Review of Air Asia Japan flight Chitose Nagoya in Economy

Airline Air Asia Japan
Flight DJ2
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 01 Nov 17, 10:20
Arrival at 01 Nov 17, 12:10
DJ 2 reviews
Published on 3rd November 2017
Firstly, I'm so excited to write the first report of AirAsia Japan(DJ) on FR.

AirAsia is the most biggest LCC in Asia.They are covering most of the countries of Southeast and East Asia.
In 2012, AirAsia Japan was born as the first LCC in Japan and operated Inter-Japan and short international routes from Narita, Tokyo. Unfortunately, Japanese didn't accept its concept and LCC itself at that time. As a result, AirAsia Japan ceased its operation in 2013. However, LCC was gradually getting popular among Japanese and 4 LCC was born followed by AirAsia.

AirAsia Japan route in 2013.They operated in total 5 route.
photo airasia-japan-62013-route-map

On Sep 29,2017, AirAsia Japan started its operation again from Nagoya. AirAsia Japan is the 5th player in Japanese LCC market and only airline based in Nagoya(3th biggest metropolitan).
They have only 1 route( Nagoya to Chitose ), twice a day now. If their operation gets on the right track, They may expand Taipei route in the near future.


AirAsia Japan started selling the ticket from a weeks before the inaugural flight. It was too sudden and surprising for me.
The first sale price was 5 yen(US$0.04). 5 yen means "ご縁"(Close relationship in Japanese), it was a very good word. Fortunately, I could book a round trip for 1500 yen($14) include tax.
My trip plan is below.

Nov 1 DJ2 Chitose (1000) – Nagoya (1205) AirAsia Japan A320
Nov 1 DJ 6 Nagoya(1710) – Nagoya (1900) AirAsia Japan A320


Web Check-in procedure was identical as AirAsia(Malaysia) flight and it was available from 2 weeks ahead of the flight, So I complete it by my AirAsia App.
I arrived at the airport at 9 am. AirAsia Japan check-in counter was located at the far end of the terminal, next to Jetstar counter.
AirAsia has two Kiosk in this airport, however, Both are not working at that time. They said Kiosk would shut down 1 hour before the flight.
photo p1040652

A security check was empty and I could go through quickly.

photo p1040660

Boarding was started at 9:20 am. When I pass through a security, The announcement told us that a boarding would start soon.
Gate 201 was one of the Bus-Gates. The bus departed soon after I jumped on it.

photo p1040668photo p1040670photo p1040671

A few minutes later, Bus arrived at next to the aircraft.However, We were stuck on the bus for 10 minutes.
It seemed that cleaning didn't complete at that time.Therefore, we were not allowed to get out of the bus.
photo p1040680
A view of our ship.
photo p1040685

At the door, I was welcomed by a cabin crew. The cabin layout was completely identical with AirAsia (AK).
Seat pitch was more cramped compared with Jetstar. However, It was an acceptable level for me.
photo p1040693photo p1040696photo p1040703
This flight was half-full. However, The seats around me were completely occupied.
Safty demonstration commenced all in Japanese, so I couldn't listen "This is your seat belt" opening.

We took off at 10 pm.
photo p1040719photo p1040724
Cabin crew started in flight marketing. However, It was not intrigued me at all because it meals selection was mediocre.
photo p1040710photo p1040709

Captain made us an announcement," This aircraft is flying 3500ft and We are flying over Ni….. ". The announcement was cut halfway.
After a minute, He apologized to us for stopping an announcement due to a problem with a microphone. They seemed not to be used to make an announcement to the passenger.
The rest of the flight was uneventful except an accident of captain's PA.

A restroom was kept very clean.
photo p1040762

We are flying over the mountainous place. Then, Cabin crew told us that we could watch Mt, Fuji in a distance.
photo p1040786photo p1040790

Before starting to descend to Nagoya, A cabin crew made us an announcement that "we had been waiting for flying with you for 3 years, and we will make a great effort to be an airline loved by Japanese. Thank for flying with us."
10 minutes before landing, Seatbelt sign turned on again.
photo p1040800
At 12 pm, We landed at Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO).
photo p1040810

After a short taxiing, We stopped at the Gate. I was farewelled by a friendly cabin crew and say goodbye.
photo p1040841
Now Everyone can FLY
photo p1040844
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Air Asia Japan

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Chitose - CTS


Nagoya - NGO



I'm proud that I could experience AirAsia Japan 4days after the inaugural flight. AirAsia Japan has the great crew who love their company and they were very friendly. However, The seat-pitch was smaller than its competitor.
AirAsia Japan is based in Nagoya, the third biggest metropolitan in Japan. The way I see it, They would soon be popular as there are few competitors in this airport.



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