Review of Delta Air Lines flight Frankfurt Detroit in Business

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL143
Class Business
Seat 7D
Aircraft Boeing 767-400ER
Flight time 09:05
Take-off 25 Jun 13, 09:40
Arrival at 25 Jun 13, 12:45
DL   #32 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 833 reviews
By SILVER 4586
Published on 12th November 2014
Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the next installment in this series of Flights between Washington DC and Rodez, France. The point of this trip to Europe was to go to a big meet-up which coincided with the Le Bourget Paris Air show. I also took the opportunity to go see my parents in the Southwest of France. I worked out a somewhat complicated routing to stretch out the miles, and basically because I'm an AvGeek and the more flights the better, when you are not time constrained, that is.

This report is on the next to last leg of the return portion–the long-haul transatlantic flight.

Here is the full routing.

Washington DCA-New York JFK, Delta Air Lines, First, CRJ-900
New York JFK - Frankfurt FRA, Delta Air Lines, Business, B767-300ER
Frankfurt FRA - Paris CDG, Air France, Economy, A318
Paris ORY - Rodez RDZ, HOP!, Economy, ATR72-500
Rodez RDZ - Paris ORY, HOP!, Economy, ATR72-500
Paris CDG - Frankfurt FRA, Air France, Economy, A318
Frankfurt FRA- Detroit DTW, Delta Air Lines, Business, B767-400 [YOU ARE HERE]
Detroit DTW - Washington DCA, Delta Air Lines, First, MD-88 [COMING SOON]

On Delta's B767-300ER and B767-400 aircraft in BuisnessElite, I prefer to sit in the solo window seats in the odd numbered rows. In my opinion, seats in odd rows offer more privacy because the seat is against the window and there is a large side table between you and the aisle, giving the impression of more isolation and space. Plus, for an AvGeek like me, I like being next to a window to take pics.

I selected seat 7D when i reserved the ticket.

photo b3kl

I arrived on the train from downtown Frankfurt a little over 2 hours before departure. Knowing that I had to go from T1 to T2, I made sure to get to the airport early as it takes a while to get from the station and change terminals.

photo o8p0

I could once again see the Qatar Airways 787 from the train, as I did on arrival.

photo 5rr0

A Singapore Airlines A380 hiding.

photo oh66photo 0k0d

View of Terminal 2 from the train station.

photo s0buphoto 8k3g

My flight is showing on-time. The ATL flight, however, is showing a delay.

photo xpc2

As I approached the Sky Priority lane, an agent yells out Nein! No photos! You can see her waiving her hands at me in the picture. I just look at her with a stupid look on my face and a oops sorry :-)

photo fu6b

There is noone in line in front of me and I drop off my bags quickly. After dropping my bag, I go though passport control (security check is right before the gates) and head to the lounge. It's a pretty long walk to the Sky Lounge. It's a bit further than the Air France lounge in the same direction.

photo sf9v

The lounge is pretty large and not too crowded. The furniture kind of reminds me of old Northwest WorldClubs.

photo xmlcphoto n79r

There's nothing particularly exciting to eat at the buffet. Breads, mini cereal boxes, crackers and cookies, and fruit…seems a lot like a Sky Club in the states. Wait, no, there are cold cut meats, which is nice. I did find it odd, however, that there were no baked goods, like croissants, at this morning hour.

Thankfully there are bubbles! It's Prosecco, but hey, it's still bubbly :-)

photo qbkk

The lounge has large windows, unfortunately they face a landside parking garage, so no planespotting for me!

photo ye9d

I head through security and to the boarding gate at the time indicated on the boarding pass.
You can't see the plane at the gate, just the tail. There's an ANA 787 across the way.

photo 22b0

About 15 minutes after boearding was supposed to begin, there were still no agents at the gate. When agents finally arrived, they made an annoucement to inform us that boarding will be delayed until 9:15 due to the late arrival of the aircraft. The agent tells us that the flight should still be leaving on time. Hmm…ok.

photo 6n00

I stayed at the gate because I didn't want to go through security again if I went back to the lounge.

