Review of Transavia flight Salzburg Rotterdam in Economy

Airline Transavia
Flight HV5606
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:18
Take-off 16 Apr 17, 15:35
Arrival at 16 Apr 17, 16:53
TO   #9 out of 23 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 342 reviews
Published on 1st November 2017
Hello everybody,
Netherlands is one of my favourite countries so when I found this 38 € ticket to Rotterdam I decided to try Transavia. The AF-KLM-owned airline usually offers cheap tickets to/from France and the Netherlands, and I only heard positive opinions about them. But for this week they only had quite costly fares for flights departing from my hometown, Budapest, that’s why I flew from Northern Austria. I didn’t regret that because I had the possibility to try a new airport. Also I love Salzburg.
After arriving from the Hungarian capital by train we had a connection to the airport from Salzburg Central Station. I was surprised because the local airport shuttle was a trolleybus, and it was really fast and modern. That was nice to see some beautiful streets in the town along the way. The ticket was 1,60 €. The airport (which is obviously named by W. A. Mozart) has two relatively small terminal buildings and a huge, expansive parking zone.

photo 20170416_134016

It started to rain but it was still possible to visit the observation deck (it’s free of charge) from where we had a great view over the apron so I took some photos of the planes.

photo 20170416_140658

PH-HSC, our ride for that day.

photo 20170416_144327

The main terminal building (T1) was a little bit crowded although April is off-season. The place is quite simple but modern - you don’t need too much time to discover it. There are some nice cafés, bakeries and restaurants.

photo 20170416_134353

After we got through security control we had a couple of minutes at the duty free shops where we crashed into a wide choice of sweets, so we almost missed the flight but we bought a pack of an Austrian speciality. This small waiting area also has a cozy café which is very popular.

photo 20170416_150243

Our flight was departing from Gate 1 (there are 7 gates). Boarding started 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. No one was missing so the airport crew managed to finish boarding on time. The plane flying today to Rotterdam was a B737-800.

photo 20170416_151610

The friendly flight attendants welcomed us, and they didn’t check our boarding pass when we got onboard which surprised me. Flight load was approximately 90%. The cabin was in a quite acceptable condition with Transavia’s regular green seats. I had a window seat (6F). Unfortunately we weren’t able to enjoy the view of the Alps after take-off because of the foggy weather conditions. In my opinion, legroom was quite good compared to other low-cost airlines.

photo 20170416_163601

We took off at 15:35. The captain announced a flight time of 1 hour and 35 minutes while the green-uniformed cabin crew started to offer meals. Transavia has buy-on-board service with a fairly wide selection of sandwiches, snacks and drinks. We purchased a hot sandwich, a Spanish meat selection named Tapas bar, some coffee and a sparkling water. All in all, we were satisfied of the quality.

photo 20170416_162639photo 20170416_162644photo 20170416_161148

Meantime we started our descent to Rotterdam/The Hague airport during which we had some spectacular views of the clouds. When I saw lakes and canals everywhere I knew we would reach our destination soon. That was also great to see the tiny Holland towns from above.

We landed at 16:53, 17 minutes before scheduled arriving time. Actually, the airfield didn’t have a lot of traffic: there were only two Transavias and one Cityjet aircrafts plus ours. The baggage-belt area is classy:

photo 20170416_170736

There was a construction going on next to the terminal building, so it was a little bit tough to find the appropriate exit and catch the shuttle bus to the city centre, but we luckily managed.

photo 20170416_171134
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Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Salzburg - SZG


Rotterdam - RTM



It was a pleasant flying with Transavia, I can recommend it to those who want to travel to The Netherlands/France for a reasonable price. I enjoyed this flight a lot, I hope you enjoyed my flight report!



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  • Comment 417695 by
    bldavid GOLD 303 Comments
    Thank you for this great flight report. It look like Transavia offers very good value on this route.
  • Comment 417745 by
    CounterSurprise 80 Comments
    Hi, thanks for this flight report! I love Rotterdam-The Hague airport; it's small, classy and offers quick access to a lot of destinations. I also love Salzburg because, well, in my opinion Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the greatest composer that ever lived (feel free to disagree - just stating my opinion here). All in all this routing is one that immediately caught my eye and glad to see HV has a solid product on this line. Congrats on the great report and the photo's, I enjoyed reading it!
  • Comment 419720 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 994 Comments
    Hi Marcell !

    Thanks a lot for this report. I read another report some minutes ago about a terrible flight on a legacy airline. But your report shows how well LCCs are doing in comparison. The sandwich and the tapas look great!

    All those plants in baggage claim at RTM are a very nice touch!

    Beautiful aerials! Too bad you didn't see the Alps. Perfect excuse for a new trip!! :D

    Thanks for sharing!! ^_^

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