Review of LATAM flight Puerto Montt Punta Arenas in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA285
Class Economy
Seat 4L
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 22 Jan 18, 16:30
Arrival at 22 Jan 18, 18:40
LA   #66 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 139 reviews
By 759
Published on 22nd April 2018
Ahh, those sad, gloomy days before Google Maps. Months of hardships, sailing from Europe to the west in search of a new route to India, only to find that America was blocking the way.

Until one good day in 1520 the Portuguese Fernão de Magalhães - aka Ferdinand Magellan - managed to pass through the stormy, treacherous strait at the southernmost tip of South America… and lived to tell!

Local toponyms give us an idea of the rather bleak experience he probably had - Port Famine, Useless Bay, Dry River, Desolation Island…

Yes, it sounds depressing, but this is precisely where my summer holidays will begin! Woo hoo!

You're kindly invited to enjoy the following nine reports. We will fly the three main local airlines (and mourn a deceased fourth), visit some never-reported airports in amazing corners of Patagonia, and… don't you miss the aerials and some jaw-dropping tourism bonuses!

This is flight 1 of 9 of this trip. You can also read the reports for flights 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Today's route:

photo 2018-04-16-231421_1366x768_scrotr

Heading south

Our first stop is Puerto Montt, where we (i.e. my mother and I) will board our LATAM flight at El Tepual airport (PMC). You'll find a detailed tour around the premises here.

We arrive in Puerto Montt after a comfortable three-hour bus ride from our home town, Valdivia. Puerto Montt's bus station is also a little shopping center, so we have lunch on the second floor with a nice view on the Gulf of Reloncaví.

Cruise ships are not as usual down here as in the Caribbean, but a trip around the fjords, islands and glaciers of the south of Chile should be on everyone's holidays list. Some suggestions here, here, and here.

photo img_0001

When asking about transport to PMC you'll probably get the answer "Andrés Tour", which sounds much like "undress tour". But don't get too excited. Andrés is only the Spanish form of the name Andrew.

photo img_20180122_135751

So, Andrés Tour will take you (with your clothes on) on a 20-minute ride to PMC for 2500 CLP (4 USD), departing from the same bus station.

photo img_20180122_141156_1

The north tip of the runway is only meters from the road. Two young airspotters take advantage of this.

photo img_20180122_142604_1

PMC has some relevance…

photo img_20180122_142745_1

…as a domestic hub…

photo img_20180122_142752

…for flights around Patagonia.

photo img_20180122_142754

The three main national airlines…

photo img_20180122_142808_1

…namely, LATAM, Sky, and JetSmart…

photo img_20180122_142814

…have flights to Coyhaique and Punta Arenas…

photo img_20180122_142819

…departing from Santiago and Puerto Montt.

photo img_20180122_142833

Some smaller airlines flying to smaller towns…

photo img_20180122_143100

…also have their headquarters here. Aerocord, for example, is one such airline.

As soon as we arrive we head for the check-in counter, but something is different today. When we get there…

photo img_20180122_143110

…a nice lady invites us to use the self check-in kiosks. We tell her that we have baggage to check but have already checked-in online, so we'd rather go straight to the counter, but she insists!

photo img_20180122_143331

When our turn comes… the check-in kiosk won't find our reservation! Said nice lady assists us in the check-in process, to no avail. The machine just doesn't want to admit us onboard…

photo img_20180122_143342

…and we have to queue up at the check-in counter, where we originally wanted to go. Gosh.

photo img_20180122_143818

The queue at the kiosks just gets longer and longer, and each passenger ends up being diverted to our line. Can anyone explain that to me?

photo img_20180122_143822

After this display of inefficiency from the part of LATAM we walk to the escalators because mater purissima wants to go airside immediately. I obey.

photo img_20180122_144103

More passengers are stuck there.

photo img_20180122_144124

Upstairs, taking the escalator on a wheelchair doesn't sound like a healthy idea, so you better heed the advice and use the elevator instead.

photo img_20180122_144207

It's 2:44 p.m. (in average) and flight LA285 seems to be on time. Sheer lies.

photo img_20180122_144219

BPs ready.

photo img_20180122_144252

Airside, it's very quiet at the moment. PMC is well equipped…

photo img_20180122_144634_1

…for a long wait.

photo img_20180122_144703

Britshop is an ubiquitous gift shop in most Chilean airports. There's also a lounge here. I hope they offer something more than the cold ham sandwiches I saw (or rather "I will see") at CCP during these holidays.

