Review of China Southern flight Toronto Guangzhou in Business

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ312
Class Business
Seat 18A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 15:30
Take-off 03 Mar 18, 00:30
Arrival at 03 Mar 18, 05:00
CZ 133 reviews
By BRONZE 7286
Published on 2nd April 2018
Hi, me again.

I joined a new team in mid November last year and I was lucky enough to be selected to visit my new team in the Philippines. All flight/hotel bookings had to be made with a specific TA rather than booking yourself. After looking through various flight options, I selected China Southern to get to Manila via Guangzhou. The odd thing about selecting this routing was that there was a misconnection in Guangzhou when flying back to Toronto. This meant staying overnight in Guangzhou for 24 hours and it included a free hotel room for the night courtesy of CZ. The TA could not understand this rationale when there was a direct flight on PAL to Manila. Seriously, direct flights are so boring, can I get an amen?

Here's the kicker: I had carry over vacation from the previous year and my office boss and home boss were perfectly ok with me taking some time away to explore some of the beautiful beaches in the Philippines. After planning with Manila team members who would be coming with me on the local trips, the final trip looked like this:

3. 1 day layover in Manila
5. One week in Cebu that included: 4 nights in Malapascua + diving with the Thresher Shark, 3 nights in Moalboal + diving with sardines and swimming with the whale shark.
7. One week of work in Manila (nothing much to report here other than random pictures)
9. 24 hour stopover in Guangzhou
10. CZ J - CAN-YYZ

photo 40993736772_c77817f50f_z

Intro done, lets do this.

We begin the TR with the taxi dropping me off at Pearson T3. Like most international carriers, China Southern is the last door at the departures drop off area. As I walked in, I could not immediately find the check in counter and the FIDS were of no help. After a little walking around, I found the CZ counters way in the back corner with Cathay Pacific. There were no people waiting in the Business class queue but there was one person being helped at the counter. As the check-in agent motioned me to come forward, the person in the economy line next to me started shouting at the check-in agent to the effect of “Why are you helping him first? I was here before him.”, but in Mandarin or Cantonese. Being the kind Canadian that I am, I waited and within seconds, the supervisor at the next counter called me up to help me check-in. Patience – a Canadian virtue.

The Cathay check in counters on the opposite side of the CZ counters.
photo 40932023122_c71cafd33e_c

A quick pic of the PAL check-in madness.
photo 39164950620_d247cda28a_c

The new board (and a nice addition) way up on the wall of T3. What the hell, WJ – whats up with so many delays?
photo 40932016812_c9bea0f787_c

Security was quick with no line ups and no priority line.
photo 27103087588_fecea8fab1_c

Schlepping all the way down to the C gates where the big international flights leave from.
photo 26102474347_5392f07b9d_cphoto 26102472367_6b38c7f156_cphoto 27103079608_4bac6ba847_c

Lounges were located one floor above and I headed off to find the PP lounge. This PP lounge may have been recently renovated and looked in line with other PP lounges around the world. The PP lounge at T1 is just small and awful.

I think this is the way.

I found a seat by the window overlooking the gate where CZ would be docked at.

This is what regret looks like.
photo 40264398664_e59abf3329_c

Well, hello there beautiful.
photo 40264396144_6ed964361a_c

After 20 minutes, one of the lounge attendants came around calmly announcing the boarding of the flight to CAN.

The economy scrum.
photo 40264391404_0cca2a6f44_c

No need for me to wait in that line. LOL.
photo 26102433067_3ab50954d4_cphoto 40264390134_edd9637530_cphoto 40264389574_cb44913195_c

I approached the FA standing at the door and he pointed me to my seat.
photo 40264389194_037c162450_cphoto 40264388784_c708ac55c5_c

My seat – 18A.
photo 40264388364_e3f7d8766d_c

And what 19A looks like behind me. The cabin was in a 1-2-1 layout similar to the Emirates A380.
photo 40264387824_2ce34f64ce_cphoto 40264386954_f7a0aa99c1_c

A female FA came by offering me a towel while another came by with a tray of PDBs. I chose the apple juice and there was no offer of champers.
photo 40264386594_9971ae5d4e_cphoto 40264386114_4b9c52f983_c

Lady in red giving me a pose (totally coincidental).
photo 40264385714_e80bef99ce_c
The touch screen remote to control the TV functions. Very slick to use and resolution was great.

photo 40264385204_58b4227734_c

A shot of the engine.
photo 26102383407_3729f69ce7_c

Let’s peruse through the food menu, shall we?

Drinks menu.

