Review of Andes Líneas Aéreas flight Puerto Iguazu Buenos Aires in Economy

Flight OY571
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 14 Jul 18, 15:30
Arrival at 14 Jul 18, 17:15
OY 4 reviews
Published on 16th January 2019

Welcome to the flight back to Buenos Aires after a visit to breathtaking Iguazú Falls.

This is flight 3 of 4 in this series. The reports for legs 1 and 2 are also available. Leg 4 is coming soon.

But how could I start off just like that, without sharing some views of this wonder called Cataratas del Iguazú!

Though, as you'll see later, this was a rather bittersweet experience.

Preflight Bonus - Iguazú Falls and Puerto Iguazú

I was very lucky to find accomodation only meters from Avenida Tres Fronteras, where you can take the Río Uruguay bus that takes you to Iguazú Park. No way to miss those buses. They come every ten minutes and have a sign that reads "Cataratas". The trip takes about half an hour, and the price is 85 ARS (2.5 USD)

photo img_6976

At the entrance…

photo img_6977

…foreigners pay 600 ARS (16 USD)

photo img_20180713_090746

You can pick some free brochures which include maps of the park, and there are also large maps on the wall.

Before we start, let's get familiar with the map of the park.

There are three trails (or circuits) called the lower circuit, upper circuit and the Devil's Throat circuit.

My Airbnb host suggested me the following route, which is what you'll see in this bonus:

From the access - lower right, next to the parking lots marked E (for "Estacionamiento") - walk all the way to the little roundabout that looks like a bicycle wheel (marked with a blue information sign). There, turn right and walk along the "Green Trail" leading to the train station.

The train takes you to Devil's Throat station (upper left) from where you walk over the river up to the largest waterfall in the park, Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat)

Then take the train back to Cataratas station and walk to the lighthouse in the middle, where the lower circuit (in light blue) start starts. Finally, come back to the lighthouse and do the upper circuit (in red) if you still have time.

photo img_20180713_090909

Right after the entrance is the visitor center, where you find…

photo img_20180713_091513

…information, reminders like "If you feed us, we become agressive towards our group and towards people"; "If you feed us, we become ill and can transmit diseases"; "We the animals of the park know how to find our food in the jungle"…

photo img_20180713_091632

…the necessary restrooms, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

photo img_20180713_091706

At the roundabout you are reminded that you are about to get some steps lower in the food chain. :D

photo img_20180713_091902

And this is where the Green Trail starts.

photo img_20180713_092025

"Turn your aprehension into admiration."

photo img_20180713_092230

The trail leads to…

photo img_20180713_092233

…the railway.

photo img_20180713_093032

"Welcome to Cataratas station."

photo img_20180713_093217

There's a train to the Devil's Throat every 15 minutes.

photo img_20180713_093302

You get your ticket from him (it's included in your admittance fee)…

photo img_20180713_093407

…and there's no need to queue up.

photo img_20180713_093424

You just wait for your turn.

photo img_20180713_093445

Just make sure to make room for four people in your seat or the assistants will frown upon you.

photo img_20180713_094157

This ride is real fun! The view behind me:

photo img_20180713_094206

I saw people walking this stretch, but it's not worth it. You'll get tired too early and you can't see the waterfalls from here.

photo img_20180713_094314

From the station you walk the long path…

photo img_20180713_095506

…over river Paraná.

photo img_20180713_095512

And walk…

photo img_20180713_095527

…and walk, across a series of islands formed by the sediments in the shallow waters of the upper Iguazú river (right before the waterfalls)

photo img_20180713_095920

The fish in the upper and lower Iguazú (before and after the waterfalls) are different. Those in the upper Iguazú are small, and those in the lower Iguazú are ferocious predators.

photo img_20180713_100222

There's a resting place with some seats mid-way to the Devil's Throat,

photo img_20180713_100658

…where plush-crested jays wait for some bit of food.

photo img_6983

Then you keep walking until…

photo img_6980

…you start to get soaked in the spray from the waterfall.

photo img_6984

And there it is. Unbelievably huge…

photo img_6989

…unbelievably powerful.

photo img_6992

When you stand there, staring at all that water falling to the bottom, it feels as if entire worlds were being swallowed…

photo img_6993

…into a black hole. You can not say you know Iguazú because you saw it in photos or in a video. You have to be there. I'm shaking inside!