photo img_20180122_145023

Mater dulcissima has some problems with her blood sugar levels (no pun intended), and she has to choose between an hypoglycemic shock or the shock of paying the airport price of a chocolate bar.

photo img_20180122_154230

Meanwhile, junior kills the time with the scarce flight-spotting that can be done in secondary airports, like this Robinson R66, CC-ATP…

photo img_0005
photo img_0008

…and CC-AOL, a state-of-the-art Cessna C208.

photo img_0009
photo img_0011

I found this video where its owner shows the components of the control panel, the Garmin digital instruments, and explains that the plane has 5-hour flight range, and that they fly from Puerto Montt to any place required by their customers.

In the distance, what looks like two mosquitos…

photo img_0014

…are two Twin Otters…

photo img_0015

…of the Chilean Air Force.

photo img_0023

Another LATAM flight has pulled into the gate next to ours.

photo img_0028

This explains why men with firm, sexy buttocks are a rarity in Chile. They do the impossible to avoid climbing stairs!

photo img_0027

At 3:24 pm, 19 minutes before my flght arrives at PMC… What da…?? I hope those passengers had their sickness bags at hand!

photo screenshot_20180122-152457b

Here comes CC-BEP.

photo img_0029

I wonder if the passengers' faces will be different shades of green after such a tortuous ride.

photo img_0030

Nothing of the sort. shows a straight line in that area for that flight now. There must have been a mistake.

photo img_0033

Don't they look like two ballerinas finishing their performance with a révérence? Hm… too much imagination.

photo img_0036

Watch that weight, or else - Boarding

The abolition of the traditional boarding scheme based on row numbering has given place to a range of new ways to carry out this process.

photo img_20180122_154537_1

This time we have Priority Boarding for the disabled, elderly, mothers with their babies and pregnant women…

photo img_20180122_154553

…and lines for those with/without carry-on luggage. Can you see the little counter under the monitor? There's a scale behind, and all of us must weigh our luggage before boarding. Scary!

photo img_20180122_154527

Those with no luggage…

photo img_20180122_155457

…board first.

photo img_20180122_160442

Here we go. LATAM's allowance is 8kg, and my bag weighs 7.5. Phew! Just for the record, Sky Airline's allowance is 20kg, but they pay more attention to the baggage size.

photo img_20180122_161330

LATAM is offering a hybrid product, somewhere between an LCC and a legacy carrier.

photo img_20180122_161527

I'd show you their different fares, but they already complained for some screenshots of their website in ONE of my reports. They are not nice to flight reporters (that's why I avoid them). Not the best example of good PR! No wonder their cabin crew in Chile have been on strike this month for much longer than expected. HA!

photo img_20180122_161536

But I can tell you that they have the best seats for domestic flights, reclinable and with adjustable headrests.

photo img_20180122_161944

Tray table OK.

photo img_20180122_162005

Safety card.

photo img_20180122_162106
photo img_20180122_162123

This month's issue of their magazine has Rome on the cover.

photo img_20180122_162202

Some ideas of flights you can take with them.

photo img_20180122_162307

Even controversial Falkland/Malvinas islands, still under British rule with some help from… Chile! Yes, Pinochet's regime helped a little.

photo img_20180122_162335

I doubt Argentines will think more of Chile if LATAM keeps placing Chilean cities in their territory. Copiapó, for example.

photo img_20180122_162418

The routes that LATAM inherited from its TAM ancestor.

photo img_20180122_162439

Something I love about this magazine is the art. They always highlight some aspect of South America's culture or nature. This time they show off the beauty of some local trees.

photo img_20180122_162536

Ipé amarelo (yellow ipé), common in Brazil, and jacaranda. I have read that Harare, in Zimbabwe, is famous for its flowering jacarandas.

photo img_20180122_162556

Arupo, common in the streets of Quito, Ecuador.

photo img_20180122_162619

Araucaria, a distinctive kind of pine from the south of Chile and some areas of Brazil. If you search for photos of the Chilean Conguillío National Park, for example, you'll see beautiful araucaria forests…

photo img_20180122_162634

…like the one in this picture, taken from here.

photo chile-parque-nacional-conguillio-araucarias-turichile

The pitch is OK for me…

photo img_20180122_162956

…not so much for my neighbour. I'm 170cm tall.

photo img_20180122_163027

Chileans are always proud to show off their lack of education.

photo img_20180122_163011

Overhead panel.

photo img_20180122_171251

Penguins, here I go!

