Review of Air France flight Paris Stockholm in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1262
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 11 Sep 17, 09:45
Arrival at 11 Sep 17, 12:15
AF   #37 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4745 reviews
Published on 14th March 2018
This FR is a follow up of my return from HKG here

My previous report ended at the fork between passengers ending their travel in CDG (like my wife, and also passengers connecting to a TGV high speed train or another flight from ORY), and those connecting to another flight from CDG like me. I had to first go through a security check where there were few people, but they were probably sleepy after an overnight flight, which meant slow and inefficient.
photo img_1237a
Six minutes between these two pictures was no disaster.
photo img_1238a
Shuttle buses to the isolated Terminal 2G are to the right; the corridor to other terminals and in particular Terminal 2F is straight ahead.
photo img_1239a
A welcome message on the left, on mirrors, and windows on the other side
photo img_1249a
I had envied passengers taking this corridor linking Terminal 2E (Skyteam non-Schengen flights) to Terminal 2F (Skyteam Schengen flights) for a long time because unlike Terminal 2F, it is ideally plane spotter friendly, with large windows facing north to the taxiways leading to the north pair of runways. Even smokers can consider taking pictures (although they have to do with two window panes, plus the tobacco smoke).
photo img_1248a
My flight from HKG had been an hour late and the lighting was insufficient, but I was not going to waste this unique chance (connecting in CDG to another destination is unusual when you live in Paris!).

(If you are allergic to plane spotting, please prepare for extensive scrolling)

AF A330-200
photo img_1242a
I was always seeing them when leaving CDG on ARN-bound Flight AF1262 that year, but I had arrived earlier than usual this time: this is the arrival of the Singapore Airlines A380
photo img_1255a
… of an Air China A330
photo img_1245a
… and of the Eva Air 777-300ER, in Hello Kitty livery. If you want to know more about the in-flight experience of that flight in J, refer to my TPE-CDG FR here

(Shameless promotion pitch #1)
photo img_1280a
Vueling A320
photo img_1250a
The row of long range AF aircraft on the West side of Hall L of Terminal 2E
photo img_1251a
The second one is an aircraft which is still uncommon in AF’s fleet: a 787-9
photo img_1260a
AF A319
photo img_1253a
AF A320, in wingtip fences version
photo img_1257a
Departure of another A320
photo img_1258a
The landing gear safety pin has been removed.
photo img_1259a
Arrival of a DL 757
photo img_1263a
AF 777
photo img_1268a
I can’t identify this one from its front view, but I like the aesthetics. I bet a Swedish krone on an AF 777, though, and maybe the same as above.
photo img_1270a
AF A318
photo img_1271a
Easyjet A320
photo img_1277a
AF A320, in sharklets version
photo img_1284a
The sun was beginning to illuminate Jetty 2 of Terminal.
photo img_1285a
AF 777 in Skyteam livery
photo img_1289a
Skyteam livery too for this AF A321
photo img_1297a
Its front view was indeed different from that of the previous plane seen from the same angle.
photo img_1299a
Last turn
photo img_1301a
Departure of a Hop! E190
photo img_1290a
WDL Aviation Bae 146-300
photo img_1292a
And last, arrival of an AF A380.
photo img_1310a
I could have stayed there much longer, but I did not want to skip breakfast in the lounge.
One of several PARAFE automated passport reading gates opened me the gate to the Schengen Area in no time.
photo img_1311a
The lounge signage overhead is nearly impossible to spot by a newbie: you need to be a frequent user of Terminal 2F to see it, at which time you no longer need it. Quintessential poor design…
photo img_1312a
It was early and the shelves of newspapers offered by AF were still quite full.
photo img_1313a
The fountain at the far end of the jetty was operational (it had been dry all winter).
photo img_1315a
But the windows at the tip are as dirty as usual (sigh…). Anyway, my flight was from Jetty 1 and it’s the end of Jetty 2 which provides decent plane spotting opportunities.
photo img_1314a
It is usually so crowded there one hour later that I did not remember about the presence of the game consoles.
photo img_1316a
Since it was earlier than usual, the automatic BP reading machines at the entrance of the lounge were idle, but this time, I went to the human staff facing them.
photo img_1317a
The reason was that I had seen months before that there are showers in this lounge and was decided to try them after an overnight flight. No problem: the welcome counter staff gave me this alarm similar to that used by some restaurants to warn me when it would be my turn. If you compare with the picture in the FR of the flight HKG-CDG from which I had deplaned a couple hours before, you will notice that the security check staff has scribbled the gate number (F26). (Shameless promotion pitch #2)

