Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 41
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 21 May 18, 12:15
Arrival at 21 May 18, 13:45
H2   #75 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
By 258
Published on 16th September 2018
Some people say that biological evolution is a slow process that takes millions and millions of years.

That would be the reason why it goes unnoticed.

If this is true, the theory of evolution and my country have much in common. Changes do happen… but veeeeeery slowly.

This report is proof to that.

Let's take a look at some changes taking place at SCL and one of our LCCs, Sky Airline.

The first change is the construction of the new international terminal at SCL.

photo img_20180521_095912

Though the new piers are taking shape…

photo img_20180521_095918

…the airport concession's holder has announced that the works could be finished by mid-2021 and not in 2020, due to the inefficiency of the Ministry of Public Works during the former government of Mrs. Michelle Bachellet. (Source)

photo retraso

So it might take longer than expected for the wavy roofs inspired by the sea or the mountains - as the concession's holder describes them - to be completed.

photo img_20180521_100256
photo img_20180521_100330

This is proof against the theory of slow evolution: Only a couple of months ago the airport's book exchange project started with nothing but an insignificant stand in the boarding room with two or three books in it. It has evolved into a whole digital library service!

photo img_20180521_104014

You install an app on your cellphone, register…

photo img_20180521_104053

…and scan the QR code to the book you have selected. Wonderful!

photo img_20180521_104138

But I'll skip it for now. I prefer paper books. My eyes need some time away from shiny pixels.

photo img_20180521_104146

This completely white 747 taxies solemnly past the boarding room. Too bad I'm carrying my cellphone only, and I can't see any details.

photo img_20180521_110324photo img_20180521_110332photo img_20180521_110340

CC-AID looks so tiny in comparison!

photo img_20180521_112321

Other interesting sightings: (LA)TAM…

photo img_20180521_112339

…and local Mineral Airways CC-ABD. My first commercial flight ever was on a 737-200. I'd love to repeat the experience!

photo img_20180521_112545

And this one… oh, it's our ride.

photo img_20180521_113452

Ahh… Impatient millenials.

photo img_20180521_114046

Brrrr… scary. But they won't catch me this time. I have noticed that common rucksacks - of the kind that children use for school - are usually overlooked, even if they are oversized, like mine. It's different with those cylindrical ones used by backpackers, and wheeled bags.

photo img_20180521_114705

How I hate the words Embarque General (General Boarding)! They usually mean…

photo img_20180521_114716

…long minutes stuck in the jetway…

photo img_20180521_115159

…with a crowd in a hot day…

photo img_20180521_115403_1

…worst experience ever.

photo img_20180521_115654_1

I like these little windows in some jetways!

photo img_20180521_120442_1

SkyAirline shows off its awards. (Orgullo = pride) Best Customer Experience Award? Hm. General Boarding wasn't taken into account, I presume.

photo img_20180521_120454

Even though I like Sky's seats because they are cushier than the ironboard-style so common in LCCs nowadays, they reduce legroom to the minumum.

photo img_20180521_120630

It's enough for me, but anyone taller than me is going to find it uncomfortable. I'm 170cm tall.

photo img_20180521_120644photo img_20180521_120656photo img_20180521_120710

Sky has an inflight magazine. Not as good as LATAM's, but still interesting for lack of wifi.

photo img_20180521_120815

Valparaíso. Beautiful for those who enjoy a bohemian lifestyle.

photo img_20180521_120941

"Let the last opportunity to change your seat not fly away," would be a somewhat literal translation. "If the seat you want is available, you can move to it right now for only 10000 CLP," or 17 USD.

photo img_20180521_121041

This is a bit expensive if compared to JetSmart. Their prices go from 4000 CLP (6 USD) to 10000 CLP (15 USD), depending on the seat you choose. "It's never too late to travel in the seat you want," the card says.

photo img_20180521_121035

I'm in the middle of this flight-reporting activity when I hear a FA talking to the passenger behind me. She is offering to move him to the emergency exit row for free because the law says that someone MUST sit there. To my astonishment, the passenger - a young man - says no!

