Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Surabaya Singapore in Business

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA854
Class Business
Seat 8A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 17 Feb 18, 07:40
Arrival at 17 Feb 18, 10:50
GA   #30 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 213 reviews
Eric V P
By 2391
Published on 19th February 2018
Report #25: GA854 - Business class by luck

This will be my report on flying Garuda Indonesia business class from Surabaya to Singapore, a short haul international flight within SE Asia. Viewer advisory: this will be a quite long report, especially due to the lounges test (i.e. lounge hopping in SUB terminal 2).


While pushing my case for full-service carrier was futile on the earlier trip, at least I had the chance to revisit the same flight as on my 2nd flight report: GA854 to Singapore. It had been my preferred option throughout 2015, hence the classic shuttle (in 2016 and 2017 my trips were pretty different).

Instead of returning to Singapore on Monday, I decided to return on Sunday with around Rp100.000 (US$7.5) extra citing final year project - while the other reason was for me to try my luck on Garuda's BidUpgrade, its implementation of Plusgrade's upgrade auction which has recently been expanded to the V subclass (one of their lower tier classes but not S (i.e. among the lowest) which I would get had I opted to fly on Monday - previously the bidding system was limited to N subclass or above). I don't hold any elite FFP membership, which means that the upgrade when cleared should give more incremental benefits than for elite members.

For this flight, the bid amount was set to be between Rp912.000 (US$69) to Rp1.876.000 (US$140). It's steep given how they only offer recliner seats but as there were very few chances to review their business class partially on my parents' dime (I still couldn't stomach the full fare) I opted to bid somewhere in the middle at Rp1.400.925 (US$105).
photo ga bu maxphoto ga bu min

As my luck would have it and after anxiously waiting (instead of within 48 hours as promised the email came 32 hours before departure) my bid was accepted. That would bring the total ticket price to around Rp2.900.000 (US$217.5), which while rather expensive to my taste would be generally considered affordable given:
- I only paid the bid amount by my stipend (the economy class ticket was expensed), and
- The normal fare would run at Rp5.000.000 (US$375) one-way or Rp9.000.000 (US$675) roundtrip (CI offered their business class at Rp6.000.000 (US$450) roundtrip, but they're known to price tickets quite differently for one-way trip so it ended up being like GA again).
photo ga bu conf email

The other 2 upgraded passengers told me that they bid between Rp1.200.000 (US$90) and Rp1.300.000 (US$97.5), so while I evidently overpaid it's still quite reasonable (but next time if I ever partake in such bid I would bid like them or even less).

Trip to SUB and check-in

Thanks to the expressway, me and my parents managed to arrive to Surabaya in 3 1/2 hours including lunch time.
photo 20180217_133733

We stayed at Ciputra World Hotel and got upgraded 2 steps from the lowest room available to the highest deluxe room available (they have 3 types of deluxe room) because we needed twin beds to accommodate 3 people even though we had booked by OTA.
photo 20180217_162332

I then took the carpooling service to the airport so my parents could enjoy the hotel room longer, which costed me only Rp44.000 (US$3.3) for the 20 km trip.
photo 20180218_054615

After around 40 minutes I reached the airport.
photo 20180218_055907

The departure area was surprisingly quite empty.
photo 20180218_055927

There was a cursory security check (without metal detector) to go to the public area, which took me just above 1 minute.
photo 20180218_055945photo 20180218_060113

At this time there were few stores open.
photo 20180218_060124

I then proceeded to the ticket check.
photo 20180218_060210

The counters for the flight had yet to open (the general counters were known to reject people flying internationally from checking in there, at least in economy).
photo 20180218_060347

Instead, I proceeded to the business class check-in, which took me 2 minutes. The staff asked whether I got upgraded, and as I answered yes she asked me to go to the ticketing counter to, "look for the associate and tell that I changed from economy to business". I also asked about the load, to which she said it was 8 in business and 132 in economy.
photo 20180218_060441

I went to the ticketing counter, where some people asked about same-day tickets to Jakarta. Since it was just the end of Chinese new year long weekend, the staff told everybody that only night flights would have the economy while the rest only have business class - either that, or they could standby. Due to the long queue, a staff went out and asked what did I need, to which I told her of the class change and passed my passport.
photo 20180218_060746

