Review of Emirates flight Bangkok Hong Kong in Business

Airline Emirates
Flight EK384
Class Business
Seat 22
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 14 Nov 19, 13:45
Arrival at 14 Nov 19, 17:25
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Published on 31st January 2020


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With the news of A380 production discontinue in the near future, I think I might as well try it before it is too late. From Bangkok, EK's fifth freedom right to Hong Kong seemed to be the most manageable with my leftover vacation days.

I booked this short 4 days trip pretty far in advance, slightly before Hong Kong's protest begin. I waited with my fingers crossed  and hope for the best of all concerned, but the  situation seemed to stay rather consistent, I decided that it might be a good idea to fly forward to Taipei and make this trip a journey to tryout new aircraft types / new airlines

So, instead of trying an A380 only, I ended up with 2 new Airlines,  3 new seat type in 4 flights


Emirates Business Class is probably the most affordable of all airlines flying the routes. I got this promotion fare at 13000 Baht (slightly 425-430 US$) which is quite a good deal

photo 1-etkt-cropped

checking in

Emirates check in counter is in Row "T" of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, opened 3 hours in advance. I am the second in queue and the wait is minimal.

photo img_1670photo img_1671

I got my seat booked in advanced, and the ground agent inform me that I can choose any other seat on board anywhere I like. The cabin is less than half full. (Actually a quarter full, I think)

photo 2666

With quite a lot of time to spare, I proceed to The Emirates Lounge.

photo img_1681

A lot of comfortable seat,  Business Center and Shower Facility is ready at your service

photo img_1687photo img_1703photo img_1706

Since I am quite early, there are wide selection of snack and drinks in the lounge.

photo img_1689photo img_1684photo img_1685

And hot food arrive shortly after

photo img_1697photo img_1701

I fix some snack for myself. I know it is still early, but Moet & Chandan should not be missed out

photo img_1707photo img_1710photo img_0878


At noon, I spotted the incoming aircraft on FR24. It's A6-EUZ, 2 years old

photo img_0880photo img_1732

And soon it is time to board. My not so good impression with Emirates begin. Once we reach the door, we were asked to wait for a minute, which is not a big deal. A cabin crew escort me to my seat, and she did not notice a red iPad left charging at my Minibar. 
Seat is, as I always envisioned, huge and comfortable. But being on the upper deck of A380, I did not feel how huge it is, but instead feel more like an A330 cabin.

photo img_1746-47099photo img_1750photo img_1765

I shall not go into detail of the seat and other amenities, as it can be found anywhere, but the service which I think is unique in this short flight. They start with welcome drink, hot towels which is dripping wet, and menu without winelist (according to my friend flown this flight earlier, there should be one). I did not actually paying attention to the menu since I have looked it up online and already decided on Bzar Chicken (as oppossed my familiar Thai red curry prawn)

photo img_1766photo img_1781

My glasses was left unnoticed by the crew until we are on the taxiway, it was collected during the final safety check

photo img_1778

The rudder camera provide a clear view of the airport activities, and that was fun

photo img_1787photo img_1794

inflight catering

Shortly afterward, we took off toward the south, over Gulf of Thailand and then backtrack. Lunch is served quickly. I mean, very quickly. they practically dump everything onto my table, including coffee. I asked for a glass of wine, which they inquire which one would I like. Well, I don't know, you didn't give me the winelist.

photo 198

As soon as I took the last bite, the crew is beside me ready to clear the tray. I am a quick eater but still feel the rush. I know speed is needed to serve an entire A380 in 3 hours, but this fligth is just a quarter full. They should have plenty of time.

Getting slightly annoyed. I visit the lounge for some dessert ( I did not like the one in my tray and return it). I know I said I won't go into detail about aircraft facilities, but I can't resist including this private jet - liked sofa here. Forgive me but this is my first A380 and my first Emirates. Everything seemed so exciting to me. 

photo 199-88331photo 229

This one from the bar is so much enjoyable. The bar attendant offer to bring it to my seat.  I have got impression that they are friendly enough, just having a habit of being extremely rush for this short flight, and probably take it a bit too easy. But again, I usually fly Asian carrier and they have got different approach when they talk to us passengers, and more abide to their service bible.

photo 239

I visited the restroom, which is impressive  from the fact that there is a window in it. But the clenliness is much less than ideal that I have to change to another one

photo 242photo 244

With a bit of time left, I climb down the stairway to see what their economy class is like. To me, it seemed great. Plenty of legroom, nice IFE. I tried to sit on it for a moment and it's comfortable.

photo 203

Before I know it, we start descending

photo 247photo 248

And then we land a bit ahead of schedule. Quite a lot of interesting aircraft I did not get to see much in Bangkok

photo 255photo 256

A salute to the German Queen

photo 258photo 263

I think I shall conclude my first A380 and first EK review here.  Curious what is it like in HKG downtown? Well,  I have included my hardship in the bonus below.

photo img_1135-largephoto img_1135-large

Bonus : Click here display
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Cabin crew5.0

Emirates Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Hong Kong - HKG



All in all, I think A380 is still not yet my faviourite aircraft, and I especially hate the wondows (large inside, small outside, making photo taking very difficult), and I decided that I will not go out of my way to fly emirates, except if the price is right. The hardware is good, but I did not feel comfortable with their service. But I might try their long haul route one day and got a fairer impression.

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  • Comment 540043 by
    Jibolin 16 Comments
    Thanks for this report !
    The price you paid is indeed cheap for such a flight
    FYI we can see your full name on the boarding pass
  • Comment 540110 by
    YGeorgeW SILVER 250 Comments
    Hi Arq, thanks for the report.

    I got this promotion fare at 13000 Baht (slightly 425-430 US$) which is quite a good deal.

    - This is a great price!

    With quite a lot of time to spare, I proceed to The Emirates Lounge.

    - Looking at the overall place, the nice thing about the Emirates lounges is how consistent they are at outstations. I guess it's less exciting for F passengers, but as J, nice to know what to expect every time.

    hot towels which is dripping wet, and menu without winelist

    - The dripping hot towel is quite annoying, tends to make more of a mess than anything else. The lack of a winelist is also a bit surprising. For such a short flight, why not just have the menus at the seats already so there wouldn't be mistakes?

    I can't resist including this private jet - liked sofa here.

    - Don't blame you, this and the F shower suites are the best part of EK. It looks like you got the newer bar setup as well, I like the finishes on those a lot.

    Thanks again!
    • Comment 540244 by
      Arq AUTHOR 43 Comments
      Thank you for your reply. Despite those lackluster, I still had a lot of fun on my first 380 ride. Too bad I did not think about it sooner when Three Class aircraft was still flying this route. I think I can fork out for first class promotion fare. Maybe one day.

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