Review of Sky Airline flight Valdivia Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 44
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 15 Dec 17, 17:05
Arrival at 15 Dec 17, 18:30
H2   #75 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
By 542
Published on 27th March 2018
Welcome, funky flight-reporters of the world! :D

Watching your absolute favorite music star live in concert is not easy when you live at the end of the world, especially if most of his shows are in Europe and even his fans from the US are complaining that he never visits them!

So you can imagine my leaps of joy when a colleague told me that Jamiroquai was coming all the way down to these latitudes promoting his new album, Automaton!

Now you're kindly invited to join me in this white knuckle ride to watch Jamiroquai at the Movistar Arena, in Santiago!! Woooo hooooo!!

Pichoy (ZAL)

Cloudy days have lingered above ZAL (aka Pichoy Airport) even though the southern spring is coming to an end.

photo img_20171215_151827

Never mind. Temperatures above 30°C will be waiting for me in Santiago today.

photo img_20171215_151647

Gosh! Is all that rust part of the design?

photo img_20171215_151553

How shameful! This is junk! But then again, junk rhymes with funk! It's a beautiful day! :D

photo img_20171215_151610

By the date of this flight, only two airlines land at ZAL: LATAM and Sky. JetSmart will join them a bit later, in January 2018.

photo img_20171215_151253

You can compare both airlines’ baggage allowance here. Both LATAM and Sky allow for a free carry-on bag of the same size. The “personal item” is a bit larger in LATAM.

photo img_20171215_151327

However, the weight for the carry-on bag is limited to 8kg on LATAM… and 20kg on Sky!!

photo img_20171215_151347

Sorry, LATAM. You know I love you, but only with a little L. Why does it have to be like this? I can never tell! :D

I came quite early today.

photo img_20171215_154942
photo img_20171215_154959

Why don’t we visit the cafeteria on the second floor?

photo img_20171215_154815

Let’s go upstairs.

photo img_20171215_154624_1

Whoa! I suddenly feel transported to some God-forsaken town in the countryside. The rustic wooden furniture, the numbers scribbled on the napkin holders…

photo img_20171215_153112_1

…somehow all this looks out of context. There’s a little “lounge” (a couple of sofas) at the bottom.

photo img_20171215_154505

Well, let’s see what’s in the menu.

photo img_20171215_152109

Mainly cakes and sandwiches (jamón = ham; palta = avocado; cerdo = pork; queso = cheese; vacuno = beef…

photo img_20171215_152142

…ave = snobbish way to say chicken. It really means "bird". Bird sandwich anyone?)

photo img_20171215_152228

I’ll watch out of the window while I wait for my cerdo queso-palta-tomate. Unfortunately, the view of the apron is not the best from here.

photo img_20171215_152452

The blueberry juice is fantastic, but this sandwich is no match for a chivito from Punta del Este. :(

photo img_20171215_153140_1

At least all the ingredients look superfresh! :D

Let’s go airside before it gets too crowded.

photo img_20171215_155436

Litter on the seat?

photo img_20171215_155322

I can't believe it! This is the last straw! XD

photo img_20171215_155340

Awww… look at this! They implemented a games corner for children. Two thumbs up for ZAL! Don’t worry about the electricity. Foamy is a good insulator. (I hope!)

photo img_20171215_155410

Been here lots of times, but never checked that corner of the boarding room.

photo img_20171215_155906

Those cables look tangled? That's nothing. You should have a look behind my desk.

photo img_20171215_155654

There's a smaller waiting room here…

photo img_20171215_155701

…that doubles as storage room.

photo img_20171215_155716

It's connected to other dependencies, like this meeting room…

photo img_20171215_155734

…and has a view on the control tower.

photo img_20171215_155757

The passengers keep flowing in.

photo img_20171215_155813

I have never visited the airside restrooms, either. Good thing, because they STINK!

photo img_20171215_170032

There's this terrible belief that toilet paper will clog the toilet. But that used to be decades ago, when we used newspaper as toilet paper! I remember those times, when I was little. You had to crumple the paper carefully to make it more absorbent.

photo img_20171215_170041
The sign reads: Mr. User, (that's the polite way here, not "dear user") please do not throw paper into the toilet bowl.

That used to have its advantages. If you disliked a certain politician and he was in the newspaper, you knew how to show it. XD But nowadays there's no need to dispose of toilet paper in a bin. That's just disgusting!

photo img_20171215_170050

I go back to my seat trying to forget the experience (i.e. the smell) Some minutes before boarding, Sky Airline staff come round with a measuring box hunting for oversized pieces of baggage.

photo img_20171215_163947

A trespasser does the impossible to compress his rucksack down to acceptable limits, but fails miserably.

photo img_20171215_164044

Beside seizing oversized bags, the staff have encouraged some passengers to send their luggage to cargo hold to make room in the overhead bins.

photo img_20171215_165829

And there it comes!!

photo img_20171215_170328

The ave that will take me…

photo img_20171215_170329

…up to the blue skies!!! Woo hoooo!!!

