Review of Batik Air flight Jakarta Singapore in Economy

Airline Batik Air
Flight ID7153
Class Economy
Seat 11A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 03 Feb 18, 07:35
Arrival at 03 Feb 18, 10:20
ID 22 reviews
Eric V P
By 2850
Published on 4th February 2018
Report #23: ID7153 - Trying hard enough to beat Garuda?

This will be my report on flying Batik Air economy class from Jakarta to Singapore, a short haul international flight within SE Asia. This report is also unique as it also features the new airport train service from downtown Jakarta to Jakarta CGK.


Friday evening and Saturday morning flights tend to be rather expensive, but for Lion Air group (i.e. Lion and Batik; Wings doesn't fly to Singapore), their fares had been pretty erratic as well. There are 2 main options available for me:
- Lion: repeating the same flight as what I took > 4 months ago but cheaper at Rp800000 (US$59.5), or
- Batik: Lion's full service subsidiary, a smidgen more comfortable and ticked another airline off my checklist for Singapore - Indonesia flights (leaving me with only Scoot and China Airlines (did that, not reviewed) to try), but also a bit more expensive at Rp905000 (US$67) after OTA discount.

I ended up choosing Batik, buying the ticket only 10 hours before the flight during my trip to the airport.
photo tix cgksin3

Trip to Jakarta CGK and check-in

While I had dinner with my ex-colleagues, I didn't realize that the online airport train ticket booking closed 2 hours before departure, which means that instead of departing from downtown I needed to take the airport train from Batu Ceper Stn, the last train station sharing the rail with the existing electric commuter train services before going to the airport branch. On the plus side, the airport train itself would cost only Rp35.000 (US$2.3) before admin fee.
photo tix bprbst

To reach the airport, I went from Kebayoran Stn near my ex-office to Batu Ceper Stn by electric commuter train, which costed me Rp4000 (US$.3). This approach, however, can be pretty risky: to reach Batu Ceper Stn I needed to transfer twice and the train towards Batu Ceper Stn only runs once every 30 minutes, which means that I needed to have a look at the train schedule carefully.
photo 20180202_211222

The temporary ticket, which includes Rp10000 (US$.75) deposit.
photo 20180202_211233

Transferring between trains isn't a pleasant experience, such as at Tanah Abang Int where most of us resorted to taking staircases up to the original building and then down to the platform.
photo 20180202_212653

As the Batu Ceper Stn is still under construction, to transfer from the electric commuter train station to the airport train station one must tap out and ask to get in through the manual gate to transfer, walking beside the station controller's office.
photo 20180202_221140

I then walked to the platform towards downtown Jakarta, where I took the shot of the platform for airport-bound trains.
photo 20180202_221814

Afterwards, I walked up to the seemingly turned off turnstile where a staff followed me from far away. Since the Batu Cepet Stn is still rather messy including its turnstile configuration, he then tapped his staff card and allowed me to exit to the main area.
photo 20180202_221848

I walked along the second floor building to go down to the current "proper" station.
photo 20180202_222012

The station have self-service ticketing kiosks, while the station staff himself didn't directly sell the tickets.
photo 20180202_222018

The turnstile accept 2D codes on the ticket, but since I relied on the e-ticket on my phone I needed to increase my screen's brightness to have the code scanned.
photo 20180202_222047

The platform itself only has lighting and shelter - no seats, let alone power plugs (benches were available before passing through the turnstile).
photo 20180202_222338

As the train station accompanied me to the train (I was the sole person departing from the station), I also got to clarify some things with him:
- When is the booking cut-off time: 2 hours for online booking, 15 minutes for in-station booking (hence the reason why I couldn't book tickets from downtown earlier)
- How long does the train stop: ~3 minutes.
- Do people use it to go to downtown Jakarta: apparently, some do (way more luxurious and less crowded than the electric commuter train, plus bypassing the often crazy traffic, despite the arguably steep fare for daily uses)