Picturesque taxiing with Osorno volcano in the background.

photo img_0038
photo img_0037

The two little plane spotters must have gone home.

photo img_0039

Km 1 of 1297.
photo img_0042

I can't believe I'm travelling to Punta Arenas!

photo img_0044

Did you know that the south of the Earth is closer to the center of the Milky Way than the north?

photo img_0046

The Earth's orbit is tilted relative to the galactic plane, so you can see the center of the galaxy from the southern hemisphere. The farther south you go, the closer to the center of the galaxy you are.

photo img_0047

So I will be closer to the center of the galaxy than ever before in my life!

photo img_0048

That's why nights in the southern hemisphere are more spectacular that in the north.

photo img_0049

You can see the very heart of the Milky Way!

photo img_0050

Too bad that the weather in the far south is usually cold and cloudy. In fact, we are in the middle of summer now…

photo img_0052

…but those clouds are threatening to spoil the view.

photo img_0053

Some of the last things I can see before the clouds hide the landscape are Calbuco and its bridge…

photo img_0059

…and Chacao channel…

photo img_0060

…which separates Chiloé island from the continent.

photo img_0061

Nobody told them that LATAM has an IFE system to which they can connect using their tablet or computer.

photo img_20180122_171712

I like these cabins. They look very tidy, and the seats are not covered in cloth, which is LATAM's standard in Brazil.

photo img_20180122_171728

USB chargers!

photo img_20180122_171957

So far, LATAM's cabins are at the lead among competitors Sky Airline and JetSmart. What about the BOB menu?

photo img_20180122_162652

I have the impression that it's a bit more expensive than Sky's, and about the same as JetSmart's.

I'll go for the Mechada sandwich today. It looks delicious! I don't think "larded meat" clearly translates "carne mechada", though. For a traditional Chilean carne mechada recipe, see here. Get your eye of round ready!

photo img_20180122_162910

I'm glad to see it's wrapped in paper instead of plastic.

photo img_20180122_172605_2

Plastic wouldn't make much sense for something that must be eaten before three days!

photo img_20180122_172647_2

So far, so good. Let's look inside.

photo img_20180122_172726

Gee. That caramelized does not look like the one in the menu at all!

photo img_20180122_172742

Peeking detected.

photo img_20180122_173231

To my great joy, the clouds suddenly start to break up, and I can see the glaciers in the ice fields!!

photo img_0064

In case you don't know it, glaciers are rivers of ice.

photo img_0066

Snow gathers on top of a mountain…

photo img_0072

…and its own weight pushes it downhill.

photo img_0070

Lucky me! The clouds break just enough to see Cochrane river down there…

photo img_0080

...and tiny Caleta Tortel on its mouth. Can you see it?

photo img_0081c

It's that little speck on the left.

photo img_0081b

Tortel is a unique town in Chile. It's very isolated, and there's no room for streets. Wooden stairs and walkways are the only way to move around the town. Talk about firm, sexy buttocks! XD

photo img_53a5e1ba8c84d
Source of the photo.

All these ice rivers originate at two large campos de hielo (ice fields)…

photo img_0095

…that are the third largest fresh water reserve after Antarctica and Greenland.

photo img_0096

A selfie hides my real intention of spying on the other passengers. Baseball cap and shades on a plane?

photo img_20180122_180940

Unfortunately, glaciers keep melting and shrinking because of global warming…

photo img_0105

…so we are lucky to see what's still left of them.

photo img_0113
photo img_0117

The receding ice carves the valleys, leaving long lagoons along the way. Sediments usually turn their water emerald-green.

photo img_0119

Then the ice fields come to an end…

photo img_0136

…giving place to vast plains…

photo img_0140

…covered by forests of lenga trees.

photo img_0145

This is the kingdom…

photo img_0148

…of wind and cold.

photo img_0153

The main economic activity around here…

photo img_0154

…is sheep farming…

photo img_0161

…in large estates…

photo img_0166

…called estancias.

photo img_0171
photo img_0172

The road from Punta Arenas to Río Gallegos, in Argentina. Chile and Argentina are closely linked here. People constantly move between both countries.

photo img_0177

About 50km north-east of Punta Arenas…

photo img_0178

…we find the white Casimiro lagoon. No idea why it's white. I found no information about it.

photo img_0179

Punta Arenas is at about the same latitude as Edmonton, in Canada…

photo img_0184

…or Manchester, in the UK.

