Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong San Francisco in First

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX872
Class First
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:35
Take-off 28 Apr 17, 00:30
Arrival at 28 Apr 17, 22:05
CX   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By 4117
Published on 16th November 2017
Welcome to my latest trip report, covering an exceptional flight in first class with Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

After nearly 10 years in Asia with 2 countries, 3 companies, 7 roles, 8 bosses, 6 apartments, 7 bikes, 8 iPhones, 4 BlackBerries, 2 passports and 280 flights over 148 trips, it was time to close the adventure and return home to California and start a new journey. As Cathay Pacific brought me to Asia back in 2007 to start off my adventure, I thought it'd be only fitting to come home with Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific's first class cabin and service have been reviewed countless times and my experience was as fantastic as expected from start to finish. Cathay, like other carriers, is shrinking the number of aircraft and routes with first class. For the Hong Kong to San Francisco route, only one of three daily flights offers first class.

Hong Kong International Airport is consistently efficient and regularly delayed, however, the numerous top-notch lounges make the often lengthy waits much more pleasant. The only real complaint is that there are no premium ground services for business or first class passengers or travelers with status.

Taking advantage of my fare class, I took a whistle stop tour of my favorite lounges for Cathay Pacific and OneWorld travelers.

The Pier First Class Lounge is easily one of the best lounges globally with incredibly thoughtful touches and an unmatched intimate feel.

This is the main entrance hall that connects the various areas.

photo img_5839

The lounge is broken up into a number of rooms with various seating options and multiple charging ports.

photo lounge

The horseshoe shaped bar is gorgeous and rarely ever busy.

photo bar

The beautifully designed restaurant follows a dine-to-order concept and offers exceptional food. I unfortunately came a bit too hungry and might have overindulged.

photo food

The lounge also offers a dozen private rooms that have a fantastic view of the apron.

photo img_5843

After a lovely meal, I left the Pier to tour the other lounges.

The Wing First Class Lounge is far airier with a more open design but also generally a lot busier. At the entrance of the lounge is the champagne bar.

photo img_5848

The Wing First Class Lounge's seating options are more traditional than the Pier. The lounge has a sit down restaurant along with a more traditional buffet style set-up.

photo img_5852

The Wing Business Class Lounge's buffet area. Behind the buffet area is the now famous noodle bar that serves an excellent dan dan mien.

photo img_5849

The Wing Business Class Lounge's downstairs seating area with additional food and drink buffet options.

photo img_5853

B-KPP sitting at Gate 1, which is where Cathay's US-bound flights are usually found. While Cathay's now-retired 747 fleet helped the airline grow and expand, the introduction of the 777-300ER played a bigger role in turning the airline into the major global player it is today. In fact, with 53 in service, there are more 77Ws in service than 747s at any given time in history with Cathay.

photo img_5854

Boarding through the forward door, I was greeted by Sue, our ISM (in-flight service manager), who escorted me to my seat and ended up providing the best service I've ever received on a flight and became a real friend. She would come and visit me throughout the flight to chat about our families, work and life in general. Sue, if you're reading this, thank you!

photo img_5987

While Cathay Pacific’s first class seats aren’t fully enclosed, they’re super spacious and comfortable. You can easily seat two people fairly comfortable in a single seat along with a third on the ottoman which is also equipped with it's own seatbelt.

photo img_5868photo img_5884

Refreshed about two years ago, the seat and finishes are showing their age.

photo img_5874

The entertainment system and remote could also use an update. I also find it annoying that every program is preceded with 5 minutes of commercials.

photo img_5880photo img_5870

Although the suites do not have doors as with the latest first class products, the cabin feels very private. There are only six seats spread across two rows in a 1-1-1 configuration.

photo img_5900

For single travelers, the best seats are 1A and 2A, since those seats have the left aisle all to themselves. Meanwhile the middle seats and right window seats both face the right aisle, so that aisle is shared among four people.