The train soon arrived.
photo 20180202_222621photo 20180202_222700

Unlike those in Medan, the train rolling stock in Jakarta is made by Bombardier and INKA (an Indonesian train manufacturing company). The train looks a lot like the first class intercity cars, and in fact the car numbering stats with K1 which is usually allocated to first class intercity cars.
photo 20180202_222716

The seats are also pretty basic, except that it's slightly wider than the first class intercity car since there is no need to make it swivel. Also, note the lack of table.
photo 20180202_222749

Seats are also reclinable.
photo 20180202_222755

Legroom is decent, and the lack of swivel mechanism makes it easier to stretch.
photo 20180202_222811

While there is no AC power supply, USB plugs were available.
photo 20180202_222837

Adjustable curtains were available.
photo 20180202_222956

Typical of airport trains elsewhere, luggage racks were also there.
photo 20180202_224828

The toilet and urinal were very clean by Indonesian train standard.
photo 20180202_224839photo 20180202_224847

I soon arrived at the airport train station.
photo 20180202_225006

Since there's nothing at the platform, I exited the paid area.
photo 20180202_225029photo 20180202_225103

There are two waiting rooms available, one at each side.
photo 20180202_225109

The self-service ticketing machine and people mover schedule.
photo 20180202_225114

Cardboard boxes galore?
photo 20180202_225133

I then walked to the people mover station.
photo 20180202_225158

The people mover station platform, which sadly offers no Wi-Fi.
photo 20180202_225350

Since Indonesians can't be much trusted to let those alighting go out first, ropes were in place.
photo 20180202_225459

Some photos of the people mover's interior.
photo 20180202_225501photo 20180202_225508

Since sleeping in terminal 2 wouldn't be as pleasant, I proceeded to terminal 3 instead, which features the only people mover station integrated into the terminal.
photo 20180202_230420

An escalator ride brought me to the departure floor.
photo 20180202_230639photo 20180202_230655

After some security check I was let in (note that there's no ticket check at this point).
photo 20180202_230859

Terminal 3 at night.
photo 20180202_230905

AirAsia had moved its international operations to terminal 3, but they still hasn't got any self check-in machine.
photo 20180202_230934

I then charged my laptop and handphone and took a nap at the plugs-equipped seats, which I had reviewed before.

Jakarta CGK as seen in the morning.
photo 20180203_051207

After taking the people mover to terminal 2, I walked through the still quiet pick-up area.
photo 20180203_052711

Since the original walkway to the arrivals area was renovated, they used fabric covers fit for wedding instead.
photo 20180203_052746

An elevator ride is needed to get to the departure floor.
photo 20180203_052832

The terminal had started to gt crowded.
photo 20180203_052952

Afterwards, there was a cursory ticket check and a preliminary security check to get to the check-in area.
photo 20180203_052925

Back to the old-school check-in area.
photo 20180203_053155

Lion Air group's check-in area was located just beside the domestic check-in area.
photo 20180203_053508

Some queues had formed.
photo 20180203_053511

At first I queued at the counter 68, but I then asked for which counter to use to the staff since only one was marked for the flight, to which the staff suggested me to use the counter 67 with slightly shorter queue. Nonetheless, it still took me 15 minutes to clear check-in, which was painfully slow. I then asked:
- How many people on board (just quite full), and
- Can I get the rear exit row seat by the window (something like row 14 on LCCs; there's one in the front but the one on the rear was full - must be unfamiliar with Batik's A320 configuration, but still ended up getting the one I meant)
photo 20180203_053543photo 20180203_053635

By the time I cleared check-in, the flight indicators on the counters remained very unclear.
photo 20180203_055310

The boarding pass of the day, which was shady because it's in the receipt-like stock and the check-in staff put my luggage tag at the front instead of rear.
photo 20180203_062104

A large number of uniform suitcases.
photo 20180203_055405

Since this trip called for completely no passport stamp, I decided to use the automated gates. This time, the gates worked well and I was let through in less than 1 minute.
photo 20180203_053414photo 20180203_055422

Jakarta CGK transit area and departure

The automated immigration gates from behind, which was completely empty.
photo 20180203_055504

