swiss Flughafen Zürich.

photo img_3492

They took over only last January, and will be in charge of building a much needed new terminal…

photo img_3493

…which will surely have a much more attractive front, not those bathroom tiles on the wall. God!

photo img_3494

Luckily for us, the airport signage is in Portuguese, English and Spanish. This way I can rest assured that embarque (boarding) means embarque…

photo img_3496

…and entrada (entrance) means entrada. Phew!

photo img_3497

The first thing that draws my attention as I step inside is the intense movement and the number of shops.

photo img_20171026_114243

To my left, the arrivals area is over there, at the bottom, behind those escalators.

photo img_20171026_114238

To my right, the check-in counters are at the other end. I have to follow the group that way.

photo img_20171026_114250

Gol and Avianca seem to have the strongest presence here.

photo img_20171026_114314
photo img_20171026_114318
photo img_20171026_114401
photo img_20171026_114328
photo img_20171026_114412

While LATAM is at the bottom. A female staff is helping the parent in charge to get the boarding passes for everyone. That will take some time. My opportunity to go for a tour around the hall with the excuse of visiting the restrooms!

photo img_20171026_114514

Back in the middle of the hall…

photo img_20171026_115314

…some quick snapshots.

photo img_20171026_115320

Too bad I won’t have the time to climb upstairs. :(

photo img_20171026_115325

Snacks and balloons outside the restrooms.

photo img_20171026_115633

Restrooms perfectly OK, though the previous user didn’t flush the toilet. >:(

photo img_20171026_115537
photo img_20171026_115544
photo img_20171026_115551

Coming out of the restroom, arrivals is on my left…

photo img_20171026_115342
photo img_20171026_115643

Let's go back to the counters. I still have to check my baggage in.

photo img_20171026_115701_1

Twelve kilos!! It was six on the way in! That is six kilograms of souvenirs and Brazilian coffee!

photo img_20171026_121239

We are given both our passes for the flight to São Paulo…

photo img_20171026_121450

…and to Santiago. I wonder if this will make sense this time. It was the same on the way in, but the pass for the second leg was reissued at GRU when we had to re-check our baggage.

photo img_20171026_121507

Thank goodness I came up with that trip to the bathroom! We head straight to security check afterwards. Well, no doubt the kids will be much safer airside.

photo img_20171026_122133

But we still have more than two hours to wait. :(

photo img_20171026_122148

Airside is divided into two areas. To the right, a coffee shop, Tammy and her hat…

photo img_20171026_122750

…some tables, another security checkpoint…

photo img_20171026_122810

…and a bookstore. Nancy is there. She survived the sledge. XD

photo img_20171026_122804

I'm not wasting the opportinity to eat my last coxinha, :'''( and try a pão de queijo (cheese bread)

photo img_20171026_123517

O, coxinha… If I could write an ode to you…

photo img_20171026_123521

This pão de queijo has nothing to do with the pieces of sh*t I bought at SCL's Dunkin' Donuts last year, which were nothing but (very) salty balls of flour. This one is moist and tasty. Wonderful!

photo img_20171026_123524

To the other side is the waiting room and the gates. Between both areas is this vending machine that sells souvenirs (lembranza = souvenir. Hence “lembox”)…

photo img_20171026_122759

…and this one for pop corn.

photo img_20171026_123728

The only shop on that side is this souvenir shop.

photo img_20171026_123752_1

The gates open directly into the apron. No jetways. The door on the left leads to…

photo img_20171026_123739

…another waiting room.

photo img_20171026_123827_1

I apologize for the bad quality of this photograph. It’s the only one I took of the whole of the waiting room.

photo img_20171026_123839

And that would be pretty much all there’s to see. It can get really cramped at times, with the queues extending all along the waiting room and the coffee shop and the bookstore.

photo img_20171026_123858

These are becoming commonplace in all the airports I have visited.

photo img_20171026_124538

JP shows us the need for some seats around the power ports.

photo img_20171026_124705
photo img_20171026_124715

I had some trouble understanding my own language. For me, espalda is the back of a person, and tomada… well, I'd say enchufe instead.

photo img_20171026_124736

I hope they really recycle the waste in Brazil. They also have color coded trash bins at SCL, but I'm pretty sure they put all the trash in a single bag later.

photo img_20171026_124750

At the bottom of the room, a publishing company. I suppose they offer subscriptions.