photo img_1322b
I did a summary inspection of the buffet meanwhile.
photo img_1318aphoto img_1319a
There was no muesli this time, at least not at the main level of the lounge.
photo img_1320a
I don’t like having my breakfast before washing, so I initially continued the original version of this CDG-HKG report which I recommend reading (Shameless promotion pitch #3), but after half an hour had elapsed, I decided I may eventually not have time to eat anything.
I actually may not have anything to eat, because other passengers had raided the buffet for all matters of animal proteins.
photo img_1323a
It was of course just when I had started to take a bite of this piece of bread that the buzzer rang and flashed discreetly. The advantage of a cold breakfast (coffee excluded) is that you can leave it temporarily without any second thoughts.
photo img_1324a
The three shower cabins were at the end of this corridor, identified by this discreet signage.
photo img_1334aphoto img_1326a
There was no luxury, but everything was in mint and spotlessly clean condition.
photo img_1327aphoto img_1328a
Aficionados will note the presence of Clarins branded supplies.
photo img_1330-31a
What I noted was the presence of an excellent disposable razor, in contrast with the shamefully low quality of shavers often offered by hotels which were not low end.
photo img_1333a
The breakfast in the lounge was a distinct status-related plus In my weekly CDG-ARN shuttles that year, because I was leaving home earlier and reached the airport before the worst of the rush hour traffic. On the other hand, taking a shower in the lounge would have been a waste of time compared to home, but it was conversely appreciable this time, having just arrived from an overnight long haul flight.
photo img_1329a
It was no time to leave the lounge and get closer to Gate F26

Summer vacations were over: the Skypriority line for the flight to ARN was longish again, but since boarding hadn’t started yet, I could just as well look around.
photo img_1342a
For many avgeeks, traveling airline staff are beneficiaries who receive complimentary upgrade and exclusive attention from the FAs at the expense of fare paying passengers.

They can also be volunteers who as members of the NGO Aviation Sans Frontières (= Aviation Without Borders) use their flight privileges and their time to convey children from poor countries requiring emergency or heavy medical treatment funded or donated by other NGOs.

For many casual travelers, frequent flyers are privileged VIPs travelling comfortably in business class at company expense and then flying on airmiles to dream destinations for their vacations.

They can also be generous donors of these very same airmiles, which allow ASF to obtain seats on board for these sick children and their accompanying volunteer when no airline staff quota is available.

In fame there is no virtue, in virtue there is no fame …
photo img_1341b
Arrival of an Air Serbia A319
photo img_1340a
Terminal 2D
photo img_1346a
A rainbow which was a not a promise of good weather at take-off .
photo img_1343a
And a dramatic lighting on part of the aircraft parked at Terminal 2D :: Bulgaria Air, Czech Airlines and Air Mauritius
photo img_1337aphoto img_1338a
Departure of an Easyjet A319
photo img_1339a
Going down the jetbridge, letting voluntarily the previous passenger get well ahead of me.
photo img_1347a
Door shot, with a Servair (catering) staff bringing what seemed to be the hot specials meals (Kosher, halal, vegetarian, etc.) ordered by passengers on this flight. There wouldn’t be one for me this time.
photo img_1349a
Air traffic control was not planning to delay us
photo img_1351a
My favorite seat for my weekly flights on AF to and from ARN was 6A :
- away from the sun’s direction flying to ARN in the morning, and back to CDG in the evening.
- with a correctly aligned window
- sufficiently in front of the wing so that I had a full landscape view
- not just behind the J curtain (there were a variable number of J rows, typically three)
photo img_1352a
The carpet was clean
photo img_1353a
This overhead consoles may look out fashioned, but they had a distinct advantage on more recent fittings : it was possible to close the vents (or, in an aggressive mood, to direct them towards an obnoxious passenger^^). More recent aircrafts provide no ventilation control to a hapless inexperienced passenger who neglected to bring a woolen cap to protect himself from an ice-cold ventilation.
photo img_1355a
Nothing is more similar to an AF A321 than another AF A321 parked behind it.
photo img_1354a
Except when the latter has been used as a testbed for biofuels – this is mentioned on the fuselage.
photo img_1357a
The jetbridge retracted at 9:49 : the departure was not strictly on time but there was enough margin in the schedule to make it on time on destination.
photo img_1356a
Stormy sky above Terminal 2D with, from left to right:
Easyjet, Air Serbia, Finnair, Air Malta, Air Baltic, Austrian Airlines, and an Air Mauritius A340
photo img_1361a
Full view of the Air Mauritius A340 after some taxiing
photo img_1363a
British Airways, Easyjet and Air France, opposite the terminal
photo img_1360a
Several AF 777 AF in the Skyteam long haul aircraft parking lot, on the left
photo img_1369a
There was some Airbus / Boeing / airline variety on the right.
photo img_1370a
… with an AF 777-300ER in Skyteam livery
photo img_1365a
… and a China Southern A330-200
photo img_1368a
United Airlines 767-400ER
photo img_1375a
Arrival of Fedex 777
photo img_1376a
And of a Belavia E-175LR
photo img_1377a