At first I checked the T/G lounge, which featured Rp150000 (US$11.1) entry fee but seemed abysmal and lacked shower, so I passed.
photo 20180203_055517

The Premier Lounge comes with shower and costs Rp200000 (US$15) to enter. The fee was beyond my comfortable price range, so despite the lounge staff inviting me to have a look first before paying up I refused and passed it again.
photo 20180203_060406

The most expensive of all is the Pura Indah lounge, which also comes with shower but costs Rp255000 (US$19) to enter. While I'm cool on paying for lounge access, my acceptable price points are quite low (talk about S$24 (US$18) for one-time access to SATS Premier Lounge in Singapore after discount, which I'll review in a few weeks and among them include alcoholic beverages and shower).
photo 20180203_060508

The walkway to the D gates.
photo 20180203_060037

2 months and still no sign of opening yet?
photo 20180203_060115

I opted for a quick meal at the Old Town restaurant, which were it not for the outside view I wouldn't even bother - that nasi lemak alone costed me Rp64000 (US$4.9), far above what I would comfortably pay for a meal in Indonesia.
photo 20180203_062119

This is not Tokyo HND, but there are 3 Japanese airlines' planes parked next to each other. Lion's elusive, ultra-dense A330-300 can be seen as well.
photo 20180203_061625

I continued to the E gates for security screening.
photo 20180203_063915

Previously only used by Garuda, terminal 2's F gates are now mainly used by AirAsia and Sriwijaya's domestic flights.
photo 20180203_063958

Security took a while.
photo 20180203_064406

The usual stuffs.
photo 20180203_064427

Unlike in the D gates, however, the sleeping seats aren't as cushy.
photo 20180203_064913

I proceeded to the E6 gate as in the boarding pass - note the last-minute shuffling.
photo 20180203_064453

The lack of boarding pass check staff seems really strange - or is it?
photo 20180203_064822

When I checked the flight on Google it showed the flight as departing from E3 gate instead, so I went there where I happened to see the staffs about to board as well.
photo 20180203_064951

Now that's normal - boarding pass check staffs existing. I then alerted them of people still in gate E6, and then the other staff went there.
photo 20180203_065111

Just the typical gate on Jakarta CGK.
photo 20180203_065117

The plane about to bring me back.
photo 20180203_065342

Boarding soon started with priority enforced for a few seconds, after which it was a free for all.
photo 20180203_070415

I had tried to board later on, but even so there was still a long queue at the aerobridge.
photo 20180203_070832

At last, I managed to reach the plane.
photo 20180203_071045photo 20180203_071104

On board

Flight: ID7153
Plane: PK-LAF
STD/ATD: 07.35/07.38
STA/ATA: 10/20/10.24
Load factor: Unknown
Seat type: Standard exit row economy class

Two flight attendants welcomed me onboard (too bad I took the photo downward)
photo 20180203_071131

Passing through the business class cabin - the child at 3A may fly on business earlier, but I'm catching up (when the fares are cheap)
photo 20180203_071142

Unbeknownst to me, I had been assigned to the rear exit row seat, which feature decent legroom.
photo 20180203_071356

A personal TV with 3.5 mm and USB plugs were also available.
photo 20180203_071531

The in-flight magazine wasn't absent this time.
photo 20180203_071416

So does the safety card - unlike on Lion the exit row instructions were inside the card as well.
photo 20180203_071457

Since it's Lion Air group, prayer card was also available - but I couldn't see any airsickness bag inside.
photo 20180203_071515

Their IFE is, to say the least, made very much as an afterthought. Here's why:

Despite me choosing the IFE in Indonesian, the movie captions were in English (read: no effort to translate)
photo 20180203_071930

Just up for musics? Here, you'll get none of them. So much for claiming to try to beat Garuda?
photo 20180203_071942

On the lower part of the screen, Lion Group was simply put using Batik Air logo. Not only that, they couldn't translate Our airlines properly to Indonesian despite them being an Indonesian airline.
photo 20180203_072246

We soon pushed back and two anti-drug ads, which were all in Indonesian, were shown. Also, note the lack of Indonesian translation for the stow for … warning (even as the IFE screens are not adjustable).
photo 20180203_072807

A safety video followed, featuring sign language interpreter who looked like a male.
photo 20180203_073008

After passing through the queue, we finally managed to take off from the runway 25R.
photo 20180203_075100

Garuda's 737 on SkyTeam livery was also among those queuing after us.
photo 20180203_075148

The weather of the day seemed rather gloomy.
photo 20180203_075404

I was tired and slept just until moments before the meal service.