And it's showing off Sky's new colors!

photo img_20171215_170334
photo img_20171215_170341
photo img_20171215_170613

17-year-old CC-ABW served in TACA until 2009, when it was storaged.

photo img_20171215_170620

Has been in Sky since 2010.

photo img_20171215_170728

The "new policy" (boarding)

A queue starts to grow longer and longer all over the room. Wait! Shouldn't we make two or three shorter lines as usual? You know, priority boarding, then rear rows, and then front rows. Well, not anymore!

photo img_20171215_171159

Just like in Brazil, Chilean airlines have adopted the single line boarding scheme. :(

photo img_20171215_172200

Utterly disappointing. Of course, there must be some commercial reason behind, bringing more misery to air travel. In fact, I ask someone from the staff about the reason for this and he simply shrugs: "New policy."

photo img_20171215_172208

I want to scream my rage against airlines, but I tell myself "No, Nelson. Calm down. Don't give this hate a chance!"

Naturally, this "new policy" leads to a terrible congestion inside the jetbridge.

photo img_20171215_172513

We are not moving! D''':

photo img_20171215_172524

Gosh! This is insane! What kind of world are we living in?! Let me tell ya:

On the bright side, I have plenty of time for photos now. CC-ABW is ready for pushback. You can't blame the ground staff for the delay!

photo img_20171215_172548

ZAL is showing signs of wear. What about a concession? The airport is still administered by the government, and this leads to rusty carts, snalltown-style cafeterias, and this!

photo img_20171215_172636

Finally approaching the door. We might get there in half an hour. >:(

photo img_20171215_172910

In my seat at last! The 17-year-old cabin has been refurbished. And you know what? I can feel something special today.

photo img_20171215_173210

I need to stretch my arm more than usual to reach the inflight-mag, because…

photo img_20171215_173316

…there's a lot of legroom! It's amazing! Great pitch even though row 6 is just a standard row!

photo img_20171215_180012

Tray table OK.

photo img_20171215_173327

A local TV face on the cover of the inflight magazine.

photo img_20171215_173353

Its contents bring memories of a wonderful flight to Uruguay

photo img_20171215_173448_1

…and my recently reported trip to Florianópolis!

photo img_20171215_173536

This is what I call poor design! What if I want to recline my seat and I disgracefully happen to rub or poke or - perish the thought - GRAB my seatmate's plump thighs while trying to push a stubborn button? I don't want to see my mugshot on some seedy tabloid cover!

photo img_20171215_181247

The panel seems to have come with the plane from the factory.

photo img_20171215_183819

Well, I'll leave my concert ticket here for a while to remind me of the terrific weekend that's coming! And for the cover picture, too! :D

photo img_20171215_183334

This is so exciting! I feel I'm on cloud 9!! XD

The flight

Some technical details of this flight.

photo route1

Pichoy is a tiny airport, so…

photo img_20171215_174500_1

…only a couple of minutes…

photo img_20171215_174612

…after the tow leaves…

photo img_20171215_174608

…we are all set to take off.

photo img_20171215_175148
photo img_20171215_175417
photo img_20171215_175420
photo img_20171215_175422
photo img_20171215_175430

And only seconds later…

photo img_20171215_175433_1

…we are reaching…

photo img_20171215_175439_1

…the low cloud cover…

photo img_20171215_175451

…above San José. Do you know the way there? XD

photo img_20171215_175457

Such a nice blue sky up here!

photo img_20171215_180513

Wow! Look at that! She seems to be a cosmic girl. From another galaxy!

photo img_20171215_181109

I wonder if she's transmitting on my frequency.

She was! Look at what she brought me!! :D

photo img_20171215_181817

Yes, I know. That sandwich at the airport just one hour ago. But I'm doing this for a good cause, OK?

photo img_20171215_173556
BTW, "Como en el aire" is a word game. "Como" means "I eat", and also "as". So this sentence can be read "I eat in the air", or "As (if I were) in the air."

