Review of Air China flight San Francisco Beijing in Business

Airline Air China
Flight CA986
Class Business
Seat 13L
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 12:05
Take-off 20 Oct 17, 14:50
Arrival at 20 Oct 17, 17:55
CA   #83 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 183 reviews
By 3400
Published on 10th November 2017
Reposting my trip report covering my first flight on a Boeing 747-8i since the content kept getting deleted. I'm also including bonus photos from my trip to the China Aviation Museum!

As a huge AVgeek, my trip planning usually starts when I hear about opportunities to fly planes I either love or haven't tried. With United's announcement back in January that the entire fleet of 747-400s would be retired at the end of October (which conveniently coincided with my partner's birthday), my original plan was to fly to Beijing for the birthday celebrations then select one of the final international flights back to San Francisco. United originally announced that the final flights would depart from Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Beijing and Frankfurt, we decided on Tokyo since my partner hadn't been in Tokyo for a few years and I could try ANA's Dreamliner in the long-haul configuration.

With that in mind, I booked the following flights:
10/20 - Air China from San Francisco to Beijing on a 747-8i
10/27 - ANA from Beijing to Tokyo Haneda on a 787-8
10/28 - United from Tokyo Narita to San Francisco on a 747-400

Itineraries like these require a bit of flexibility and this one was no different. In April, United quietly announced an equipment change for Narita which would swap the 747-400 for a 777-300ER from June 14, effectively removing Tokyo from the list of final flights. I waited a few more weeks for the list of confirmed final international flights which whittled down to Frankfurt, London, Seoul and Shanghai. Once reasonably confident these were the last flights, I called United to check availability and reshuffled our itinerary to the following slightly crazy schedule:

10/20 - Air China from San Francisco to Beijing on a 747-8i
10/28 - Air China from Beijing to Frankfurt on a 777-300ER
10/28 - United from Frankfurt to San Francisco on a 747-400

So how was the flight with Air China? Pretty awesome, overall. While other carriers have more modern business class seats, better catering and more consistent service, everything came together on this flight for me traveling with my partner. This would be my first time flying in a 747-8i, the latest version of my favorite commercial airliner, as well as my first time flying in the "nose" of the iconic Jumbo Jet.

San Francisco is one of my favorite airports in the US for its efficiency. Barely 15 minutes after arriving at the curb, we were checked in and airside.

As the United Club in the international terminal was being remodeled, we made a quick stop at the American Express Centurion Lounge before heading to the gate.

As we left the lounge, I caught a sight that is sadly now part of the history books - a United 747 departing on a flight.

photo img_2361

Gate G99 should be marked with permanent Air China signage as this is the only gate used for the daily flight to Beijing. G99 is at the farthest end of Terminal G which means there's no easy way to get a good shot of the plane since the windows along the west side have a patterned applique.

B-2486 was parked at the gate which is Air China's second of six 747-8s but only one of four in service. One 747-8i is in VIP configuration and the other is stored. Unfortunately, it appears as though the 747-8i will be the last passenger iteration of the Queen of the Skies as only three carriers have ordered the plane.

photo img_2364

The flight was full and the gate area was packed to the brim. We decided to line up and board early so that I could get some photos of the cabin. We boarded through L1 and were greeted by friendly flight attendants.

While Air China's 747-8i has a fairly typical for a VLA (very large aircraft) four-class layout, the airline blazes a different path with the arrangement of the premium cabins in the world's longest commercial airliner.

The upper deck is equipped with business class seating which is typical for the 747. From this vantage point, the 4.1 meter upper deck stretch over the 747-400 is obvious.

photo img_2388

Where things start to get interesting is with the first class cabin. Rather than being in the nose, first class on Air China's 747-8i sits behind business class and in front of economy class on the main deck. It's a unique layout and means that the first class sits in the most spacious part of the plane and first class passengers can deplane first through L2.

photo img_2377

Business class on the main deck is split into two cabins with a section immediately ahead of first class and one in the nose. The seats in the nose are my pick since this is where most other airlines have first class. It's also the only commercial plane where passengers are seated at the very front ahead of the pilots. The soaring ceilings and sense of space from the 2-2 arrangement are also great pluses.

Air China’s business class seats are standard fully flat B/E Aerospace Diamond seats. They’re not industry leading but are perfectly comfortable and ideal for couples travelling together.

