Review of Asiana Airlines flight Seoul San Francisco in Economy

Airline Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ212
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 10:15
Take-off 07 Sep 17, 16:40
Arrival at 08 Sep 17, 10:55
OZ   #39 out of 115 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 96 reviews
Published on 17th October 2017
Welcome back to my latest trip report.
This is the No.4 leg of my flight report, Asiana airlines, ICN to SFO flight. This is the first experience of A350 for me, so I was excited about it.


This series would cover recent vacation in the USA, and 8 airlines and 5 countries all the way to the USA.

No.1 AirAsia X A330-300 Sapporo(Japan) – Kuala lumper (Malaysia)
No.2 AirAsia A320 Kuala lumper (Malaysia) – Shenzhen(China)
No.3 Asiana Airlines A330-300 Hong Kong(Hong Kong) -- Incheon(Korea)
No.4 Asiana Airlines A350 Incheon (Korea) – San Francisco (USA) ← You are here.
No.5 Delta Airlines B717 San Fransico – Seattle
No.6 Alaska Airlines B737-700 Portland – Oakland
No.7 Boutique Air PC12 Oakland –Merced
No.8 Boutique Air PC12 Merced – Los Angels
No.9 Asiana Airlines A380 Los Angles – Incheon
No.10 Asiana Airlines B747-400 Incheon – Hong Kong
No.11 Hong Kong Express A321 Hong Kong – Narita(Japan)
No.12 Spring Japan B737-800 Narita(Japan) – Sapporo(Japan)


After spending a night in Seoul, I headed toward Incheon Airport by the train, which connects Seoul station to the airport about an hour.
I headed to Airside directly, because I already proceeded check-in at Hong Kong airport, and no checked baggage.
photo p1010180
Final call
photo p1010201
A350's face view
photo p1010209
At the end of the Airbridge, the newspaper was available. Two cabin crew welcomed me and checked my boarding pass.
photo p1010221
The first impression of the cabin was simple and conservative, compared with B787, which has a sophisticated cabin design.As well, it was still clean and brand-new.
photo p1010242

The window was bigger than usual Airbus fleets, it would be a great improvement.
Most interesting A350 cabin design is an electric seat belt sign, which looks quite cool and modern.
photo p1010245
Seat pitch was huge. And Seat design was well considered and comfortable.
During boarding, Cabin crew distributed a slipper and a US customer form.
photo p1010454 -
At 16:50, We took off. I felt their engine noise level was quieter than B787 during a max thrust. However, I could not feel a difference during a cruising.Both are pretty quieter than other aircrafts.
photo p1010274 -
A winglet was cool.
photo p1010282 -
IFE was big and intuitive. There were many English and Korean movies, music.
At the same time, a Phone call to the ground and other seats were available.(Maybe free)
photo p1010291 -
Seat to seat call
photo p1010290 -
A350 is the only aircraft, which is equipped with Wi-Fi in Asiana fleets.
I hour $11.95,1day 21.95.It's not so expensive.

First meal service was started when we flew over Japan. Cabin crew said, "We had a chicken and Korean meal". I had a Korean meal.
photo p1010299

Korean meal was served with vegetables, which were not salad.I put meat and rice on the vegetables and roll them in.
It was delicious, however, it was little difficult to eat on the aircraft.
photo p1010322
After the meal, Cabin light was turned off. I realized the electric sign was bright enough to disturb my sleep.
photo p1010344
When We flew near Alaska, A chicken burrito was distributed as a snack, it was a heavy snack in a midnight.
However, It tasted good.
photo p1010354
I watched some movies entire this flight. I found the cabin crew distributed drinks every 2 hours, so I didn't feel thirsty.

It's getting brighter.
photo p1010358
Second meal service started an hour ahead of the landing.We had two choices, an omelet, and a rice porridge. I chose an omelet.
It was "meh" compared to dinner. However, It was still delicious and high quality.
photo p1010362
Before the landing, Unicef video was broadcasted, followed by collecting money by the cabin crew.
photo p1010386
Beautiful weather and a winglet.
photo p1010383
We are descending
photo p1010396
On the final approach, We approached with an Airbus sister, American A321.
photo p1010415

At 10:40 am, We safely touched down.Then, quick taxiing to the gate, We stopped next to the B777 of Korean AIr.
photo p1010442

I walked down to the immigration and waited for 20 minutes.
photo p1010460 -

My next flight was 4 pm, so I decided to take a 292 bus and move to Bayfront Park for a spotting.

Thank you for reading. Next report would be Delta B717 flight.See you soon.
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I got on 292 bus from the Airport ground floor.It took 6 minutes.
photo p1010475 -
San Francisco local bus
photo p1010476 -
United B757
photo p1010529
Jetblue A321
photo p1010555
United B747.She retired on Nov.7 2017.
photo p1010622
Asiana A350.Thank you for carrying me.
photo p1010670
Two SouthWest B737s took off at the same time.
photo  426
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Asiana Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Seoul - ICN


San Francisco - SFO



This is my first experience of A350.
A350 was quieter and more comfortable, compared with B777 or A330.
Asiana Airlines has a great customer service, especially, Catering was so great.As well as, Cabin crews were accommodating.
I had no complaints about this flight.



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