Review of Tiger Airways flight Singapore Penang in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR2428
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 10 Nov 14, 19:05
Arrival at 10 Nov 14, 20:30
TR 39 reviews
Published on 26th March 2018
This was our second flight during vacations where air travel never seemed to work right:

CDG-MCT-KUL (Oman Air) : reprotected on CDG - KUL (Air France)
SIN – PEN (Jetstar) : cancelled, replaced by this flight
PEN – SZB (Firefly) : rescheduled
KUL – MCT and MCT – CDG (Oman Air) : There is a problem in your itinerary

Jetstar sent me an e-mail one week before our flight confirming that we would soon be in Penang,
photo Jetstar e-mail 1
… and proposed to buy additional services
photo Jetstar e-mail 2
The proceeds from these e-mails were probably disappointing, because Jetstar cancelled the flight two days later, offering a 25 SGD voucher that I had not chance to use and to book me on the morning flight, or the day before, or the day after
photo Jetstar e-mail 3
These flights didn’t fit my travel plans, especially since I discovered that there was space on a Tiger Airways flight, 30 minutes earlier with the same fare as the cancelled flight. Would this demerit for Jetstart translate into a good point for Tiger Airways ? This is the theme of this report which is as long as a FR by Marathon, since this is one.

The first FIDS on my way in Singapore was on the subway platform.
photo IMG_1110a
And it confirmed that everything was OK for all travelers ex-SIN that afternoon.
photo IMG_1109a
A spectacular escalator reached the Departures level of Terminal 2
photo IMG_1112a
… where we were welcomed by mascots which did not seem very local.
photo IMG_1113a
Yes, there was a Silk Air flight, five minutes earlier… and double the price
photo IMG_1114a
Too bad for the Singapore girls and their little sisters!
photo IMG_1117a
For the nostalgic of split flap displays,
photo IMG_1115a
… there was one here, but I didn't see it change the display
photo IMG_1116a
Tiger Airways’ deadlines. What was not mentioned was that checking in started at STD-2h.
photo IMG_1125a
The line was very short
photo IMG_1118a
It was even more obvious from the mezzanine which overlooked the check-in counters.
photo IMG_1120aphoto IMG_1121a
Low right in the picture above, this self serve scale at the end of the check-in counters gave an opportunity to check the weight of your luggage.
photo IMG_1133a
My laptop was not all that light, but there was a lot of other stuff in my bag ;)
photo IMG_1132a
There were various restaurants on the mezzanine, including this Japanese restaurant
photo IMG_1122a
Like many self-respecting Japanese restaurants, it displayed its long menu as very realistic (and costly) plastic models of the dishes.
photo IMG_1123a
How about the toilets ? They were clean, and you could comment about them.
photo IMG_1124a
Back to our flight’s check in: with its allowance of two pieces of carry on luggage with a total weight of 10 kg, I would not rate Tiger Airways as stingy.
photo IMG_1126a
Our checked luggage allowance was 15 kg each (for a few extra SGD, it could have been 20 kg): the first suitcase was 15.4 kg, the second one well below. The check in staff did not demand transferring some items from the heavier suitcase to the other, like they some fussy airlines do (LCCs and Japanese legacies seem to be most prone to that nonsense)
photo IMG_1127aphoto IMG_1128a
There was no problem for checking-in ; a staff checked when you left that the BP and the passports matched.
photo IMG_1130a
I masked the details, so you won’t be able to do the same :)
photo IMG_1131a
An Indian lady departing to BOM passed us without any consideration when we reached the line to the immigration, which was slow: 18 minutes to process 10 passengers.
photo IMG_1134a
We were then airside, since the security check is at each gate in SIN
photo IMG_1137a
We reached this garden decorated with orchids
photo IMG_1138a
… surrounding a pool with carps
photo IMG_1139a
I wonder how many passengers tried swiming in this pool, or getting supplies for self-made sushi before this sign was installed.
photo IMG_1147aphoto IMG_1145a
Passengers can give their opinion about the immigration, the cleanliness of the toilets or the beauty of the floral decoration.
photo IMG_1149a
A pastel pencil rubbing animation for children.
photo IMG_1148-1a
Self serve computers for internet access.
photo IMG_1153a
I could display the corporate home page of the day
photo IMG_1152a
After extended orchid spotting pause for my wife, came extended plane spotting pause for me (fair game), on the way to the boarding room. Let’s start with a Tiger Airways A320, a twin of that operating our flight.
photo IMG_1156aphoto IMG_1161a
One of SQ’s many 777s