It took me 5 minutes to get my upgrade EMD issued.
photo 20180218_061615

After I got my EMD, I returned to the check-in counter, passed my EMD and passport, and then did the check-in. She asked for my return ticket, to which I answered for my intent to stay there and passed my student visa card. I also asked:
- Whether I can get the 8A seat (yes; since based on the current load the 8A seat had high chance of having empty adjacent seat), and
- Whether I can get to the domestic lounge (yes - she provided me with two lounge passes)
photo 20180218_061417

Luggage tags - I got the priority-business.
photo 20180218_061701

I then received my boarding pass, printed in their standard stock paper.
photo 20180218_063007

Since I also asked whether I could get into the domestic lounge, I also got two lounge passes (I wonder why is it 2 instead of 1).
photo 20180218_061815

The area above the check-in area had been slightly reconfigured and all shops were on the right side.
photo 20180218_061902

Boarding pass check was now done using turnstiles. Since I scanned my international boarding pass, I got rejected on the domestic turnstiles so after talking to the staff I went through the side door.
photo 20180218_061936

Security was queue-free and I was through in 1 minute.
photo 20180218_062014

SUB domestic transit area and lounge test #1: Garuda Indonesia Domestic Lounge

The domestic transit area feature several stores.
photo 20180218_062143

The waiting room, with most people waiting for their Jakarta-bound flight.
photo 20180218_062217

The lounge's exterior felt a lot like the international lounge in DPS which I had reviewed before. The reception initially refused me entry as I wasn't bound for a domestic flight (why can't I access GA's lounge when I have a GA ticket?), but after I passed one of my lounge passes he said that he could make an exception, wrote my details on the lounge pass, and let me in.
photo 20180218_062249

Near the reception hot face towels were available, though no one bothered to use it even with the clean (bersih in Indonesian) remark. The towel itself was a generic one, but still a nice touch.
photo 20180218_064722photo 20180218_064832

Newspapers and magazines were available, but all were in Indonesian (note the lack of The Jakarta Post, an Indonesian newspaper in English).
photo 20180218_064658

There were several kinds of seating, and I appreciated the consistency of the design. There were not that many power plugs, but the sofa with mini table has one for each person so those who need one can just proceed there.
photo 20180218_062347photo 20180218_062408photo 20180218_064554

Just like their lounge in DPS, feet massaging machines were there and have semi-private partition.
photo 20180218_064633

Business centre is located behind the dining area, which feature iMac computers and a printer.
photo 20180218_064514

Instead of mini-FIDS, they just used the display like those at the gates.
photo 20180218_062435

The hot meal options may not look good, but is very Indonesian - always a good thing when you went home for Indonesian foods. This is more on a personal level, but the highlights for me were the tempeh and the chicken satay.

In Indonesia we've got a lot of chili sauces, so it's sad to see the packaged ones even though the legitimate ones were still available near the chicken porridge's condiments.
photo 20180218_063613

The hot meals when plated. The plates and glasses were quickly cleared, which was appreciated.
photo 20180218_062715photo 20180218_063230

Instead of soup, chicken porridge with condiments was offered. It doesn't look nice (especially the soup/seasoning), but still pretty decent.
photo 20180218_063623photo 20180218_063702photo 20180218_063818

Western-styled meal choices consisted of breads and cereal.
photo 20180218_064056photo 20180218_064114

Drinks were all non-alcoholic, as expected on a domestic lounge, but they also have a coffee machine which was unmanned.
photo 20180218_064140photo 20180218_064146photo 20180218_064201

The lavatories were outside the lounge proper.
photo 20180218_064926

Shower was available, but only on request (I couldn't see the shower room either).
photo 20180218_064934

The lavatory itself was very basic.
photo 20180218_065137

After the lavatory visit I exited the lounge to go to the international departure area.