photo img_6994

The noise is deafening! Remember that we are in winter…

photo img_6990

…which is the dry season here!

photo img_6991

I'm moved to tears by such humbling display of the power of nature.

photo img_6997

I stay there for as long as I can, trying to understand how little we are.

photo img_20180713_102942b

On the way back to the train…

photo img_20180713_110128

…I have to sit for a while, but these guys think that I am there to feed them! They look cute at first…

photo img_7019

…but I don't like that velociraptor look in their eyes.

photo img_7020b

Even less when they start to gather around me. I'd better hit the road.

photo img_7017

Awww… my first coati sighting!! Arent they lovely??? (It's koh - ah - TEE) They look like cats in a dog's costume.

photo img_7032

At the train station…

photo img_20180713_112710

…which is invaded by coatis…

photo img_20180713_112743

…you also wait for your turn without lining up.

photo img_20180713_112718

Back in Cataratas station you can pause for a snack at one of the (expensive) cafeterias and continue towards the lighthouse and the lower circuit.

Here's why I wouldn't come with a guided tour. It's chaotic. There are lots of groups, lots of people, and you will spend more time finding and keeping up with your group than enjoying the views. Those umbrellas are not intended to cover you, but to show where your tour guide is.

photo img_20180713_115423

Besides, all the signs are in Spanish, English and Portuguese. You can't get lost!

photo img_20180713_121327

Here we are.

photo img_20180713_121553

This is where the lower trail starts.

photo img_7037b

I hate to think…

photo img_20180713_121831

…that each step downwards…

photo img_20180713_121938

…will turn into a step upwards.

photo img_20180713_124120

This is it. That would be the Devil's Throat in the distance.

photo img_7049

And that is the Brazilian side. There's an unending discussion as to which is the best side to watch the waterfalls from - Argentina or Brazil.

photo img_7051

As a photographer explains in his blog, Brazil may have the most stunning views…

photo img_7052

…but Argentina has more views.

photo img_7053

So, in few words, take the time to visit both sides.

photo img_7054

You can also take a boat and get closer to the falls…

photo img_7058

…but the prices are abusive. Besides, they don't get THAT close because it's dangerous.

photo img_7055

There is a string…

photo img_7056

…of smaller "saltos" (jumps) or little falls…

photo img_7059

…of astonishing beauty.

photo img_7063

After these stunning views…

…you come to…

photo img_20180713_131809

…salto Bosetti, which marks the end of the lower trail.

photo img_20180713_132000photo img_20180713_131853photo img_20180713_131921

On the way back to the lighthouse you'll come across salto Dos Hermanas (Two Sisters)

photo img_7096

"Wounds in the forest". According to this, it takes up to 60 years for the jungle to recover sfter being cut down.

photo img_20180713_133939

Well, the dreaded moment has come. Up we go.

photo img_20180713_140012

Pheeeeewww… Back at the lighthouse. But before we go for the upper circuit…

photo img_20180713_140214

…a little pause to eat something, always being careful not to feed the coatis or leave any leftovers behind. These warnings are on each table.

photo img_20180713_113008

And even though they seem to scream "Cuddle meee! I'm adorable!!"…

…don't try to pet them! They're not domestic animals. Look at those fangs! (Same thing for the monkeys, though I didn't see any)

photo img_20180713_120012

AND… they are expert thieves! I saw that daring coati run away with a paper bag that the lady in the pink sweater left on the table, just to discard it when it saw that there was no food in it.

photo img_7114

But because I can't follow even my own advice, I couldn't help it when this coati came this close to me with its tail up in the air. Stealthily I pinched the tip of its tail saying "colita!", the way I do to my cats. The coati gave a start and looked around, but I stood still like a statue and it couldn't guess where the attack had come from! Phew! This was my favorite moment! :D

photo img_7119

The views from the upper circuit are OK…

photo img_7122photo img_7139photo img_7140

…but they are not as impressive as those from the other circuits.

photo img_7132

You see most of the same waterfalls, but from above….

photo img_7137

…like salto Bosetti.

photo img_7138

We were down there some minutes ago.

photo img_7145

You have nice views of the upper Iguazú, though.

