Review of Singapore Airlines flight Toulouse Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ8898
Class Business
Seat 23K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 13:00
Take-off 13 Dec 17, 14:00
Arrival at 14 Dec 17, 10:00
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
Published on 17th January 2018
Hello Flight-Report Community,

In 2007, Singapore Airlines was the launch customer for the Airbus A380 and, despite mixed commercial success, the A380 quickly became the most recognizable and most desirable commercial aircraft among the flying public. Ten years later, the Singaporean carrier has confirmed its commitment to the Superjumbo by investing 850 million USD for research, design, development and installation of new cabins on its entire A380 fleet.

Singapore Airlines currently have a fleet of 19 A380s. The older five aircraft are gradually leaving the fleet to be replaced by five newly built A380s, the first of which was delivered in December 2017. It was aboard this special delivery flight of the first of the new generation of Singapore whale jets that Flight-Report was able to discover the brand-new flagship product.

We invite you to join us for this special flight experience.

  1. Toulouse (TLS) – Singapore (SIN) | A380-800 | Business Class

The Delivery Ceremony

In December, the Airbus Delivery Center in Toulouse, France is in the spirit of the season, decorated with several Christmas trees.

photo 0000photo 0001

The check-in for the delivery flight takes place that morning; about 70 people will be on board, all in Business class.

photo 0002

The face of the company, the famous Singapore Girls are present to welcome guests to the delivery ceremony.

photo 0002aa

An impressive presentation with visual and light effects

photo 0002bphoto 0002c

Video on a huge screen

photo 0002d

And the traditional group photo with exchange of gifts

photo 0002e

Then comes the unveiling of the star du jour

photo 0003photo 0005

Some members of the crew pose proudly in front of the new bird.

photo 0005a

Prior to departure, there is a superb cocktail reception with some high-end dishes and wines—the European aircraft manufacturer has gone all out!

Bollinger champagne

photo 0005k

2010 Bordeaux Château la Louvière and 2015 Louis-Jadot Chablis

photo 0005l

After the festivities, it is time to board the beast.

photo 0006


One of the jetways is connected to the upper deck for easy access to the Business class cabin.

photo 0006a

A very enthusiastic welcome aboard by the delivery flight crew!

photo 0006b

The common areas are nicely decorated with tasteful light fixtures.

photo 0006bb

There are 78 seats in the re-designed Business class cabin.

photo 0006c

The new Business class seat was conceived by U.K. firm JPA Design and constructed by Japanese aircraft seat manufacturer JAMCO.

photo 0006d

Business class is in a 1-2-1 configuration, like the previous version, to ensure direct aisle-access for all passengers.

photo 0006e

The new seat is 25 inches wide (63.5 cm)

photo 0006f

The large side console is well designed with easy access to seat controls, IFE remote, and more.

photo 0059

New larger pillow

photo 0060

Headphone jack and USB port for charging electronic devices.

photo 0062

Mirror with built-in light.

photo 0063

One of two individual reading lights (one on each side of the seat).

photo 0064

Airbus and Singapore Airlines have optimized the available space in the cabin by removing the side bins typically seen on the upper deck of A380s. This move allows for more room for the seat and for storage space directly integrated into the seat.

photo 0065

AC outlet and NFC sensor (not currently used by the airline).

photo 0066

Seat control panel, light, and call button, which will prove a little too sensitive later in the flight.

photo 0066a

Mini folding armrest, a very good idea

photo 0069

The new Business class seat is super comfortable, thanks in large part to these two side wings that offer great lumbar support.

photo 0070

The seat is upholstered with Poltrona Frau leather

photo 0071photo 0071a

The IFE screen is large at 18 inches (46 cm). The high-definition touch screen cannot be rotated.

photo 0071b

Remote control

photo 0061

One nice new feature of the IFE is the "my Kris World" system that allows you to personalize your entertainment experience by creating bookmarks on a previous flight (in order to resume reading), get recommendations based on your past readings, and get exclusive programs for Kris World members.

Singapore Airlines is the first airline to offer a personalized entertainment experience; however this only applies to KrisFlyer members as it is tied to your membership number. If you are crediting the flight to another frequent flyer program, this feature will not be available.

photo 0072

Rather large tray table.

photo 0073

Welcome drinks are offered during boarding.

Note that as this is a delivery flight, all service items, including glasses (disposable), and catering is provided by Airbus and is therefore not representative of a commercial flight on Singapore Airlines.

photo 0073a

Convenient drink holder.

photo 0073b

Hot towel service during boarding.

photo 0074

And we’re ready for departure.

photo 0075a

The new safety video is played, followed by a video introducing the new seats.

photo 0076

Short taxi and take-off

photo 0077photo 0078

The airshow is beautiful and modern with a good representation of the A380

photo 0079photo 0080

Airshow flight deck view option

photo 0081

This Airbus A380, is the first in the world to offer high-speed WiFi provided by Inmarsat GX Aviation broadband technology and offered by SITAONAIR.

