Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Detroit in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH442
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 09:20
Take-off 13 Mar 18, 10:55
Arrival at 13 Mar 18, 15:15
LH   #44 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1426 reviews
By 2011
Published on 14th March 2018


Having been a long time flight report reader on this site I figured that it's time to write up a report myself. The routing for this journey was from Berlin-Tegel (TXL) via Frankfurt (FRA) to Detroit (DTW), a journey that I've taken numerous times on Lufthansa in Economy Class. But this flight was hands down the by far best experience I've had on board LH442. Initially, a bit of disappointment set in while checking-in for my flight as I noticed that the originally scheduled equipment had been swapped from a Boeing 747-400 to an A330-300. As more and more Queens of the Skies are leaving the fleets, it's always sad to miss the opportunity to fly on a 747. However, this flight still turned out absolutely fantastic due to my luck in securing seat 27A, the by far best seat one can reserve in Economy on Lufthansa's A330s.

Transfer & Boarding in Frankfurt

I arrived on LH177 from Tegel with an on-time arrival in Frankfurt, giving me about 40 min to connect to my flight to Detroit. As my arriving flight docked very close to the departure gate of LH442, only a short walk was required to transfer from one plane to the next. Had the opportunity to do a little plane spotting while walking to the gate before boarding the A330 bound for Detroit. Frankfurt really is my favourite airport as it is always busy with lots of planes and it's a joy watching all the action going on the tarmac. Also, it was nice to enjoy watching the many LH planes before that wonderful livery will be gone after that (in my view) pretty unnecessary rebranding.

Boarding was already underway when I reached the gate area. I scanned my boarding pass and made my way towards the aircraft. Boarding was very orderly and without any hectic.

Boarding Area

photo img_0013

The Airbus A330-300 for this flight, registration D-AIKR, an almost-six-year-old bird.

photo img_0014

Right turn for me.

photo img_0015photo img_0016

After a warm welcome by the crew, I made my way toward 27A. This seat is located directly behind the premium economy cabin. As there is no bulkhead, there is almost unlimited legroom in this row. I would go so far and say that this seat is equally good as the premium economy class seating. What's also great is that this mini-cabin with three rows of PE and just 2 rows of Economy feels very private. Also, no real disturbance came from the proximity of the lavatories behind this little mini-cabin section. It's a really great choice if you are travelling in Economy on this particular LH bird.

photo img_0018photo screen shot 2018-03-14 at 17.23.35

The seat map shows that little mini-cabin I was seated in.

Taxi & Take-Off

It had started to rain a little bit so taking pictures on the way to runway proved difficult with the iPhone camera I was using.

photo img_0019

Push-back was on time and we made our way towards runway 25 C.

photo img_0026

Turning on to the runway.

photo img_0030

Take-off was smooth as we left a very grey Frankfurt Airport. Soon after take-off, we broke through the thick layer of clouds.

photo img_0031

Very grey outside…

photo img_0032

And 8 hours of sunshine ahead!

photo img_0039

Shortly after take-off, the purser came on the microphone to give some information about the service on today's flight and to also once again welcome the passengers onboard. This announcement is usually made after take-off on LH long-haul flights and gives a nice overview of what is to be expected in terms of service during the following hours. Nice touch. Service began about 30 min into the flight with a choice of beverages from the bar. The seat 27A has the tray table and the movie screen in the armrest, making it slightly narrower than normal economy seats. The screen on the back of the premium economy seat in front of me was quite big and had a much better resolution than the economy screen, however, it was disabled shortly after take off.

I chose a beer and a tomato juice as an aperitif, accompanied by some pretzels. The packaging of the pretzels already had the updated Lufthansa logo on it. I chose a movie on the IFE and made myself comfortable with the blanket and pillow provided.

photo img_0044

A hot towel service followed shortly after the first round of drinks.

photo img_0046

About an hour into the flight, the main meal service began. There were no printed menus provided. I've never seen printed menus in Economy onboard LH flights to North America, however, they usually hand out menus even in Economy on flights to Asia. The meal choice was between a pasta dish and chicken breast. I chose the latter.

photo img_0049

The main dish was very hot and it took me quite a while to remove the aluminium lid. I ordered another beer and tomato juice for lunch. The salad was alright after adding the French dressing but still a bit boring as there wasn't even a tomato or anything interesting in it. The main was quite alright as the chicken and the mashed potatoes together with some sort of BBQ sauce were delicious, the baked sweet potato/butternut squash tasted pretty bad and it wasn't clear what it was exactly. The cake for dessert was also tasty. What is nice about the meal service on LH is that you get to use metal cutlery. All in all a nice and solid meal as always on Lufti, but really nothing too special. A little piece of chocolate was also provided on the meal tray and was featuring the new LH logo.

