Review of Cathay Pacific flight Bangkok Hong Kong in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX616
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 01 Sep 15, 06:40
Arrival at 01 Sep 15, 10:30
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
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Published on 22nd June 2018
Hi everyone! Welcome to Part 1 of the final leg of my summer 2015 travel series where I'll be covering the return flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. As always, it was time for me to head back to the US along with the pit stop in Hong Kong. As mentioned in my last trip report, my original flight going to Hong Kong departing at 11:10 AM got cancelled, and I had no other choice but to book a flight that departed extremely early in the morning. I am not a huge fan of early morning flights, but this was my only method in order to catch my connecting flight back to New York which departed at 4:10 PM. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy reading this!

Summer 2015 Trip Report Index:
1) 27 June 2015: CX899 EWR-HKG, B777-300ER, Business
2) 22 August 2015: KA633 HKG-PEN, A330-300, Business
3) 28 August 2015: KA692 PEN-HKG, A330-300, Business
4) 31 August 2015: CX701 HKG-BKK, A330-300, Business
5) 1 September 2015: CX616 BKK-HKG, B777-300, Business
6) 1 September 2015: CX840 HKG-JFK, B777-300ER, Business

I think I've made it very obvious that I'm not a fan of early morning flights!! Anyways, it all started with me getting up at 4:15 AM out of all times. My goal was to check-in for my flight at around 5:00 AM. That way, it would give me enough time to explore the airport during the early morning as well as check out the recently renovated Cathay Pacific lounge which I've been very much looking forward to! Normally, I would get some breakfast prior to leaving the hotel, but this time, I just got ready, checked-out, and went straight to the airport shuttle that operates every 5-10 minutes, which is quite convenient. I made it to Suvarnabhumi Airport at 4:45 AM that morning, and I was quite surprised to see everyone at the airport up and kicking!!
photo dsc06313photo dsc06316

BKK Departures
photo dsc06322photo dsc06323

Check-in area for CX
photo dsc06326photo dsc06327

There wasn't a long line for Business Class so I was able to check-in immediately. The next thing I knew was that my bag was checked in all the way to New York and I was issued boarding passes for both flights.
photo dsc06317photo dsc06318

It's always nice to see Mangkorakarn so early in the morning!
photo dsc06330

Overall, the process was quite smooth and I was all set to go through security and immigration, which was quick with the help of the Premium Lane pass.
photo dsc06331photo dsc06332

photo dsc06333

The famous Samudra Manthan, which attracts many tourists
photo dsc06335

Early morning departures, with my original flight (CX750) departing at 11:10 AM, shown to be cancelled
photo dsc06339

BKK Airside
photo dsc06341photo dsc06342

Duty-free area
photo dsc06344photo dsc06347

The first thing on my mind once I got through security was to get to the lounge

Concourse G, where my flight is going to be departing today
photo dsc06360photo dsc06361

In order to get to the CX lounge in BKK, once you get through Concourse G, you just make a sharp left and keep going straight until you see the entrance.
photo dsc06362photo dsc06363

Time to head to the lounge!
photo dsc06364photo dsc06365

Lounge invitation
photo dsc06366

I had high expectations for this lounge, and so it did!! This lounge is quite spaced out and has more seating area than the previous one. Also, the lounge now has everything ranging from a noodle bar to even a full-fledged bar where there is bar service as well as a selection of selected snacks.

View of Concourse G
photo dsc06383

More shots of the lounge
photo dsc06376photo dsc06396

Since I was starving, I immediately got myself a croissant and a coffee.
photo dsc06389photo coffee 2

Boarding passes for both flights
photo dsc06393

By the time I was done with my "breakfast", I soon realised that it was already bright outside
photo dsc06398

I was at the lounge for about 40 minutes before I headed on to board the plane, which was a short walk from the lounge
photo dsc06401photo dsc06404photo dsc06407

I knew for a fact that if I didn't make this flight on time, there would've been no chance I would've made my connecting flight to JFK
photo dsc06409