photo img_0189

Summer days and winter nights are much longer here than in the rest of the country. This region, called Magallanes Region, is the only place in Chile where they don't switch between summer and winter time.

photo img_0190

Those cliffs…

photo img_0192

…turn out to be part of a large island in the Strait of Magellan.

photo img_0193

Isabel island is private property, as I will learn later. No I didn't get there looking for a shotcut to the airport! Not again! XD

photo img_0194

It's used for sheep farming.

photo img_0195

We bank to the right above the island. Upper left I can see…

photo img_0196

…Cabo Negro (Black Cape) port, which belongs to ENAP, the Chilean state oil company.

photo img_0197

With a clear view of the strait under my feet as we bank steeply to the right…

photo img_0199

…little Magdalena island and its lighthouse come into view.

photo img_0200

I don't know it at the moment, but this is the island…

photo img_0202

…that I will visit two days later…

photo img_0204

…to see the large penguin colony living there!

photo img_0209
photo img_0210

The tour consists of a short walk around the lower plains on the right, up to the lighthouse and back. That boat you see in the background probably visited Magdalena and now is going to an even smaller island called Marta (seen in the photo above), which hosts a sea lion colony. You'll also see it in today's tourism bonus. :)

photo img_0214

We're already in final approach.

photo img_0220

Chile is not a big oil producer. We still depend on imported oil…

photo img_0221

…and the state has devised a very efficient system to keep fuel prices high for the average Juan, even if they fall in the international market.

photo img_0222

Welcome to PUQ

At this point I remember…

photo img_0223

…about the strong wind…

photo img_0225

…that characterizes Patagonia…

photo img_0226

…and wonder what…

photo img_0227

…our landing will feel like.

photo img_0228

And the answer is…

photo img_0229

…"BRUTAL". We hit the runway like a stone. Everybody lets go a heartfelt "ouch!".

photo img_0230

I wonder if only the wind was to blame, actually.

photo img_0231

I was told that those tunnels (which must have a technical name that I ignore) were built as protection for war planes in the late 70s…

photo img_0232

…when Chile and Argentina almost engaged in a war during a dispute for some islands.

photo img_0233

Look at the trees here.

photo img_0236

They grow small and crooked because of the constant wind.

photo img_0238

I have noticed that each Chilean airport…

photo img_0241

…has its own oddity, be it an old plane or a strange sculpture.

photo img_0242

PUQ is no exception!

photo img_0243
photo img_0244

This time I'm in for a surprise, too.

photo img_0247

I had never seen an Ilyushin before!

photo img_0248

What a beauty!

photo img_0248b

I wonder if it's used for scientific purposes.

photo img_0250

9H-VJP is a 14-seat Bombardier operated by VistaJet. Seat map and more information here.

photo img_0252

Luckily, we didn't use those today.

photo img_0253

Former Air Almaty UP-I7601 belongs to Sigma Airlines now, but I found no info about them.

photo img_0254

Whatever, I think it's a very handsome aircraft.

photo img_0256

PUQ is special in many senses.

photo img_0259

For example, it's the only airport in Chile with three runways…

photo img_0262

…because of the strong winds. SCL has only two!

photo img_0263

It's also essential for military, scientific and commercial flights to Antarctica.

photo img_0265

Yes, you can fly to Antarctica with DAP Aerovías.

photo img_0266

They even have packages of one or several days.

photo img_0271

Here we are. Welcome to PUQ.

photo img_0272

It was a very comfortable flight.

photo img_20180122_184551

The very well insulated and carpeted jetway protects the passengers from the beastly weather.

photo img_20180122_184730

PUQ is a concessioned airport, which might mean "better kept than an airport run by the aviation authority".

photo img_20180122_184824

You can find great 360° views of the premises on their website.

photo img_20180122_184839

It's very spotter-friendly.

photo img_20180122_184939

Here's CC-BEP under the melancholic evening light. In fact, all days are melancholic at this latitude, and the weather doesn't help. Not recommendable if you suffer from depression!

photo img_0275
photo img_0276

Unfortunately, some photos might be a bit blurry from now on. My sacrosanct mother does not share my flight-reporting spirit and threatens to give me a taste of her walking cane on the head if I keep stopping every two meters, so I have to take the photos on the go. :(

photo img_20180122_185015

Going to the elevator, next to the restrooms.

photo img_20180122_185034

…and from there to baggage claim…

photo img_20180122_185149

…where DAP Aerovías

photo img_20180122_185424

…and Antarctica XXI invite you to visit the continente blanco.