On this flight, the WiFi was free and worked perfectly.

photo 0081a

There are two Business class cabins occupying the entire upper deck from the doors U1R/L

photo 0082

The seat shell is made of carbon fiber.

photo 0086

Let’s go down to the main deck and check out the 343 seat economy cabin.

Economy Class

photo 0086aphoto 0086b

Seats in the Economy cabin are also a new design developed by RECARO.

photo 0086c

The new seats feature large 11.1 inch (28 cm) IFE screens.

photo 0086d

Good recline and adjustable headrests with 6 different positions.

photo 0086dd

Remote controls have been removed with improved touch-screen functionality.

photo 0086ddd

Numerous connectivity options, call button and reading light control. The location of the headphone jack on the seatback isn’t great, however, as you automatically have to unplug to let seat neighbors out.

photo 0086dddd

There are 2 power outlets per block of 3 seats.

photo 0086de

Each seat in Economy also features a footrest.

photo 0086df

The tray table conveniently folds in two…

photo 0086dg

…and even has a built-in mirror !

photo 0086dh

Moving up the main deck, we arrive in the Premium Economy cabin. In this new configuration, the Premium Economy cabin is located between doors 1 and 2, a space previously occupied by the First class Suites.

Premium Economy

photo 0086e

Unlike the Business class and Economy class cabins we’ve seen, the seats in Premium Economy are not a new design. These are the same seats designed by JPA and manufactured by ZIM that were introduced a few years ago.

photo 0086eaphoto 0086f

The IFE screens in the Premium Economy cabin are more than 2 inches larger than in Economy at 13.3 in (34cm).

photo 0086fa

Decent recline.

photo 0086g

Unlike the Economy class IFE, the remote control has not been dropped.

photo 0086h

USB ports and headphone jacks are located at the ends of the central armrests.

photo 0086i

Lots of storage

photo 0086j

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last… let’s head back upstairs!

photo 0086ja


Welcome aboard the new Singapore Airlines Suites cabin!

There are just 6 spacious Suites located at the front of the upper deck in a 1-1 configuration.

photo 0086jb

Four of the six Suites can be converted into a double Suite. The fabulous new Suites were conceived by Pierrejean Design and manufactured by Zodiac Seats UK.

photo 0087 1

The bedding, amenity kit, and pajamas are all by French luxury brand Lalique.

photo 0087 3photo 0087 5

A side console offers plenty of storage. The we find the high-quality Bose headset and the wireless control tablet for the Suite

photo 0087 8photo 0087e

The IFE system can be controlled from this tablet.

photo 0087f

There are also buttons directly on the console itself.

photo 0087c

The soft lighting makes for a relaxing environment.

photo 0087a

Under the armrest, is yet another remote control and the control panel for the seat and buttons for adjusting the large IFE screen’s position.

photo 0087b

The high definition screen is 32 inches (81 cm).

photo 0087d

The new Singapore Airlines Suite features a separate bed, rather than a convertible seat.

photo 0087g

The individual bed can be adjusted to raise the head.

photo 0087h

Though Singapore Airlines has not installed showers in Suites class, the two lavatories are very large, one of which is even equipped with a vanity, seating area, and ample counter space.

photo 0087haphoto 0087hb

Now that we’ve had a good look around this new bird….

photo 0087i

…it’s time to enjoy the service on board, which begins with an apéritif and amuse-bouches.

photo 0090photo 0091

A toast to Singapore Airlines’ new A380!

photo 0092

The sun begins to set as the dinner service begins.

photo 0101photo 0102

Dinner Service

The rather full trays provided by Airbus include the appetizer, a salad, cheese course, and dessert.

photo 0103a

Warm breads are on offer as well.

photo 0103b

Lobster for the appetizer.

photo 0103c

Seasonal salad.

photo 0103d

For the main course, there were three options, including salmon.

photo 0103e

Cheese course: Comté, goat cheese, and camembert.

photo 0103f

For dessert, it’s chocolate cake with a custard sauce.

photo 0103g

In-Flight Entertainment System

The new Singapore A380 features Panasonic’s modern eX3 IFE system.

photo 0109

Singapore Airlines branded noise-cancelling headphones are available at every seat in Business class.

photo 0110

The A380 has the latest version of Singapore’s Kris World interface.

photo 0111

A lot of information is available on the system aside from flight information.

photo 0112

A wide selection of movies

photo 0113

And TV programming,

photo 0114

As well as music,

photo 0115

News and reading materials,

photo 0116

And games.

