Review of Qatar Airways flight Toulouse Doha in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR3351
Class Business
Seat 11F
Aircraft Airbus A350-1000
Flight time 06:30
Take-off 21 Feb 18, 07:30
Arrival at 21 Feb 18, 16:00
QR   #8 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
Published on 2nd April 2018
Hello Flight-Report Community,

We’re back with another exciting inside look at an aviation first. On February 21st, 2018, Airbus delivered its very first Airbus A350-1000. As was also the case for the -900 version of the A350, Qatar Airways was the launch customer.

The stretched Airbus A350-1000 is 7 meters longer than the A350-900. The extra length allows Qatar Airways to offer an additional 10 seats in Business class and 34 more seats in Economy class.

Flight-Report had the opportunity to participate in the historic delivery ceremony and ride on board the delivery flight to Doha where we able to review the highly praised Qsuite Business class cabin.

  1. Toulouse (TLS) – Doha (DOH) | A350-1000 | Qsuite

Delivery Ceremony

On the eve of the delivery flight, the delivery festivities are due to take place at Airbus’ Toulouse-Blagnac Delivery Center.

The carpet and lighting have all the makings of a Hollywood Premiere—there is no doubt that this is a special event!

photo 0013photo 0014

The delivery center has been transformed into a gala hall for 250 people; each guest is escorted personally to his or her table.

photo 0014a

The show begins with a surprising light show projected right onto the tables.

photo 0015photo 0017

Then comes the food!

Starting with Lobster ravioli

photo 0017a

The menu is projected directly on the table.

photo 0018

“Mosaic” Bass on Green Vegetables
Smoother mashed citrus potatoes and oil pearls

photo 0019

Chocolate and blackcurrant dessert commemorating 20 years of Qatar Airways

photo 0019b

While the show on the plates is lovely, the real show is about to begin! Outside in the dark, the 1st A350-1000 is about to be revealed in a fantastic show of light and sound.

photo 0020

The beautiful bird then bathed in light

photo 0021photo 0021a

The curves of the A350 are gorgeous and its Zorro mask makes it very recognizeable.

photo 0022

After a short night, we are back at the Airbus Delivery Center for an early morning departure to Doha.

photo 0023a

The Delivery center has a check-in area, where there is a dedicated Media queue for QR3351.

photo 0024

A nicely presented breakfast buffet was available at the gate.

photo 0025photo 0026

Including chocolates

photo 0027


It's time to board the new Qatar A350-100!
(Note that some photos below were taken during the tour of the aircraft the previous afternoon)

photo 0028

Thanks :)

photo 0029

Due to the configuration of cabins with the Qsuite and an emphasis on privacy, Qatar Airways hve redesigned the entryway at doors 2 without the dome that can be seen on other aircraft. Instead, Qatar have opted for a more traditional entryway with a galley, nevertheless it is obvious that some thought has gone into the aesthetics of the design elements with decorative ceiling patterns and tasteful panels.

photo 0029a

And a lovely backlit Qatar logo.

photo 0029aa

Let’s begin with a visit of the Economy cabin. The new A350-100 can accommodate 271 passengers in a comfortable 3-3-3 configuration with 18” wide seats.

photo 0029b

The seats are the Recaro CL3710 model, which can also be found on the airline’s 777-300ER fleet.

photo 0029cphoto 0029d

The large in-flight entertainment screens are 11” wide (diagonally).

photo 0029e

Paintings adorn the partitions in each cabin, again showing that Qatar have put a good amount of thought into the interior design.

photo 0029f

In business class we find the acclaimed new Qsuite. The revolutionary seats were developed by Rockwell Collins (previously B/E Aerospace) exclusively for Qatar Airways, who hold a patent for the design.

photo 0029g

The configuration is staggered with half of the seats in the cabin facing forward and the other half facing the rear. Window seats and central double “honeymoon”-type seats face backwards.

photo 0029h

For families or those traveling in groups, the second business class cabin is very private with only 8 seats in two rows.

photo 0031

The Qsuite seat in detail

We’ll be in 11F for this flight.

photo 0031a

These are backwards-facing honeymoon seats, but in the event that you don’t know your neighbor, there is a nice high partition.

photo 0032

The seat controls include a "DND" (do not disturb) button.

photo 0033

The remote control is the latest generation of the Thales Top Series system.

photo 0033a

Aside from a universal power outlet, there is also a USB port. To the left are a three-pronged headphone jack and an NFC (Near Field Contact) panel which allows content from personal devices (photos, videos, music) to be played on the IFE system.

photo 0033b

On the shelf above the seat controls, we fine a pillow, cover, and a special commemorative amenity kit.

photo 0034

The 20” IFE screens are the largest in the business class market.

photo 0035

The rather large ottoman are not restrictive at the foot level.

photo 0036

Each seat also has an individual reading light and coat hook.

photo 0037

This large box next to the seat …

photo 0037a

… is in fact an adjustable armrest…

photo 0037b

which is also a convenient storage space on the inside.

photo 0037c

Despite the early hour, it is a historic flight, so let’s celebrate with champagne!