Boarding had started for the flight bound to CGK.
photo 20180218_065240

SUB international transit area and lounge test #2: Concordia Premier Lounge

I then proceeded to the international departure
photo 20180218_065437

Security was also queue-free, so there was no Sky Priority benefit needed (the story may differ earlier; the morning peak had already passed).
photo 20180218_065451

Immigration was queue-free and I was let through in less than 1 minute. I also asked:
- Whether the early morning peak had passed (yes),
- When will they get automated immigration gates (soon, pending approval (from where?))
photo 20180218_065730

There were barely any stores.
photo 20180218_065746

Even the duty-free store's business had been very slow.
photo 20180218_065751photo 20180218_065754

I proceeded to the lounge.
photo 20180218_065824

So much ad?
photo 20180218_065848

It is a Priority Pass lounge, and also shared among all carriers flying internationally.
photo 20180218_065918

I passed my boarding pass and passport to the lounge reception, who then took a photo of my boarding pass and let me in.
photo 20180218_065949

Business centre consisted of only 1 PC in an exposed area.
photo 20180218_065945

A smoking room was available.
photo 20180218_065958

The lounge is a very compact and monotonous one with only 2 types of seats (normal chairs and high chairs by the coffee machine)
photo 20180218_070006photo 20180218_073332

Their hot dishes are very basic, and even worse than that of GA's domestic lounge. Not photographed is the sauteed vegetable and chicken cooked with margarine.
photo 20180218_070213photo 20180218_070400

Is it steamed or stewed?
photo 20180218_070424

Live station offer waffles and omelettes.
photo 20180218_070304photo 20180218_070448

Meal test round 1. The meal was mediocre at best, and worse than those at GA's domestic lounge. My plates were not cleared until I asked the lounge staff to clear it for me, all the same while they were talking to each other.
photo 20180218_070555

Chicken porridge was offered, but strangely enough comes with bland vegetable soup.
photo 20180218_071425photo 20180218_071508

Chicken noodle was also provided with plated noodle and chicken chunks, but the soup was very oily and had fried garlic sprinkled too liberally.
photo 20180218_071942

You know you're in Indonesia when you have crackers at the airport lounge, and I don't mean the crackers (biscuit).
photo 20180218_070527

Bread was more limited as well, with the butter even put openly.
photo 20180218_072029photo 20180218_072036

Cereal were of the standard trio, while the desserts were also plated.
photo 20180218_072059photo 20180218_072442

In terms of beverages, juices were offered at the main area while a coffee machine (not photographed) and soft drinks were located behind.
photo 20180218_071602photo 20180218_073627

The shower room is located right at the entrance of the female lavatory.
photo 20180218_073516

Amenities offered were standard and at least they got the water quite right, but the room was rather tight.
photo 20180218_073723photo 20180218_073731

Lounge test verdict and departure

Given the choice, I would lean towards GA's domestic lounge rather than the international contract lounge. Both of them have no view and are dry, and while GA's lounge may be darker it offered more amenities and seem to be better run than the international contract lounge. Since somehow there was no lounge listed here I would just put the ratings here (domestic/international):

Comfort: 7 / 6.5
Meal/catering: 7 / 5.5
Services: 5 / 4.5
Entertainment: 4 / 3

I then proceeded to the gates. On the right side was once the temporary business class lounge.
photo 20180218_080647

The gates were mostly filled with passengers for this flight.
photo 20180218_080746

Plane of the day: PK-GMK, a 8-years old plane.
photo 20180218_080916

The gate had shifted to gate 8 without announcement.
photo 20180218_080950

Boarding soon announced with priority for business class slightly not enforced (but they still prioritized wheelchair users).
photo 20180218_081756

I then walked through the aerobridge to the plane.
photo 20180218_081934photo 20180218_081947

There was a minor queue, but I soon entered the plane.
photo 20180218_082020

On board

Flight: GA854
Plane: PK-GMK
STD/ATD: 07.40/07.50
STA/ATA: 10.50/11.00
Load factor: 41% C (5/12), 86%Y (130/150)
Seat type: Recliner business class (window seat)

I was welcomed and soon reached to my seat.
photo 20180218_082045

I didn't take a photo of my seat, so I took photo of the ones across. The IFE remote control can be also seen.
photo 20180218_082210photo 20180218_082339

Legroom was fine.
photo 20180218_082220

The business class pillow, bearing Garuda's logo
photo 20180218_082231

IFE uses the exact same screen as in economy class, just mounted on the holder, except with the remote control. The screen was also not that touch-sensitive, a typical symptom on GA's older 737s.
photo 20180218_082319

The overhead screen may occasionally pop up, mostly showing the moving map and safety instruction.
photo 20180218_082512

The table is quite sturdy by folding table standard (though the middle can go slightly down) since the far end is secured to the middle armrest.
photo 20180218_082630

As expected, the usual goodies were there.

