Review of Scoot flight Hanoi Singapore in Economy

Airline Scoot
Flight TR 301
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 27 Jan 18, 11:10
Arrival at 27 Jan 18, 15:45
TR   #11 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 53 reviews
By 952
Published on 15th February 2018
Hey there!

This is my inbound flight to Singapore from Hanoi via Scoot.

It was a sad day for me as my short birthday trip comes to an end. Even the weather has the same feelings as me, gloomy, cold and raining. I though Vietnam is only Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi only, but there are a lot of other things that Vietnam could offer. Im definitely going back their to explore more.

I left the hotel early to catch the public bus from Hanoi Train Station going to Airport. This is the best option if you are travelling alone and backpacking at its only cost about S$1.50 compared to taxis for S$20.
photo img_8834

In about 30-45 mins of travel, we reached Airport. It still foggy, rainy and cold in Hanoi. If you notice they did not removed yet their holiday decoration from Chirstmas and Calendar New year, as 2 weeks from that time is the Lunar New Year which they celebrate.

One of the few FIDS in the airport.
photo img_8839

Check in area is quite wide with 4 pair of check in counter, Scoot is at Row A the leftmost area when you enter the airport. Scoot do not offer web/online check-in from flights coming to Singapore and advise the passenger to be at the Airport at least 2 hours before flight, which is considerably short for a peak morning flight. As to be sure, im at the airport 3.5 hours before my flight, and scoot counter is already open a lot of passengers are checkin in already. The queue seems short but I was unlucky enough to join the wrong queue, its either a big group are checking in or passengers that are over baggage and trying to repacks their bags are ahead of me. I've waited about 20 mins for me to accommodate and to be checked in. The agent thanked me for patiently waiting and started with a little chit chat and at the end i asked him if there is available window seat for me, and he gave me a window seat. Im checked in about 2 mins.
photo img_8842photo img_8843

After i got my boarding pass, i wander around the public area. i went to the 2nd level where most of the restaurant, massage and spa, and few souvenir shops are located.

The 2nd level is also a great place for spotting, it has a big window and facing the gates and runway. Aeroflot 777 and Vietnam Airlines 787 are parked.
photo img_8855photo img_8856

After that, i went down and head to immigration and security check area. getting inside from Departure A area seems to be fine but when you enter the hall, there are 2 snaking line awaiting to be cleared, another 30 minutes spent here. I think the 2 hours of allotted for your departure is just nice but if you want to be a stress free and still have time from "unfortunate event" i suggest to go to airport earlier.
photo img_8844photo img_8845

Again our gate is located to the farthest most section of the airport with a good 10-15 minutes walk from security, walkalator helps. You will passed by some Duty Free Shops, Food Place and souvenir shops.
photo img_8864photo img_8866

Kids Play ground, Transit resting area and water point.
photo img_8862photo img_8865photo img_8867

Vietjet A320 parked at the remote slot and getting ready for departure.
photo img_8869

As the Boarding time comes, the agent announced that "Flight to Singapore is now ready for boarding…" everyone is in their seats and waiting for further announcement for priority boarding or group boarding but there is none. After a minute of waiting one brave soul approached the counter and hand over his boarding pass and agents accepts and allowed him for boarding, since im just at the side of the counter i followed him and im in heading to the jet bridge. After that everyone follows.
photo img_8874photo img_8873

It still the same old Scoot seat.
photo img_8875

Seat back pocket literature and their BOB menu. you can see how expensive their BOB is.

It still raining and foggy, its hard to get a decent photo from the airport's "action". It was a bumpy take off as we try to fly over the clouds.

Hanoi is covering with clouds.
photo img_8884

As we at the cruising altitude, cabin crews are ready to serve passengers. As usual, passengers with pre order meals were served first. Then BOB carts are rolling along the aisle, After that they collect rubbish, and go on their duty free cart for selling. it was a steady and calm flight going to Singapore.

An before we lands, their is a little commotion at the back of the plane, crews are looking for a doctor on board, and aside from the announcement another crew is asking passenger per row if there is any doctor onboard, it seems pretty serious told to myself. After few minutes, it seems that everyone is settled at the back. My seat mate asked the crew that passes by what happened at the back, she just replied "It ok now, nothing to worry." So everything is fine and i did not bother anymore.

Singapore as we approach for landing.
photo img_8902

As we disembark, before going for immigration check there is an arrival security checks.

This is how Singapore Welcomes you.
photo img_8926

The immigration area is packed with passenger coming to Singapore. Nationals and with Long term Visas no need to dread this line, they can go to the automated clearance kiosk where you scan your passport and thumbprint then your're done. Duty Free and lugagge area is also busy, did not amanged to take photos of that area.

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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu4.0

Hanoi - HAN


Singapore - SIN



Scoot air is pretty decent LCC, if you want a cheapest fare you may want to consider to check their fare, but on the other hand, their add ons is more on an expensive side if we are going to compared it from other LCC, other than that, no complaints. They deliver, On time departure and arrival. Crews were professional, a little additional personal service would be much appreciated.

Hanoi Airport surprised me, this is better Saigon Airport for me. it was big, more food stalls and shops available. If you are going to buy something asked for the exchange rate first. In my case i still have Vietnamese Dong and i want to consume it, so i try to buy some souvenir stuff, some shops gave me very low rate of USD. Food is also pricey, but they exchange rate that they gave to me is good and at the end after paying my last Dong i still have a USD$1 change.

Singapore Changi is Singapore Changi, still the best airport for me, you will never get bored nor hungry. it was just weekend and peak hours that is why immigraion lines is long.

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