By this time of day, all we want is to go back to our accomodations. I can hardly walk!

photo img_7217

The buses are waiting at the entrance. There's an office there where you buy your ticket first.

photo img_20180713_154955

The buses run every few minutes. And look! They have a special service on nights with a full moon!

photo img_7231

I'm leaving Iguazú completely exhausted, but in deep awe.

photo img_7232

However, when I arrive at my accommodation in quiet Puerto Iguazú…

…I take some time to check a map of the area around the park on the Internet.

My heart breaks.

The idea that South America is teeming with jungle life…

photo clipboard01

…is a big…

photo clipboard02


photo clipboard03


photo clipboard04

The jungle is gone. Iguazú park (red arrow) is nothing but a tiny island in middle of a sea of devastation that stretches for thousands and thousands of kilometers. All the pale-green area below used to be just like Iguazú. The remaining Amazon forest in the north is not even half of what it used to be, and is quickly vanishing, too.

photo clipboard05

I'm devastated. Iguazú is nothing but the sad memory of something that has ceased to exist.

If only we disappeared and left this planet in peace…

By the way, news from a couple of months ago:

photo spinx2

IGR under construction

I leave Puerto Iguazú with a heavy heart. The transfer picks me outside the local bus terminal, and then we pick some more passengers on the way.

photo img_20180714_131036

Did I mention that Argentines…

photo img_7269

…love soccer?

photo img_7273

IGR is undergoing a deep renovation.

photo img_20180714_134555

Hence the dirt on the road.

photo img_20180714_134645

Obra en construcción = Work in progress.

photo img_20180714_134702

The number of parking spaces will increase…

photo img_20180714_134705

…from 70 to 400

The right wing looks more like a new building than a renovation to me.

photo img_20180714_134721

The new control tower was inaugurated in February 2016.

photo img_20180714_134732

Poor IGR. It was high time it was given a little love.

photo img_20180714_134747

Always shadowed by its neighbor - IGU - in Brazil…

photo img_20180714_134748

…it still receives almost a million passengers a year.

photo img_20180714_134751

But it's so neglected, that even though it was renamed Mayor Carlos Eduardo Krause…

photo img_20180714_134753

…after a major killed in the Guerra de las Malvinas (Falklands War)…

photo img_20180714_134756

…but the waterfalls are more popular. On another subject, let's be frank: The guy who designed this entrance should be thrown down the Devil's Throat.

photo img_20180714_135013

But things are about to change. I see pillars. That's a good sign. The new tower over there…

photo img_7275

…is taller than the old one (foreground). I wonder if its design fulfills some practical purpose (having failed all aesthetic purposes, I mean)

photo img_7276

Inside, I don't need to think much to realize that this small hall…

photo img_20180714_135115_1

…must get crowded easily.

photo img_20180714_135117

The escalators hide baggage claim…

photo img_20180714_135121

…and under them are the bus and taxi stalls.

photo img_20180714_135409
photo img_20180714_135233

We'll go upstairs…

photo img_20180714_135127

…after the blackout.

photo img_20180714_135130

What blackout?? Well, not the first one. I am standing here when suddenly the lights go out. We have to wait until the computers are restarted to continue the check-in process.

photo img_20180714_135320

Meanwhile, there's the FIDS, recovering.

photo img_20180714_135436

Now we know that the monitors are LG…

photo img_20180714_135437

I could tell a joke to kill some time…

photo img_20180714_135440

…but no, I think it coming there…

photo img_20180714_135446

…hm, not yet.

photo img_20180714_135450

There. Good old Windows XP.

photo img_20180714_135500


photo img_20180714_135504

Ah, it's OK. We can continue now…

photo img_20180714_135601

NOOO!! NOT AGAIN!!! The check-in guy is hitting his head on the counter.

photo img_20180714_140034_1

And we are all starting to worry because time passes and we still have to clear security check.

photo img_20180714_140037

So he (the guy with his hand in the air) comes and says that we should just proceed to the boarding room if we have the boarding card on our cellphone and no baggage to check. And guess who's the only one who can go now!!

photo img_20180714_140041

Woo - hoo - hoo!! Bye, loosers!

photo img_20180714_140138

Let's see what's around here. Seats.

photo img_20180714_140138

Souvenir shops.

photo img_20180714_140147

Hard seats, of course. Argentines love them, as I said before.

photo img_20180714_140152

This pink stone, called rhodochrosite (aka Inca rose), happens to be the national stone of Argentina.

photo img_20180714_140206

It's funny that countries have "national stones". The Chilean national stone used to be lapis lazuli, but it's also found in Asia so it was not Chilean enough and they replaced it with combarbalita.

