Review of LATAM flight Santiago Puerto Natales in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA1
Class Economy
Seat 25L
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:10
Take-off 30 Jan 18, 11:10
Arrival at 30 Jan 18, 14:20
LA   #69 out of 108 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 139 reviews
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Published on 20th June 2018


Yes. They are somehow related to my "flying experience", as required by

You'll see below! :D


The first flight in this series took my mother and me to Punta Arenas, where we walked among penguins in the Strait of Magellan.

photo img_0381b

Before the second flight took us back home, we admired the striking beauty of Paine Towers National Park.

photo img_2397

Then I continued my trip on my own. JetSmart was my savior after the demise of Latin American Wings (and subsequent loss of my ticket). This third "replacement" flight took me to Santiago…

photo img_1708

…because this is where I'll board the current flight… back to Patagonia!

Patagonia again? Yes. Mom wasn't able to walk very well when we went together, so I planned to revisit some places on my own.

Let's get down to business.


Who needs Air Force 1 when you can have LATAM 1? It might not be paid by taxpayers but you're in much better company! XD

LATAM has seasonal flights to Puerto Natales - the door to Paine Towers National Park - from November to March. The flights for this season started on November 14, 2017, as reported here. The code for this flight is LA1.

photo pntflights

After a relaxing weekend in Viña del Mar - escaping from the heat of Santiago - I make it to SCL on Tuesday morning.

photo img_1802

The new terminal's "Pacific Ocean waves" or "wavy Andean peaks" - as they are described by the concession's holder - are still under construction.

photo img_1805
photo img_1804
photo img_1807

SCL is quickly becoming too small for the growing demand.

photo img_20180130_101236

They manage to keep queing times short, at least on the domestic side. But I have read that they are struggling on the international side. Customs, International Police and the Agricultural Inspection Service (SAG) are not providing enough personnel.

photo img_20180130_101628_2

LAN1 will board through gate 24. I think I have boarded almost half my flights through this gate. I should buy a lottery ticket with this number! LOL

photo img_20180130_102230

On the way I come across a…

photo img_20180130_102537

…book swap kiosk. The project is still en pañales, though.

photo img_20180130_102754

4-year-old CC-BFX will be tasked with transporting my plump humanity to meridional latitudes today.

photo img_1808
photo img_1810

Those boxes are extremely flimsy. I doubt the donnuts in them will make it to Puerto Natales in one piece!

photo img_20180130_102938

The plane is in the old LAN livery…

photo img_20180130_104105

…but inside it's furnished with the new LATAM colors.

photo img_20180130_104220

Not only the colors are new, but LATAM refurbished their cabins completely, doing away with their old, thick, blue, LAN seats.

photo img_20180130_104640

At least on the Chilean side of LATAM the space for your legs…

photo img_20180130_104704_1

…is acceptable. I didn't experience the same in Brazil.

photo img_20180130_104749
photo img_20180130_104803

Long flight ahead. I'd better pay a visit to the lavatories before my seatmates come.

photo img_20180130_104458
photo img_20180130_104501
photo img_20180130_104503

Oops! The baby changer seems to be out of order.

photo img_20180130_104508

Back in my seat, the boarding process is still in progress…

photo img_20180130_104714

…and my seatmates have not yet come.

photo img_20180130_105041

The donnut guy is still trying to find a safe place for his precious cargo. One of the female FAs suggest he could place them on her bag. She's very kind! (As long as she isn't planning to keep them for herself!) XD

photo img_20180130_105236

While our baggage is being loaded…

photo img_20180130_105330

…I can spot a KLM in elegant Skyteam livery…

photo img_1812

…and this AR 737-800 in what I think is a very well achieved livery. One of my favorites.

photo img_1813

Time for pushback.

photo img_1814
photo img_1815

Some big ones as we move past the international side.

photo img_1818

CC-AFY! So many adventures together! Three, actually: here, here, and here.

photo img_1822

Those buses always park there. I wonder what is their purpose. They don't look like the standard airport shuttle bus, do they?

photo img_1824

Just like all other 747s in Qantas fleet, VH-OEF's days are numbered. The airline has announced its intentions to purchase six more 787-9s and withdraw its "queens", as reported here (with a nice video)

photo img_1827

Taxiing past the least glamorous corner of the airport, albeit the most interesting for me…

photo img_1831

…the junk yard!

