Review of Air France flight Paris Miami in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF0090
Class Economy
Seat 48L
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 09:30
Take-off 07 Nov 17, 13:45
Arrival at 07 Nov 17, 17:15
AF   #21 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5255 reviews
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Published on 8th February 2018

Hello everyone

I'm french, and I post my first Flight Report with my Flight video that describes it better than any text or photo;)

This is not my first flight in A380 (because having already flown on those of Emirates) but it is the 1st with those of Air France

If not by where do I start?

Well, by the fact that my flight took place a week after the implementation of the new security measures required by Donald Trump, set up by Paris Airport and Air France
These measures concerning only flights from Europe to the United States (no matter which company) are distinguished by 2 reinforced controls (1 before the check-in of the luggage, and 1 in the departure lounge) via longer excavations and further interrogations on our reasons for our trip and what we are transporting.
Frankly no reason to worry the procedure is well oiled and it goes very quickly if you have nothing to be blamed;) (about 2 minutes per passenger or group of passengers)
To my surprise, these new measures lead to little or no delay on flights

My wife and I have the annoying habit of arriving very early (arrival at the airport at 08:30 for a flight at 13:40) yes I know it's very early, but during the week, except school holidays and peak hours in Paris you know as well as me that caps can be monstrous

photo img_4914

Terminal 2E and Baggage Check

photo img_4899photo img_4897

Terminal 2E Hall M is only accessible via an internal train at the airport

photo a380 air france miami - paris.mp42018-02-04 02-01-20.727photo a380 air france miami - paris.mp42018-02-04 02-00-22.807

Hall M Terminal 2E

The Duty free zone of Hall M when it is rather well stocked with shops and armchairs (very comfortable to sleep ^^)

photo img_4913

Gate M28

photo img_4905

Airbus A380-800
photo img_4908photo img_2766

Next door, a device in which I would dream to be able to travel one day;)
The Airbus A350

photo img_4916


After a second series of security questions, boarding took place relatively quickly

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 02-04-02.684

We are all at the back

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 02-16-01.833

Seat 48 L

photo img_4928

So it is important to note that the cabin of the Air France A380 is of old generation (2007-2008) and that it is more than 10 years old.

Compared to newer aircraft (such as the B787, A350) and other refurbished aircraft (like the Air France 777), the A380 cabin is still very modern and comfortable
It should be noted that Air France has planned to completely renovate and upgrade the cabin of all A380s in the 2020s (just after the A330s)

Comfort and entertainment

There also excellent point, we have room
I am very tall (I am 1m91), I have room for my legs! [/drank]
While a little less than Emirates or Lufthansa, but more than enough to be installed comfortably for large asparagus like me;)

Despite a smaller touch screen and older than on newer cameras, the picture quality is good
The choice of programs, music and films is very wide and all the films are available in French (or VOST) as well as in several other languages

Another good thing , a lot of movies available are VERY RECENT (about 3 months after their cinema release) even though they are not even available elsewhere (in DVD or VOD ^^)

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 02-12-03.377photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 02-07-33.044

One thing that is very popular with passengers: multiple aircraft cameras (one on the tail fin, one under the fuselage forward and one pointed towards the ground )

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 02-08-22.142

The Flight

photo img_4929photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 02-08-52.645

The door closures and push-back started with 20 minutes of delay, due to the absence of a passenger and therefore the unloading of his suitcases


Driving and takeoff fairly fast

photo img_4944photo img_4943

Here too pleasantly surprised, a Risotto really very good, so much that I asked the stewart if it was possible to have rab and has my big surprises, they said yes
With this white bread, camembert and butter chair, and dessert a brownie, a clementine and apple juice, in short everything I like!
And yet I am difficult!
In addition to that, it's only a detail but the cutlery are quite hard and strong and not brittle at first bite

photo img_4948

After watching 2 movies (the ones I did not see at the movies) "The Planet of the Apes: The Clash" and "Lousy and Mean Me 3", I had no trouble falling asleep and I did not Woke up only 4 hours later (40 min before arrival)
In short, tell you that the time has really gone really fast for a 10-hour flight

photo img_2770photo img_4965

And already the Florida coastline on the horizon

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 04-01-24.729

At the beginning of the descent, the captain explains that despite our takeoff 20 minutes late, we will arrive with 20 minutes in advance on the schedule, in particular due to a high cruising speed thanks to "very favorable back winds today"
A rather good news;)

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 04-02-09.306

Miami International Airport is in sight

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 02-13-39.328

But before landing, a little U-turn and passage over the swamps of the Everglades National Park

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 04-02-33.708

It is 05:10 PM (local time) and we can see that it's rush hour in the United States;)

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 04-04-13.839photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 04-04-49.113

Barely touched the ground that the palm trees under a beautiful sunset, are there to welcome us, as if they welcomed us;)



"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Miami, it is 05:15 PM local time and the temperature is 27 °C"


After 10 minutes, we can finally disembark and the temperature contrast (27 ° C) calls immediately (it was -3 ° C in Paris this morning)

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 04-09-06.275photo img_4985

After a very long corridor, we arrive at the customs … and this is where the galleys begin



I know that the United States has put new, strengthened controls on the border police
But it was not going well, and some people were spending a lot of time (sometimes 10 minutes just for ONE couple!)

photo a380 air france paris - miami.mp42018-02-04 02-18-57.426photo img_4988

We lost so much time at customs (about 1 hour of waiting line) that our luggage had been going around for a while already ^^

photo img_4991b

The car rental also took us a lot of time and after landing at 17:15, landed at 17:35, we finally leave the airport at 19:30!
In short, the fluidity and access in US airports are still to improve

Thank you all for reading my pavement, I hope you find the information you are looking for;)

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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

Paris - CDG


Miami - MIA



-As I said the Air France A380 and especially its cabin are starting to age and a renovation is planned for 2020
But despite all the comfort, quality and entertainment are waiting for you

-A very nice crew, smiling and available, a real pleasure!
I will always continue to take Air France if possible

-In relation to Roissy Charles de Gaulle, I begin to know him by heart and even if he begins to age, he renovates himself as and when and fluidity remains good

-Concerning Miami however, there are big problems of fluidity
Put 2 hours to get out of the airport is not really a good pub,
In short, to improve quickly

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