Buying one of those toucans doesn't make much sense. I didn't see a single toucan in Iguazú.

photo img_20180714_140230

And the other animals… well, that deer needs plastic surgery on its face.

photo img_20180714_140247

Apart from more gift shops there's not much more to see airside. Besides…

photo img_20180714_140308

…people are starting to gather at security check…

photo img_20180714_140311

…so it's a good idea to go…

photo img_20180714_140346


photo img_20180714_140623_1

Even though IGR has at least two gates…

photo img_20180714_140627

…according to those FIDS…

photo img_20180714_140630

…they take a simple approach to boarding here.

photo img_20180714_140659

Seat availability doesn't seem…

photo img_20180714_140715

…to be a problem.

photo img_20180714_140717

A small cafeteria at the bottom.

photo img_20180714_140742_1

IGR is quite spotter friendly, too.

photo img_20180714_140752_1

You can sit by the window…

photo img_20180714_141048

…and have a great view of the apron. Oh, AR has arrived.

photo img_20180714_140932

While the passengers disembark…

photo img_20180714_141100

…let's see what's happening outside.

photo img_7277

Just like at the front of the building…

photo img_7278

…there's a lot of building work at the back.

photo img_7279

I wonder if I'll be lucky enough to FINALLY fly on an MD-80, or will it be a 737 again?

photo img_7282

YEES!!! At long last! After two failed attempts!

photo img_7283

Elderly LV-WGN may be in its golden years (28!!)…

photo img_7284

…but it hasn't seen much world. It has spent its whole life in Argentina, it seems.

photo img_7285

It started working for Austral Líneas Aéreas in 1990…

photo img_7286

…which later was taken over by Aerolíneas Argentinas.

photo img_7288

I read a little about the T-tail. Planes with this kind of tail…

photo img_7290

…are more prone to stalling. Well… that's disturbing news.

photo img_7296

Let's hope that these Pratt & Whitney JT8Ds…

photo img_7291

…will be good boys today.

photo img_7292

I wonder what those "extra" upper windows are for.

photo img_7293

I have the impression that the MD-80 is lower than the A319, too. Isn't it?

photo img_7295

The wheels don't look particularly large, but takeoff and landing feel extremely smooth.

photo img_7307
photo img_7303

I wouldn't qualify for that job.

photo img_7298

I'ld spend the day playing: Brrrrmmm!!! Toot - toot!!

photo img_7299

Such a funny place for the rear door!

photo img_7301


While passengers disembark…

photo img_7305photo img_20180714_141928photo img_20180714_141930

…and fuel is loaded…

photo img_7306

…the boarding machinery is set in motion at gate 2.

photo img_20180714_142522

I see that Flybondi, a new Argentine LCC - it became one year old this month, actually, - uses the good old board-by-row-number system. (I'll be flying with them next Sunday 20. Report coming (relatively) soon)

photo img_20180714_142513

And we are following suit today! We are asked…

photo img_20180714_142743

…to make two lines according to our row number.

photo img_20180714_142744

We're such an obedient flock.

photo img_20180714_142937

People are still arriving.

photo img_20180714_143006

And here we go. Poor lady, carrying that heavy bag! Gosh! There aren't any gentlemen around anymore!

photo img_20180714_144345

Don't look at me. A reporter mustn't get distracted. XD

photo img_20180714_144414


photo img_20180714_144438

This one is supposed to depart five minute before us.

photo img_20180714_144452

The cover over the ground staff looks a little shaky.

photo img_20180714_144457

I'm biting my nails!

photo img_20180714_144500

It's a shared excitement!

photo img_20180714_144519

Boarding proceeds slowly…

photo img_20180714_144634

…which gives me plenty of time…

photo img_20180714_144641

…to look for LV-WGN's best angle.

photo img_20180714_144645

It looks like a group of passengers have been held at the exit until we board.

photo img_20180714_144651

IGR is going to more than double its size…

photo img_20180714_144657

…after the renovations.

photo img_20180714_144706

These two images - taken from here - show what it should look like when they are completed. Follow the link for more images and info!

photo puerto-iguaz-aeropuerto-nueva-terminal-02

It looks cool, doesn't it?