photo img_1832

There are works by the runway, too.

photo img_1834
photo img_1837

One of the advantages of having two parallel runways only…

photo img_1838

…is that taxiing never takes…

photo img_1840

…too long.

photo img_1842

On your marks…

photo img_1843

Before we take off, some technical information about this flight. Yes, I know the map is a bit long. Just wait to see the one for the flight back! XD

photo route scl pnt

We're taking off almost 20 minutes late.

photo img_1845

I blame it on the new single-line boarding schedule.

photo img_1847
photo img_1849

How cute. This reminds me of those times when I used to play with my toy trucks.

photo img_1851

Here's an example of a housing project built for the higher strata of the local middle class…

photo img_1854

…who want to live outside the city, but can't escape too far from it.

photo img_1855

Lomas de Lo Aguirre. The cheapest house there costs about 300000 USD, which is prohibitive for most Chileans considering our income, but doesn't surprise anybody anymore. Buying or renting a house in our own country has become incredibly expensive. TV report here.

photo img_1858

For the first hundred kilometers…

photo img_1864

…we follow the usual route…

photo img_1866

…along the Central Valley…

photo img_1867

…of which I have posted so many photos before.

photo img_1871

But then I realize that we're flying east of Convento Viejo reservoir…

photo img_1872

…wich means that we are flying closer to the mountains this time.

photo img_1875

Yes. We are east of Curicó…

photo img_1876

…and east of Colbún dam.

photo img_1880

The dam is a very picturesque place, popular among tourists.

photo img_1885

On minute 33:59 of this TV show, its hosts visits Colbún dam and shows off its attractives.

Meanwhile, onboard, BOB service has started.

photo img_20180130_115943

It's gonna be a long trip, so a coffee and a muffin are welcome.

photo img_20180130_115538
photo img_20180130_115749_1

The coffee is Colombian Juan Valdez. Hm. That moustache. That hat. I have seen this guy somewhere.

photo img_20180130_115816

Aha! LATAM's dirty little secret!

photo shame3

For the rest of the flight the cabin looks like this. Not even a little bit of turbulence to shake up the sleepy atmosphere.

photo img_20180130_124839

Volcanoes, lakes and glaciers

I can't get my eyes off the window.

photo img_1886

We're flying as east as you can in Chile, which is about 100km from the usual routes. XD

photo img_1888

But this close to the Andes and Argentina, I'll be able to behold some frequent vies from a different angle, like this area north of Laja river…

photo img_1890

…with countless little valleys lined in native forests and this little dam in river Polcura.

photo img_1893

Uh oh. Clouds.

photo img_1895

3585 meters high Sierra Velluda hill.

photo img_1897
photo img_1898
photo img_1900

663km south of Santiago, Llaima volcano

photo img_1902

…one of the most active in Chile, with frequent but moderate eruptions.

photo img_1903

Its most recent major eruption occurred in 1994.

photo img_1905

Then comes one that gives me the jitters. Villarrica volcano is the background for a very popular touristic area, but seeing it from above it looks different…

photo img_1909

…and menacing. It has a permanent lava lake inside, which usually rises to the top of the narrow crater. There are lots of picturesque towns around it, like Pucón and Villarrica, and more than 15000 people climb to the edge of its crater every year. In fact, my sister did so some years ago. I'd love to! Brrrrr!! Cooked Nechus. :D

photo img_1910

But the sight that literally blows my mind during this trip is Chos-Wenko volcano, which happens to be the closest to my hometown! At first I can't recognize it because, from ground level, I have always seen what looks like two craters, one to the north and one to the south. But then it hits me…

photo img_1922

At some point in history (a long time ago, luckily) the top half of the volcano blew up, leaving an enormous circular rim that now contains a huge glacier. What I thought was the northern crater is just part if this rim.

photo img_1923

The new crater is growing in the middle of the glacier. Fascinating.

photo img_1926

Lake Riñihue lies at its foot. I've been there. It's beautiful but its stony beaches don't attract many tourists. Good thing, anyways. It means less pollution.

photo img_1930

South of lake Riñihe are lakes Ranco (background) and Maihue (foreground).

photo img_1935

The western tip of lake Maihue.

