Review of Transavia flight Prague Rotterdam in Economy

Airline Transavia
Flight HV 5288
Class Economy
Seat 16F
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 14 Jan 14, 09:25
Arrival at 14 Jan 14, 10:55
TO   #3 out of 14 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 302 reviews
By 5294
Published on 20th January 2014
Hello everyone and welcome to this report covering Transavia flight from Prague to Rotterdam.

Well, I wasn´t expecting myself to fly anywhere earlier than in February. This trip to Holland I began to prepare only about a week prior to departure. I was lucky to find an awesome fare to fly from Prague to Rotterdam with returning flight to Vienna for only about 90EUR. It seemed to be a one day trip, but I realized maybe I can finally try Wizz on its flight from Eindhoven to Brno. And was lucky again to find great fare which made my trip a two-day with routing as follows :

14/01/2013 Prague - Rotterdam on Transavia
15/01/2013 Eindhoven - Brno on Wizz

For PRG-RTM leg I payed only about 40EUR all taxes incl.which was great, provided the fact I bought this ticket 6 days to departure. On the other hand it was compromised by an early morning departure at 09:25. It wouldn´t be any kind of problem, but only in case I don´t live in Brno.
So I took early morning bus at 03:45 and had a comfortable ride to Prague. I managed to get a bit of sleep and after some 2,5hours I got off at Prague. I had 3 hours to catch my flight and reached the airport some 2 hours to departure - nice time for me.

Airport was really calm with only few people moving around. I ate sandwich I had bought back at Brno and waited for check-in to start as it wasn´t possible to check-in online for flight from Prague.

photo DSC_0001

At this place there was some exposition in previous months, but this time nothing to see here.

At 07:27 check-in desk opened and as I came there were only 3 three people in the queue. The fare prices suggested today´s flight will be a rather empty one, which proved to be true later. I gently asked man at the desk whether I can choose my seat at which he replied in a positive way. Well it was 16F for me… and few more seats as well as it turned out later :-).

photo DSC_0007

After getting my boarding pass I went to terrace to check out what is going on outside. Except of cold and unpleasant weather there was absolutely nothing to see.

photo DSC_0010photo DSC_0011

Cold weather brought me to return inside and as there was nothing much to do I went to security. It was really quick, it didn´t take me more than three minutes to get past.

My departure gate was D1, but I went to the C pier to inspect what planes are around. To my dissapointment this pier was empty as well.

photo DSC_0012photo DSC_0013

Although all gates were empty, this QS 737 was boarded by stairs, nice

photo DSC_0018

Then I checked flightradar24 to see the status of incoming flight and it was actualy landing already at Prague´s RWY24.

photo DSC_0022

And here it is taxiing as the weather around is getting worse.

photo DSC_0025

So I walked back to D1 and saw this LOT Embraer 175 in nice Mike Tyson livery

photo DSC_0026

Empty gate area, 15 minutes to boarding

photo DSC_0027

Boarding was called 10 minutes earlier than expected, I was third to enter jetbridge. While walking I managed to get this shot KLM a LOT Embraers

photo DSC_0028

As well as shot of my bird - PH-XRD, 10,5 years in the air, always with Transavia

photo DSC_0029

Entering the aircraft

photo DSC_0030

At the door there were one man and one lady FAs, they were more concentrated on their conversation than welcoming passengers warmly. Cockpit door were opened which is always a nice thing to see

Nice green-colored seats.

photo DSC_0033

This seat in emergency exit is provided with some cool legrom

photo DSC_0034

My row 16, all seats for me. Like many other seats

photo DSC_0035

Legroom was ok for this kind of flight

photo DSC_0038

Eh, seems like boarding completed!

photo DSC_0046

Wing view with Air France A321 next to us

photo DSC_0047photo DSC_0049

After pushback

photo DSC_0050

A320 Lufthansa

photo DSC_0051

Weather getting even worse while approaching runway

photo DSC_0052

Entering RWY24

photo DSC_0053

Take off roll was really a quick one and as we were probably pretty light, our angle of attack was some kind of amazing. No take off pictures though due to poor visibility

photo DSC_0055

The menu card

photo DSC_0059

Almost everyone onboard is visible here. In the back of the aircraft there were not more than 8 people

photo DSC_0060

I moved a bit to check out the other side. Weather was looking to improve significantly as we climbed altitude. I think we were cruising at FL400 if I remember well. That´s what my dad told me later as the IFE was showing only advertisments instead of flight informations.

photo DSC_0066photo DSC_0067photo DSC_0069

I bought a coke for 2,75EUR and was told to enjoy it by lady FA around 40.

photo DSC_0072

Lady voice came on the announcement, she introduced her as our captain today and told us that everything is going right in the front office and prepared us for weather at Rotterdam - 5°C and drizzle.

photo DSC_0077

Cloud layer started dissapearing in the middle of flight, but later dark clouds started to develop again as we began our descent to Holland

photo DSC_0083photo DSC_0087photo DSC_0088

Clouds getting darker

photo DSC_0093

Overflying a city which I´m really not sure what is.. Any idea someone?

Cabin prepared for landing at Rotterdam

photo DSC_0108photo DSC_0110

We approached from the northeast for landing RWY24. City of Haag barely visible on the right and Rotterdam on the other side

photo DSC_0113

In the final minutes we were treated with nice views of Rotterdam area

photo DSC_0120

Although the weather was bad, approach was pleasant and almost not bumpy at all

Touchdown! Rotterdam´s runway 24

photo DSC_0126

Rotterdam The Hague airport

photo DSC_0132

As this airport is really a small one we taxied only about a minute to park next to another company 737

photo DSC_0137

Deplaning was done via stairs which was not really pleasant provided the rain outside

photo DSC_0139

Last look at our PH-XRD, nice ride with you Transavia

photo DSC_0142

Our crew ended their shift here and I later spotted our captain, lady at her forties. Was my first time with lady in a cockpit.
I took a quick walk around the small airport and then headed to bus stop to get into city. Bus ride was fine, taking about 15 minutes for 3EUR if I remember well.

For this leg it´s all for now, thank you for your attention up to here and see you on the next leg - Eindhoven - Brno

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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Prague - PRG


Rotterdam - RTM



My first flight on Transavia and it was really a fine one provided the fare of 40EUR. Cabin was clean, reasonably comfortable and crew was ok. We landed few minutes ahead of schedule which is always nice.

About Prague airport there is not much to be said, clean as always, but nothing to do or spot when it´s so calm as it was this morning.

Rotterdam airport seemed small, but nice. When flying between Schengen countries there is nothing to say about immigration process.

Overally it was a good flight between two nice airports for a great price



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