Review of JetBlue Airways flight New York Albuquerque in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B665
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 05:10
Take-off 23 Dec 17, 20:00
Arrival at 23 Dec 17, 23:10
B6 43 reviews
By 1099
Published on 24th April 2018
At first, let me apologize for my english level, but I really wanted to write this report in english

Hi everyone,
We meet for the second part of my trip to New Mexico.

The first flight was reported once by Kosny (french), and the three others are exclusivities.

let's start with the routing:

  • Pointe-à-Pitre, Pôle Caraïbes - JFK. Norwegian D84900, B737-8 (Here: French version only).
  • JFK - Albuquerque Int'l sunport ABQ. JetBlue B6 65 A320 (You are here) (French version avalaible) .
  • Albuquerque int'l sunport ABQ - JFK. JetBlue B6 66 A320 (Soon).
  • JFK- Pointe-à-Pitre, Pôle Caraïbes. Norwegian D84901, B737-8 (Soon).

At first, we wanted to go To Washington state, but in December, the weather wasn't good, so we turned about New Mexico, because we ski every year at Breck (Colorado) and we love Rockies, so we only could love N-M!

Let's go for this flight operated by Jetblue in A320. Jetblue isn't very reported, in english like in french; and it's my first time with them.

I had finished my previous report from PTP (Guadeloupe) with Norwegian on the AirTrain, from JFK Terminal 1, to the Terminal5, before named TWA Flight Center. All Jetblue flights except flights between midnight and 5am (Terminal 4) are in Terminal5.
T5 has a very special look, but i like. AirTrain station is connected to the Terminal with an aerial way. Looks like that from air train. As you see, weather wasn't good on this december day!

photo img_0126
photo img_0127
photo img_0128

We get off the Air train.
photo img_0132

photo img_0133

And now, go to T5.
photo img_0134
photo img_0135
photo img_0137
photo img_0138

on aerial passageway.
photo img_0139

T5 Hall, fully dedicated to Jetblue airways.
photo img_0140
photo img_0141
photo img_0142

Here, we check-in ourselves our baggages, and we will drop them, alone. I don't really like this practice, is not faster than old method, and if we need help, we must wait long time at "Help center"…

Well, we drop our baggages (after have paid $15) we go to border police (don't know exact term), but we can't pass prior 5hours before our flight. It's 1:30Pm and we must wait 3p.m. No problem, we use this time to eat, we have take our food from Guadeloupe, so it's very cool, and it's better, because there are not many choices at JFK.

At 2:30p.m, we go on the line, which is very long, but fast, and 30minutes after it's good for us.
A 3p.m, we are at inspection post, we are allowed to enter on AirSide part of Terminal.

FIDS photo img_0147

Weird detail, when the plane is in flight, on the sky, in englsih you say 'En route' (french term).

photo img_0149
photo img_0150

4:15p.m, night is coming, very early because it's winter, i'm not used, weird.
I'm very tired, i woke up at 4:00A.m this morning.

At 7p.m, we eat, a soup for me.
It's 8p.m when a first announcement of delay resound. The flight is reprogrammed at 9:30p.m. Official reason evoked is du to bad weather.
Finally we go on board at 9:20p.m

In the plane
photo img_0158photo img_0159photo img_0160

It's an old, so IFE are small, but I want to sleep, is not a problem for me !
Seats are amazing, very confortable, i like it!

At 9:35, we left our gate to take-off, but the is a long file.

photo img_0167

Take-off, it's 10p.m. We have 2hours of delay, not good, but luckily we don't have any flight after ABQ.
photo img_0189"/>

I slept the rest of the flight, untilabove Santa-fe, 20minutes before landing.

The plane was equipped with wifi onboard. I didn't test, but I think it works good.


Touchdown at 00:20, at 00:30 we're outside of the plane.

Alaska airlines for Seattle, and SFO.

photo img_0185photo img_0186photo img_0187

United to Denver
photo img_0192

AA to Dallas F-W
photo img_0189

Let's go to the baggage claim, where our baggage arrived quickly.

See you soon for return flights.

again, few terms can be inexact, you can correct me of course, i'll be happy.
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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew8.5

New York - JFK


Albuquerque - ABQ



jetBlue : low-cost, but superior than many others. Wifi on-board (like DY). Ordinary US companies catering (AA, DL or UA): speculoos and free drink.

JFK : T5 is pretty, more services than T1 of course.

ABQ: I really like the term "Sunport", it gives an exotic side. Airport is pretty beautiful, not like others americans airport, not too big. With wood, bricks, and of course, adobe, airport is warm. Floor is carpeted (like DEN), it's good for red-eye flights (like B666).



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    Pilpintu 757 Comments

    Hi Loouri!

    let me apologize for my english level

    What are you talking about?! Your English is crystal clear (even though I'm no authority on the matter, because English is not my mother tongue, either!)

    there are not many choices at JFK

    I can't believe it! Such an important airport! :O

    in englsih you say 'En route' (french term)

    Crazy world! XD

    Au passage, l'appareil proposait le wi-fi gratuit, comme DY.

    Sentence intentionally left in French? :O

    The plane was equipped with wifi onboard

    Wi-fi and soft, cushioned seats on an LCC? Wow!

    JetBlue seems to be better than some legacy airlines!

    Thanks for sharing this experience! :)

    • Comment 442643 by
      Loouri AUTHOR 468 Comments

      Thanks you for compliments!

      "because English is not my mother tongue, either" in view of your reports, ?Pienso que hablas espanol ?

      "I can't believe it! Such an important airport! :O" That's very weird well.

      "Sentence intentionally left in French?" heyy, no ! is edited!

      "JetBlue seems to be better than some legacy airlines!" yes, I will take back Jetblue for sure!

      Perdon por haber respondido en inglés y no en español, dime lo que prefieres. !Es igual para mi!

      See you/hasta p.

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