Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Taipei in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX464
Class Business
Seat 17K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 19 May 11, 19:30
Arrival at 19 May 11, 21:10
CX   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By GOLD 1216
Published on 18th March 2018
Last leg of this round trip to Chengdu from Taipei, back in 2011:

TPE – HKG : CX405 (A330-300, Business)
HKG – CTU : KA824 (A320 – Economy)
CTU – HKG : KA821 (A320 – Economy)
HKG – TPE : CX464 (B777-300, Business) you are here

This Flight report begins at Gate 4 where I received a boarding pass for the CX flight on which I had been reprotected, due to the delay of Flight KA821. A short stroll to the bifurcation between the directions to immigration (with looong lines as usual), and the security check for connecting passengers (as fast as on the way in). That is where I realized on one of the information displays that my flight was at gate 67, one the furthest away, estimated at 20 minutes from there.
photo P1010646a
It was actually a pleasant walk because the weather outside was nice and the end of the day light conditions favorable for taking some pictures.
photo P1010577a
Hong Kong Airlines A330-200 in front of the skyscrapers of Lantau Island.
photo P1010580a
An Air New Zealand 777 heading home
photo p1010583a
In retrospect, it was ironic to see Cathay Pacific commemorate on this A330 - the arrival in 1985 of a competitor which they fought vigorously before eventually taking it over ten years later.
photo P1010594a
Final call for Flight CX402 to Taipei: I guess this one was full.
photo p1010598aphoto p1010600a
Tiger Airways A320
photo P1010603a
China Airlines A330
photo p1010589a
767-300ER Ethiopian Airlines (now with El Al as of posting this)
photo p1010577a
An Air India 777 climbing out of HKG
photo p1010584a
An extra wide children area
photo P1010588a
Adults have reclining seats for taking some rest.
photo P1010607a
Two different United liveries for these 747s. Note the custom design sunshades of the first one
photo P1010610aphoto P1010611a
Walking around in the terminal did not leave me much time to visit The Pier, another of CX’s Business class lounges in its hub. I found it less unusual than The Cabin that I had experienced on the way in.
However, there was just as much space, and just as few passengers.
photo P1010613-panoaphoto p1010615a
I did not try the food and only took a coffee, because my priority was to check my e-mails and check updates on Flight Report which was then out of reach behind the Great Firewall, i.e. Mainland China’s internet censorship which had grown doubts about FR’s political correctness. One country, two systems: I was in Hong-Kong and was back in uncensored internet.
photo P1010616aphoto P1010617a
Boarding : there was a dedicated J/Elite access, with no waiting : the flight was nearly empty in J.
photo P1010619a
It was now dark in HKG
photo p1010621a
A detail of the seat
photo p1010627a
The FA on the way in had struggled a little to read my name on the PIL discreetly put on her trolley to address me by my name. There were so few passengers in J on the way back that this time, the FA managed memorizing it before using it (with a creative pronunciation, but I did not blame her for that). A nice detail showing care; no AF flight attendant ever considered doing the same, even with Platinum status, then and now.
photo p1010622aphoto P1010622a
I chose the prawns option: the whole meal was excellent, like on the way in. No, this was not a glass of wine, but tomato juice. But do not worry: there were supplies for C2H5OH addicts, at various concentration levels.
photo P1010632a
I was taking a picture of the trolley, reassuring the FA that she was out of the frame. But no problem, you can take pictures of us! She called her colleague and gracefully posed together, a welcome change from the usual picture shyness of flight attendants of most other airlines. They were Hongkongese and Malaysian, respectively, and chatted amicably in English, and then in Mandarin, despite the short duration of the flight.
photo p1010629aphoto P1010629a
Like on the way in, the captain announced a 1h18’ flight time, which showed that CX had included 22 minutes of margin in order to be on time. Landing on time, therefore; going through the immigration was even faster than usual because I now had an ARC (Alien Registration Certificate, i.e. a resident card which was going to mean dedicated channels with zero waiting)

It was late enough to take the bus to the city center, because it was likely to be faster than the train. Walking in the corridors, buying a ticket, departure of the bus: it was all going to be very fast, and I was in front of Taipei’s central station 59 minutes after touchdown.
photo p1010634aphoto P1010634aphoto p1010636a
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There was nothing wrong about this flight, apart from the fact this was not the one I had planned to take, due to the late arrival of my previous flight.
Flying business on this short route is actually a needless luxury, but why not enjoy it if you have a chance?

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  • Comment 437532 by
    ANDRAFLY 27 Comments
    CX has down their meal service for this route, i flew CX on march 14, 2018 and the meal was light meal unlike back on 2011 it was heavy meal
  • Comment 440067 by
    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this concluding installment of this series.

    Nice spotting shots at HKG.

    Great catch of the Tulip 747, it was definitely my favourite UA livery.

    “there were supplies for C2H5OH”
    - The inclusion of this formula made me realise how weak my knowledge in chemistry is.

    Once again, exceptional service. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a good one, see you.
    • Comment 440707 by
      marathon GOLD AUTHOR 10151 Comments
      "The inclusion of the C2H5OH formula made me realise how weak my knowledge in chemistry is."
      - I've been told that tasting this chemical does not help, maybe a reason why this is forbidden to underage students ;)

      Thanks for stopping by !

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