It is interesting to note that, unlike delivery flights on most other carriers where the onboard service items are provided by the manufacturer or sponsors, Qatar Airways make the effort to bring all standard service items to Toulouse in order to have a true Qatar Airways in-flight experience, as one would have on a normal commercial flight, from the very first delivery flight.

photo 0039

The on-board service follows standard Qatar Airways protocol with a choice of hot or cold towel during boarding.

photo 0039a

QR have really thought of every detail with special commemorative menus and wine lists for this flight.

photo 0040

Let’s take a quick peek at the flight deck.

photo 0041photo 0041a

As the cabin isn’t completely full, it is possible to move to a window seat for better views on take-off.

photo 0042

Push back with a view of new baby airbii :-)

photo 0043

Startup of the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 with a take-off thrust of 432 kN

photo 0043a

The Airbus team who made this flight possible are seeing us off.

photo 0046

During taxi we catch a glimpse of A7-ALY, which is the first -900 to be equipped with the Qsuite cabin—it was delivered the very same day.

photo 0046a

Qatar Airways took the option of having outdoor cameras on their A350s allowing passengers to watch the takeoff from a forward-facing perspective positioned in different areas of the aircraft.

photo 0047photo 0048

4 Airbus test aircraft representing the aircraft's top-sellers in the long-haul market: A330-900 neo, A350-900 and A350-1000.

photo 0048a

Ligning up on Runway 32

photo 0049


And here we go for a 6.5 hour flight to Doha

photo 0051photo 0052

Nice morning light on takeoff

photo 0054

As the IFE is a Thales system, the air show is branded "GeoFusion".

photo 0054aphoto 0055

Some information taken from the cockpit instruments.

photo 0056photo 0057

That beautiful A350 winglet is just so photogenic

photo 0064photo 0064a

Two photos of the economy cabin in flight

photo 0065photo 0066

The content of the amenity kit is simple, but being a commemorative limited edition with only 1000 made, the AvGeek value is high :-)

photo 0068


Let's have a look at the wine list of the flight.

A champagne selection is a pleasant surprise as these bottles are normally served in First class.

photo wine1

The rest of the menu is more typical of business class, with three white wines on offer: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc

photo wine2

As well as three options of red wines: Merlot & Cabernet, Shiraz and Touriga Nacional

photo wine3photo wine4

A Sauternes dessert wine and a port are also available.

photo wine5

A decent list of spirits and liqueurs along with 3 types of beers and 8 cocktails.

photo spirits

There is also a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks including alcohol-free sparkling wine and 5 types of mocktails.

photo soft

We’ll start off with an exceptional 2006 Comte de Champagne Taittinger

photo 0069

Accompanied by warm nuts

photo 0070

The menu

photo 0070a

Given the early morning hour, we find breakfast dishes.

photo menu

The table is set for the meal service. The new table settings are nice and feature an electric candle which is due to be rolled out to the entire system.

photo 0071

Butter, orange marmalade, salt and pepper

photo 0074

Breakfast bakery
Croissant, pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant), mini white roll

photo 0073

The chocolate croissant was excellent and served warm.

Greek yogurt, cherry compote, toasted granola and nuts

photo 0072

The next course is beautifully presented and tasty fresh ingredients

Plate of charcuterie and smoked salmon
Cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, caper berries and boiled egg

photo 0076photo 0076a

Cheddar cheese omelet with grilled asparagus
Chicken sausage, sautéed potatoes, baked tomato plum and chestnut mushrooms

photo 0077

Overall the meal was delicious with generous portions.

The Qsuite in bed mode

Of course, the new Qatar Airways Qsuite converts into a perfectly flat bed. Qatar Airways offer an impressive turn-down service, which is rare in Business class, including the installation of a mattress pad and the addition of a larger pillow for sleeping.

photo 0078

The small pillow is a signature of the Qsuite and is available to take home as a souvenir of the flight!

photo 0079

Six pairs of middle seats convert into a true double bed by completely lowering the middle partition.