photo img_20171026_124801

Passengers for the next flight are starting to pour into the room. Let’s flee to the other waiting room…

photo img_20171026_124825

…which is empty!

photo img_20171026_124927

Behind that glass door is baggage claim.

photo img_20171026_124930

Is it that hard to put your soda can in the trash?!

photo img_20171026_125805

We (me, another teacher and a parent) had this side of the room for us alone for the two hours that we had to wait.

photo img_20171026_130738

A visibly marked space for the disabled. The problem is that it’s surrounded by seats. Wouldn’t it be better located next to the door? Just an idea.

photo img_20171026_130747

Next to these power ports are some informative flyers.

photo img_20171026_130937

Too bad that some people are using the space as trash bins. Gosh!

photo img_20171026_130858

But the information is still worth sharing. Babies should sleep on their backs. It’s much safer.

photo img_20171026_130810

This reduces the rate of sudden deaths over 70%.
Also, babies should be exclusively breast fed up to 6 months of age.
Your house should be free of tobacco smoke, especially during pregnancy.
Don't wrap your baby in too many clothes.
Keep the cradle free of soft objects like cushions, pillows. or soft toys.

photo img_20171026_130833

I'm reading this when my cellphone dings. It's a message from TripCase. Our flight from São Paulo to Santiago later this evening has been put off. No big deal, but that means that we'll leave GRU when it's dark. There go the aerials for my next report. :(

photo tripcase

For those with special needs… and an adventurous spirit!

photo img_20171026_131006

LATAM’s and Gol’s hand luggage allowance look similar.

photo img_20171026_131040

By the time I’m writing this report…

photo img_20171026_132138

…Infraero’s logo must have been removed…

photo img_20171026_132129

…now that Flughafen Zürich has taken over. There's movement outside!

photo img_20171026_132146

It's PR-AUP…

photo img_3509

…in a special livery that you'll see later.

photo img_3511

Avianca is also there.

photo img_3498
photo img_3501
photo img_3507
photo img_3513

Then comes this Gol.

photo img_3514

Gol is a Brazilian LCC. It also covers SCL…

photo img_3515

…and serves the SCL > FLN route during the summer season.

photo img_3516

Florianópolis has become a popular summer destination among Chilean vacationers (just like many other places in Brazil)…

photo img_3517

…because it's closer to us than the Caribbean.

photo img_3518

PR-AUP is a two-year-old Embraer 195.

photo img_3519

Remember that we are at Embraer's home. The Brazilian presidential plane for short trips is an Embraer, of course.

photo img_3520

Each color represents a different Brazilian state. Santa Catarina, where we are now, is the small blue rectangle right above the big red one at the bottom.

photo img_3521

Celebrating 1200 jets produced by Embraer. The word jato reminds me of well-known operation Lava Jato (Car Wash) Ever heard about it? Nobody expected a simple investigation on money laundering would end up with criminal charges formulated against an unbelievable number of politicians and business people, including two former presidents! I wonder how many Lava Jatos would be needed to put an end to corruption worldwide. Wishful thinking.

photo img_3522

There goes this jato…

photo img_3526

…in its beautiful blue livery. Azul is Portuguese and Spanish for blue.

photo img_3527
photo img_3529

LATAM staff have already gathered in expectation of our flight.

photo img_3530

In the meantime…

photo img_3531

…Gol is also pushed back…

photo img_3532

…and leaves. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch it take off…

photo img_3534

…for here comes flight JJ3184.

photo img_3535
photo img_3536

Thrust reversers deployed.

photo img_3537

PR-MHB must have accumulated…

photo img_3539

…considerable mileage…

photo img_3540

…in its 16 years of life.

photo img_3542

Everybody runs to queue up for boarding…

photo img_3546

…but I stay here until…

photo img_3547

…it comes to a stop.

photo img_3548

The problem is that I can't find my group now. Where have they gone? Well, they can't be far.

photo img_20171026_143153


Gol passengers still board according to row numbers…

photo img_3550

…but even in this small airport LATAM has their passengers board in a single line…

photo img_3551

…which sends them queuing all over the premises…

photo img_20171026_144349

…even around the cafeteria…

photo img_20171026_144353

…appearing on the other side of the waiting room…

photo img_20171026_144654

…which creates a lot of confusion between the Gol and LATAM passengers and between LATAM passengers themselves, because they eventually split into two lines competing to board first. What a mess!