photo puerto-iguaz-aeropuerto-nueva-terminal-04

I never boarded a plane so slowly. I'm not complaining. I didn't know, for example…

photo img_20180714_144736

…that these wheels must be inflated with nitrogen only. In fact, according to Popular Mechanics, "there are several compelling reasons to use pure nitrogen in tires." I bet you didn't know that!

photo neum1

The slide.

photo img_20180714_144756

Two more steps and we're there.

photo img_20180714_144746

At last!!

photo img_20180714_144807

A Vintage Cabin

So vintage!

photo phone

This door is definitely pre-9/11.

photo img_20180714_144816

Minuscule galley.

photo img_20180714_144819

Two hats. When paying for extra baggage is not an option! XD

photo img_20180714_144832

Ah, old, cushy seats.

photo img_20180714_144845

Looks a bit cramped, doesn't it?

photo img_20180714_144905

Well, not really. there's a decent amount of legroom.

photo img_20180714_145119

The cabin looks nicer than my usual mouse-grey Sky Airline, at least!

photo img_20180714_144913

LV-WGN must have seen many hailstorms so far!

photo img_20180714_144959

Ops! My seat is coming apart! :O

photo img_20180714_145033_1

Oh, that explains it.

photo img_20180714_145216

A reminder of LV-WGN's past.

photo img_20180714_163735

OY's destinations.

photo img_20180714_145128

Something that shocks me is the way the cabin was "renovated". It was brush-painted!

photo img_20180714_145148

Who came up with this tragic idea? The paint is - obviously - peeling off.

photo img_20180714_145354

A yellowish, clean cabin…

photo img_20180714_154234

…would look much better than this eyesore.

photo img_20180714_154115

Urgh! Is this part of the legacy experience, Andes??

photo img_20180714_150134

OK, nothing will ruin my experience.

photo img_20180714_145457

Unless that thing falls on my head. :(

photo img_20180714_163313

Look there! Those vintage overhead panels!

photo img_20180714_145515

Just lights and air. Life was so simple then.

photo img_20180714_145508

I think that boarding has finished….

photo img_20180714_145744

…and we're ready to leave.

photo img_20180714_145801

Tray table… passed.

photo img_20180714_145304

Still some time to check…

photo img_20180714_145243

…the seat pocket contents.

photo img_20180714_160951

Safety card.

photo img_20180714_161010
photo img_20180714_161018

Inflight magazine. This copy fits the cabin perfectly.

photo img_20180714_161044

Covering the improvements to IGR.

photo img_20180714_161122

Did I mention that Argentines love soccer?

photo img_20180714_161212

Ah! I think that luck is on my side. Extra space for me today!

photo img_20180714_154243

AR is not out there anymore.

photo img_7308

Oh, there it goes.

photo img_7309

The flight

It's our turn.

photo img_7310

Taxiing here is very brief business.

photo img_7311

LATAM arrives…

photo img_7314

…and turns at half the length of the runway. I didn't know this could be done.

photo img_7315

To the east end of the runway…

photo img_7316


…and off we go.

photo img_7323

Wow! It feels so smooth! Very different from a 319 or a 737!

photo img_7324

If we ever visit IGR again…

photo img_7325

…it will sure look very different.

photo img_7326

Look over there! Upper left! The waterfalls!

photo img_7327


photo img_7328

Thanks to them this little patch of jungle was spared.

photo img_7329
photo img_7330

The illusion comes to an end here.

photo img_7333

The jungle that has not been turned into farms yet…

photo img_7335


photo img_7336

In fact, you can hardly breath in Puerto Iguazú at night because of the smoke.

The snack service begins soon after. No coffee! They don't have hot water. :(

photo img_20180714_154945

The usual contents…

photo img_20180714_155016

…salty and sweet cookies, and a madeleine.

photo img_20180714_155100

A selfie without the "self" in it.

photo img_20180714_153153

It's time to pretend I need to go to the restroom to go to the restroom. :D And to see the back of this neglected beauty, of course.