We left the gate just a few minutes behind schedule and the captain informed us that with the favorable wind conditions on our route, we were expected to arrive around 90 minutes ahead of schedule. I might have been the only person on the flight that was disappointed. I am pretty sure I stifled a groan about the news.

Our takeoff roll was long with the full load as the mighty GE90s hurtled us into the night skies over Hong Kong.

Once the seatbelt sign was off, I took a tour of the long plane. Immediately behind first class is the mini business class cabin. Cathay's long-haul 777s are equipped with Zodiac's second generation Cirrus reverse herringbone seats. While still comfortable, they no longer feel fresh and the finishes are a bit bland. Cathay's refreshed Cirrus seats in the A350 have also had their share of issues.

photo img_5896

The main business class cabin.

photo img_5895

The small premium economy cabin.

photo img_5894

Returning back the front, I changed into the pajamas provided. The meal service started immediately afterwards and while we had a full first class cabin, the service was always stellar and never felt rushed. Sue would come by and check if the food was to my liking and kept my glasses full.

Even though I indulged in the lounges, I couldn't miss Cathay's excellent caviar service.

photo img_5901

The soup was also delicious. I think it's quite hard to mess up soup on a plane.

photo img_5902

For my main, I couldn't decide between the steak or the ravioli so Sue had the crew combine the two.

photo img_5904

The steak was nice, if slightly overcooked and the mushroom ravioli was lovely. I tried my best to finish everything but by the time I made it through half the plate, I was about to burst.

The meal was completed about two hours into the flight and was paced exceptionally well. After dessert, I requested turndown service as I was ready to catch some movies and rest.

I napped a bit and woke up to continue the movie I paused. Sue saw that I was up and brought by some snacks in case I felt peckish.

photo img_5905

Cathay's first class beds and bedding are some of the best in the skies. There's a pleasant sense of space and privacy even though the suites aren't fully enclosed.

photo img_5908

I had mentioned earlier that I don't really drink and thus, can't really tell the difference between the various champagnes, proseccos and sparkling wines. Sue hilariously thought maybe a sliced strawberry would make all the difference, it didn't. This poor bottle of Krug was completed wasted on me.

photo img_5907

Settled in the flight ahead, I took a sound level recording. While the 777 has a reputation for being a loud airplane, it is very quiet at the front with only the faint sound of rushing wind.

photo img_5918

Interestingly while we depart and arrive in the dark, much of the flight is actually during the day. I took this shot out of L2 right as the sun started to rise.

photo img_5910

I napped a bit more and woke up to brilliant blue skies right outside my windows (love having more than one window once in a while).

photo img_5923

I never did touch anything in that basket and just brought the items home to share.

photo img_5956

A gorgeous view of the 777s wing and giant GE90 outside of L2.

photo img_5943

Around 90 minutes before our arrival, it was time for breakfast. I ordered sunny side up AND scrambled eggs as Cathay prepares them freshly aboard. The breakfast was exceptional, even the croissants were warm and flakey.

photo img_5949

Where Sue really went above and beyond is with my friend seated in economy that bought a last minute ticket to accompany me back to California. Throughout the flight, Sue would have her team check up on him and attempt to bring him treats. Unfortunately, he slept for most of the flight. He finally woke up for breakfast and Sue had an attendant bring him up to first class to have breakfast with me, which is a very special and rare treat.

photo nathan

A lovely sunset over the North Pacific as we neared the West Coast.

photo img_5962

About 45 minutes before landing, I changed into my regular clothes and the captain provided our arrival information, confirming that we would arrive at 8:25pm, even sooner than expected arrival time. Our scheduled arrival time was 10:05pm.

Gazing out the window and seeing the first glimpse of the West Coast, I realized that after 10 years away from California, I was finally home.

photo img_5973
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My flight with Cathay Pacific was exceptional. The comfortable seat and delicious food were great but what really set this experience apart was the ISM Sue, who really took great care of me and my friend throughout the flight.

This truly was a fantastic way to end my 10 year adventure in Asia and I will remember this flight for a long long time.