photo img_20171026_144700

I'm not sure if the staff was telling us what dooor we had to board through…

photo img_3553

…but something tells me that row 29 means "rear door".

photo img_3554
photo img_3555

Just “Florianópolis"? The complete name is Hercílio Luz International Airport. In fact, the name Hercílio Luz is ubiquitous in Florianópolis. He was Santa Catarina’s governor for three different periods…

photo img_3559

…and changed the name of the city to Florianópolis, which at least sounds better than its old name: Desterro (exile) (!)

photo img_3562

Anyways, the inhabitants of Florianópolis call their city “Floripa” for short, and this is the new name of the airport under the new concession’s holder: Floripa Airport.

photo img_3556

Born in 1961, the airline’s name used to mean Transportes Aéreos Marília.

photo img_20171026_145348_1

before it merged with LAN, its meaning was Transportes Aéreos Meridionáis.

photo img_20171026_145400
photo img_20171026_145405

I look for row 29 and realize that it’s the last row! The seat won’t recline. What’s more, somebody is sitting in my seat… again! The same as on my previous flight, a couple wants to seat together, so they took my seat and left me the aisle seat.

photo img_20171026_145423

But this is the when the magic happens: I finally get smart and tell them that they can travel together, but I will use the window seat. And they agree! So he sits in the aisle seat and leaves me the window. Woo hoo! The view from my new seat.

photo img_3563

So this woolen cloth is the standard for LATAM Brazil. I hate it.

photo img_20171026_145746

This kind of cloth should be forbidden in any kind of public transport. Each of these seats must have an ecosystem of its own!

photo img_20171026_152040

Don't tell me you can't see the mites! XD

photo img_20171026_152040b

Interesting choice of color for this holder.

photo img_20171026_145754

The seat pitch looks a little better than on my previous trip.

photo img_20171026_145803

At least I can see my knees. It might be in compensation for the impossibility to recline my the seats in this row?

photo img_20171026_150413

Tray table…

photo img_20171026_145826

…and pocket contents.

photo img_20171026_150016

LATAM Travel is promoting a new horror movie: Férias Com Crianças (Holidays With Children)

photo img_20171026_150048
photo img_20171026_150108

Safety card.

photo img_20171026_150143
photo img_20171026_150206
photo img_20171026_150218

Brazil’s “River of January” (Rio de Janeiro) is promoted as this summer’s destination.

photo img_20171026_150249
photo img_20171026_150330

Please, let it be plastiline, not chewing gum.

photo img_20171026_153838

This panel looks a bit outdated, doesn’t it?

photo img_20171026_150444

Advertising plays on the monitors.

photo img_20171026_150554

Male and female crew today.

photo img_20171026_152208

Fasten your seat belts while skiing.

photo img_3566

Meanwhile, we taxi to FLN’s only runway.

photo img_3568

The flight

Some technical information about this flight.

photo route fln gru

I apologize for the less than satisfactory quality…

photo img_3569

…of some of today’s aerials.

photo img_3571

My window was in the most pitiable condition…

photo img_3572

…and it took hours and hours of Photoshopping to make them barely acceptable.

photo img_3573

On your marks, ready, set…

photo img_3574

…good bye, Florianópolis. :'''(

photo img_3575


photo img_3576

…is a 41-year-old B727!

photo img_3578

Quite a long race along the runway.

photo img_3580
photo img_3581
photo img_3582
photo img_3583
photo img_3584

We climb above…

photo img_3585

…the Carianos neighborhood…

photo img_3586

…which surrounds the airport…

photo img_3587

…and fly towards the east…

photo img_3588

…reaching the coast…

photo img_3589
photo img_3590
photo img_3592
photo img_3594

…over Praia do Campeche…

photo img_3595

…and turn left above Ilha do Campeche.

photo img_3596
photo img_3597
photo img_3598

We continue our way towards the north…

photo img_3599

…with a fantastic view of the coast of Santa Catarina island.

photo img_3600

FLN upper right.

photo img_3602
photo img_3603

We’ll soon be flying above the north of Florianópolis.

photo img_3604

Here we are.

photo img_3605
photo img_3606

Upper left, Hercílio Luz bridge, which we crossed this morning.

photo img_3607
photo img_3608
photo img_3609
photo img_3611

On the north shore of Santa Catarina island, almost in the center of this picture, is the super-ultra exclusive neighborhood of Jureré Internacional, a concentration of mansions and luxurious houses. According to Wikipedia, three of the 10 most expensive mansions in Brazil are located there. They are so rich, that even their under eye bags are Louis Vuitton! (Badum - tss)

photo img_3612

And this is Canasvieiras. Not as chic as its neighbor Jureré.

