Review of Xiamen Airlines flight Xiamen Wuyishan in Economy

Airline Xiamen Airlines
Flight MF8083
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 07 Oct 11, 20:00
Arrival at 07 Oct 11, 20:40
MF 18 reviews
By GOLD 575
Published on 22nd February 2018
This is Part 2 of four flight and two ferry week-end across the Straits of Taiwan, made at the time when this was the fastest option to reach that destination.
Readers are welcome to point out things which have changed, for the better or the worse, since the time of this flight.

TSA - KNH : Taipei - Kinmen (Mandarin Airlines 1267) Embraer 190
XMN – WUS : Xiamen - Wuyishan (Xiamen Airlines 8083) Boeing 737-700 You are here
WUS – XMN : Wuyishan - Xiamen (Xiamen Airlines 8365) Boeing 737-800
KNH - TSA : Kinmen - Taipei (Uni Air 898) Mc Donnell Douglas 90

XMN’s terminal was quite ugly from the outside, especially since this architecture of concrete trusses painted white had to be spot clean, which it was not.
photo P1130455a
It was as busy as in an anthill inside, but it was actually very easy to find my way around.
photo P1130454a
Xiamen Airlines’ check in counters were not busy: I hardly waited at Counter A11 where I had both a trainer and her supervisor.
photo P1130458aphoto P1130459a
There were so many shops that you could miss the access to the security check.
photo P1130465a
One airside, the linear terminal seemed to be nothing but luxury and souvenir goods shops.
photo P1130471a
This boxes stacked in the background are sweets, that in the middle, presented vertically, is a shameless counterfeit : you recognized the map of Taiwan, but these sweets with pineapple stuffing which are a quintessential Taiwanese product have been made in Xiamen.
photo P1130470a
There are also food stands because food is a traditional present when you are invited in a Chinese home, be they kin or friends.
photo P1130472a
Plane spotting was going to be limited because it was already night. I saved this mediocre picture of a China Southern aircraft.
photo P1130473a
Gate 20 was downstairs, which meant a bus transfer.
photo P1130467a
There was some ruckus at Gate 18: passengers obviously angry about the delay of Flight
SC4765 to Shenzhen. Hey, it was only a half hour late and Shandong Airlines had had food trays delivered to keep them waiting.
photo P1130475aphoto P1130476a
My flight to Wuyishan was going to board on time.
photo P1130477a
… in a bus identical to this one.
photo P1130479a
… which brought us to this 737-700.
photo P1130481aphoto P1130484a
The seat layout was typical for a Chinese domestic flight: two rows of Business in 2+2, and the rest in 3+3 with a decent seat pitch.
photo P1130487aphoto P1130489aphoto P1130490a
Catering was of the lightweight kind: 40 grams of peanuts and a black coffee. This was double the amount of food offered by Air France on a similar flight, but without a sweet option.
photo P1130492a
It was a short flight and we arrived at Wuyishan, still a small airport then without no taxiway and no jetbridges (I saw on Google Earth that there are three now), where most of the walking is on the apron because the luggage delivery room was so tiny.
photo P1130495aphoto P1130499a
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Xiamen Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Xiamen - XMN


Wuyishan - WUS



It was a rather bland flight with the Fujian province. At that time in the evening and for a 40’ flight, it was unreasonable to expect more from the catering. For 350 RMB (about 45 EUR then, not refundable, non-changeable), it was a good quality-price ratio, despite the de facto monopoly of Xiamen Airlines on this route.



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    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    “Readers are welcome to point out things which have changed, for the better or the worse, since the time of this flight.”
    There are three jetbridges at WUS now! (I obviously cheated from the concluding pictures of the FR)

    Have a good one, see you!

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