We finally boarded around 9:30, which was the scheduled time of departure. Yeah…we're not going to leave on-time.

photo bmvo

Great Seat pitch

photo 68ji

A Sun Express 737 next to us. Sun Express is a Turlish holiday airline that I was not familiar with.

photo pgh1

The TUMI comfort kit. I love these, I have a nice collection of them at home.
Along with the amenity kit is a bottle of water and a decent noise-cancelling headset.

photo f1jz

Power-port, plug for the headset and USD port.

photo soxk

As soon as I sat down, a lovely FA comes with a tray of pre-departure drinks. There was Water, Orange juice, or champagne. I took the champagne, of course; it was a decent Duval-Leroy.

photo ov5h

The cabin fills up slowly. I would estimate the load factor around 80% with at least 6 Non-revs (a family of 6 sitting to my left). The father, though not in uniform, was wearing his Delta and airport badge which I found to be tacky. When I worked for an airline, we were told not to wear our badges on-board. It's in poor taste when you have paying passengers next to you and you are showing off your free upgrade and hogging all of the FA's attention. I especially didn't like the fact that he was drinking champagne with his Delta badge on–this really gives a poor image to the staff and the company…like I said, tacky!

Then there was the mom…she was the spitting image of Mama June from that lovely A&E reality show Here comes Honey Boo Boo. If you're not familiar with Honey Boo Boo, I urge you to do a search on youtube for a good laugh:

It's really no big deal, but when I worked for an airline years ago, I was always discrete. There were consequences for poor behavior on-board, especially in a premium cabin!

Alright, that's enough Non-rev bashing for now :-)

The cabin during boarding.

photo mcrn

A few minutes before the doors were closed, the chief purser distributed menus and addressed all passengers by name. I always like that on Delta.

A Maple leaf draws my attention…

photo 77utphoto nk7u

We finally push-back at 10:25, almost an hour late.

photo 85pp

Two new Boeings.

ANA 787-8

photo juy4photo t6pz

LH 747-8i

photo okqh

Taxi is short and we take off facing west.

There's a Thai whale around there somewhere

photo ug0gphoto dchv

And the DL JFK flight just arriving.

photo biu1photo jmb9

The IFE comes to like shortly after take-off

photo 4ou6

I put in on the airshow as I usually do.

photo 1vagphoto 0owu

A little music with the airshow

photo tvmlphoto kvxe

About half an hour after takeoff, drinks are served.
Warm nuts and champagne for me.

photo iaix


The appetizer: Antipasto and Cream of mushroom soup.
Both were very good. I've said this many times, but Delta's soups are always great.

photo hyo6photo rq2f

Nice scenery during the meal.

After the soup, a nice sized salad is served.

photo gj0h

And on to the main course: Grilled Beef Tenderloin with peppercorn sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed spinach.
It was excellent! I especially liked the sweet potato purée.

photo zclc

Dessert was served over Scotland.

photo c68dphoto plk3

I took the cheese course and the pie. The cheese is cut on the cart next to your seat so you can tell them how much you want, which is a nice touch. They also always have ice cream Sundaes, but I'm not lactose intolerant, so I didn't want to push it considering I was already having cheese :-P

photo s3xx

I had a sweet dessert wine with the pie.

photo tpvf

And then I almost dropped my spoon, but thankfully the magnetic table caught it :-)
The magnetic table fascinated me…it may have been the alcohol :-P

photo m3zgphoto jz9fphoto kdm3

After a very good meal, I got up to stretch my legs and chat with the crew a bit. The cabin went dark as people went into food comas and took afternoon naps. Delta sure does serve copious amounts of food.

photo xq2k

When I got back to my seat, a male FA came to bring me a bottle of water and ask if I needed anything else. Hmmm, as a matter of fact I do. I forgot a digestif. I'll have a cognac please!

photo hmi3

I then put on some music and took a little nap.

photo aoii

And woke up about 2 hours later.

photo kjcu

Mid-flight, the lavs are still clean.

photo qgbvphoto ltzx

Back to my nap with music.

photo pwbc

When I woke up again we were over Quebec.