Except for the headphone of course - the business class headphone is better than those in economy but still not that good either.
photo 20180218_082954

Power plugs were also available at the middle armrest.
photo 20180218_084353

The seat can be manually adjusted, however after the meal I tried to use the legrest which was broken.
photo 20180218_090613

As usual on 737, individual air vents still exist.
photo 20180218_091344

Hot towel with GA's logo was soon provided on a wooden dish, which is more presentable and convenient (since it was quite hot) than directly given to the passenger. Unlike in MH C, the towel was indeed better executed.
photo 20180218_083125photo 20180218_083202

The flight attendant also asked for my welcome drink, to which I asked for the martebe (markisa terong belanda / passion fruit and Dutch eggplant) juice, which was quite good.
photo 20180218_083444

The flight attendant then offered local newspapers, to which I took the Jawa Pos. Is a news on artists caught for possessing drugs the best one for the day?
photo 20180218_083843photo 20180218_083851

Menu was also distributed, which were in Indonesian on one side and English on the other.
photo 20180218_084002photo 20180218_084021

Since it's an old plane, the same problem as the one seen on my flight to TKG can be seen as well: improperly fitted lamp covers.
photo 20180218_084630

Safety video was played, and as usual at the end the flight attendants would clasp their hands in front of us like on the video.
photo 20180218_084940

We were parked beside CX's A330 bound to HKG.
photo 20180218_085003

After the safety video, the flight attendant would take our breakfast order. To maintain eye level, she would kneel when taking each order. I opted for the Indonesian option and champagne, and then she would ask me whether I would like to have the champagne after take-off or during the meal - the earlier the better so I decided to start with it. Throughout the flight she would address me with my name, which is appreciated.
photo 20180218_085423

We soon left the terminal 2 to runway 10.
photo 20180218_085636

MZ's graveyard.
photo 20180218_085736

Take-off was slightly bumpy, but soon we left SUB.
photo 20180218_090154photo 20180218_090429

After take-off the flight attendant distributed blankets, which everybody took.
photo 20180218_090603

My champagne was soon given, which was Castelnau Cuvee Brut Millesime - drinkable and better than KL's Nicolas Feuillatte but I would prefer the Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose they had a few years back.
photo 20180218_091449

We soon reached the cruising altitude, which was rather low at 32000 feet.
photo 20180218_091837

Tablecloth was soon applied to my table, bearing GA's logo.
photo 20180218_092107

Following is the menu for the flight:
Appetizer: Fresh fruit cuts
Bread: Bread basket (croissant and one other bread with chocolate) with butter, jam, and honey
Main course: Indonesian-style nasi uduk (coconut rice) with chicken, omelette with chicken sausage, or banana cream crepe
Dessert: Yoghurt
Drink (default): Water
Drink: Champagne / white wine / red wine / fruit juices / soft drink / water / coffee / tea / hot chocolate

This is the Indonesian option, which proved to be more popular. After she passed the tray, the flight attendant said, "Have a nice meal, Mr. Eric" which is a nice gesture but seemed interesting as I didn't hear her mention the other passengers by name.
photo 20180218_092302

To start, the fruit cuts were fine. The main course was really good especially with the coconut rice and chicken being very flavourful it's comparable to eating outside the airport (there's almost no such thing as Indonesian fine dining, for what it's worth) - if there's any to complaint, it would be that the tempeh was a bit dry. The yoghurt was also fine despite being awkwardly put (or is it that I got too used to have one right from the cup?), but the breads were both soggy. On overall, the meal was quite fine for a short-haul breakfast flight.

Since I had finished my glass of champagne, the flight attendant offered me to top it up as she served the meal - who am I to reject?
photo 20180218_094318

After the meal I did my lavatory visit. The lavatory was quite clean since it was her first flight of the day.
photo 20180218_094543

Clarins amenities were available, but apart from that it's an economy class lavatory.
photo 20180218_094548

As the legrest in seat 8A was broken, I told the flight attendant on it who then tried the legrest herself and afterwards suggested me to move to any other seat. My friend suggested me to try the bulkhead seat, which has worse legroom than my original seat.
photo 20180218_095408

I then worked on my laptop, but not before trying to look at their classical music choices, which were limited.