photo img_3615
photo img_3619

And this is Canasvieiras. Not as chic as its neighbor Jureré.

photo img_3615
photo img_3619

North of the island of Santa Catarina is Governador Celso Ramos…

photo img_3614

…and the this peninsula called Porto Belo. Can you see a little island just behind the peninsula? That's Porto Belo island.

photo img_3622

I visited Porto Belo island in 2013…

photo dsc01226b

…and went for a wonderful walk through the forest with another teacher and a guide.

photo dsc01253bc

We followed a trail all the way…

photo dsc01258b

…to the top of the island. This is the view from there.

photo dsc01286

The town of Bombinhas has an inner beach and an outer beach.

photo img_3624

Lower right, Ilha das Galés.

photo img_3626
photo img_3628

Then… whooooa! That looks like a place I have been to!

photo img_3629

It's Balneário Camboriú!

photo img_3631

I apologize for the low quality of the photo. We are far above the ocean. In fact, my camera has behaved very well today, in spite of the distance and the haze. In the foreground, the Morro da Aguada and Laranjeiras beach at its foot.

photo img_3633

Farther north is river Itajaí and the city of Navegantes.

photo img_3632

I was really lucky. Only a couple of minutes later…

photo img_3634

…we are engulfed by the low clouds…

photo img_3635

…and I can't see a thing until we are descending into São Paulo. This photo gives you an idea of the miserable condition of my window.

photo img_3636

It time to try Mercado LATAM, LATAM's BOB service. On my previous flight I had just eaten lunch, so the was no space for a snack. Let's see what they offer.

photo img_20171026_150235

Oh! Guava buiscuits! Guava is one of my favorite fruits. Aaaand… the FA says they have run out of guava buiscuits. :(

photo img_20171026_153744

She's very kind and goes to the galley in order to find something else that I may like. She comes back with some offerings, but no. "Obrigado. Não tenho fome. Eu gosto de goiaba," I can only say with a sad face. :'''(

photo img_20171026_153114

São Paulo from the air

Some minutes later we can see the coast again…

photo img_3637

…and we reach the continent somewhere above the city of Praia Grande (Large Beach)…

photo img_3638

…a beach that really honors its name! Beyond the city I can see an enormous lake…

photo img_3640

…that stretches across an enormous extension, like an octopus stretching its tentacles. It's the Billings reservoir.

photo img_3641

Under our feet is São Vicente, which happens to be the first permanent Portuguese settlement in the Americas. It's on São Vicente island.

photo img_3646

São Vicente is connected to Praia Grande by a suspension bridge built in 1914.

photo img_3649

The hills in the middle of the island separate São Vicente from the city of Santos.

photo img_3650

Porto Alemoa.

photo img_3651
photo img_3652

Downtown São Vicente.

photo img_3654

A bit farther inland is Cubatao, with its oil refinery.

photo img_3655

Billings reservoir covers an area of 127 square km.

photo img_3656
photo img_3657

It's located directly south of São Paulo…

photo img_3659

…and is criss-crossed by countless roads and bridges.

photo img_3660
photo img_3661

And now comes the real, big, big monster. This is only the south tip of São Paulo.

photo img_3662

This is a city…

photo img_3665

…of insane dimensions.

photo img_3666
photo img_3667
photo img_3668


photo img_3669
photo img_3671

We fly and fly and I can't see and end…

photo img_3672

…to the urban jungle.

photo img_3673

According to this information taken from Wikipedia, São Paulo ranks second after Tokyo in terms of population of its urban area, with almost 37 million! My country's population is 17 million. Nossa!

photo largest cities

No wonder half the time of this flight…

photo img_3674

…is spent above this mass…

photo img_3675

…that from the sky looks like mold…

photo img_3676

…covering the country.

photo img_3678

At long last…

photo img_3679

…I can see the familiar green shape of Tieté river reserve…

photo img_3680

…and the Ayrton Senna highway, which are…

photo img_3681

…directly south of Guarulhos…

photo img_3684

…that is, the northern suburb of São Paulo, where the airport is located.

photo img_3685

However, we are put in the hold…

photo img_3686

…and go for a bonus tour with nice views of the country around São Paulo…

photo img_3687

…such as this one of a dam called…

photo img_3688

…Nazaré Paulista, just like the town on its left.