photo img_20180521_121202

I raise my index finger and go just like Donkey:

So she picks ME!! Look at this!!

photo img_20180521_121638

Aahh… this is the life.

photo img_20180521_121827

This is the closest to an upgrade that you can get in Chile. All domestic flights are full Y, afaik. The only drawback: these seats won't recline. Ouch!

photo img_20180521_121652

No tray table there. And one wouldn't make much sense unless you are Reed Richards, either.

photo img_20180521_121719

Besides, its use is restricted.

photo img_20180521_121731

A sense of responsibility makes me go through the steps I must follow in case of an emergency. Let's see. Pull that cover, throw it away, lower a lever, and out with the door.

photo img_20180521_121737

It shouldn't be a problem… I guess.

photo img_20180521_121702

Pushback on time. Great. I'lll be home for lunch.

photo img_20180521_122223
photo img_20180521_122647

We take the street that goes behind the control tower, around some hangars and an aircraft cemetery. Lookie here! Deceased Latin American Wings never paid me back the 50 USD I paid for a cancelled flight last January. >:(

photo img_20180521_122819
photo img_20180521_122828

Oops. Their logo has been covered. Those planes must have been confiscated or something.

photo img_20180521_122831

LATAM plane being painted, I guess. It's incredible how slowly LATAM's has repainted its planes with the new livery!

photo img_20180521_122840

We turn left at this corner…

photo img_20180521_122848
photo img_20180521_122904

…and taxi past this heartbreaking sight…

photo img_20180521_122855

…of derelict planes. :(

photo img_20180521_122914

So many stories! Each plane is a world in itself! CC-CTO, for example, took its first steps - or flights, in this case - with Malaysia Airlines back in 1972. It finally joined Sky Airline's fleet in 2003, and ended up… here! Boo - hoo.

photo img_20180521_122923

We are reaching the runway with a view of the terminal in the distance…

photo img_20180521_123007

…and the piers of the new international terminal.

photo img_20180521_123021

Lots of building work around here, too.

photo img_20180521_123049
photo img_20180521_123057

Parked so far from everything? I wonder if this is one of the 787s with engine problems. LATAM had to wet lease planes from a Spanish airline (Wamos Air) to make up for its 787s under maintenance, even a 747 that was used on the route to Easter Island!

photo img_20180521_123059_2

Eventually, we are ready for takeoff. Here we go! Woo - hoo! We run along the runway at… taxiing speed.

photo img_20180521_123803

500 meters ahead… still taxiing!

photo img_20180521_123944

Half runway… still taxiing!! Is anything wrong?

photo img_20180521_124007

Yes. The captain comes over the speakers and tells us that there's a little, insignificant problem…

photo img_20180521_124159

…and that we'll head back to the terminal "just in case"…

photo img_20180521_124204

…and that we will soon resume our flight.

photo img_20180521_124214

Poor former CC-ASQ. Stored after Latin American Wing's debacle.

photo img_20180521_124224

DAP is an airline that I must fly and report about before I (or they) die. They serve mainly destinations in Patagonia (they fly between Punta Arenas, Chile, and Ushuaia, Argentina, for example) and the mining industry in the north of the country.

photo img_20180521_124230

We taxi past the construction work opposite the terminal…

photo img_20180521_124630
photo img_20180521_124636

…towards the cargo area near the access to the airport, where we'll park next to the white queen I saw this morning.

photo img_20180521_124642

People look so small!

Prepare to be boarded!

photo img_20180521_125245photo img_20180521_125302photo img_20180521_125312

Technician on board.

photo img_20180521_125423

I wonder what's happening behing closed doors. Hm! Look at the galley. United Airlines? CC-AMP (this plane) has not been in United Airlines' fleet.

photo img_20180521_125523

But it was part of Tatarstan Airline's fleet, which ceased operations in 2013 after the accident of their flight 363. The accident was not caused by technical problems, however, but supposedly by an "overworked and inadequately trained crew". I hope I can trust the Russian report!