We were seated in 13 J and L, which is the last row in the nose and the pair of seats at the bottom right in the photo below.

photo img_2374

The business class cabin ahead of first class doesn't feel nearly as special or spacious as the section in the nose due to the middle aisle and center overhead bins.

photo img_2375

Economy class on Air China's 747-8i is set up in a standard 3-4-3 configuration with decent pitch. All seats except for those behind the bulkheads and at the exit rows come with a footrest.

photo img_2379photo img_2380

The premium economy cabin is also interesting. While it mostly follows United's "Economy Plus" model of simply increasing pitch with standard economy seating. Air China tweaks the model slightly by installing bulkhead economy seats for all rows in the premium economy cabin with fixed armrests. Premium economy passengers also get slippers like those in first and business class.

photo img_2378

The 747-8i also features a new staircase. While not as grand as the main staircase in the Airbus A380 or unique as the original spiral staircase in the 747-100, it is a nice improvement over the one in the 747-400 with windows at the upper landing, dramatic LED lighting and sculpted side paneling.

photo img_2381photo img_2386

Moments after settling in, we were greeted by a friendly flight attendant who would be taking care of us throughout the flight. She asked if we wanted a pre-departure drink and presented us the menus. This pleasant initial interaction set the scene for the what turned out to be surprisingly polished and proactive service, usually a big variable amongst Chinese carriers.

Experiencing pushback in the nose is more interesting as you can easily see the tug right below. Our neighbor at G100 was a Lufthansa A380 heading home to Frankfurt.

photo img_2647

The windows of the 747-8i are 8% bigger than those in the 747-400 with a more ovoid contour. The overall shape and size is similar to the windows in the 777.

photo img_2400

Our takeoff roll was long and we had a smooth climb out over San Francisco. The 747-8i's GE GEnx engines are significantly quieter than any of the three engine options on the 747-400.

photo img_2661

Interestingly, Air China's policy is to leave the seatbelt sign on throughout the entire flight. If there is turbulence, the seatbelt sign is simply pinged again with the announcement to return to seats and fasten seatbelts.

After about 15 minutes, I started one of my many tours around the beautiful plane.

The view out of R2 on any 747 is something I will always find awe-inspiring. The wings of the 747-8 are a great update in a family with consistently beautiful wings. As I'm not a big fan of winglets, I actually find the 747-8s to have the most graceful wings in commercial aviation, even more so than those of the 747 classics.

photo img_2691

I walked straight back to R4 for the rear view of the gorgeous wing and noise-reducing chevrons.

photo img_2682

Heading back up front, I stopped again for a better look at the staircase. Who doesn't love stairs on a plane?

photo img_2676photo img_2694

After I returned to my seat, our flight attendant asked us for our meal selections and the meal service started minutes later with a selection of canapés.

photo img_2670

We both had the beef short ribs as our mains which were nice and finished off with dessert.

photo img_2673photo img_2673

The meal service was completed about 90 minutes into the flight and paced well. The service throughout the meal was friendly and polished. A point to note is that my partner speaks Mandarin, which improved the communication levels. Though in general, the crew would interact with me in English and would only defer to my partner when we were stuck.

The food itself was fine, nothing extraordinary but better than expected.

After the meal, we were presented with bottles of water and asked to close the window shades, a common practice with Asian carriers.

Settled in for the long flight ahead, I took a sound level recording. The 747-8i is a very quiet aircraft, particularly in the nose.

photo img_2404

The lights were dimmed and I fell asleep. After a few hours, I woke up somewhere over Alaska. I once again took a stroll around the plane and caught this incredible view of Denali National Park from R2.

photo img_2717photo img_2719

I browsed the entertainment selection and watched a couple movies, snacked on some items from the small snack bar behind our cabin and asked for cup noodles, which were served along with cheesecake and fresh fruit.

I napped again until we were in Russian airspace over the Sea of Okhotsk.

photo img_2455

The entertainment system uses Panasonic's eX2 inflight solution and has a decent selection of Western and Chinese movies and programs.

photo img_2453

While the touchscreen-equipped handset is a nice inclusion, the execution isn't as advanced as other carriers such as Singapore or United where you can view the map and play a program simultaneously. Basically the handset is primarily a program selection tool.

The second sunset on our journey, this time from our side of the plane.

photo img_2733

As I was taking this photo from L2 over Jilin, China, the purser tapped my shoulder and asked if she could borrow my camera for a special shot.

photo img_2735

She promptly scurried up the staircase and came back a few minutes later this neat photo from the flight deck, which is generally off-limits to passengers, both on the ground and in the air.

photo img_2742

She then asked me to pose on the staircase for a photo and subsequently took about 30 shots while another flight attendant adjusted the lighting using the control panel by L2.

photo img_2764

About 90 minutes before landing, the mood lighting slowly came on and the crew started the pre-arrival meal service.

photo img_2729

Our selection for main course was halibut in a beurre blance sauce with saffron rice which was nice.

photo img_2731

We began our descent and landed slightly behind schedule due to the strong headwinds. This was definitely one of those rare times where I was happy we were landed behind schedule.