I only want to try the BOB offer of sandwiches…

photo img_20171215_173624

…and the clásico combo looks quite good.

photo img_20171215_181031

Two thumbs up for Sky for wrapping their sandwiches in paper instead of plastic!

photo img_20171215_181742_1

The filling looks… filling. :D

photo img_20171215_181933

Today's funky adventure…

photo img_20171215_181611

…is quickly coming to an end…

photo img_20171215_183751

…as we approach the south…

photo img_20171215_184224

…of the Santiago area.

photo img_20171215_184553

As soon as we pass the vanishing Aculeo lagoon (so sad)…

photo img_20171215_184705

…the southern tip of the city…

photo img_20171215_184922

…comes into sight.

photo img_20171215_184943

An unusually clear day over Santiago today!

photo img_20171215_185007

It must be a warm day, too.

photo img_20171215_185051

Look there! In the middle of that rectangular park there's a dome. That's Movistar Arena, the concert venue!

photo img_20171215_185139

After flying over Sao Paulo…

photo img_20171215_185154

…Santiago looks so small!!

photo img_20171215_185202
photo img_20171215_185220

We leave downtown behind…

photo img_20171215_185250

…and bank to the left…

photo img_20171215_185257

…to align with the runway…

photo img_20171215_185345_1

…from the north.

photo img_20171215_185414

And here we are.

photo img_20171215_190450

JetSmart! The new airline. Only 4 or 5 aircraft in their fleet at the moment, soon to be expanded to over 70.

photo img_20171215_190548_1

We head towards…

photo img_20171215_190713_1

…the domestic flights area.

photo img_20171215_190720
photo img_20171215_190743

But today we are parking…

photo img_20171215_190753

…in a remote position. The captain apologizes that we will have to wait some minutes…

photo img_20171215_190805

…and asks us to lower the shades on our side, unless we want to enjoy some…

photo img_20171215_190812

…canned heat!

But no.

photo img_20171215_191647

The belt loader shows up on my side…

photo img_20171215_191746

…and we are allowed to disembark…

photo img_20171215_192219

…before we expected.

photo img_20171215_192223

It might not be the best livery, but I do like the colors.

photo img_20171215_192232

After a short…

photo img_20171215_192417

…bonus ride around SCL…

photo img_20171215_192509

…we're dropped directly at baggage claim…

photo img_20171215_192725_1

…from where I go straight to my airbnb.

photo img_20171215_192825

Tomorrow is the great day, and everything will be…


Thanks for reading!!
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Valdivia - ZAL


Santiago - SCL



Sky Airline
A great short flight with the LCC Sky Airline. Great BOB, and surprisingly good pitch between seats!
Too bad they adopted the single line boarding scheme I saw in Brazil, but that seems to be the trend these days. :(

Still pretty and efficient, but showing signs of wear. Revamp the looks of that cafeteria, for God's sake! XD

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LATAM avec 7.2/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 27 minutes.

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  • Comment 439029 by
    loukas 341 Comments
    Hi Nechus, thanks for another domestic report. Hope you had a great fun in the concert. Santiago looks much smaller than Sao Paulo, yet is still looks big. Funny it's so flat while being so close to very high mountains. Such a legroom in a LCC?! They must have lost somewhere one row of seats and didn't even notice! :)
    • Comment 439053 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 999 Comments
      Hi Loukas

      Hope you had a great fun in the concert.

      I had the time of my life! The sound was amazing and I danced non-stop like a madman until the end of the concert. I think I was needing it! :D

      Funny it's so flat while being so close to very high mountains

      Yes, quite a paradox! You only see mountains in this area when you look at a map, but we Chileans seldom climb one. Weird, indeed.

      high mountains. Such a legroom in a LCC?! They must have lost somewhere one row of seats and didn't even notice!

      I hope they won't read this report and "fix" that!!

      Thanks for dropping by! :)
  • Comment 439088 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6829 Comments
    Thank you for this very creatively written funky report ^^

    To be honest, I didn't know Jamiroquai was still around, much less coming out with a new album. Thanks for enlightening me :-P

    It looks like this is a newer cabin and seat compared to some of your other reports. Is there something special about row 6 or do all the rows have this much legroom? It looks like they've put in slimline seats which can be uncomfortable for longer flights, but the benefit is more room due to slimmer seats. Well...when the airline doesn't add an extra row, anyway.

    Beautiful aerials as always! I'll make it to Chile one of the days ^^
    • Comment 439099 by
      Pilpintu TEAM AUTHOR 999 Comments
      I didn't know Jamiroquai was still around

      I have read that he has two daughters and was busy "being a father" these last five years. This latest album also came as a big surprise to me!

      Is there something special about row 6

      That's the funny thing about this flight. Row 6 is supposed to be a standard row. I paid the normal 2000 CLP (3 USD) for choosing a seat, so this extra space is a mystery to me. I didn't check other rows. :(

      when the airline doesn't add an extra row

      SHHHHHH!!!!! Don't give them ideas!!

      I'll make it to Chile one of the days

      High time, Kévin. High time. :D

      Thanks for dropping by!

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