Review of Cebgo flight Manila Busuanga in Economy

Airline Cebgo
Flight DG 6043
Class Economy
Seat 2A
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 18 Sep 17, 09:40
Arrival at 18 Sep 17, 10:50
DG 6 reviews
By 6070
Published on 11th October 2017
Hi Guys!

I'm here again to share my flight experience. This is the continuation of my short holiday home. Busuanga or Coron Isaland is a leisure destination plus only small aircraft that the airport can handle, hence getting and 1Peso fare deal is low to non. As this flight i managed to booked this for S$150, this is the cheapest fare available on the time of booking and also compared to other airlines, yet still more expensive than my sin-mnl-sin flight which cost me S$58.

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NAIA Terminal 4

CebGo is a subsidiary airline of Philippine's LCC Cebu Pacific. CebGo mostly (i think all?) utilises ATR fleets and uses Terminal 4 or also known as Domestic Terminal, as all 5J Jetliners is at the Terminal 3. I would say that Manila Airport is so far from other leading international airport in the region. You may access the Airport usually by Car or Taxi, but now they introduce a bus service that picks and drop passenger around Manila, but with Manila's traffic it would better you can get a cab going to the airport. Terminal 4 is a small airport, if all will went smoothly, just be there an hour before your flight

There will be and initial security checks after you enter the terminal.
photo img_4139

There are also few Self-Check In kiosk for Cebgo and beside that, is for AirAsia Philippines
photo img_4140

A priority lane for Senior Citizen and our counter is empty.
photo img_4138

We Checked-in in no time, and the agent gave me again an exit row again, yey!
photo img_4141

Opposite of the Check-in counter is the final security check. There are 2 machines separately used for Ladies and Mens.
photo img_4143

Few steps from the x-rays, are the boarding/holding area already.
photo img_4145photo img_4146

There are also some shops and food stall, it may be pricy compared to outside food tho.
photo img_4152

Even Terminal 4 is relatively small, there are still some basic amenities that the terminal can offer. Prayer room, Kids Corner, Charging stations, Nursery Room, and 2 sets of Toilets that seated side by side.
photo img_4149photo img_4151photo img_4153

Simple Flight information display, our flight is still on time.
photo img_4148

After an hour of waiting since the last time i check with FID, its boarding time and ferried out to a remote stand, actually the plane is not that far from the terminal and actually can manage just to walk going there but maybe they want to make fast or because of the scorching heat from the sun, i dont know. There are no priority boarding, they just let us know that its ready to accepts passengers and just queue and present the passes. even though that there is no sectional boarding, yet people managed to keep in order.
photo img_4155photo img_4157photo img_4161

Boarding by bus or by feet is a great experience for a avgeek like me, you can see closely the airplanes and take nice photo as well.

I (heart) Asean livery of Philippine AirAsia
photo img_4159

Aling Puring's Plane bound for Puerto Princesa Palawan, lol, Pure Gold Livery of PH Air Asia
photo img_4162

Airswift is also going to other part of Palawan, El Nido.
photo img_4165

And our plane, Palawan bound also, but in Busuanga/Coron.
photo img_4175photo img_4174

On Board

RP-C7281 is the 2nd ATR72-600 that CebGo received almost a year ago, with the new ARMONIA cabin design. We are one of the few passengers to board the plane so i took photos of the plane freely. Interiors are still clean and really looks like new and smells new, Hopefully they will not make this a flying billboard that everywhere you look, you see ads.

The Seats, Overhead bins, overhead panels, walk way, crew seat and the rear facing seat 1CD at emergency exit. The overhead bin is not that big, as it may only accommodate small bags else, you will occupy the the bin by yourself, good thing that the flight is not full so there free space for bags to stow there.

ground crew are still in action.
photo img_4189

big bird just parked besides us.
photo img_4190

Backseat literature…
photo img_4191photo img_4192photo img_4193
I must admire this Lady, she was doing the safety demo while taxiing, it was a bumpy ground ride, but she still managed to deliver a very good demo despite of the bumps and turns of the aircraft, She did it professionally and gracefully.
photo img_4182

while taxiing, birds at Terminal 3,
photo img_4204photo img_4208

PR's Nest
photo img_4213

I woud say that ATR's propellers are powerful, i think in less than 10 secs after its first throttle we are up in the air, the fastest rotate i ever experienced.
photo img_4218

After the seat belt switched off, i immediately went to the lavatory to see whats new on the new ATR.

it was small, basic and definitely clean. i tried flushing it and they uses a disinfectant as its different colour and smell clean, they use more liquid than vacuum.

can somebody tell me why the emergency exit window shade closes upwards, compare to other windows, downwards. similar to A320's window on emergency exit.
photo img_4228

Since its only an hour hop, the BOB service went fast, as only few passengers bought something from them. Then, proceed to their signature Game on Board. Like from my previous SIN-MNL flight, you have to guess the title of the some that they are reading, and i won at Adele's song. A Simple case that make me remember this flight for a longer time.
photo img_4227

As we approached Busuanga, there are little air pockets that makes the plane bumpy, you will know that your near on your destination when you are seeing these…

And touch down!
photo img_4246

Busuanga Airport, Coron, Palawan

Around the Airport

This is the weirdest, funny some kinda cool luggage belt that is saw, too bad i did not experienced it as i only have carry on.
photo img_4257photo img_4258
It just a plain wooden platform that the ground crew just place the bags on a vacant space on it.

after less than 20 steps you are already out of the terminal.
photo img_4259photo img_4260
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Manila - MNL


Busuanga - USU



It was a quick fun ride. Being winning a game is a memorable one.
They have a decent selection on their BOB, and relatively cheaper to other airlines that i know, drinks and sandwiches ranges from S$2-S$7?
Very friendly crew, as i chit chat about their new aircraft and i would say she is also knowledgable about it too.
Bording and departure was on time, co complaint about that.
Cabin is new and clean, tho, the new 600's legroom is only 28" compared to the 500's were 29" (according to their website) not bad for a short flight.

On the next report we will feature another cabin interior for 5J ATR 72-600''s, EXPLISEAT



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