Flight attendants, prepare for take-off

Shouldn’t we wait until the United 767 is airborne?
photo img_1379a
A Flybe E175 was waiting patiently behind
photo img_1383a
And so did a Swiss A321 on another taxiway
photo img_1384a
Adria Airways CRJ-700
photo img_1385a
Take-off, with a view on an American Airlines 757 which has just landed
photo img_1386a
… as well as the Belarussian Embraer.
photo img_1387a
Terminal 1
photo img_1389a
An AF 777-300ER which has just landed
photo img_1390a
Turkish Airlines A330, Eva Air 777, Thai Airways A380 and United 777 parked at their gates of two of Terminal 1’s satellites
photo img_1392a
The freight area
photo img_1394a
The cloud ceiling was low : I would see nothing more of LBG
photo img_1399a
Standard FA announcement ending with:

You can now use the USB port of your seat to power your portable electronic device.

What USB port ? He mentioned again hypothetical USB port when approaching ARN.
photo img_1404a
This was not the best day for identifying land-based infrastructures.
photo img_1407a
I used to order a special meal on that flight that I was taking nearly each Monday, in order to not eat the same food week after week, but vacations usually interfered with that, as mentioned in these reports CDG-HKG and HKG-CDG (Shameless promotion pitch #4), and I received therefore the standard menu.

photo img_1414a
The same after unwrapping
photo img_1416a
The presentation of this small tart was not perfect, but it tasted good.
photo img_1418a
This was a decent Economy meal on a short haul flight where the competition only proposes BOB, and an expensive one at that. It was easy to compact the wrappings and place them in the seat pocket without messing it, in order to leave space on the tray table to continue writing
this CDG-HKG report (Shameless promotion pitch #5)

I’m not a great fan of the Servair version of Chicken with pesto rosso and risotto, though, and I quickly ordered a special meal for the next week as soon as I had arrived.

Which one would I choose ? I used as a reference the bonus of this ARN-CDG report (Shameless promotion pitch #6), and if you read French, you will guess what my choice has been.

This Flight Report will disappoint fans pictures of airports seen en route, because the only one I managed to see has been that of Borkum, the westernmost German Frisian island.
photo img_1419a
You actually needed to know that BMK’s runway was there, in the shade of an unfortunate cloud.
photo img_1423a
« Good weather in Stockholm », the captain had announced; he had an optimistic evaluation of the weather at destination.
photo img_1428a
You need to be a frequent ARN user to recognize it here in the center.
photo img_1429a
The motocross circuit which signals an imminent landing Runway 19L.
photo img_1430a
The extremity of Runway 08/26
photo img_1432a
And just before the threshold of Runway 19L, Parking K where an MD8x painted in a Swedavia livery (that’s the airport operator), as well as two Caravelles and three CRJ100/200.
photo img_1437a
A Norwegian Air Shuttle 738 climbing
photo img_1440a
The firemen’s building and one of their trucks.
photo img_1441a
The Caravelle used for their training (the section of another Caravelle wreck is in the background)
photo img_1442a
The 747-200 transformed into a hotel - the fake reactors are actually as many individual bedrooms offering Japanese capsule hotel comfort.
photo img_1445a
These two DHL 757 DHL are parked as usual opposite Terminal 2
photo img_1449a
The Kid (TF-KID, a Wow Air A321) was still at her gate, which meant that Flight AF1262 was on time. photo img_1454a
When deplaning, I stopped in front of the cockpit door to mention the absence of USB ports, despite repeated announcements allowing or not their use and the purser answered with hearty humor that the whole crew would whip the guilty, in front of the equally smiling captain. He had understood that I was not in aggressive mode and also pretended that I had not looked right ;)
This interaction was in a very friendly mode, and left a very good memory of this crew.