photo img_20180122_185428

It looks like the ads are working, because I can hear many languages being spoken around here.

photo img_20180122_185716

Too much interest from the part of tourists, or too little interest from the part of the tour operator? :O

photo img_20180122_185735

Thank goodness mom has to pay a visit to the restrooms…

photo img_20180122_185755

…which gives me time for a better picture of the activity at baggage claim…

photo img_20180122_185809

…and the access to the main hall…

photo img_20180122_185904
photo img_20180122_185909

…where taxi and transfer companies are waiting for us.

photo img_20180122_190240

More details about PUQ in the next report. For now, we'll just go out…

photo img_20180122_190556

…and take a taxi that charges a fixed fare of 10000 CLP (17 USD) to Punta Arenas. very convenient for more than one passenger. The transfer service charges 5000 CLP (9 USD) per person.

photo img_20180122_190615

A Lockheed F-80C by the access to the military air base.

photo img_0278

Puerto Natales is 3 hours to the north. It's the access to breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park, which I will visit three days later, and also the following week. I'm sure you'll love that tourism bonus!

photo img_0279

The road runs along the Magellan Strait.

photo img_0280
photo img_0281

One of the products…

photo img_0283

…of local sheep farming…

photo img_0284

…is wool, of course.

photo img_0285

Unlike most cities located by the sea…

photo img_0288

…Punta Arenas withdraws inland…

photo img_0289

…turning its back to the strait and its violent, stormy weather.

photo img_0290

That's why you won't see fancy buildings or hotels facing the sea. Only sculptures like this, allusive to the original inhabitants of the area, who, by the way, were systematically exterminated by the European settlers.

photo img_0291

And as abruptly as this report ends…

photo img_0295

…we arrive at our destination when we turn right at the next corner.

photo img_0298


Tourism Bonus - Penguins and Sea Lions

Early morning the day after our arrival we have to wait for the van that will take us to the dock where we'll board the boat that will take us for a visit to the penguin colony on Magdalena island.

We wait at the main square, the typical plaza at the center of every town founded by Spaniards. This one is called Plaza Muñoz Gamero. It's the middle of summer, but we are shivering!

photo img_0312

In the middle of the plaza stands this monument to Ferdinand Magellan.

photo img_0310
photo img_0311

At its foot sits an original inhabitant of Patagonia, popularly known as the Indio Patagón. If you kiss his foot, you can be sure you'll come back to Punta Arenas, they say. Maybe if I had my hand sanitizer with me…

photo img_0314

There are some bautiful buildings around the plaza…

photo img_0316

…like the regional government headquarters…

photo img_0317

…and the Catholic cathedral.

photo img_0304
photo img_0305
photo img_0319

There's also the Sara Brown Palace.

photo img_0300

Sara Braun was a Russian immigrant. She was born in Talsi, Latvia, in 1862. Her family was very poor when they moved to Punta Arenas…

photo img_0301

…but the Chilean government was fostering immigration in those years, so they received some help.

photo img_0302

She became a skillful businesswoman, and also a filantropist.

photo img_0303

Where is that van? We're freezing out here!!

photo img_0306

It eventually comes and takes us to Tres Palos dock…

photo img_0321

…where we immediately board a fast boat.

photo img_0323
photo img_20180123_074938

Even before we can get off the boat…

photo img_0329

…I can have a glimpse of our welcome committee…

photo img_0330

…wearing tuxedos!

photo img_0331

Punta Arenas is warm and tropical compared to this!

photo img_0334

Oh my. I can't believe it!

photo img_0335

We are welcomed by a park guard, who repeats the instructions and warnings we were given in the boat. No walking outside the path, no taking anything home, no leaving anything, and a long et cetera. And we have 45 minutes to leave the island.

photo img_0336

We are all drooling at the sheer cuteness of these little guys. They stare at us with that "WTF-are-those-things?" look.

photo img_0337

They build their nests in the ground, protected from the chilly wind, which is making my head hurt.

photo img_0338

This is a colony of Humboldt penguins.

photo img_0339

More information about Humboldt penguins here.

photo img_0341

The young ones have very thin feathers, that resemble fleece.

photo img_0342

Their cawing sounds much like a donkey's bray.

photo img_0343

You can hear them in this short video I filmed, especially at minute 1:00

Here's a slideshow with some 50+ pictures of penguins photographed from all angles while we keep climbing to the lighthose in the middle of the island.