photo img_3689

It's traversed by Rodovía Dom Pedro I.

photo img_3692

photo img_3693

Banking to the right again…

photo img_3695

…I catch sight of Jaguarí dam…

photo img_3696

…and the town of Igaratá (left)…

photo img_3697

…and a myriad…

photo img_3698

…of other…

photo img_3699

…little places…

photo img_3700

…that I am unable…

photo img_3701

…to locate on a map.

photo img_3702

The only thing I know…

photo img_3703

…is that we are…

photo img_3704

…starting to descend…

photo img_3705

…which means that…

photo img_3706

…we we'll be landing…

photo img_3707

…very soon.

photo img_3708

The only surprise comes…

photo img_3710

…only as I'm writing these lines…

photo img_3711

…because I didn't realize until now…

photo img_3712

…that we are landing from east to west.

photo img_3714

This explains why it took me ages to locate Mario Covas highway on the map.

photo img_3715

We fly parallel to Rodovía…

photo img_3716

…Presidente Dutra…

photo img_3717

…and several…

photo img_3718


photo img_3719


photo img_3720
photo img_3721

…before we…

photo img_3724

…touch down…

photo img_3727
photo img_3728
photo img_3729

Gee. Never saw so many of these together.

photo img_3730

Taxiing is…

photo img_3731

…relatively short.

photo img_3732

GRU has only two…

photo img_3733

…parallel runways…

photo img_3734

…though it has…

photo img_3735

…three huge…

photo img_3736

…terminal buildings.

photo img_3737

An interesting green livery over there.

photo img_3740

Hm! "Sideral". Some googling reveals that PR-IOC, a B727, was born in 1982. Its first owner was US Air, and that this green livery corresponds to now defunct Rio Linhas Aéreas. Only the word Rio was deleted.

photo img_3742

Arriving at terminal 2…

photo img_3743

…which serves mostly the domestic flights.

photo img_3745

Guarulhos is the most important South American hub, in case you didn’t know. BTW, Etihad will soon start flying to SCL from Dubai with a stopover here.

photo img_3746

Pulling into our gate.

photo img_3748

Disembarking takes a very long time, and being at the very rear…

photo img_3749

…I have all the time in the world…

photo img_3750

…to watch out my window…

photo img_3751

…while the next flight is being prepared…

photo img_3752

…including the cleaning staff, who start sweeping the aisle right next to my feet while I’m waiting for my turn to get off!

photo img_3753

View of my seat. Quick, lest I am put in a trash bag!

photo img_20171026_161945

At last.

photo img_20171026_162049

The cabin behind me.

photo img_20171026_162053

No signs of my group.

photo img_20171026_162132

PR-MHB at the gate.

photo img_20171026_162143

Where the heck…

photo img_20171026_162211

…has everyone gone?!

photo img_20171026_162224

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time I get lost from the group. Let’s keep taking photos. Avianca’s old and new livery.

photo img_3755

Elderly PR-IOC. Poor 41-year-old thing. How many human years equal an aircraft year? XD

photo img_3756

Yep. Definitely, they wanted to get rid of me. I can’t see the kids or the parents anywhere.

photo img_20171026_162245_1

At baggage claim, perhaps?

photo img_20171026_162755

Found them.

photo img_20171026_162918

And here we are again, this time waiting for our flight back home.

photo img_20171026_162933_1

That door looks so inviting. How about getting lost in the humongous city we saw from the air? Brrrr… I could never find my way back.

photo img_20171026_163042

Thanks for reading! :D
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Cabin crew10.0

Florianópolis - FLN


Sao Paulo - GRU



Impressive amount of shops and services in a small space. Cramped waiting room. recently taken over by new concession's holder Flughafen Zürich. We should see big improvements soon.

Big, well kept main hub. A bit labyrinthine, though. Read signage carefully.

Bitching about me using screenshots in my reports, and now you don't have guava biscuits?! You have a serious PR problem, LATAM!! >:(



  • Comment 437520 by
    marathon GOLD 9323 Comments

    Superb pre-flight bonus
    "I hope I won’t meet the Brazilian equivalent of Jack the Ripper"
    - Jack the Ripper murdered women only. No risk for you ;)

    Obesity being part of priority criteria is something new to me.

    I have yet to see somebody USING one of these massaging armchairs in airports. Maybe they are just being discarded there.