photo IMG_1157aphoto IMG_1160a
The yellow tailed 777 was not completely out of pla there, since Scoot is a low cost subsidiary of SQ.
photo IMG_1164a
Another one, or maybe the same one, seen later.
photo IMG_1245a
MH 737 (?) climbing out
photo IMG_1158a
Let’s call this a relaxation zone, on the way to our boarding gate.
photo IMG_1165a
And then a long walk on a carpet which felt less deep than that of the long haul flights terminal, but I did not have a suitcase with wheels for comparing its resistance to motion.
photo IMG_1166a
The boarding room was soon to open
photo IMG_1168a
There was a free internet access by wifi, but you needed to receive a code by SMS, or at a counter that I did not localize.
photo IMG_1169a
A cell phone appears to be close to mandatory these days, because local etiquette does not tolerate any delays.
photo IMG_1173a
A SMS later, I had the corporate home page.
photo IMG_1174a
There was a reasonable number of power ports in the boarding room as well as in the corridor.
photo IMG_1171a
My neighbor was a young Taiwanese who was checking the program of her four nights – five days trip to Singapore and Penang.
photo IMG_1172a
The security check opened and gave access to this boarding room where there were power ports too, the same internet access,
photo IMG_1175a
… and better for me, windows providing a good view on one of the runways. Arrival of a Silk Air A320.
photo IMG_1177a
SQ 777 ready for take-off
photo IMG_1183a
… and aloft while the Silk Air A320 was taxiing to the terminal
photo IMG_1186a
The same Silk Air A320, with image processing
photo IMG_1187a
KLM waiting to depart home
photo IMG_1190a
Arrival of a Tiger Airways A320
photo IMG_1196a
In case of emergency, the firemen are there
photo IMG_1207a
Arrival of a Firefly ATR72, similar to that of our next flight
photo IMG_1208aphoto IMG_1222a
A private jet ready to go
photo IMG_1223a
Air Asia A320 taking off
photo IMG_1238a
Our own aircraft was hidden between a windowless jetbridge decorated with the logo of the Jetbridge Bank.
photo IMG_1228a
Internet access by wifi was free, and there were two free use computers for internet access too.
photo IMG_1231a
There was a cold water fountain, but we were to receive a small bottle of water with our prepaid meal on board.
photo IMG_1241a
Boarding by row numbers
photo IMG_1242a
Going down the jetbridge which had no more windows inside than outside.
photo IMG_1246a
A very smiling welcome by this young FA
photo IMG_1257a
… who waited patiently here until this passenger showed him his BP
photo IMG_1258a
There was a “Relax with more legroom” at the first row: a FA announced an upgrade offer “for a modest fee” which was not specified. It did not seem that passengers bought this option.
photo IMG_1248a
The seats were clean, but better not give a detailed look.
photo IMG_1249a
There was a leftover plastic wrapping in my wife’s seat pocket
photo IMG_1256a
… and a used disposable handkerchief in mine. Cabin cleaning had been sketchy.
photo IMG_1265a
The seat width was of course standard, like in any A32x in 3+3 layout.
photo IMG_1269a
On the other hand, the seat pitch (measured from the edge of my seat to the seat pocket with its contents) was not generous.
photo IMG_1267a
The seat pitch measured another way, with passenger legs
photo IMG_1348a
… and without passenger legs, just before deplaning
photo IMG_1372a
The seats could recline symbolically
photo IMG_1321aphoto IMG_1322a
The seatback had advertising for Tiger Airways mobile internet applications.
photo IMG_1369aphoto IMG_1370a
The safety card both sides
photo IMG_1259aphoto IMG_1260a
In flight literature, i.e. the in-flight magazine and the duty-free catalogue
photo IMG_1270a
Duty free items on sale included inevitably cosmetics.
photo IMG_1271a
The in-flight magazine was mostly focused to the BOB, with 12 SGD dishes
photo IMG_1273a
… and a selection of drinks
photo IMG_1275a
Reactor and winglet before it was completely dark
photo IMG_1252a
Safety demonstration the old way, in the absence of any IFE screen
photo IMG_1277a
The plane left the gate at 19:03, i.e. on time
photo IMG_1278a
The orientation of the runway had just changed: we would take off from Runway 02C, whereas plane spotting had been on Runway 20A. Four thousand meters of runway should do it!
photo IMG_1280a
But air traffic control seemed to hesitate about it: we were the first on the waiting line and nothing was happening after several landings.
photo IMG_1292a
Ten minutes elapsed – I saw headlights in the distance on the runway – before the captain announced: “You must be wondering what is going on. A plane which just landed hard a bird strike and the airport wants to make sure that there is no problem. As soon as it is OK, we’ll be first to take off.”