Remember that I had checked a piece of luggage this time, with two separate tickets at an empty check-in desk - if you do not remember it, read again this HKG-CDG FR (Shameless promotion pitch #7)

I had another ten minutes before the predicted start of the luggage delivery
photo img_1455a
With or without checked luggage, there was no way I could have caught an Arlanda Express which would depart in zero minutes; the next one would be 15 minutes later.
photo img_1456a
In the absence of checked luggage, the bus to Brommaplan would have been the best option for me that day, but by the time my luggage would appear, I would have to take the next one whose travel time would make it noncompetitive compared to the train.
photo img_1457a
I took the following pictures from the mezzanine overlooking the luggage delivery room
photo img_1462a
… because it provides an excellent view on the tarmac, with the Thai Airways777 which had spent the night in the freight area next to the DHL 757 and would soon be towed towards Terminal 5.
photo img_1463a
The Wow Air A321
photo img_1464a
The AF A319 which had brought me there
photo img_1466a
Norwegian Air Shuttle 738
photo img_1467a
Nextjet Saab 340
photo img_1468a
Luggage delivery started at the time announced. I do not know if the priorities were fully respected, but mine was: like the winner of the Olympic Marathon, it entered first in the stadium, and unlike in the Olympic event, it could not be beaten in the last dash to the finishing line.
photo img_1469a
I then passed landside, and went as usual to Terminal 3, the best landside plane spotting area in ARN:
Nextjet Saab 340
photo img_1471a
The same, with a Danish Air Transport ATR72
photo img_1470a
Another ATR72, but in SAS livery and registered in the UK, because operated by Flybe for SAS.
photo img_1473a
This one on the other hand was pure SAS metal (737-600)
photo img_1472a
The Kid pushes back
photo img_1474a
It was time for me to leave the terminal too : the Arlanda Express would arrive in three minutes.
photo img_1475a
Thanks for reading me !
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Cabin crew10.0

Air France Lounge - 2F, F1


Paris - CDG


Stockholm - ARN



The passenger in the previous row did not recline his seat, so the comfort was adequate for a size M passenger like me. The newspapers provided by AF in the terminal were more than enough for entertainment during the phases of the flight when I could not use my laptop and there was nothing to see outside. The catering was not breathtaking, and it is even boring if you are a frequent flyer, but there is one and the quantity is decent, and the competitors can’t claim that. The purser made up with humor the minor mistake of the FA about USB ports, leaving a friendly image of the crew. In short, it was yet another shuttle flight on a route I knew by heart.

The main privilege in having access to the lounge 2FA this time was the shower, which was not luxurious but functional and flawlessly clean. It is safe to guess that this would have been true at Lounge 2F2 too. I do not penalize the waiting time for using it: it was of course the rush hour and I was not on a hurry.
The catering was not resupplied quickly enough ; the lack of space for sitting AND powering your favorite electronic device in the apparent 8-9 am rush time slot is a perennial problem in this lounge outside vacation period. (March’18 edit note: the April 2018 change in the Flying Blues status thresholds is going to reduce the crowd in the lounge. Rather than enlarge the facilities for its frequent flyers, AF reduces their privileges).

Excellent fluidity in CDG in transit from Terminal 2E, thanks to PARAFE passport reading gates (and manual gates where there was not much waiting either), and a reasonably short walk between the two terminals.

Flawless services in ARN where my suitcase was delivered in record time. If my only way out had been the Arlanda Express, I would not even have wasted any time waiting for this suitcase, since there was no way I could catch the previous train, even though I had been seated in the front rows. My lingering reproach is that this train is much too expensive for what it is (and that is unlikely to change soon).

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