    "Its PR-AUP"
    - I was wondering when I would see a plane in this report ;) Nice shots, though !

    "The Brazilian presidential plane for short trips is an Embraer"
    - Flying national limits your autonomy. I wonder if the Swiss presidential plane is a Pilatus ?

    There is nothing like boarding from the tarmac on a sunny day :)

    Haha, what a great trick for obtaining that prized window seat !

    "Insane dimensions"
    - Quite an appropriate adjective; the number of high rises is insane too

    "Little places that I am unable to locate on a map"
    - I did not expect this could be possible ;)

    Thanks for sharing this short report ^^ !

    • Comment 437620 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      I was wondering when I would see a plane in this report ;)

      Don't say I didn't warn you! In the cover picture!! :D

      what a great trick for obtaining that prized window seat !

      Yes, I put him in a predicament. It was the window or his gf. A relationship could've ended right there, right then! :D

      Thanks a lot for your comment!!

  • Comment 437543 by
    jetsetpanda 2296 Comments

    Hola Nelson!

    Thanks for this beautiful FR and the bonus on FLN. Brazil is indeed a huge country and there are so many places to discover. Your walk to Barra Norte looks so relaxing and the shots of nature are amazing.

    If there was a survey to nominate the best contributors to FR, I would certainly vote for you as one of my favorites. ;)

    Too bad that the FLN airport is ugly as sin. Hopefully with the new management things will improve.

    Gracias por compartir este ameno FR.

    • Comment 437622 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      I would certainly vote for you as one of my favorites. ;)

      Thank you! My first vote! :D

      Too bad that the FLN airport is ugly as sin.

      Yes. Oscar Niemeyer must be crying in his grave!!

      Thanks a lot for your comment, Adan! :D

  • Comment 437753 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4740 Comments

    Déjà vu indeed! I got to read it pre-crash, during, and post-crash :-P

    Loving all the tropical warmth in the bonus pics...especially since it will snow 8-12" here in DC over the next 2 days...yes, the first day of spring with a snow storm! Yay

    Yikes, FLN airport looks like a claustrophobic mess. I know those cabin interiors are somewhat new, but they already look drab and sad. I mean...who thinks of grey wool when they think of Brazil!? Weird color palette...in J, I get it, but in Y, it just looks sad.

    What's not sad are the great aerials! I'm almost expecting to see snowcapped mountains, but wrong country ^^ Sao Paulo is overwhelmingly huge when seen from the air.

    Looks like the TAM side of LATAM is not painting planes into the new livery as the LAN side. Is there any truth to that, or is that just he impression I get?

    Obrigado and Gracias :-)

    • Comment 437878 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      FLN airport looks like a claustrophobic mess

      Yes. It's in urgent need for expansion and renovation. However, believe or or not, I'd prefer a long layover at FLN than at AEP. At least FLN has a great view on the apron, which keeps you distracted, and is visited by more than two airlines. Also, there are more shops in its waiting room than in AEP's.

      who thinks of grey wool when they think of Brazil!?

      Couldn't agree more! Especially considering that the 787 that brought us to Brazil had green, blue and red seats! Quite a difference. They could definitely liven up their cabins a little.

      Looks like the TAM side of LATAM is not painting planes into the new livery as the LAN side

      I have the same impression. Could this be a sign that latam are rethinking their livery?

      Thanks for commenting, Kevin! BTW, I was very lucky, and it was not necessary for me to upload the pictures again! :D

  • Comment 438244 by
    loukas SILVER 287 Comments

    Hi Nechus, thanks for a great report with incredible bonus pics. It looks you had a very nice time in Brasil. I love your aerials! Sao Paulo looks totally overwhelming, I can't imagine living in this city. When I was at school we used to learn that the biggest city in the world is Mexico City with - what seemed incerdible then - population of 20 milion and here the number is almost double! Anyway I prefer Warsaw with 2 milion inhabitants, anything more than that is simply tiring. Oh, I almost forgot - the German style city looks so funny. Looking forward to your next reports! Once again thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 438248 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Thanks Loukas!

      Yes. I agree with you. I also prefer cities "at a human scale", where you can go anywhere on foot or riding your bike. In fact, every time I MUST visit Santiago I get a headache. So many people, so much noise and smog.

      the German style city looks so funny.

      Yes! The mere idea of "tropical Germans" is funny to me!

      Take care! :D

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