The flight attendant bringing what seemed like a lot of water.
photo 20180203_082504

I was expecting a hot meal, but was sorely disappointed with the foods and drink provided, which are:
- Main course: Bread with meat filling and nugget chunks
- Sweet bread: Muffin
- Drink: Nestle brand water / coffee / tea

Instead of putting it in boxes like Garuda do, they put it in fast food-style paper bag.
photo 20180203_082604

The breads were both so dry I ended up asking for second serving of water, and while the muffin was fine (I tried it after landing; not a huge fan of it) the bread with meat was too unassuming and the nugget chunks seemed like someone had just thought, "Give them some more meat". In terms of presentation, the packaging used were not full-service at all and we were even supposed to eat the nugget by hand instead of fork. On overall, it's the worst meal on the Singapore - Indonesia shuttle and only on par with Garuda's snack for a 25 minutes flight. If you come to Batik for the meal thinking it's full service, you'll be sorely disappointed.

If there's one thing they do right, it's that they put the Batik brand on the glass.
photo 20180203_082839photo 20180203_082849

There was some minor turbulences, but the rest of the cruise uneventful.
photo 20180203_083708

During the meal I decided to watch the moving map, which was again rather poor (basically only zoomed in/out maps with all details crammed up).
photo 20180203_083715

I took another nap again through the descent as I still lacked sleep from the early morning departure.

When I woke up, I was greeted with the familiar sight of Singapore.
photo 20180203_100834

We reached the airport in a few minutes.
photo 20180203_101005

During the final approach, the IFE had already become unusable.
photo 20180203_101045

Landing was uneventful, and soon we taxied to the gate.
photo 20180203_101149photo 20180203_101314

We were parked beside Singapore's A350.
photo 20180203_101554

Others had already started waiting to deplane.
photo 20180203_102015

The business class from behind, featuring screens at the seatback.
photo 20180203_102352

A familiar sight: ad-plastered aerobridge.
photo 20180203_102408

As how it usually goes: the plane was parked at A16 gate.
photo 20180203_102442

Arrival at Singapore SIN and post-arrival trip

The thermal scanner.
photo 20180203_102514

Luckily, there was no screening on arrival for this flight.
photo 20180203_102535

Instead of walking through the moving walkways ….
photo 20180203_102634

I used the automated people mover instead.
photo 20180203_102713

The outside view of the airport.
photo 20180203_102812

The APM station have platforms to terminal 2 as well as to A16-A20 gates.
photo 20180203_102852

Immigration was as usual quiet and I was let through in less than 1 minute.
photo 20180203_102929photo 20180203_103055

Alcoholic beverages shop? Give it a miss first - I arrived less than 48 hrs before.
photo 20180203_103109

The carousel was shared with the Garuda flight from Surabaya, which I'll take in the next few weeks. My bag arrived 14 minutes from when I deplaned, which was good.
photo 20180203_103122

The terminal 3 arrival landside area - it took me 15 minutes from when I stepped off the plane to clearing the customs.
photo 20180203_103932

I then took the bus.
photo 20180203_110002

Unlike other terminals', terminal 4's public bus stop is located outside.
photo 20180203_110857
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Batik Air

Cabin crew5.0

Jakarta - CGK


Singapore - SIN



I had never flown on Batik internationally (my parents did; on charter flights), but now that I've flown it on the shuttle route, I must say it's a very disappointing experience. From the indecent meals to low quality entertainment, were it not to tick off an airline off my list I may as well downgrade to Lion and still enjoy free exit row seating and checked luggage while saving some cash.