One feature about service on Lufthansa that I've come to like is the coffee and digestif cart. As always, I ordered a coffee with milk and a cup of Baileys on ice. Yummy! The coffee was served in a solid plastic cup that felt much nicer than these flimsy plastic and paper cups that Lufti usually provides in Economy.

photo img_0060

As my seatmate got up, I took the chance to take a walk around the cabin and visit the lavatory. The bathroom was clean but on the smaller side. Took a picture of the nice little mini-cabin I was seated in. I finished my movie, reclined my seat and dozed off for an hour and awoke just as we were flying south of Iceland.

photo img_0047

After waking up I went for another walk through the cabin back to the rear galley to get some water and to move my legs. There was a little self-service bar that the crew had put on the counter in the galley for the Economy passengers with a variety of drinks and some of the pretzels that were served at the beginning of the flight. The very kind FA suggested another cup of Baileys and I surely followed his suggestion. The crew was really friendly on this flight and provided a very professional service.

photo img_0068

View from the very rear of the main cabin:

photo img_0066

And back at my seat, watching the flight show and enjoying my cup of Baileys.

photo img_0069

About an hour before landing in Detroit, the second meal service started. What's nice about being seated in the front of the Economy cabin is that you are being served first. The term 'meal service' may be overexaggerated as it's really just a snack. The crew offered a choice between a curry-wurst or pizza snack. It tasted fine but was really nothing to write home about. Another round of drinks was also offered.

photo img_0075photo img_0074

Landing in Detroit

Shortly after the snack service, preparations for landing began and the pilot came on the microphone to give some information about the weather conditions at our destination. The initial descent began and the speed breaks were deployed.

We made our way towards DTW and the pilots made a very smooth landing.

photo img_0106photo img_0107photo img_0110

Disembarkation was quick, however, immigration took almost 40 min. Lufthansa flights arrive and depart at the North Terminal which is quite small and it takes just two minutes to leave the terminal after collecting your luggage. Very convenient, except the usually understaffed immigration.
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Cabin crew9.0

Frankfurt - FRA


Detroit - DTW



A great flight on Lufthansa. The seat 27A really made all the difference as I arrived well rested, even though I only slept for an hour. I can't praise this seat enough. Being a rather small person, I usually don't have any space issues in regular economy seats but for people that are tall, this seat is absolutely the best choice. The legroom is fantastic and getting up from the seat without disturbing the passenger seated in the aisle seat too much is also possible. The crew was friendly and professional as always on LH. Lufthansa really offers a very solid no-bullshit service in Economy that is always quite enjoyable.

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  • Comment 436984 by
    Aurel Vlaicu 90 Comments

    Thank you for a very great first report, and welcome on board !

    Looks like a really nice flight with LH. Good choice for the seat, did you pay any additional fee for it ?

    Cheers !

    • Comment 437385 by
      ajftxl AUTHOR 2 Comments

      Thanks for reading! I was lucky to score that seat without having to pay an additional fee (seat selection is still free at the time of check-in on LH). You can reserve that particular seat in advance though for a fee between 75-100 US$ I believe.

  • Comment 436986 by
    KL651 TEAM 4523 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    This seat is indeed a really good one.
    Well, if it weren't for the cheap salad-only appetizer and tiny industrial dessert, it would be a really good service for Y class.
    Good that you had a friendly crew, LH is more well known for its professional & efficient but no so warm staff.

  • Comment 437147 by
    jules67500 GOLD 5954 Comments

    Thanks for sharing ;)

    I had the exact same dish two years ago on a FRA-IAD : it was quite tasty!

    Quite a confortable flight with a huge legroom : this seat is a must on the A333 !

    Auf Wiederseh'n ;)

  • Comment 437187 by
    757Fan 612 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like a pretty good flight in Economy Class. Is there anything different with Lufthansa'a Premium Economy? I didn't realize the seats are not in a separate cabin for that class.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Comment 437404 by
      ajftxl AUTHOR 2 Comments

      Well, the difference between Economy and Premium Economy on LH long-haul is mainly the larger seat. The food is the same as in Economy in PE but served on porcelain tableware and the drinks are served in real glasses instead of plastic cups. The IFE screens are also larger. Not sure though if these 'enhancements' justify the higher fares. Thanks for stopping by and for reading!

  • Comment 438036 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    Hi AJFTXL, thanks for sharing your first report here! A very nice, well documented and photographed report for a first time! A tip for future reports, pics in horizontal format look better in general because pics in portrait mode get stretched to fill the width, as you may have noticed.

    I'm not a fan of the lack of separation between Economy and Premium Economy on LH. The seats look nice, but the lack of bulkheads separating classes is a shame. It's great for the person in the 1st row of Economy though, with so much legroom like you had. It seems LH has stepped up their catering game as with the last few reports of LH in Y, the meals look better.

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

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