Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Sydney in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ231
Class Business
Seat 23A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 01 Feb 17, 00:45
Arrival at 01 Feb 17, 11:25
SQ   #3 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 4253
Published on 3rd January 2018
Hello Everyone

This report is covering a flight from Singapore to Sydney on SQ231

Brief Overview

I had just finished a holiday in the new year and it was time for me to return to Australia. My trip was from Hong Kong to Sydney through Singapore on Singapore Airlines this ticket was a redemption booking which cost me 46,750 Kris Flyer Miles and 1443 HKD in taxes which is equivalent to $243.59 AUD. Before heading home i was starting to get worried because normally the new year period is the busiest time where everyone is heading back home to Australia because a lot of kids was starting school and therefore a lot of tickets weren't going to be available. My preference was to fly with either Cathay or Qantas but it was both full so i was glad to get a ticket with Singapore airlines and was happy to fly in business class back to Sydney

Lounge Access

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Brief Description
I was allowed to enter the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge at Singapore terminal 3. The lounge itself was old but it was still good, food was nice cause it had a range of different Selections of Asian and Western Food. Drinks are standard in the lounge nothing in particular was amazing just your normal soft drinks, wine, beers etc. The lounge was busy around 1130pm this was due to a lot of flights leaving for Europe and some late night flights towards Australia. The lounge had showers which i like the most because it gives passengers the choice of freshening up before their long flight, this i believe lounges across the globe should have this option of shower facilities.

Boarding Gate For SQ231

photo img_7536

Aircraft Operating for SQ231 9V-SKQ Singapore to Sydney

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Take Off: 12.45am Singapore Time
Landing: 11.40am Sydney Time

Business Class Seat

The Seat itself was huge that it's possible for 2ppl to share 1 seat. The thing i don't like about these old Business seats on Singapore Airlines is that you have to get up and fold over to make the seat fully flat which is annoying because you would have to get up and either do it yourself or get a cabin crew to make the bed for you while you wait. But now with new business class seats on the A350, Boeing 777-300ER and now recently the new A380 i think that it's much improved and the airline has taken the public comments and improved in by a mile.

photo img_7554

TV Specifications: 15.4" LCD monitor

photo img_7542

Meal Service

This flight I was taking was a late night out of Singapore so the meal options were just supper because a lot of passengers would be sleeping around this time and have breakfast before landing into Sydney.

Menu Description (Since it was around Chinese New Year Period they designed a theme based around it to celebrate it)

photo img_7543photo img_7545photo img_7546

Supper Meal Selection

Dinner Selection: Seared Fillet of Beef with Garlic Mustard Seed Butter with mushrooms, baby carrot, green beans, and sautéed potatoes

Verdict: I was worried about the fillet of beef being overcooked but it was just perfect and at the right temperature, the vegetables was a nice addition to the dish but i personally thought the potatoes weren't needed but it still was nice. The only criticism i would say is the plating was a bit clumsy idk maybe cabin crew just wanted to serve the supper meal and have there rest, but from reading other reviews i know that Singapore Airlines have a high standard in plating when it comes to Business and First class meals.

photo img_7547

Breakfast Selection: American Breakfast (Cheese Omelette, chicken sausage, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and potatoes.

Verdict: Everything was delicious on this plate of food, nothing to fault about, the best thing was eating the roasted tomatoes it was so good. Also it was nice and hot sometimes airlines might serve food that's suppose to be hot cold but it didn't happen in this case.

photo img_7548

Landing into Sydney

photo img_7552photo img_7553
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business - 3


Singapore - SIN


Sydney - SYD



Overall a great flight with Singapore Airlines business class, food and drinks were exceptional, great huge seat for business class standard. Overall friendly advice for anyone thinking about taking Singapore Airlines Business class, have a plan of when you would like to travel and book it straight away because if you book it last minute your chances of getting a seat is slim so that's why book in advance and if you can't make it just cancel it and you will get your points refunded back to your Krisflyer Account. Honestly i would consider myself lucky to have flown business because i booked it last minute and my presumption someone had to cancel their ticket so it led to me getting one. Lucky i was travelling myself otherwise if 2-3ppl then you probably won't get anything.

Hope you enjoyed reading this report and found it informative. Thanks

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  • Comment 425979 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 999 Comments
    Hi Bigdog!

    The Seat itself was huge that it's possible for 2ppl to share 1 seat.

    I’m speechless at the size of that seat! I’d love to have one of those in my living room!

    i personally thought the potatoes weren't needed

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy in charge of the menu were Chilean. We can’t live without potatoes!

    sometimes airlines might serve food that's suppose to be hot cold

    Been there. And it’s even worse when the BOB menu says “you can order this sandwich warm!”, but the FA tells you “Sorry, not on this flight.” I think I’ll take my own microwave with me next time. :(

    Watching the map I have the impression that this route is a great opportunity to see the outback from above. I think I will add this flight to my wishlist.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 467359 by
    gweegin 6 Comments
    Hi there, thanks for this review. I'll be taking this flight to Sydney sometime in the future and was wondering if they have any Economy seats on the upper deck? Some of the older A380s had them.
  • Comment 467700 by
    bigdog AUTHOR 2 Comments
    yes they do have economy seats on the upper deck but it really depends on the aircraft configuration they use for the route

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