Digging into the amenity kit and its usual “nothing too exciting” contents.
photo 40973322031_232758bf90_cphoto 39164461290_b6c145f881_cphoto 26102386377_f33ee865e9_c

Setting the mood.
photo 40931947022_a3c30cfb6e_c

Air Transat from god knows where just pulling in.
photo 26102381537_e67c0a9a1f_c

Door closed and we were getting ready for push back. In the mean time, the safety demo began.
photo 40931944212_80eea9fdae_c

And another shot of the remote control with TV to show the resolution.
photo 39164886340_5808498d05_c

PAL getting ready to pushed back.
photo 39164884890_75b21fdf83_c

We taxi-ed pretty quickly to the runway and passed by T1.
photo 40080077315_8da1e00aba_c

photo 41014270402_fd26e55d2f_c

Total flying time to Guangzhou.
photo 40080074215_bec7b3c285_cphoto 27103020568_2817652ff1_c

Thirty minutes into the flight, service began with a little sip. While we were on the ground, the FA working my side of the cabin came by and took everyone’s orders for dinner and breakfast along with drink choice. Once the choices were made, the menus were taken away.
photo 41014268382_28de1e952d_c

Followed by the amuse bouche.
photo 41014267742_7174430a3f_c

Yummy GB.
photo 41014266622_caea8d87f2_c

Smokey cauliflower potato soup. I was never asked for my soup choice and this was just plunked down on my tray table – um, ok. Nonetheless, it was tasty.

photo 41014266202_4bfd342185_cphoto 41055872421_474044bdfa_c

Some type of beef roll with scallop even though the menu said something else.

photo 41055872421_474044bdfa_c

Canadian cod with scallop sauce. Bland.
photo 27184824768_5539ae6455_c

Followed by cheesecake and fruits.
photo 41055871991_7fa081cbca_c

As the service was down, the FA came by everyone and offered rock hard chocolate ice cream. Needed a good 20 minutes for it to partially melt.
photo 26102362747_98d3f178e1_c

Obligatory wing shot somewhere over the great white north.
photo 26185428387_9f916ea714_c

Took a walk to stretch out and see what premium economy was like behind the curtains. I peeked behind the curtain to check out economy and quickly ran away after laying eyes on the unwashed masses.
photo 26185428127_31b1ae28c1_c

Shot of the bar set up in between the mini and main business class cabins.
photo 41014262032_536d24a0da_cphoto 41014261252_0b2e251f23_c

After a few hours of Zzzzz’s, we were woken up for an early breakfast. Traditionally, most carriers start breakfast 2 hours before landing. In the case of China Southern, breakfast started a good 5 hours ahead of landing. Eager beavers.

Prepping breakfast for us.
photo 41014261672_9d2e91f9d7_c

Cereal to start the early breakfast.

photo 41055871431_e48bd3a766_c

I went with the wonton shrimp and meat soup and skipped everything else.

photo 26185392397_3d507aa32c_c

Back to la la land.

photo 27184820698_e2a92f921c_cphoto 39164859510_363990bcb6_c

All nice, cozy and snuggly under the blanket.

photo 40347559574_a97fa89444_c

Soon, it was time to land and preparations were made. Seat up, headsets taken away. We landed at 5am in darkness.

photo 40347558644_9225f774a4_c

And a final shot of our plane as we disembarked.

photo 40080043375_ba39cc9336_c
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China Southern

Cabin crew8.0

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departures)


Toronto - YYZ


Guangzhou - CAN



There are no complaints with the hard product that CZ offered. In regards to the soft product, the crew did the best they could given the language barrier. When making selections for dinner and breakfast, I made it easy and pointed to the item on the menu. Service was friendly and efficient as it could be and during the lull period, you did not see any of the crew. I would even go as far as saying that the service was a lot friendly compared to Cathay Pacific business class because lets be honest - CX J service has gone drown the drain a little. Oooooooh, shots fired.



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  • Comment 439471 by
    socalnow 978 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this flight Injian13.

    "Seriously, direct flights are so boring, can I get an amen?"
    -Amen to that.

    "Lounges were located one floor above and I headed off to find the PP lounge. "
    -Would the AF/KLM lounge been available to you as well?

    "Lady in red giving me a pose (totally coincidental)."
    -I reckon she's smitten.

    The Taittinger is higher end Champagne (price point) then I would have expected. The rest of the meal service looked fairly basic. It seems the bed and bedding were satisfactory.

    That's a heck of a long flight.

    If you run into esteemed Flight Reporter Hometoyyz do say hello for me.

    Thanks again and happy flying.

  • Comment 439553 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5796 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this new series! Mixing business trips with side leisure trips is always a good idea :-)
    I imagine CZ kept you on them via CAN with a hotel stay rather than a direct flight on another airline because it was way cheaper for them. There are often agreements among airlines for rerouting Economy class passengers, but rerouting Business/First can be prohibitively pricey for carriers.

    It's cute that they decorated the plane for Lunar new year. Wow that mood lighting is super pink. You'd think you were on Virgin Atlantic lol. I like the in-flight bar setup. The food selection isn't great, but there's plenty to drink on a long TPAC!

    Your observations of the cabin crew seem to be common with Chinese carriers in premium cabins--good intentions and friendly, but a bit of a language barrier. I'm sure this will get better and better as the Chinese carriers carry more and more North American traffic.

    A very well written and nicely illustrated report!

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