Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Hanoi Paris in Business

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN19
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 13:05
Take-off 20 Dec 17, 23:55
Arrival at 21 Dec 17, 07:00
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By 2886
Published on 7th January 2018
Dear all,

It's my final flight for my trip to Vietnam. I didn't take pictures for the flights Hanoï-Hué and Hué-Hanoï as this flight is quite short (1 hour) and uneventful (I slept both ways !!). Some of the photos are not great, sorry for that.

CDG-HAN 13/12/2017

HAN-HUE 14/12/2017

HUE-HAN 16/12/2017

HAN-CDG 13/12/2017

The flight between Hanoï and Orly always leave late (almost midnight) which is nice as a full day is still available before leaving. I took a cab from Hanoï old quarter with ABC taxi company. Flat fee: 180000 VN, very cheap. Only 25 min drive thanks to a bridge built by South Korea.I always arrive around 10;30pm at the airport as there is nobody for the check-in at this time of the day. Most of people arrive earlier. Even if I flew in business, I didn't take the sky priority/business line as there was nobody at the Economy check-in. So check-in was quick, as well as custom and security check. The Lotus lounge is just on the right after the security.

The VN Lotus lounge is always busy as a lot of flight for South Korea, China or Japan leave at this time of the day. I was able to find a seat. I didn't eat at the lunch as I had dinner in Hanoï before and I was keeping myself for the dinner in the plane. The choice of newspapers and magazines is very poor, even for Asian people. There is a bar but no waiter/waitresses. The personnel of the lounge was present only when boarding was called.

I decided to board earlier than usually as I wanted to enjoy my seat. Boarding was done in two lines: skypriority/business and economy. A VN personnel checked the boarding passes of the people in the business/skypriority line. So boarding was easy and fast.

I was seat 1A. I really like this seat, very similar than the one in the AF BEST cabin. Lots of arrangements. Didn't really like the position of the elbow holder, it's not align with the seats, there is an angle, it's not very practical. The only thing I didn't really like is this seat is the space for the feet when you sleep. It's quite narrow and you have to sleep your legs almost straights. The size of the "bed" is quite good, I'm 1m78 and I have still space. Drinks are served before the take-off. Champagne off course.

Security instructions and in-flight magazine
photo p1110945photo p1110946photo p1110947

Beauty kit:
photo p1110952photo p1110953photo p1110955

French newspapers and magazines at disposal in the plane
photo p1110956photo p1110957photo p1110958

A flight attendant distributed the drinks and food menus before take-off and once the seat belt sign went off, he came to take our appetizer and main course orders, as well as the drinks. Not impressed by the choices but I don't fly at all on business so maybe it's normal on this route.

Springrool: just a shrimp enrolled with lettuce. Nothing great. The gelee is tasteless and weird

Salmon: quite nice.

Red wine: OK. A bit young

Wholewheat bread: OK, average

Service at the seat. The flight attendant brings the tray with the food and then come with the choice of wine with the bootle to serve. It's very nice. and professionnal. I still don't understand why AF doesn't do it for all routes.

No choice for dessert: I didn't like it.

Flight attendant came to ask me for more wine several time. But didn't ask if I wanted a digestif. He was quite attentive. I was very nicely surprised as VN flight attendants in economy and premium economy are always not nice and cranky.

The flight entertainment center is good, easy to use, reactive. But the selection of movies is not great. Almost as many Vietnamese movies as Western's. The choice of Western movies wasn't great, not a lot of choices and not lot of new movies.

photo p1110943

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Cabin crew8.5

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Very good flight. I really like the new cabin. The flight attendant was very nice and present, even if his English wasn't great. Best flight attendant I ever saw in a VN flight (they are usally very crusty).

I was disappointed by the meals. The spring rool was very basic as well as the main dish. But I really enjoyed the fact that the service was at the table without a galley. Very professionnal. The flight attendant came to order the meals in advance. Came back to me often to refill my wine. The wine selection was ok, not great.

At the end, a very good flight and I really enjoyed this experience

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