Review of Philippine Airlines flight Singapore Manila in Economy

Airline Philippine Airlines
Flight PR510
Class Economy
Seat 42C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 26 Mar 18, 00:30
Arrival at 26 Mar 18, 04:10
PR 33 reviews
By 2294
Published on 16th April 2018
Hello! Welcome everyone!

Its another great day to fly!

This series of reports covers;

PR 510 SIN- MNL Economy (you're here!)
PR 2696 CRK - BSO Economy
PR 2697 BSO - CRK Economy
PR 507 MNL - SIN Business Class

This is the first time im flying with Philippine airlines after almost a year and they just recently rated 4 star by Skytrax.

This time, ill be going back to the Philippines for a Holiday. Im very excited with this trip, that one item on my bucket list will be ticked after this vacation, to visit Batanes!

I planned this trip less 2 months ahead of this trip, im trying to save my Mabuhay Miles for me to use on that destination, more story on the next report.

As i planned this trip little too close on my desired flight, im not expecting to get a cheap airfare for these holiday. Im trying to check fares online the lowest flight tickets that i can get are around S$ 300-S$350 all in for other LCC. When i decided to buy my ticket, i tried again to scout for the cheapest fare for my desired date and time then i found this flight from PR which cost me S$260 return flight, this fare did not appear days before. It is true that when you want to buy cheaper flight tickets, buy it on Tuesday!

Even for a promo fares, PR allows passenger to pre select their regular seat free of charge, so i did, as usual i opt for a window seat in the middle section. A week before my scheduled flight, when i check FR24, there is a equipment change for my flight and it was downgraded to the older A320. I tried to manage my booking to re-select my seat assignment and i chose the 2nd row of economy class, window seat and managed to update the new seat selection. I also tried for MyPAL Upgrade, a service that lets PRs passenger to bid and upgraded to business Class, however, i cannot get through the site as it shown that it seems that im not eligible. Only certain economy class fares are entitled, promo fare is not eligible to bid for an upgrade.

Philippine Airlines arrives and departs from Changi Terminal 1. There are some closed section for upgrading some check-in desk, and now i noticed that there are more FAST counters available. I tried to do mobile/web check but it prompt an error and asking to do a manual check-in

photo img_9613photo img_9611photo img_9610

PRs dedicated check in counters is at row 14. I Arrived 3.5 hours before STD and went to the check in counters and they are empty, tho the are some passengers that are within the area and waiting for the counters to be open. While waiting, i wander around the terminal and noticed the FIDS and has a remarks for PR "go to check in lounge" it was hard to locate the lounge as it was coved by the boardup from the works inside the terminal.

I found out that the lounge is for early check in counters. Other Airlines also uses this lounge for early check-in passengers from British Airways, Air China, JApan Airlines, Qantas, Thai and Turkish to name a few. When i enter the empty lounge there is an agent that helps you to get a queue number, since it is almost empty, my number is called immediately and the agent process my check-in. To my surprise the agent inform me that i need to pay S$40 since i select a forward seat, that is why i cant proceed with my mobile check in. I told the agent that when the time i pre select my seat i was not informed that i need to pay for that seat, then he replied that it was really like that, other passengers also complaint about this error on booking/selecting seats. I felt it was not worth it to pay for that seat and asked agent to re assign me, did not manage to have a window seat but good thing it was an aisle seat instead. I was little disappointed bout that experience, it starts a good impression that they now have and early check in service but it fell down for that glitch.

After i got my boarding pass, i straight ahead to airside, initial security check then, immigration control and Duty free shopping stall welcomes you.

photo img_9614photo img_9616photo img_9617

I really intended to arrive early at the airport to maximise my stay at SATS premium lounge. I already used SATS premium lounge before when i flew with PR Business Class last year, where SATS is only exclusive for business class travellers. SATS Premium Lounge is now open for paying passengers who booked to used the lounge using their "Ready to travel" app. Usual rate for the lounge use is S$45, but since it is new app, they offer 50% off, i paid $24 including tax. Its a Good deal already as i usually spent S$20 for a meal, drinks and coffee while waiting for my flight, with that price i have a buffet food and free flow of drinks.

My food selections, yes i ate all those food and brought some fruits and drinks to go. lol

photo img_9626photo img_9625photo img_9623

I found that the food selection this time is underwhelming compare from my previous visit where there are more choices fo hot dishes, more deserts and sandwiches. taste is just normal, no dish stands out.

When i saw that PR's gate is open that is the time i left the lounge to go to the boarding gate. by the time i reach the gate, most of the passenger is already inside and waiting for boarding. final security check went smoothly and in no time. It was a full flight. Boarding is on time, priority boarding is given to Business class passengers and Mabuhay miles tier holders and followed by Passengers that needs assistance and with kids, then passengers seated from back to front. i was one of the passengers to board the plane.

photo img_9639photo img_9640photo img_9642

Personally i still prefer Philippine Airlines older plane like this A320. I found that legroom is wider, seats are more comfortable and it has a dropdown monitor for movies.

With this monitor, they also play their flight safety video. i like it when they play their safety demo by their monitor as i felt more premium compared to manual demo like most of LCC do.

photo img_9652photo img_9653

These are the backseat contents; Sky Botique (their duty free listing), Mabuhay Magazine, safety card blow bag and their plastic/sanitised headphones.

photo img_9681photo img_9683photo img_9684

Their headphone is just OK with the quality, you can adjust the volume and change channel at the controls located in the armrest. You can change the language of the playing movies, musics of all kinds.

photo img_9655photo img_9658

As we reach the cruising altitude, cabin crew prepared for their meal service. my seatmates has their preferred diet, they were asked what kind of it and they served first, then i notice their main meals is from Business class meals as they were plated with ceramics with economy class sides and utensils. There are 2 options for this flight, tho i forget those options, these are my food.

photo img_9686photo img_9689

Im am very lucky to have a very nice cabin crew that serves us. It was a red eyed flight and her return flight, but her energy is still high, she never missed a smile to the passengers on her looked, she is chatty in a friendly way, i really notice her before she serves our row, we had some joke while she giving out my meals and after meals she makes sure that her passenger is hydrated and ask if they need water, for me i ask for ginger ale an she gave me the whole can of it. Im really pleased with her professionalism, dedication to her work and care for passenger, hats off for her.

since im at the aisle seat, i visit the lavatory, it was a quite surprise that they do have some few amenities inside the lavatory. and its clean!

photo img_9690photo img_9691

we arrived Manila ahead of schedule. Immigration is a breeze and luggage received within 10 mins.

photo img_9692

Thank you for reading, and stay tune for the next series!

Comments, suggestions and critiques are most welcome.
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Philippine Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

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Philippine Airline is really proud for their newly acquired 4-Star status, where every announcement was mention and printed on their Magazine, and they still eying being a 5-Star airline in the coming years. Yes they improved, but still they have some inconsistency on their service i.e other flight offers newspaper, blanket is pre-place on each seat and pillow quality. Cabin Crew service is exceptional, as i mentioned from my previous reports, their cabin crew is their Gem.

I personally prefer this A320 as it has more legroom and seats are comfortable. as it is a old plane, this plane doesn't offer entertainment streaming, tho they have overhead monitors that plays movie, and magazines for you to read.

Meals are tasty, i just wished that soon they used metal cutlery rather than plastics. and hope they provide wet towels inflights.

Overall, it was a great experience, eventhough there is a glitch on seat assignment, it was covered back by a high standard of cabin crew service.

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