photo img_1936

In the middle of lake Ranco there is a large island…

photo img_1937

…called Huapi. Most of its inhabitants are of the Mapuche ethnicity.

photo img_1938

Here's a recent TV report about "ethnic tourism" on the island.

photo img_1939

The largest town north of lake Ranco is Futrono.

photo img_1942

Llifén is another small town on the east shore of the lake.

photo img_1944

South of lake Ranco is the wide crater of Puyehue volcano.

photo img_1946

Mischievous Puyehue is part of a complex of four volcanoes called Cordón Caulle. The last time that this cordón, or range, erupted in 2011, it covered a large area with pumice stone…

photo img_1948

…and the ash cloud went around the world. Some impressive images here.

photo img_1949

I'll share more images of the area in a future report, when I'll be travelling by bus to Bariloche, in Argentina, to board a flight on a new LCC.

photo img_1951

Lake Rupanco and its Islote (Big Island)…

photo img_1954

…which is not an island, but a long peninsula.

photo img_1956

And finally, before the continent sinks under the sea and turns into a thousand fjords and islands…

photo img_1958

…the beautiful cone of Osorno volcano…

photo img_1961
photo img_1964

…emerging between lakes Todos los Santos - All Saints - on the east (foreground) and Llanquihue on the west (background).

photo img_1962

Three rivers - Petrohué, Cochamó and Puelo - empty into Reloncaví estuary which, in turn, pours into Reloncaví Sound. Puerto Montt (PMC) lies on this sound.

photo img_1973

The town of Hornopirén is barely 107km south-east of Puerto Montt, but it takes over 3 hours to get there by car. The route includes a ferry, and is the beginning of the extremely beautiful Carretera Austral (Southern Road).

photo img_1980

From here on, the clouds cover most of the landscape, but they break once in a while, allowing me a glimpse of the glaciers and glaciar lagoons underneath.

photo img_1987
photo img_2057
photo img_2081
photo img_2087

I have a terrible pain in my neck as we start descending, after almost three hours twisting myself against the window…

photo img_2101

…trying to get some good photos.

photo img_2104

We softly bank to the left…

photo img_2114

…in a U-turn.

photo img_2115

Now we are flying to the north west…

photo img_2126

…above lake Balmaceda, which is just south of Puerto Natales, approaching the runway…

photo img_2129

…more or less like this. Because of the wind, I suppose. The white line upper right is the border with Argentina.

photo lago balmaceda

The forests of lenga trees cover this side of Patagonia.

photo img_2133
photo img_2134

The road to Río Turbio, Argentina.

photo img_2144
photo img_2149

And after these rocky hills…

photo img_2150
photo img_2152
photo img_2155

…and the road to Paine Towers national Park…

photo img_2156

…we finally make it…

photo img_2159
photo img_2162

…to tiny PNT.

photo img_2163
photo img_2164

Welcome to PNT

The wind is really strong here.

photo img_2165

Just look at how it blows the rain on the runway.

photo img_2168
photo img_2169

Everything, even the smallest plant, is shaped by the relentless wind.

photo img_2174

While we taxi towards the terminal…

photo img_2178

…you should know that Lt. Julio Gallardo Airport (aka PNT)…

photo img_2179

…did not receive any commercial flights between 2013 and 2016…

photo img_2180

…after the LCC Sky Airline replaced its 737-200s with A319s. PNT was too small for such aircraft.

photo img_2183

The enlarged runway and other works were inaugurated in December 2016.

photo img_20180130_141600

Thank goodness the rain is stopping.

photo img_20180130_141657

I didn't bring an umbrella with me!

photo img_20180130_141910
photo img_20180130_142137

Isn't it a nice little airport?

photo img_20180130_142248

Of course, we disembark…

photo img_20180130_142546

…via stairs. Brrrr!!! It's freezing, especially after the heat of Santiago!

photo img_20180130_142613

I suppose I have all the time in the world…

photo img_20180130_142620

…to take all the photos I want!

photo img_20180130_142633
photo img_20180130_142647
photo img_20180130_142658
photo img_20180130_142731
photo img_20180130_142744

That sign welcomes us to the airport.

photo img_20180130_142758

The black lines are supposed to be the outline of the Paine towers…

photo img_20180130_142808

…which are advertised everywhere around here.

