Review of Alitalia flight Prague Rome in Economy

Airline Alitalia
Flight AZ513
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 16 Apr 17, 18:10
Arrival at 16 Apr 17, 20:00
AZ 299 reviews
By BRONZE 1112
Published on 17th January 2018


Hello everyone
I'm writing this report after many months since I've been very busy with university.
Last Easter my family and I decided to visit Prague, since neither my father nor I have been there,
We booked the flight about one month before with CSA-Czech Airlines and Alitalia. While I've flown AZ many times in Europe, it would have been for me the first time with CSA
Here is the itinerary

13th April Rome Fiumicino - Prague Ruzyně with Czech Airlines A319
16th April Prague Ruzyně - Rome Fiumicino with Alitalia A320 (YOU ARE HERE)


After spending Easter Holidays enjoying this beautiful city is time to come back home
Since the departure time was 18:10 we spend the morning walking around the city center
Around 15:30 we took a took a taxi to the airport and in about twenty minutes we reached Václav Havel Airport
Our flight would depart from Terminal 2, used for flights within the Schengen area
photo prg fco 1
The departure hall is bright and large
This Terminal had opened in 2006
photo prg fco 2
For unknown reasons we weren't able to make online check-in neither on AZ app nor on the website
Browsing on FlightReport in the days after I discovered it had happened also to other AZ flights
We had to wait about 10 minutes before check-in opened
photo prg fco 3
Since we had few people in front of us we obtained our BPs in about 10 minutes
photo prg fco 4photo prg fco 5
My boarding pass showing the gate D1
photo prg fco 16
Having nothing else to do landside we went straight to the security check-point
photo prg fco 6
The whole process didn't take so much
The control itself didn't seem accurate as in other European airports
When my turn came the policeman found the windproof light I bought the day before and told me it was forbidden
However he let me keep it (fortunately)
Duty-free area just after the checkpoint
photo prg fco 7photo prg fco 8photo prg fco 9
It's not a hub without Victoria's Secrets XD
photo prg fco 18
Our gate
photo prg fco 13
Since there was a hour before boarding I decided to make a walk around the Terminal
The Terminal is clean and efficent, but it lacks of shops
photo prg fco 14
Spotting time!
CSA A319s, TAP A320 and Air Dolomiti E-Jet parked at Pier C
photo prg fco 11
Travel Service 737 at gate D3
photo prg fco 15
CSA A319 and KLM 737
photo prg fco 19
Brussels Airlines A320 just landed
photo prg fco 20
Our bird parked at Gate D1
photo prg fco 17
Boarding commenced on time
photo prg fco 21photo prg fco 22
Brussels Airlines parked at Pier C while we waited to board
photo prg fco 23
Going down the steep jetway
photo prg fco 24
Our Airbus A320, EI-IKB, delivered in May 2000 (16,9 yo) and named after Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Still old livery for me
photo prg fco 25


Etihad Airways Partner logo near the door
photo prg fco 26photo prg fco 27
Fuselage shot with AZ green line along the fuselage
photo prg fco 28
The plane is equipped with new interiors
photo prg fco 29
Since the plane was not full (123 pax/162 seats according to the flight report) I moved to row 29
photo prg fco 30
The view from my seat as we started pushback (sorry for blurred pics)
photo prg fco 31photo prg fco 32
Alitalia's logo on the headrest
photo prg fco 33
Travel Service 737
photo prg fco 35
Heading to RWY24
photo prg fco 36
Bye Bye Prague
photo prg fco 37
There was no queue for takeoff
photo prg fco 38
And here we go…
photo prg fco 39photo prg fco 40
Terminal 2
photo prg fco 41
And finally in the air
photo prg fco 42photo prg fco 43photo prg fco 44
Bye bye Czech Republic
photo prg fco 45photo prg fco 46
We quickly reached cruise altitude
photo prg fco 47
About half a hour into the flight a snack was served
The choice was between chips or biscuits and a beverage
I choose San Carlo's Chips and Coke
photo prg fco 48
Where are you going mate?
photo prg fco 49
photo prg fco 50photo prg fco 51
Ryanair 737
photo prg fco 52
Approaching Italy clouds started to thin
photo prg fco 53
Ravenna's port
photo prg fco 54
Perfectly on time we started our descent
photo prg fco 57photo prg fco 58
Since we came from north and landing operations that day were from south we had to fly over Rome
photo prg fco 59
Olympic Stadium, Foreign Ministry (the white building next the stadium) and Gemelli Hospital (the enormous builiding complex under the stadium)
photo prg fco 60
Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park (called Foro Italico) and Foreign Ministry
photo prg fco 61
St Peter's Basilica
photo prg fco 62
The "Big Snake", a huge complex of public housing almost 1 km long
photo prg fco 63
EUR financial district in southern Rome
photo prg fco 64
Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, also known as Colosseo Quadrato (Square Colosseum)
It was built in 1942 for Rome Universal Exposition (never held due to WWII) and in my opinion is one of the best example of Italian rationalist architecture
photo prg fco 65
PalaLottomatica, design by Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi
photo prg fco 67
Souther suburbs of Rome
photo prg fco 68
Cinecittà World, an amusement park themed around cinema
photo prg fco 69
Approach path for the RWY is over Tirrean Sea
photo prg fco 70photo prg fco 71
Tiber River's mouth
photo prg fco 72
Rome Airport long-term parking
photo prg fco 73
We landed on time on RWY34R
photo prg fco 74photo prg fco 75photo prg fco 76
SAS A320 landed behind us
photo prg fco 77
Air Berlin A320 (RIP)
photo prg fco 78
Entering AZ's land
photo prg fco 80
This A320, EI-DTJ (named after Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli) is painted with a special livery called Employee Signatures
When new AZ corporate image was presented in June 2016 many employees were asked to write their promises for the airline and all this phrases have been printed on the plane fuselage
photo prg fco 81
A320s in old livery…
photo prg fco 82
…and in new one
photo prg fco 83photo prg fco 84
Parking on a remote stand next to EI-DSA, a former AirOne A320 named "Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo"
photo prg fco 85photo prg fco 86
While desembarking I asked the flight report form to the Purser and he invited me to take some pics to the cockpit
Unfortunately the Captain was working on some papers and I just had time to say him "Thank you"
photo prg fco 87
Very well filled Flight report
photo fr r
Last views of our aircraft from the bus
photo prg fco 88
Welcome to Rome
photo prg fco 89
Having cabin baggage only we headed straight to the exit and took the shuttle bus to the long term parking
Thank you for your attention!
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Cabin crew7.5

Prague - PRG


Rome - FCO





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  • Comment 428359 by
    okapi BRONZE 4170 Comments
    Ciao e grazie Carlo per questo FR. Nice to see AZ on the english part of this website. I do fly a lot between Milan and Paris and it is sad to notice that the catering on board is not better on an almost two-hours long flight. What a shame, given all the culinary wonders of Italy. Alitalia could have done much better.
    I thoroughly enjoyed PRG airport. The wifi there is excellent and there are not many shops like in most airports today.
    I also liked your pictures of Rome during the approach, a city I know well and love.
    Thanks for sharing this trip!
    • Comment 428360 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 80 Comments
      Thank you very much for the appreciation! It's very sad I know, I saw the difference in less than one year
      In summer '16 I went to Amsterdam and they gave us a tasty sandwich while now that's the situation
      I hope everything will be better for them
      Ciao ;)

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