In the meantime… not much going on outside. Korean Air containers. I have seen a Korean Air cargo 747 many times parked around here.

photo img_20180521_125637

I have time to read the safety information card. Here's a list of requirements for passengers sitting in the exist row. Wow! This must be the first time I meet the requirements for anything. I'm in tears! If only it was a paid job! :''')

photo img_20180521_130142b

My tray table.

photo img_20180521_125937
photo img_20180521_125838b

Oops. Somebody will drown if we crash into the ocean today.

photo img_20180521_123239
photo img_20180521_123239b

Some passengers might be bored in the cabin today, but look at that poor thing out there.

photo img_20180521_130649
photo img_20180521_131315

The white 747 has left.

photo img_20180521_130939_1

goes by…
so slowly…
I've hungered for…
a muffin.

I have the lyrics all wrong. XDDD

We languish here for more than 30 minutes. Only then the "little, insignificant problem" seems to be solved. Hopefully!

photo img_20180521_131502

Second pushback of the day.

photo img_20180521_131715
photo img_20180521_131734

This tour of the airport…

photo img_20180521_132006

…gives us the chance to have a look at the construction work of the east piers…

photo img_20180521_132357

…usually hidden from the view from the boarding rooms.

photo img_20180521_132400photo img_20180521_132421photo img_20180521_132428

We taxi along a street parallel to the one we took earlier.

photo img_20180521_132814
photo img_20180521_132829

But now we turn right to the east runway, more frequently used for landings, not takeoffs.

photo img_20180521_133404

That's why we have to wait for this guy to land.

photo img_20180521_133414


photo img_20180521_133417

Acho que as cores da GOL são muito bonitas! Vou voar com a GOL para o Brasil um dia. :D

photo img_20180521_133419

It's our turn.

photo img_20180521_133525

In the end, this was today's tour around SCL starting from gate 24. The surprised face marks the point where I realized that we would never reach V1.

photo 2018-05-21-211851_1366x768_scrotb

If the Russians can be trusted, we should make it home in one piece…

photo img_20180521_133633

…because this former Tatarstan Airline plane has been well mantained…

photo img_20180521_133643

…and, afaik, Sky Airline's crew are not "overworked and inadequately trained", right? Gulp!

photo img_20180521_133701

Yes. Smog is horrendous over Santiago in autumn.

Above the smog the world is still blue and clear.

photo img_20180521_133859

Too bad I'm not carrying my camera…

photo img_20180521_133912

…because the Andes look beautiful…

photo img_20180521_134429

…with the first snow of this season…

photo img_20180521_135717_1

…especially the volcanoes, like Antuco…

photo img_20180521_141324
photo img_20180521_141605

You don't get volcanoes Llaima, Lanín and Villarrica in a sigle shot every day!

photo img_20180521_142558

Wow! Lanín and Villarrica are completely white! A lovely sight!

photo img_20180521_143526photo img_20180521_143615photo img_20180521_143643

The captain said we would make up for the time we lost at SCL. Well, I guess he did what he could, but the truth is that the flight took longer than the average, according to We eventually arrived at ZAL more than one hour late!

photo 2018-05-21-205218_1366x768_scrot

The thing is, we are soon landing above the forests and fields around Valdivia.

And here we are. Welcome to ZAL once more.

We have jetbridge today.

photo img_20180521_144954_1

Too bad I didnt have the chance to show off my skills today. XDDD I hope I won't ever have to!!

photo img_20180521_145135

I see these while waiting for my turn to deboard. What are they? Oxygen tanks?

photo img_20180521_145223

And that was yet another successful flight with…

photo img_20180521_145354_1

…Sky Airline, despite some technical problems.

photo img_20180521_145427

Thanks for reading! :)
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Sky Airline is a serious competitor for LATAM in my country. In fact, Sky has much to do with the plummeting air fares in Chile. Even LATAM has had to make deep changes in order to remain competitive.

Even though we had a small technical problem today, Sky has a record of punctuality and customer satisfaction. They also have a decent BOB service that rivals LATAM's and is much less expensive than JetSmart's, the other local LCC.

It also has comfortable, reclinable seats, and good legroom.

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