Quite a large sink for modern standards!

photo img_20180714_160233

So many drawers! And I didn't check what they were for!! :'(

photo img_20180714_160241

A bar in case the ride gets bumpy.

photo img_20180714_160251
photo img_20180714_160256

"Trabe, destrabe". Words that we don't use in Chile. We simply say "cerrar, abrir (close, open), but "trabar" implies "locking".

photo img_20180714_160300

The same happens with "desagotar" (drain) I didn't even know this word existed! I'm an ignorant.

photo img_20180714_160326
photo img_20180714_160338


photo img_20180714_160303

Used to be an ashtray???

photo img_20180714_160312

A very strong passenger was asking for help!

photo img_20180714_160353

Back to my seat. I presume this is the rear galley on the left.

photo img_20180714_160417

The configuration is 2-3. I also presume this is normal for this kind of plane, because there's no room for more seats.

photo img_20180714_160431

The emergency exit is empty.

photo img_20180714_160517

Great oportunity for a photo.

photo img_20180714_160453

What could this be?

photo img_20180714_160628

Back in my seat, the light is not good at all for photos.

photo img_7339

Besides, I'm not really in the mood for that after all the devastastation I saw.

photo img_7343

The only thing I'm sure of is that we are flying over the lower reaches of river Paraná, which means that we are arriving in Buenos Aires.

How nice!

photo img_7355

I hope they don't have to deal with mosquitos at these…

photo img_7357

…well-off "private neighborhoods" named after Catholic saints like San Francisco, San Agustín, etc. west of Buenos Aires.

photo img_7358

I was really lucky this time.

photo img_7361

I usually land into AEP with a view of the Río de la Plata…

photo img_7365

…but this time I will have a view…

photo img_7366

…on this other jungle called Buenos Aires.

photo img_7369
photo img_7370

Meters from AEP, the Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, property of the River Plate soccer club. Did I mention that Argentines love soccer?

photo img_7371

Back at AEP

With a view on Belgrano…

photo img_7372

…and Palermo…

photo img_7373

…this flight comes to an end.

Nice to see you, LV-WGX. they should turn you into a museum or something.

photo img_7384
photo img_7387

LV-BYY, in its beautiful retro livery, is barely 10 years old and is completely active. I love its blue nose!

photo img_7390

Just a very short taxi…

photo img_7392photo img_7393photo img_7395

…and we stop at our remote position.

photo img_7396photo img_7398photo img_7399

Time to disembark. Oops. That seat is broken. This cabin is falling to pieces!

photo img_20180714_170041

I won't complain about an aging cabin…

photo img_20180714_170146

…but such lack of maintenance amounts to disrespect towards to the passengers.

photo img_20180714_170157

I'm really sorry for this poor "Mad Dog," so neglected. What a good machine, flying after so many years.

photo img_20180714_170316

Short walk through baggage claim to the exit…

photo img_20180714_170713photo img_20180714_170720photo img_20180714_170754

…and we're back in this marvelous city…

photo img_20180714_171820

…where we'll visit a couple more interesting places…

photo img_20180714_171907

…before I go back home.

photo img_20180714_172500

Hope you enjoyed the ride!

I suggest you scroll to the bottom of the next report! :D
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Andes Líneas Aéreas

Cabin crew10.0

Puerto Iguazu - IGR


Buenos Aires - AEP



Should I give them a lower score because of the blackouts? I'm not sure. The whole airport is being rebuilt on the heads of the staff and the passengers, so I think this is a special situation. Still efficient in spite of the difficult working conditions.

Andes Líneas Aéreas
Neglected cabin. I know that people can be dirty, but there's something called "cleaning teams". Somebody is not doing a good job here.

Efficient as usual.

Information on the route Puerto Iguazu (IGR) Buenos Aires (AEP)


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  • Comment 484197 by
    Christian Gerber 2 454 Comments

    For what I know, Andes stopped their 738 rentals in november '18, so know it's Mad Dog or MD-83...up to you!
    Though I am not argentinian, I can't stop laughing at your "argentinians clichés".
    I allways meet tucanos, crocrodrillos and more when in Iguazu falls (and I have been there quite a number of times) especialy on upper trail.
    Luna llena enter is 1400 pesos and only for this visit (mot before or later), no special prices for argentines (though I am not, I usualy get it).
    Now I know why I don't look at andes for my flights...
    The window was for astronomical navigation, in the ancient times !
    On the right hand side a par of the terminal existed before (though there is apparently an extension).

    • Comment 484234 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Hi Christian!

      I can't stop laughing at your "argentinians clichés"

      LOL. I watched my words carefully, but I guess my mean Chilean nature betrays me. XD

      Now I know why I don't look at andes for my flights...

      Yeah, I will think twice if I ever have to repeat the experience. :/

      The window was for astronomical navigation, in the ancient times !