photo img_2475photo img_2483

Bonus! Photos from my visit to the China Aviation Museum which is the only one of its kind in the whole country and an aviation geek’s paradise. The museum features 300 rarely seen aircraft and military equipment. Countless Chinese- and Soviet fighter jets and bombers sit alongside obscure commercial aircraft. The entire compound is nearly abandoned yet patriotic Chinese military music is pumped out nearly everywhere.

photo img_2850

The F-6 fighter was a copy of the Soviet MiG-19 and produced by the Shenyang Aircraft Company.

photo img_2851

One of the very visitors that day walking down a row of Tupolevs.

photo img_2866

The very pretty rear-view of the Ilyushin Il-62, one of my favourite airliners.

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San Francisco - SFO


Beijing - PEK



My flight with Air China was very pleasant overall. The experience flying the latest version of the 747, being seated in the nose and the friendliness of the crew were all treats and I will remember this flight for a very long time.

Best of all, this flight was just a prelude to a nostalgic flight on one of last United's iconic 747-400s.

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  • Comment 418781 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 707 Comments

    Hi, Linard76!

    I fully enjoyed this fantastic report, especially the photos of your visit to the Aviation Museum!

    I am amazed at what the crew did for you by taking the time for those pictures... Two thumbs up for them! My best experience of that kind was last January when I was disembarking and a FA told me "I saw you taking many photographs. Wait here a second." And then he let me into the cockpit!!! I was beside myself!

    I am intrigued by what you say about the contents of your first report being deleted. Some images in one of my older reports were deleted out of concerns about copyright, but I was informed when that happened. I compared your two reports and I haven't been able to determine which photos were deleted from the first one. (And in the second one, you posted the photo of your dessert twice). Something annoying that has happened to me before is that some images won't update when I upload new versions of them. I discovered that this happens because the old images stay on my web browser's cache, and they are not deleted until I do it manually by going to Configuration > Advanced configuration > Delete browsing data (on Chrome). Could it be possible that something like this is happening to you? I mean, you might upload new images and see no change?

    Thanks again! I'll be looking forward to new reports!! ^_^

    • Comment 418835 by
      linard76 AUTHOR 32 Comments

      Thanks for reading. It was odd, it wasn’t just my photos but the entire report would get delated. Leaving only the banner photo and airport/airline ratings. Happened about 10 times so I just gave up.

  • Comment 418784 by
    tn92 165 Comments

    Awesome report with wonderful photos!! I enjoyed it thoroughly and can't wait to read more from you!

  • Comment 419218 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5273 Comments

    Hi Linard76! Yikes, sorry about the trouble with posting the last report. Not sure what happened with that one to be honest. I didn't see any server errors come across letting us know there was an issue. I've seen photos not show up when linking pics from 3rd party photo storage sites like imageshack, or copying and pasting an entire report from another blog or site, but it looks like you uploaded the pics right onto flight report. Very mysterious! If you ever have trouble again, please don't hesitate to let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom right of the page so we can look into it as it's happening (or shortly after). At this point, I don't really see any trace of what could have happened.

    Now, back to the report itself. Beautiful report with great photos! The 748-i is a good looking bird inside and out. I like that CA decided to have J in the nose as it can get crowded to have F in the nose *cough cough...BA...cough cough*

    The Premium Economy is kind of confusing to me. You'd think with a brand new aircraft like the 748, they would have decided to put in a true W seat. IMO, this weird normal sized Y seat but with bulkhead fixed armrest thing in every row isn't really a smart idea. Imagine if the flight is empty, people in Y would have a more comfortable flight because they can put up the armrests and spread out, whereas in W, they can't do that.

    Beautiful aerial shots over Alaska. It reminds me of a flight to Tokyo from a few years ago, also on a 747, where the colors were the same with that sunset pretty pink/orange.

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful report and sorry again for the technical issues!

  • Comment 419226 by
    Rewardflying GOLD 494 Comments

    Excellent report and beautiful photos Linard76! Your report makes me want to fly this aircraft. Even the food looks good! Appreciate the little known facts you incorporate into your report.

    You state 1of 4 CA747-8 are in service. Any idea if this is temporary?

  • Comment 419524 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 538 Comments

    Great flight report... the one commercial 748 I have not had the pleasure of flying. I don't have a lot of Chinese airline experience, but the above-and-beyond service with the photography assistance (both the cockpit shot and orchestrating the stairways shot) sounds like a great crew. Beautiful shots over Alaska, also.

    I really appreciate the shots of the China Aviation Museum. If I ever find myself back in Beijing, I do believe this will be a priority visit.

    Thanks again!

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