Review of Air France flight Atlanta Pointe-à-Pitre in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF609
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 07 Jan 18, 10:15
Arrival at 07 Jan 18, 15:25
AF   #25 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5971 reviews
By SILVER 1624
Published on 29th April 2018

This is my return flight, to Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)

Planned routing:
  • Pointre-à-Pitre, Pôle Caraïbes - JFK. Norwegian D84900, B737-8 (French only).
  • JFK - Albuquerque Int'l sunport ABQ. JetBlue B6 65 A320 (French ) (English)
  • Albuquerque int'l sunport ABQ - JFK. JetBlue B6 66 A320 (never).
  • JFK- Pointe-à-Pitre, Pôle Caraïbes. Norwegian D84901, B737-8 (never)
  • Routing after cancellation of B6 66 due to snowstorm at JFK.
  • Pointre-à-Pitre, Pôle Caraïbes - JFK. Norwegian D84900, B737-8
  • JFK - Albuquerque Int'l sunport ABQ. JetBlue B6 65 A320
  • Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson ATL - Pointe-a-Pitre, Pôle Caraïbes. AirFrance AF609, A320 (here) (French)

Normally, we had to go back to Guadeloupe via JFK, with B6 and DY, but, with snowstorm on eastcoast, our flight was cancelled, and we had to find an other solution to come back. We were thursday evening, and after many research, we found a flight with Air France bound for PTP from ATL. We had to rejoin Atlanta before saturday evening. In two days, 1400miles and two time zone. Very hard, in car, but saturday at 9p.m, finally, we saw Atlanta's business district. It was snowing, 14°F, so very cold for Atlanta, but that did not cause problems for H-J Airport !

We're sunday, 7th january, it's 6a.m, and we wake up. It's hard, we win 2 hours in two days (Atlanta is +2h from Albu). We had bought our breakfast at Wholefood on saturday evening. At 6:30, we go to the rent-a-car to leave our car. It was very fast, fortunately, because in this morning the temperature was glacial.
Let's go to International Terminal, with a bus shuttle, (Skytrain for domestic terminal). The path is very long, but we had a good view on the airport. It's interesting for avegeeks. At 7a.m, we arrived on concourse T, but AF staff is absent. We wait, and after few minutes; an agent Delta hailed us to follow her. We were checked in at Aeromexico counters, by a Delta agent for an Air France flight. Where is logic??

photo img_0279.
photo img_0280

At 8a.m we go to pass the police. Wait lasted 10 minutes, so it's correct, contrariwise, agents were not cools, seemed tired, at
Go to the train to concourse E
.photo img_0287

Go up
photo img_0284.
photo img_0288.
photo img_0291

I tried to take FIDS in photo, but there was 12 screens, for departures between now (8a.m) to 2p.m !!!!

At ATL, it looks like there is only one company in the world : Delta. Anywhere you look, there are only Delta's plane !!! Like an anthill of Delta's planes.

A few pic, with mainly DL.
photo img_0276.
photo img_0277.
photo img_0281.
photo img_0282.
photo img_0292.
photo img_0293.
photo img_0294.
photo img_0295.
photo img_0298

We go to gate, and we eat. We see Atlanta's CBD away. The airport is far from the center, generally in the USA, the airport is in the center of the city (LAX, MSY…).

It's 9:20am, and we board on our 320.
photo img_0296
photo img_0301

It's F-GKXU, he is 8.3 years, he always belonged to Air France. It's not the new A320 of Caribbean network, however cabin has been renovated.

Control tower of 122m, the highest in North America.
photo img_0297.
photo img_0314

photo img_0302.
photo img_0315
photo img_0317.

photo img_0319

it was 10am when we left our gates. We were 15minutes in advance.

Some pics, with mainly Delta.
photo img_0298.

photo img_0316
photo img_0318
photo img_0320
photo img_0321
photo img_0322
photo img_0323

Direction the runway threshold, it was 10:05am, and let's go : maximum thrust.

It becomes difficult to spot for a few seconds, it shakes a lot!

Frontier to Denver.
photo img_0325

photo img_0326
photo img_0327
photo img_0328
photo img_0324

Korean 747-8, bound for ICN
photo img_0329
photo img_0330

Take-off pics, with Atlanta away.

photo img_0331
photo img_0332
photo img_0333
photo img_0336
photo img_0337

We will stay fairly low until the coast of Georgia, which we leave a few miles south of Savannah. Everything is frozen and snowy, pretty.

photo img_0341
photo img_0345.

photo img_0346

Some reading with regional network Hop! and Air France, international network, and Transavia destinations..Un
photo img_0304photo img_0305photo img_0306
photo img_0307
photo img_0308
photo img_0309
photo img_0310

photo img_0338
photo img_0339

After 2hours of flight, (noon at atlanta, 1pm at PTP), the meal is served. I expected the same sandwich of flight PTP-MIA, but no, we have had hot meal.
It was composed by chicken and pumpkin puree with cinnamon. Against all expectations, it was very good !
photo img_0347

For cabin comfort, my opinion may be a little bit biased because I had the row for me only.
photo img_0343
photo img_0344
photo img_0349
photo img_0350

After eat, I chatted a little with cabin crew, she was very cool and fun, laughing all te time ! It was very cool to have a chef cabin crew like that !