On night flights, Qatar Airways offer slipper and pajamas from The White Company.

photo 0077a

For those wishing for more privacy, the Qsuite is equipped with a door

photo 0080

Light options

One of the things that sets Qatar Airways apart is the on-demand onboard service. There is no need to wait for meal times, dishes can be ordered throughout the flight.

Here are some options from the on-demand light-options menu

Lobster macaroni and cheese
Mesclun salad and baked crostini

photo 0081photo 0082


Mini sliders
Beef burger with Cheddar cheese and chicken burger with mozzarella cheese

photo 0083

A cute dish, but not as nice as the lobster Mac & Cheese. Fries can get a bit soggy when reheated onboard.

In-flight Entertainment system

For the IFE, Qatar Airways have opted for the full Thales InFly Experience suite of products included the latest ultra-thin touchscreen remote control model.

The noise-cancelling headphones are by Phitek, a common brand used in premium cabins.

photo 0084

The large 20-inch screen offers a choice of 11 languages

photo 0085

The options are varied and the navigation is smooth and intuitive.

photo 0086photo 0087

Movies by genre

photo 0088

New releases

photo 0089

You can also find information on the airline and onboard WiFi.

Qatar Airways offer 20MB of WiFi free to all passengers. On this special flight, the free allowance was upped to 200MB, unfortunately, the connection was quite spotty throughout the flight.

photo 0090photo 0091

Snack Platters

Aside from the other food options we’ve described, one can order from the Snack Platter menu as well. These are small plates which can be shared—a good option for passengers travelling as a group in the center sections of Qsuites that convert into a mini private cabin.

photo snacksphoto 0092

Smoked salmon and cream cheese blini with keta caviar
Crudités of carrot, cucumber and asparagus
Chicken peri peri skewers
Breaded langoustines
Sweet potato falafel
Mini chocolate brownie

photo 0093

Everything looks great—it is obvious QR take food presentation seriously.

Approach and Arrival

Approaching Doha

photo 0094photo 0095

The IFE has a nicely accurate representation of the A350-1000.

photo 0096photo 0097

Our approach into Hamad International will be anything but direct as we veer off for a low pass over the artificial peninsula known as The Pearl. This is surely for photo opportunities of this special flight from the ground.

photo 0098photo 0099

We pass the airport to our right…

photo 0100

Before heading back in the direction of the airport with nice views of the Doha skyline.

photo 0101

Then we overfly the airport…

photo 0102photo 0103

And hang a u-turn

photo 0104

Before ligning up for Runway 34R with a low approach

photo 0105photo 0106

Then the highlight of the show, a low passage along the corniche of Doha

photo 0107photo 0108

Our unconventional approach can be seen on the air show.

photo 0109photo 0110

Spoilers out

photo 0111

Qatar Airways Airbus A320

photo 0112

We are welcomed with a traditional water salute.

photo 0113photo 0114

Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER

photo 0115

Qatar Airways Airbus A320 et A350-900

photo 0116

A last view of our A350-1000 Having arrived safely in its new home, it will soon be ready to start a long career of commercial flying.

photo 0117

The Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000 is configured with 281 seats in the economy cabin and 46 in the business cabin, with the famous "Qsuite" seat.

The Qatari flag-carrier has 37 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft on order in addition to its order for 39 Airbus A350-900s, making Qatar Airways the largest operator of the Airbus A350.

Currently, only one Airbus A350-1000 is in service: it is operated exclusively between Doha and London Heathrow on flights QR015 and QR016.

Trip taken by Flavien for as a guest of Airbus and Qatar Airways.
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Over the years, Qatar Airways have strived to stay ahead of the curve and standing out from the crowd by investing in high quality products, and offering a luxurious experience.

The Qsuite truly is a revolutionary product and may be part of a new trend in premium cabins blurring the lines even more between Business and First class. Currently only Delta Air Lines offer a business class with fully enclosed suites with doors (A350 only); however, Shanghai Airlines will soon introduce a similar product. Only time will tell if buzz words of the past like "full flat" and "full access" will turn into "full enclosed privacy" as a must-have in Business class.

The Airbus A350-1000 is a superb and beautiful aircraft. The silence on board is remarkable. With increased capacity over the -900 and comfortable 18” wide seats in Economy, the A350-1000 will undoubtedly before the new Flagship for many of the world’s carriers.

The Positives :

- Intrinsic quality of the Qsuite seat (feeling of intimacy, nice finishes, spacious, storage space, ergonomics)
- Very large 20-inch screen and Oryx entertainment system with great content
- On-demand service and elegant service protocol
- Dishes, glasses and elegant cutlery

The negatives:

- Long service for a relatively short flight
- WiFi connection was spotty



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