photo img_20180130_142825

This is PNT inside. I like it.

photo img_20180130_142839

No baggage to claim, so I get my transfer ticket…

photo img_20180130_142845

…which costs 3000 CLP (4.5 USD)

photo img_20180130_143238

…and head for the exit.

photo img_20180130_142853
photo img_20180130_143015
photo img_20180130_143019

Cabs in case you don't want to go for a tour around the city in the transfer van. Puerto Natales is a very small town, anyway.

photo img_20180130_143039

It's a small building, but it has a double access door. The terrible weather must be the cause, again.

photo img_20180130_143043

That's my van.

photo img_20180130_143055
photo img_20180130_143119

A handsome front. More info about those ornaments in the next report.

photo img_20180130_143221
photo img_20180130_143719

PNT is barely 7km from the town.

photo img_2187

There's a very active tourism industry.

photo img_2188

The town itself is quite picturesque…

photo img_2192

…but this report is already long enough…

photo img_2193

…so I will leave the tourism bonus…

photo img_2194

…for the next report, when we will fly less than 200km to Punta Arenas, in a stopover on our way back to Santiago.

photo img_2199

And the swans of the cover picture? Here they are by the road! I told you they were part of my flying experience. Well, sort of. :D

photo img_2200
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Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Puerto Natales - PNT



A first for me and for, this time we fly LATAM to tiny PNT, serving Puerto Natales, a tourist spot in the Chilean Patagonia.

LATAM offers great value for your money. Its national fares are almost even with its two competitors in the domestic arena, JetSmart and Sky Airline, but it offers better seats, nicer cabins, good seat pitch, and far better IFE system (which, unfortunately, I am not using now)



  • Comment 451291 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5376 Comments

    It certainly was a great day to fly! A visually stunning report as always, helped by beautiful clear weather on the whole route. There sure are a lot of volcanoes in Chile--I wonder who has more, Chile or Iceland!? Sounds like LATAM is the way to go for domestic flights in Chile, especially if the prices are comparable to the LCCs with better service, seats, and IFE! Plus I'm loyal to oneworld, so I'd pick LATAM anyway--not that there are any other options on this route, LOL.

    Thanks for sharing this exclusive report on LATAM flight #1!

    • Comment 451293 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 729 Comments

      a lot of volcanoes in Chile--I wonder who has more, Chile or Iceland!?

      Hm... Good question. Wikipedia lists 130 active and extinct volcanic mountains. In average, Chile has one vocano every 2km. Being 4200km in length, there should be around 2100 volcanoes. I don't know how I should feel about that. Should I run for my life? XDDD

      Thanks for dropping by (and for posting on FB!!!) :)

      BTW, this article I read reminded me of your trip to Iceland. You didn't become famous there, too, right? XDDDD

      • Comment 451294 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5376 Comments

        "Being 4200km in length, there should be around 2100 volcanoes. I don't know how I should feel about that."
        - Wow, I don't know how I feel about that either! LOL

        "Thanks for dropping by (and for posting on FB!!!) :)"
        - And the Twitters ^^

        "BTW, this article I read reminded me of your trip to Iceland. You didn't become famous there, too, right? "
        - Haha, no, I would never get that lost in Iceland. I've been there close to 100 times in my life...don't even need a GPS there :-)

  • Comment 451410 by
    marathon SILVER 9602 Comments

    OK, I got the message that Chile is a LONG country north to south, but does it really take 15 hours (from 11:10 am to 02:20 am) to reach PNT from SCL ? It seems that Chile enjoys midnight sun too ;)
    Your neck ache was not in vain; thanks for the landscape pictures and captions.
    PNT is a really small airport; the A320 looks nearly as big as the terminal :)
    I'm looking forward to the bonus of the report of the next flight; thanks for sharing this one !

    • Comment 451416 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 729 Comments

      does it really take 15 hours (from 11:10 am to 02:20 am) to reach PNT from SCL ?

      Well, the captain decided to take the northern road, but I didn't want to bore my readers with an extra long report so I left out the photos of the Caribbean, North America, Siberia, China, Indonesia, Australia and Antarctica. XDDD

      ROFLMAO. Thanks for noticing my mistake. How... timely!

      I'm looking forward to the bonus of the report of the next flight;

      Yes! Perito Moreno is really worth seeing!!

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