photo 0117

Perhaps the biggest improvement with the new Business class seat is that the seat no longer needs to be flipped forward to be converted into bed mode. The seat reclines into the full-flat position and has many intermediate relaxation modes, including one called "sun deck".

photo 0118

For couples, there are three pairs of center seats that can be converted into a double bed.

photo 0127photo 0128

For all the other seats, the seats are angled to the side in bed position.
photo 0136

Singapore Airlines offers mattresses for additional comfort in Business class.

photo 0137

Somewhere over the Caspian Seat, it’s time for bed.

photo 0138photo 0139

The Business class lavatories are a decent size with nice finishes.

photo 0143photo 0143a

Fresh Orchids add a touch of Southeast Asian class.

photo 0144d

Several products are available for use.

photo 0143b

Toothbrushes and shaving kits are provided in Business class passengers, which is nice since Singapore does not offer amenity kits in Business.

photo 0144

Throughout the flight, a nice selection of snacks and drinks are available in the aircrafts galleys.

photo 0145

View of the huge A380 wing in the morning light.

photo 0146

As the cabin awakens, the cabin crew begin breakfast service.

photo 0146a

Breakfast Service

The Airbus-provided breakfast is distributed in one tray.

photo 0148

Fruit salad

photo 0148a

Scrambled eggs and rösti potatoes make up the hot dish.

photo 0149

Less than 15 minutes to landing

photo 0151photo 0152

We fly over the cargo-ship filled bay on landing

photo 0153photo 0154

Welcome to Changi! Perhaps the best airport in the world.

photo 0155photo 0158

Taxiing to Terminal 3

photo 0157photo 0159

Thanks! Indeed we did

photo 0156

A few more shots of the new A380 on deplaning.

photo 0160photo 0162

An arrival ceremony awaits, celebrating the new aircraft, and especially its cutting-edge new Premium cabins.

photo 0163


The new Singapore Airlines Airbus A380s are configured with 6 new Suites, 78 new Business Class seats, 44 Premium Economy seats and 343 Economy Class seats.

Singapore Airlines’ Superjumbos currently serve Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Auckland, and Zurich.

The new Airbus A380 is currently deployed on flights SQ221 and SQ232 between Singapore and Sydney and from 17th February on flights SQ305 and SQ322 between Singapore and London Heathrow (3x weekly), and from 18th February on flights SQ863 and SQ860 between Singapore and Hong Kong (4x weekly).

Trip taken by Flavien for as a guest of Singapore Airlines and Airbus.
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With its ambitious cabin retrofit program, Singapore Airlines aims to maintain the product leadership for which it is known in the industry. Ten years after receiving their first A380, the premium carrier has found a way to keep their flagship aircraft fresh, comfortable, and inviting.

Without a doubt, the new Suites and Business class cabins are industry-leading. With its separate bed and suites in a 1-1 layout, the new product is one of the best First class products on the market.

In Business class, the new seats no longer needing to be flipped forwards to convert into bed mode is a definite plus.

While the Premium Economy cabin does not feature new seats like the other three classes, it was a relatively new product for the Asian carrier.

As ever, the Singapore Airlines A380 remains a leader in terms of passenger experience in any class of travel.

The Positives:

- Beautiful cabin finishes
- Lots of storage for personal effects and cabin baggage.
- Very comfortable seat
- Bed position no longer requires getting up and flipping the seat back forwards.
- Personalized IFE experience and huge content library
- Reliable and fast WiFi
- Silent cabin aboard the A380

The Negatives:

- Business class seat control buttons are too sensitive and activated by accidentally brushing up
- Angled sleeping position for most seats
- Ads before playing videos even in premium cabins
- No common area to socialize (bar, lounge)



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    Razza_Pr 217 Comments
    Many thanks for covering SQ's hot new premium cabin products.

    So the seat in the Suite. Is the position/orientation adjustable? Not a big fan of facing away from the window for takeoff & landing.

    Absolutely love the cabin finishes! Taste & heritage is what SQ is all about. It's too bad that on most J seats one must still sleep in a diagonal position.

    The RECARO seats in Y is, in my opinion, somewhat unnecessary - other than the addition of the NFC reader. I thought the one they have installed on their 77W was already really good. And the position of the headphone (well SQ only seem to offer low quality earbuds for Y passengers these days) jack can be annoying when you have to constantly plug & unplug for other passengers.

    Still looks like a solid overall product, though.

    Thanks again for the coverage!
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    dreamweaver888 77 Comments
    What an incredible trip report, and what a privilege to share in this special delivery flight! Great to read throughout, thank you!!!
  • Comment 428087 by
    Rewardflying 493 Comments
    Thanks for a great look inside this new SQ A380. The cabins look beautiful. The new business class seat is also impressive in looks and quality. The only concern looks to be the small footwell and sleeping on an angle. I'm anxious to try it out myself. Great report!

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