I look trought the window, and surprise, we fly over Sint-Maarten ! already ! We fly over Anguilla, SXM and Saint-Barth
photo img_0351

photo img_0352
photo img_0353
photo img_0354

The devastated island of Barbuda where nobody lives since Irma hurricane

photo img_0355

On a cloud with some goods turbulences

photo img_0348

2:20 p.m Guadeloupe time, we start our descent.

We fly over the Grand-Cul-de-Sac Marin , with Fajou island and the rest of caret island.
photo img_0358.
photo img_0359.
photo img_0360.
photo img_0361.
photo img_0362.

We turn on our left, we fly over Sainte-Rose city.
Mangrove swamp was very destroyed by succesives passages of hurricanes Irma, and 10days after, Maria.
photo img_0363.
photo img_0364.
photo img_0365.
photo img_0366.
photo img_0367.
photo img_0368

Alliance Bridge and Salted river
photo img_0369
photo img_0370.
photo img_0371

Bonvini a Lapoint ! (Welcome to Pointe-a-pitre (Point Peter in english)!)
photo img_0372.
photo img_0373.
photo img_0374.
photo img_0375.
photo img_0376

There were a lot of planes this afternoon.

-A 737 Norwegian
-A 777 Air France (To ORY, Paris)
-A 320 Air France (To PAP and Miami)
-A 330-200 XL Airways (To CDG, Paris)
-A 747 corsair (To ORY, Paris)
-A A359 Air Caraïbes (To ORY, Paris)

And us ! (our plane continued on his way to Cayenne, French Guyana).

Plus regionals planes (ATR 42/72) and Air Transat from Montreal (YUL) which land after us. For a little tarmac! PTP will be closeup, because the flow of passengers has exceeded 2,360,000 passanegers this year!!!!

Air Transat
photo img_0380photo img_0381photo img_0382

the seats that welcomed me
photo img_0383

Some pics

baggage claim was overcrowded, but our luggage arrived very quickly.

thanks you for reading !!! !
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Air France

Cabin crew10.0

Atlanta - ATL


Pointe-à-Pitre - PTP



ATL : agents note nice. But no delay, I like ATL airport like a hub !

PTP : faithful : Very fluid (no control). Lot of planes, the staff has managed well for a medium airport.

AF : Very surprised. Goods points : very good catering, and fun cabin crew, nice and pleasant.



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  • Comment 442882 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 999 Comments
    Hola de nuevo, Loori!

    Qué ruta tan interesante. Me encantaría vivir cerca de un aeropuerto como ATL, donde puedes tomar un avión a miles de lugares diferentes. Incluso SCL estaría bien!

    For cabin comfort, my opinion may be a little bit biased because I had the row for me only

    Me encanta cuando eso ocurre! Aún así, el espacio entre asientos se ve bastante reducido para una aerolínea "legacy" en un vuelo internacional.

    chicken and pumpkin puree with cinnamon.

    Ugh! El zapallo cocido y los erizos de mar son las dos únicas cosas que no puedo tragar! Lo he intentado, pero me dan ganas de vomitar! Había alternativas en el menú?

    The devastated island of Barbuda where nobody lives since Irma hurricane


    Mangrove swamp was very destroyed by succesives passages of hurricanes Irma, and 10days after, Maria.

    Creo que los nombres de los huracanes están trayendo mala fama a las mujeres latinoamericanas! LOL

    Espero que lo hayas pasado espectacularmente bien en tu viaje, o como decimos en Chile, que lo hayas pasado "salvaje".

    Gracias por compartir!
    • Comment 442976 by
      Loouri SILVER AUTHOR 663 Comments
      Hola ! Gracias por su comentario !

      *Me gustaria tambien, donde quieras ir, hay un vuelo disponible ! Increible ! Y para el spotting !!

      * Air France ha reducido mucho el espacio, no es genial, pero es mejor que en las lineas transatlanticas en los B777-300ER !

      *No me gustan los erizos tampoco, aha. Nunca habia probado el zapallo cocido, pero me ha gustado mucho ! Con canela, hmm.

      *No se porque ellos les dieron estos nombres, ahah.

      Mi viaje fue muy bie, me encanta esquiar, en particular en Colorado.

      En 2016, esquié en Chile, en Valle Nevado, porque había ganado un pase de esqui, en el metro de Santiago.
      Fue especial de esquiar en los Andes, pero muy agradable !!!

      Hasta pronto

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