      Oh! Thank you for the information! :O

      On the right hand side a par(t) of the terminal existed before

      I see. It must have been demolished then. Well, you don't even notice that from the inside. It looks like it's always been that small.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  • Comment 484202 by
    froggy 36 Comments

    Ca ressembel a une poubelle volante. Je suis ancien navigant et ai vole sur des avions parfois anciens. Il y de temps en temps des reparations rapides faites en attendant une reparation plus permananete. Mais dans le cas de cet avion, il y a tellement de reparations rapides que je ne peux que m'interroger sur l'etat technique de l'avion.
    Un detail qui a attire mon attention la reparation sur la porte d'entree. Il semble y avoir du"scotch" blanc sur une chambranle.
    Quan a la porte du cockpit elle n'est pas pre 9/11 mais post 9/11. Elle est blindee.
    Il faudrait me payer cher pour voler sur une telle poubelle.

    • Comment 484236 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Salut Froggy!

      je ne peux que m'interroger sur l'état technique de l'avion.

      Oui. Je crains aussi les réparations rapides "sous le capot". Eh bien, heureusement, je l'ai rendu vivant à ma destination.

      Quan à la porte du cockpit elle n'est pas avant le 11 septembre mais après le 11 septembre. Elle est blindée.

      Tu as raison! Merci pour l'information.

      Il faudrait me payer cher pour voler sur une telle poubelle.

      Je réfléchirais à deux fois avant de prendre l'avion comme celui-ci aussi!

      Merci pour votre commentaire, froggy! Et merci à Google Translator. XD

  • Comment 484205 by
    KLMA330 28 Comments

    Always happy to log on and see one of your reports. It'll keep me entertained while in the office today in snowy and freezing Canada.

    • Comment 484238 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Hi there!

      in the office today in snowy and freezing Canada.

      Sorry to hear that!! Nothing more depressing than a gloomy day at the office! :( But I'm glad to hear that my report can help make things more bearable! Cheer up! What about planning your next flight?! You might visit Iguazú yourself! (But don't do it on Andes!) XD

  • Comment 484207 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5606 Comments

    It is so sad how quickly more than half of the Amazon rainforest has disappeared. And if Bolsonaro has his way, the remaining rainforest will disappear at an even quicker rate!

    Except for the AvGeekery of flying an MD-80 because it's become rare, MD-80s just aren't that exciting to me. Mostly because the ones that are left out there don't have well-maintained cabins and are showing their age. Since I had my last flight on an AA MD-80 2 years ago, I have no desire to fly on one again.

    It's a nice looking bird and you got some great shots on the tarmac, but it's just sad on the inside.

    "The cabin looks nicer than my usual mouse-grey Sky Airline, at least!"
    - Maybe it looked nice in the 90's haha. I'm not a fan of that pattern---hurts my eyes. I'll say that the older thicker seats look more comfortable for sure, but think of all the decades of beer-farts and baby throw-up that those cloth seats have seen! haha

    "Urgh! Is this part of the legacy experience, Andes??"
    - Yuck! What is that even? I hope it's chewing gum because it looks like snot...blech

    ""Trabe, destrabe". Words that we don't use in Chile. We simply say "cerrar, abrir (close, open)"
    - Haha that's hilarious...those words definitely did not need to be translated into Argentinian Spanish on that door...I'm pretty sure they all know cerrar and abrir lol, how funny

    "The emergency exit is empty."
    - Wow, probably because everyone is scared to sit there because that door looks like it's falling apart!

    "What could this be?"
    - Probably an extra raft

    Nice views of BA on landing!

    Overall based on these last few reports you've done on Andes, I am none too impressed! A poorly maintained cabin doesn't indicate poor aircraft maintenance and safety but it certainly gives that impression. It's all about passenger perspective! And even though I know better...I probably wouldn't feel comfortable flying on their MD-80s.

    Hasta la proxima!

    • Comment 484324 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      if Bolsonaro has his way

      Yeah, well, the jungle is doomed anyway. And so are we.

      I have no desire to fly on one again.

      I feel much the same way after my experience! Unless I found a well-kept one, which doesn't sound probable.

      I'm not a fan of that pattern---hurts my eyes

      I would hire Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for the designs!!!! >

      beer-farts and baby throw-up that those cloth seats have seen! haha

      Thanks for the reflection. I'm going to incinerate my clothes right now!!!