When our walk around Magdalena island is coming to an end, some young penguins come and walk among us.

photo img_0433

They are curious about us.

photo img_0434

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to stay longer.

photo img_0435

There's a limit to the number of tourists that can visit the island at the same time.

photo img_0436

That's why we had to come so early.

photo img_0438
photo img_0437

The other boats have already arrived. Now we'll visit Marta island, a smaller island…

photo img_0439

…that's home to a sea lion colony.

photo img_0442

Back in our warm, cozy boat…

photo img_0443

…we say goodbye to the nice park guards.

photo img_0445

Those flags (the Chilean flag and the flag of the Magallanes region) show how strong the wind is here all the time.

photo img_0447
photo img_0448

On the way to Marta island I learn why we had to get up so early for this tour.

photo img_0450

The wind gets stronger as the day passes, and the sea gets tougher. In fact, the captain has his doubt about coming to Marta.

photo img_0452

But eventually we come, though it will be a short visit…

photo img_0462

…and we won't be allowed to disembark.

photo img_0459

The island is shared by a colony of sea lions…

…and sea birds.

We have a bumpy ride back to Punta Arenas. The sea is very rough.

photo img_0492

We can see PUQ's control tower from here.
photo img_0493
photo img_0494

As we disembark, I think that airlines could learn something from these boats.

photo img_0499

Our van is waiting to take us back to the city.

photo img_0501

I'm sure that Ferdinand Magellan would have laughed if he had been told that a visit to these islands could be an unforgettable experience!

photo img_0503

Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew10.0

Puerto Montt - PMC


Punta Arenas - PUQ



A very comfortable flight to the far south of the country. LATAM has the best seats compared to the other main Chilean airlines. Good BOB menu.
Both PMC and PUQ are modern, efficient, and well maintained airports.



  • Comment 442290 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Nechus, the penguin is so sweet! I'm ready to offer him a shelter here in Warsaw, in heart of Europe :) By the way, thanks for a great report with stunning photos, both airshots and bonus pictures. It must have been a great trip. Looking forward to read next reports!

  • Comment 443161 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5363 Comments

    Hola Nelson! Thanks for sharing this lovely and entertaining report as always--I had to go see what those cute penguins were all about ^^

    It's nice to see LATAM running some point-to-point routes within Chile. It makes sense that one of those routes would be to Punta Arenas, such a popular gateway to the magical beauty of Chilean Patagonia!

    The new LATAM livery is growing on me, though the old LAN livery was one of my favorites. It would look nicer if they used the silver color from the tail all over the aircraft instead of all that boring white.

    "I doubt Argentines will think more of Chile if LATAM keeps placing Chilean cities in their territory. Copiapó, for example."
    - HAH! Looks like LATAM is trying to make Chile seem more girthy :-P

    "I like these cabins. They look very tidy, and the seats are not covered in cloth, which is LATAM's standard in Brazil."
    - I agree. It looks much more sleek and modern than the sad drab cabins on the TAM side. The bins are also nice and modern. And it's nice that there are USB chargers which are useful on longer routes for making use of the streaming IFE. That's one thing I complain about AA all the time--they stopped installing IFE in favor of streaming IFE to save $ and weight, but so many of AA's domestic fleet (mostly PMUS aircraft) don't have any charging for devices.

    Too bad it was cloudy most of the flight, but the clouds broke up just in time for some great glacier views! Had it been a clearer day, you probably would've broken the internet again :-P

    "…"BRUTAL". We hit the runway like a stone. Everybody lets go a heartfelt "ouch!"."
    - Sounds like a landing at Keflavik in the winter...future FR teaser

    Nice penguin bonus :-)
    Punta Arenas looks like a very pretty city--I didn't expect that. It looks like an interesting mix of a Nordic, Spanish, and French-ish architecture.

    • Comment 443282 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 723 Comments

      Hola, Kevin!

      a landing at Keflavik in the winter...future FR teaser

      Will be looking forward to it! Iceland is one of the destinations on my long-long-long-term travelling list.

      Had it been a clearer day, you probably would've broken the internet again

      Haha, that poor server of yours has had a bad year. But I haven't noticed any hiccups after that black weekend, except that some cover pictures (not mine) passed into eternal digital oblivion. A minute of silence for them. XD

      Punta Arenas looks like a very pretty city--I didn't expect that.

      Nor did I! This was my first time there!

      Thanks for commenting. Have a nice rest of the week! :)

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