An A320 is less vulnerable than a Concorde to debris fallen from an aircraft, and has been demonstrated to land smoothly on water after multiple bird strikes, but I was OK to not try again.
photo IMG_1290a
The waiting line had grown behind us in the mean time
photo IMG_1294a
A Silk Air aircraft just behind us
photo IMG_1297a
These four enormous reactors could only belong to a single type of aircraft : an A380 (SQ)
photo IMG_1300a
We took off at 19:22, after the runway had been declared fit to use.
photo IMG_1307a
Take-off to the east, which meant that we were quickly above the dark palm oil plantations of Malaysia.
photo IMG_1313a
I should have recorded the post take-off announcement which was fast, but the most important piece of information seemed to have been the start of the duty-free sale which was described as the activity that all passengers were yearning for. It ended with an inimitable Happyyyyyy shopping !.

I had some doubts on the efficiency of these bracelets containing negative ions would, quote, ”inspire me toward a healthy lifestyle, unleashing my natural charms and make me look refreshed and energized”, unquote, and I did not invest 84 SGD – more or less the price of my plane ticket on that flight – to find out about it, with a one-year manufacturer warranty which might not extend to the unleashing of my natural charms.
photo IMG_1323a
This was our selection of hot meals, ordered together with our tickets. We found them decent, no more. Teriyaki chicken for my wife:
photo IMG_1325a
And Nasi Lamk Meal for me. The quantities were not very generous, but this meal saved us the hassle of going to a restaurant after reaching our hotel rather late.
photo IMG_1327a
Any dish was served with a hot drink (tea or coffee). We rated the coffee “barely satisfactory”. We received a small bottle of water too.
photo IMG_1328a
Did you notice the silverware in the presentation of the BOB in the in-flight magazine ? They were a shameless lie: everything was served with plasticware.
photo IMG_1330a
The role of the fourth FA was simple : show the duty free catalogue for those who hadn’t caught the message.
photo IMG_1329a
I found the bottle of water interesting because it was labeled Product of Singapore. The center of Singapore has several artificial lakes fed with rain water and guarded by Singapore’s army like any other strategic facility. With them and reverse osmosis desalination plants, Singapore managed to void the water weapon out of the hands of Malaysia by reaching self-sufficiency for this vital supply.
photo IMG_1332a
あついのでごちゅういください。(Be careful because it is hot).
Good thing that this warning is a language as universal as Japanese. It’s in hiragana phonetic script so that kids who do not master characters can read it too.
photo IMG_1350a
For aircraft floor covering specialists (I met one during this trip)
photo IMG_1335a
A detail of the carpeting, which was not as showay as that of a US airport.
photo IMG_1355a
Detail of the galley’s floor.
photo IMG_1336aphoto IMG_1343a
This gave me the opportunity for showing the cabin from the rear, where there was ample space: the majority of the passengers had chosen the option for a seat in the front of the aircraft (as part of a bundle like us, or selectively) and we packed 3+3 in the corresponding rows, whereas the penny-pinching passengers had the comfort of having three seats each.
photo IMG_1337aphoto IMG_1347a
I did well to first take a picture of the galley floor because the FAs had drawn the curtain to isolate themselves when I emerged from the toilets.
photo IMG_1341-46a
The toilets were nondescript
photo IMG_1345a
Changing a baby’s diapers is for women only, here too.
photo IMG_1344a
Touchdown at 20:20 and deployment of the thrust inverters.
photo IMG_1358a
We had arrived in Penang’s International Airport where it was hot and humid: the window was instantly fogged out after touch down. It was 20:27: the last announcement of the crew underlined that the flight had arrived on time, which was no feat when the scheduled duration for a 600 km leg is 1h25’.
photo IMG_1367a
The registration number which was invisible in SIN and hard to photograph in PEN due to the reflections.
photo IMG_1378a
Passengers of an Air Asia flights ready for boarding at the lower level.
photo IMG_1380a
There was very little walking, going through immigration was ultra-fast, and yet our suitcases were already waiting for us at 20:41, i.e. 14 minutes after readching the gate!
photo IMG_1381a
This is the end of this FR, and time for a retrospective of our six well spent days in Singapore

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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Singapore - SIN


Penang - PEN



The base fare was 86 SGD ; after adding a 16 SGD bundle (15 kg checked luggage, choice of seat in the front of the aircraft, a meal on board), Tiger Airways’ offering was similar to that of its legacy competitors, for half the price. I had no complaint about the staff on the ground and on board.

Tall passengers may object to the limited seat pitch, and airmiles / status collectors moan their absence. Apart from this, and on the basis on this flight only, Tiger Airways is a commendable option for a short haul flight like this one.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.6/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 18 minutes.

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