      Thanks for stopping by, Kevin! :)

  • Comment 484235 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 545 Comments

    It definitely is a disgrace towards passengers with such a low maintained cabin... At least you got your cookies ;p

    • Comment 484325 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      It definitely is a disgrace towards passengers

      It's completely shameful! Now they will blame ME for showing the world how crappy commercial aviation can be around here! That's why the big ones like latam or aerolíneas argentinas don't care to improve their own service. The competition is even crappier than them!!

      At least you got your cookies

      Better than nothing! XD

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  • Comment 484292 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    OMG! What a report, Nechus! The devil's throat, coatis, the guy included in the admission ticket ;) and this ancient Mad Dog! I'm so happy for you that finally you had this rare opportunity, even though I would personally be afraid of flying such an old machine in this condition. Too bad you didn't have an opportunity to board or debaord it by the aft/tail door, it's always funny. And last thing: my favourite translation: fast food - > comidas rapidas! I can't stop laughing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 484333 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      the guy included in the admission ticket


      Wishful thinking.

      Now, if BRC adopted such a policy regarding a particular security-check guy that was a joy to look at...

      my favourite translation: fast food - > comidas rapidas! I can't stop laughing

      HUH?? :O
      Why is it funny?? It's the litteral translation of "fast food"! What do those words make you think of? I wouldn't say that in plural, though. I'd just say "comida rápida". Anyway, comida and rápida do not rhyme. Comida is stressed on MI, and rápida is stressed on RA.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

      • Comment 484415 by
        loukas 343 Comments

        "Comidas rapidas" are funny only because it has been translated, I've never seen a translation of "fast food" as it's usually used in unchanged form in many languages and that's why it made me laugh :)

        • Comment 484471 by
          Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

          Oh, I see. So, you simply say "fast food" in Poland?? :O And what if I want to order "comida china" in Poland??

          Then you will laugh your ass off if you ever visit Chile, not only because of the translations, but because of many other weird sayings. You might be invited to have "once", for example. "Once" means "eleven", and "having eleven" means "having tea" in the afternoon (about 5 or 6 pm). Centuries ago, men used to gather and drink aguardiente (an alcoholic drink) at that time of day, and that word has eleven letters. Now we say "Tomemos once." (Let's have tea) Badumm - tss. :D

          • Comment 484627 by
            loukas 343 Comments

            The history of "once" shows how great the languages are. No, we say "chińszczyzna" for chinese food, but "fast food" is never translated, sometimes it even takes fully Polish endings (e.g fast foody in plural) so it has already become a part of the language.

  • Comment 484380 by
    Fernando 60 Comments

    Hola Nechus, me alegro que hayas podido darte el gusto de volar en un MD, aunque la cabina parecía zona de guerra.
    Andes está con dificultades económicas tras el arribo de las LCC
    Saludos desde Rosario!

    • Comment 484386 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Qué tal, Fernando!

      Sí, Andes ya empieza a oler a cadáver. Una lástima, pero qué le vamos a hacer. Por ahí leí que Flybondi también estaba pasando por sus primeros problemas. Espero que no, porque este domingo vuelo con ellos de Bariloche a Mendoza. Creo que escogí muy mala fecha para ir a Mendoza porque el calor me hace pésimo. Originalmente iban a ser solamente dos días allá, pero Flybondi me cambió la fecha del vuelo! :'(

      Que estés bien!!

  • Comment 484444 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 541 Comments

    Hello Nechus!

    Igazu Falls is certainly beautiful. Thank you for so thoroughly documenting this wonderful trip.

    Geez…. did someone forget to pay the electric bill?

    “And guess who's the only one who can go now!!”
    - Once again, mobile boarding pass and traveling light can savce the day. See ya, suckas!

    I’m glad at long last, you got your Mad Dog Experience. The MDs are indeed quite a bit lower than either A320 or 737 families, obviously due to the location of the engines.

    The old bird looks like she’s still got a lot of its original finishes. Including seat belt covers from at least one previous owner. And that ‘repaint” - yech. Doesn’t exactly instill confidence.

    Looks like the standard Andes catering I’ve come to know from your previous reports. And some great shots around the interior of your ride, which really looks like it shouldn’t be too long for this world.

    As always, a very entertaining flight-report, and even if it didn’t live up to the hype, I’m happy you got your MD ride.

    Thanks for sharing, and happy flying!

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