Thank you Cathay Pacific!

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  • Comment 419573 by
    Esco.B 90 Comments
    What an awesome Flight Report. Feels great to know Cathay went over the top on the occasion of you returning home after 10 years abroad...
    This was inspiring !
    Thank you
  • Comment 419621 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6896 Comments
    Another beautiful and super well written report. An exceptional flight indeed and what a great way to come full circle by taking the same airline as when you moved originally. Love the CX Pier First class lounge--my favorite at HKG. A proper caviar service and high-end champagnes...a true First class experience.

    Thanks for sharing this special flight and Welcome Home!
  • Comment 419630 by
    hometoyyz 539 Comments
    Hi Linard -- thanks for sharing this great report, and the bookend of the Asian portion of your life. What a great crew and great experience... and what a way to leave Hong Kong in style! Bringing your friend up, from Y no less(!!), was such a nice touch... I'm impressed the crew felt confident enough to do so and risk the wrath of the beancounters and/or "you're cheapening my experience" DYKWIA passengers.

    This report REALLY makes me want to give CX F another shot. If you'll excuse me, I have to go check my Alaska miles balance....

    Thanks again for sharing this one... and welcome back to North America!
    • Comment 419639 by
      linard76 AUTHOR 32 Comments
      It's funny, I think I was a bit more nervous about having my friend there than the crew. When I was about to send him back, the crew actually told him to just stay a bit longer. Great crews can really make or break a flight and this crew was one of the best. Definitely give CX another shot especially since you're using Alaska miles :)
  • Comment 419632 by
    CounterSurprise 80 Comments
    Hi Linard, what a great photo report and fantastic service you enjoyed. I must admit that bringing your friend over for breakfast is rare indeed. I hope that moving back to California doesn't stop you from writing flight reports :-)
  • Comment 419652 by
    Panduwskt 10 Comments
    Hi Linard,
    Really enjoy your flight report with nice photos and definitely reflecting such a nice experience onboard Cathay Pacific. Well it must feel real great (and it's rare indeed) to have your friend being brought up having breakfast in the first class cabin. Anyway, looking forward to another post from you :)
  • Comment 419689 by
    Razza_Pr 217 Comments
    Hello, Linard76, and thank you for this FR.

    "After nearly 10 years in Asia with 2 countries, 3 companies, 7 roles, 8 bosses, 6 apartments, 7 bikes, 8 iPhones, 4 BlackBerries, 2 passports and 280 flights over 148 trips, it was time to close the adventure and return home to California and start a new journey."
    -This would make for a very interesting infographic. Do you speak Cantonese/Mandarin?

    The Pier @ HKG remains as gorgeous as ever, it seems. I've yet to be lucky enough to set foot there.. someday!

    "For my main, I couldn't decide between the steak or the ravioli so Sue had the crew combine the two."
    -Just looking at the picture following that made me gain like a million calories! Did the steak not come with any sauce, though?

    It really sounds like a very pleasant journey end to end. I agree that it's too bad an airline of Cathay's calibre offers no premium ground service at their home airport, as I imagine it would be a tremendous improvement especially for business travellers, though I suppose their onboard product and their lounge more than make up for it. Can you imagine being asked, as a first time J/F traveller, "which lounge would you like to go to today, sir/madam?"? Because that sounds very fancy!

    A most pleasant read indeed. Thanks again for this FR. Cheers!
    • Comment 419739 by
      linard76 AUTHOR 32 Comments
      Greetings and thanks for reading my report!

      In response to your questions, I don’t speak any Chinese and the steak came with mustard.

      I think the selection of lounges at HKG for OneWorld flyers is top notch for sure. I think you’d enjoy any of them.
  • Comment 447796 by
    rbix 73 Comments
    Hi Linard76, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your flight experience, which was very well document with excellent photos. Looking forward to reading your upcoming reports. Hopefully, I can try out First Class on CX some time soon. Happy flying! :)

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