Pre-Arrival meal: Hot Chicken Parmesan sandwich.
It was pretty good, but I've had the same several times before. Time to refresh the menu.

We start our decent at the border of Quebec and Ontario.

photo n96n

Rivière des Outaouais / Ottawa River

photo n6i9

Views over the Great Lakes

Approaching Detroit.

photo nkfc

Not sure what this little airport is–looks like it's on the Canada side of the river.

photo 3e0y

Air-to-air with a DL A320 landing at DTW at the same time.

photo v4p6

There are scattered showers around. The A320 flew right into some rain while we stayed dry.

photo s98m

Not surprisingly, we landed in DTW late. No time from the departure delay was made up in flight.

photo h9l5photo dh95

Lots of former NWA aircraft in this once great Northwest Airlines Mega-hub

photo 15rcphoto pjj4

We got to the gate 45 minutes late, luckily I had a lot of time before my connecting flight to DCA.

photo v5ci

One last view of my seat before leaving this beautiful 764.

photo cz29

Our course across the Atlantic.

photo 8jfv

Thanks for reading!
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.0

Delta Air Lines Sky Club


Frankfurt - FRA


Detroit - DTW



Once again, a very good flight with DL in BusinessElite!

45 minute departure and arrival delay. We made up no time in flight.

Comfort: I love this cabin. The only fault I can find with this seat is that it's a bit narrow in bed mode.

Crew: The FAs were very warm, attentive and courteous. One this I didn't like so much is that they spent a lot of time chatting with the non-rev family, which didn't look very professional.

Catering: I'm a fan of Delta's catering on long-hauls in Business. They sure are generous with portions. That sandwich for the pre-arrival meal, however, was getting a bit tired.

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  • Comment 122195 by
    a1imbot 9 Comments
    Thanks for such a great series of flight reports! Its been a pleasure to read!
  • Comment 122198 by
    Chibcha SILVER 595 Comments
    Again, great report!

    DLs product looks pretty good up front, I managed to get some DL experience this month (FR soon!)

    I found DTW to be a rather boring airport, even worse than ATL, how was it in immigration?
    • Comment 304939 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6896 Comments
      Thank you! Oh nice, look forward to seeing those reports! Yes, DTW is super boring if you don't have lounge access, which was the case for me a few weeks ago on a domestic flight. ATL at least has a good amount of vantage points for planespotting...DTW has those darn spots on the window that prohibit planespotting. I found immigration/customs at DTW to be relatively fast, but not as fast or friendly as in ATL. The agents in DTW were kind of cold.
  • Comment 122200 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for taking us along for this ride.

    Didn't DL used to have a lounge in FRA? I remember using it when I flew on CO FRA-EWR long time ago.

    Interesting magnetic table concept. It reminds me a little bit of JL non slippery mats on their trays, at least the ones used at the JL Sakura lounge.

    Nice meal, but the sandwich on the second service is somewhat unoriginal and lacking. That piece of chocolate is not enough to qualify as dessert. ;)
    • Comment 304940 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6896 Comments
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, DL used to have a Sky Club. I'm not sure if the Sky Lounge used to be the Sky Club or not. I've never seen magnetic tray tables except on these seats on 764 and 763ER. Yes, the sandwich is not very original. I will say that it is more generous and more filling a portion that you get on most other airlines in J for a pre-arrival meal (eg BA and AF Tea with tiny sandwhiches, lol)
  • Comment 122233 by
    Esteban GOLD 20402 Comments
    Hi Kévin, thanks for sharing ! DL has a solid product, one of the best on TATL flights.

    (There is still one french sentence in your report : je me réveille deux heures plus tard ^^)

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