Walking down the ramp to the gate area
photo dsc06410photo dsc06411photo dsc06412

Plane to HKG: B-HNE, a Boeing 777-300
photo dsc06414

Gate area and aerobridge
photo dsc06415photo dsc06416 2photo dsc06417

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 1 September 2015
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight Number: CX 616
Route: Bangkok (BKK) - Hong Kong (HKG)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300
Registration: B-HNE
Distance: 1049 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 6:40 AM
Actual Departure Time: 6:59 AM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 10:30 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 10:12 AM
Flight Time: 2 hrs 50 mins
Departure Gate at BKK: G3
Arrival Gate at HKG: 64


Regional business class in 2-3-2 configuration
photo dsc06418

My seat: 16K
photo dsc06419

The legroom on this flight was a bit wider compared to the regional Airbus A330-300
photo dsc06420photo dsc06428

View from the window. We were right next to a Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner JA821J, which will serve as JL708 back to NRT this morning
photo dsc06422

Flight route
photo dsc06423

Cabin views
photo dsc06427

From what I can remember, the boarding process was quite short

Pre-departure drink
photo dsc06425

Hot towel
photo dsc06430

Menu for today's flight
photo dsc06432photo dsc06433

Pushing back at around 6:45 AM
photo dsc06438photo dsc06439

BKK is truly another sight for aviation enthusiasts
photo dsc06443

Asia Atlantic Airlines Boeing 767-300ER HS-AAB
photo dsc06442

While taxiing to Runway 19R, I couldn't resist posting this amazing photo of a Thai Airways Airbus A330 coming in for a landing!
photo dsc06445

Eventually, we took-off from the runway at 7:00 AM that morning, giving me a good view of the Bangkok skyline
photo dsc06447

I'll be back soon, Thailand!
photo dsc06455

Up in the clouds
photo dsc06462

Approximately 15-20 minutes later after takeoff, the crew came towards the cabin setting the tables for the breakfast service.
photo dsc06457

Exploring the inflight entertainment, studioCX
photo dsc06459photo dsc06460

Orange juice for starters
photo dsc06467

Table setup including a croissant, fruits, and yogurt
photo dsc06468

For the main course, I got the stir-fried noodles with chicken and assorted vegetables. It was quite a good entrée, but it was the chilli sauce that made it so much better
photo dsc06470

After a while, I was handed another inflight survey by one of the crew.
photo dsc06472photo dsc06477

Once I was done, I decided to take a short nap until we landed
photo dsc06484

I woke up to the captain's pre-arrival announcement saying that we were going to be landing ahead of the schedule time, and we had 30 minutes remaining as always

Approaching Hong Kong
photo dsc06490

Final shots before landing
photo dsc06496photo dsc06497

We landed a mere 20 minutes ahead of schedule with a very short taxi to the gate, which made the arrival process quite quick. However, at the same time, the gate was a long walk to immigration.
photo dsc06498photo dsc06499photo dsc06500

Arrival into HKG

I then spotted B-LAR, the aircraft that took me to BOM last December
photo dsc06503

Taking the automated people mover as always
photo dsc06514photo dsc06515

I pretty much breezed through immigration, and made it to the arrival hall in less than 2 minutes

Since I had about 6 hours to kill before I have to catch my flight back to New York, I decided to meet up with some of my family and friends before I head back to the airport.
photo dsc06524photo dsc06526

I took the Airport Express back to Central/Hong Kong Station and made my journey from there

It felt good to be back, even if it was just for a few hours!
photo dsc06532
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Despite the fact that I had to wake up at 4 in the morning to board this flight, I don't have much to say about the flight which was uneventful for the most part. Although the entertainment and meal service was decent for the most part. I would say the only highlight of this trip report was the stunning lounge at the airport which mostly made up for everything that I found missing. Nonetheless, this was an average flight onboard Cathay Pacific. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed reading this trip report and stay tuned for my flight back to New York, which I will be posting very soon!

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