Batik wouldn't be on my to-avoid list, for sure, but it's not high on my priority as well with its higher fares and poor value for money.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Lack of immigration queue at Jakarta CGK
+ Relatively new plane
+ Free emergency exit row seat assignment
+ Provision of USB charging plug
+ Reasonably efficient immigration at Singapore SIN

Things that can be improved:
- Expensive price (Rp905.000 (US$67) after OTA discount - expensive given the services)
- Inability to do online check-in
- Slow people mover at Jakarta CGK
- Check-in queue length at Jakarta CGK
- Check-in staff's unfamiliarity with Batik's A320 layout
- Amenities at Jakarta CGK international departure gates
- Lack of communication on gate change
- Chaotic boarding
- High load factor
- Poor in-flight entertainment
- On board meal taste, packaging, and size

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.6/10.

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  • Comment 430731 by
    Blazingburst2016 9 Comments
    I loved the trip-report and the amount of detail provided was great. I would suggest to not include so many pictures as they just lose the interest of the reader. I just loved the trip-report.
  • Comment 431641 by
    emyrrs 109 Comments
    thaks for sharing ID's flight report with us! agree with Blazingburst2016 there's too much information before the departure I mean if you could just shortened
    the pre-departure report...

    Anyway I don't even like the packaging of that meal services from ID. Such a shame back then they're in ambitions to compete with GA in so many aspects but I don't see that anymore. I hope my 2hrs or more flight with them they'll provide hot meal. hahahaha
    • Comment 431715 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments
      Thank you for reading!

      agree with Blazingburst2016 there's too much information before the departure I mean if you could just shortened
      the pre-departure report...
      - I'll try to cut some of it on the next reports, but mind you, it may still be long at least for my next flight (I've got myself lounge access :p)

      Anyway I don't even like the packaging of that meal services from ID. Such a shame back then they're in ambitions to compete with GA in so many aspects but I don't see that anymore. I hope my 2hrs or more flight with them they'll provide hot meal. hahahaha
      - I would associate that kind of packaging as from street food, not a full-service carrier, but for sure Indonesia's street foods are more satisfying. I'm not sure anymore what's the threshold for hot meal on ID nowadays, but they still served one on this route last year so I expected one either. You can check those reports on YouTube, which provide baselines for my report.

      Thank you!
  • Comment 431704 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6188 Comments
    Hi Eric, thanks for sharing your first experience with Batik. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Asians are spoiled when it comes to airlines ^^
    If you give 4.3/10 for a less than 2 hour flight with IFE and a meal (albeit not a very appetising meal), then I'd have to see what you'd rate a Y class experience on a 6 hour PHL-LAX on a PMUS AA A321 with no IFE and no food, haha. Whenever I am on a comparable flight within the U.S. in Y I'm lucky if we have overhead TVs, a tiny bag of pretzels, and a quarter of a can of diet Coke :-P
    • Comment 431717 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments
      Hi Kevin,

      Asians are spoiled when it comes to airlines ^^
      - We really are, can't deny that, but even so we would usually shy away to whoever sells the cheapest. You should try going to CGK's T1 on Ied holiday to see just how popular Lion is in Indonesia, which is usually the cheapest anyway.

      If you give 4.3/10 for a less than 2 hour flight with IFE and a meal (albeit not a very appetising meal), then I'd have to see what you'd rate a Y class experience on a 6 hour PHL-LAX on a PMUS AA A321 with no IFE and no food, haha. Whenever I am on a comparable flight within the U.S. in Y I'm lucky if we have overhead TVs, a tiny bag of pretzels, and a quarter of a can of diet Coke :-P
      - Anywhere from 2 to 4? :p But ID's IFE is almost like no IFE (my benchmark is, well, mostly on classical musics and flight map) and the meal not so much of a meal, so can't help it. Even though the pretzel may not be fresh and overhead TV boring, at least you have Coke.

      Thank you! ^^

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