The flight attendant then offered snacks from the snack basket, to which I took the potato chips and asked to have it accompanied with champagne - as far as I noticed I was the only one ordering champagne during the flight.

Me in the seat 6A.
photo 20180218_104418

Seats 6H and 6K were unfilled, and so does the seat 7K. I then asked the flight attendant on the rather low load, to which she answered that they couldn't make it due to sickness or insufficient documents, and also updated the load factor into 5C 130Y instead of the 8C 132Y on check-in which would make the business class cabin consist of 3 normal yet not flying, 2 normal and flying, and 3 upgraded and flying passengers.
photo 20180218_104433

Some views during descent - despite the clear weather we encountered some turbulences along the way.
photo 20180218_104350photo 20180218_104352

You know you're approaching SIN's 02C/02L when you saw those ships and the Expo area.
photo 20180218_104747photo 20180218_104926

AC's planes in both old and new livery and MH's A333.
photo 20180218_104955

Landing was uneventful and we soon proceeded to terminal 3.
photo 20180218_105220

We were parked at the gate A14, one of the southernmost gates, beside SQ's 77W.
photo 20180218_105707

Even in business class we still stood while waiting to deplane.
photo 20180218_105957

I then bid farewell to the flight attendants (there were 2 of them in C) and they called me by name again (is it because I'm the only Indonesian-looking Indonesian?)

I proceeded to the aerobridge.
photo 20180218_110035photo 20180218_110050

Instead of a last photo of PK-GMK I took one of SQ's 77W.
photo 20180218_110107

As usual, the heat detector was there.
photo 20180218_110130

Arrival at SIN and post-arrival trip

I took the people mover to the centre of the terminal 3. I also talked to the couple at seat 8H/K and found that:
- They're Singaporean Malays instead of Indonesians, which could be barely distinguished,
- They were also upgraded using the upgrade bid as I guessed, but
- They bid lower than me (so I should lower mine as well if I ever partake in it again).
photo 20180218_110216

Afterwards, I walked further to collect some of my items at the baggage storage at the terminal 1.
photo 20180218_110733

Immigration was fast and I was through in less than 1 minute as usual.
photo 20180218_112528

My bag was the last one to be taken from the priority baggage collection desk, while some bags were still arriving at the general counter.
photo 20180218_112906

The arrival area.
photo 20180218_112908

After I collected my bag I went out to the landside.
photo 20180218_112947

To end the trip, I decided to take the electric train back to my campus, where I somehow managed to sleep for a while.
photo 20180218_120219
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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew9.5

Surabaya - SUB


Singapore - SIN



I have barely any idea how would people justify spending Rp9.000.000 (US$675) roundtrip on such product, but it's undeniable that their soft product is quite solid. The flight attendants were undeniably the best part of the flight (there is a reason they got an award specifically for that), while the meal was quite good and well-adjusted to the nature of the flight. Whether I would get the older or newer plane is mostly down to luck, but GA could do a better job at maintaining the older plane's interior, not especially with the improperly fitted lamp cover and broken legrest. In terms of lounges, both weren't spectacular but still do their job given the smaller number of people flying.

Would I want to do the same again? Given my budget constraints and the overall product offered I would, but won't want to bid as much as for this flight, let alone paying it outright.

Some thing done well for the trip:
+ Check-in processing time at SUB
+ Lack of security and immigration queue at SUB
+ Meal options at GA's domestic lounge
+ Low business class load factor
+ Attentive flight attendant
+ Delectable main course
+ Drinkable champagne and welcome drink
+ Lavatory cleanliness
+ Immigration and customs processing time at SIN

Things that can be improved:
- Ticketing counter visit to get the upgrade document
- Service at the Concordia Premier Lounge
- Lack of views at both lounges
- Unclear boarding priority
- Old plane (this also affects the IFE, I presume?)
- Broken legrest
- Limited bulkhead seat legroom
- Limited IFE options

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