Review of Royal Air Maroc flight Casablanca Marrakech in Economy

Airline Royal Air Maroc
Flight AT405
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:25
Take-off 24 Apr 18, 22:31
Arrival at 24 Apr 18, 22:56
AT   #49 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 131 reviews
By 1037
Published on 3rd May 2018

AT 405 Fast Facts

AT 405
Casablanca - Marrakesh

After staying overnight in Marrakesh,CN-ROH flew to Casablanca the next morning and performed Casablanca-Barcelona then Casablanca- Agadir then had 3 days of non stop flying between Agadir and Paris Orly !

After a nice flight from Manchester to Casablanca and a crazy transit in Casablanca Terminal 1 ( see report for AT819 ) , finally I headed down an escalator down to the gates.

Where I would "enjoy" a very long line in a growing queue – the terminal was packed with no airconditioning or proper seating,people were skipping queues and really getting on my nerves.

No announcements or a single apology for the delay. My AT405 was due to depart at 2135pm. Finally after an agonising wait….

My Boarding Pass was taken at 2145pm and I was wished a nice flight very pleasant smiling lady – ground hostesses of RAM wear a lovely brown uniform with a nice co-ordinated neck scarf.

Agadir was boarding on the next gate - I could hear passengers in my line speaking Dutch.

The weather outside was liek England rainy and wet.

On the bus ride to the aircraft –a lady with 3 kids from Holland chatted and I chatted in Dutch ! They were impressed I still spoke Dutch despite leaving Holland some 20+ years earlier.

photo 20180424_215952
photo 20180424_220010
photo 20180424_220014
photo 20180424_220030
photo 20180424_220036
photo 20180424_220137
photo 20180424_220312

We boarded at 2210pm – i wished the Airhostess at the door a Good Evening and she wished me a Good Evening and "welcome".

Business class was empty bar 2 passengers but I felt on show going into a packed Economy Class cabin ! I love the patterned curtain - not replaced to the current burgundy style.

photo 20180424_220350
photo 20180424_220356

Onboard I wished Good Evening to a Steward and he said "welcome".

I stored my hand baggage a few rows from my seat and where it would be visible to me. I had to ask 2 ladies to get up to let me sit at my window seat. I had prescious sexonds to take a photo of the row of seats but thought I would wait until we land .
There was a SKY RAM logo on business class cabin /bulkhead wall. What is SKYRAM ?!

When taking the inflight magazine at the end of the flight I would find a laminate in my seat which advised what SKYRAM is. Please see AT819/818 flight reports for contents of the inflight magazine.

photo 20180424_220824

There was a Manual safety demo in Arabic,French and English dipping in and out of all languages crew trying to keep up.

Pushback was at 2215pm and at 2231pm we blasted down the runway enroute to Marrakesh !

photo 20180424_220833
photo 20180424_222256
photo 20180424_222820
photo 20180424_223101
photo 20180424_225439
photo 20180424_225447

Cabin lights were dimmed for the entire 25 minute flight. The strangest flight of my life. There was no inflight service either !

A lady 2 seats away from me on 24C asked for a yoghurt and got one ( the same mango one from AT819)

Flying in complete darkness,the last 10 minutes of the flight were spent being aghast at the wing spoilers which were open ! No photos as all you could see was the winglet !

We landed at Marrakesh Menara Airport at 2256pm - only 20 minutes late.
photo 20180424_225839

Farewell time !
photo 20180424_225923
photo 20180424_230005
photo 20180424_230059

My jacket hung like this from boarding to landing #awkward and even more so with the unclean seatback.
photo 20180424_230123

Cabin shots - as promised to my Flight Report friends !

photo 20180424_230649
photo 20180424_230712
photo 20180424_230802

As I was last to leave I advised I was on my second ever RAM flight having connected from MAN had a quick pic with crew advised that this was my first time to Morocco and surprised at no service ? An Airhostess gave me a large bottle of water and 2 cans of coke. The Cabin Chief gave me two kids packs – I chuckled that i am way too big for thse but will give to my little nephew !

photo 20180425_032824

A purrfect welcome at Marrakesh Menara Airport just as I left the airbridge !
photo 20180424_231236

RAK is stunning ;piped music plays,staff are nice,the architecture is stunning.

photo 20180424_231245
photo 20180424_231320
photo 20180424_231324
photo 20180424_231405
photo 20180424_231447
photo 20180424_231506

Landing Card Kiosk - should have been handed out on the flight to save time on arrival

photo 20180424_231719
photo 20180424_231732

A queuecomber at Immigration got me seen to quickly and arranged for a call to be made to my hotel to ensure my driver was outside.

At Immigration – I was laughingly asked "Are you Pakistani ? and a Businessman ? I said yes to the first and In'Sha'Allah ( God willing ) next time I arrive to the second !
The officer asked for my ticket and stamped my Passport.

I bought my currency from Global Exchange – staff were leaving counters after customers had been waiting ages – it would be polite to advise beforehand that counters will be closing.
The guy who served me had a massively long conversation with a French speaking couple before it was my turn.

photo 20180424_232441
photo 20180424_232735
photo 20180424_233727
photo 20180424_233806
photo 20180424_235507
photo 20180425_001205
photo 20180425_002327

My taxi hadn’t showed so I had to pay an extra EUR 5 and get a cab – arranged by an airport security officer.

The Royal Air Maroc Office in Gueliz ( pronounced Gillies ) Marrakesh.

photo 20180425_013516
photo 20180425_013525

And that my friends,was my arrival into Marrakesh ! See you soon on AT818 from Casablanca back to Manchester !

Some highlights from my Marrakesh trip at Koutobia Mosque, Jemaa El Fnaa Square and Gueliz !

photo 20180425_172609
photo 20180425_174221
photo 20180425_182708
photo 20180425_194544
photo 20180425_174221
photo 20180425_013254
photo 20180425_013339
photo 20180425_165526
photo 20180425_172443
photo 20180425_172903
photo 20180425_174107
photo 20180425_174804
photo 20180425_194114

Bonus : Click here display

Train from Marrakesh to Casablanca

photo 20180426_104651
photo 20180426_104834
photo 20180426_105356
photo 20180426_115237
photo 20180426_121709
photo 20180426_122128
photo 20180426_123230
photo 20180426_155351
photo 20180426_160050
photo 20180425_165613
photo 20180425_170604
photo 20180425_170607
photo 20180425_172406
photo 20180425_173943
photo 20180425_174758
photo 20180425_180536
photo 20180425_182522
photo 20180425_183248
photo 20180425_183301
photo 20180425_192721
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Royal Air Maroc

Cabin crew10.0

Casablanca - CMN


Marrakech - RAK



Consdiering the large bulk of this flight are connecting passengers,I would recommend that landing cards are handed out during boarding to save time on arrival.
As no inflight service is offered on this route perhaps a sealed water or orange juice cuplet can be handed out at the aircraft door or boarding gate as passengers board ?
This is the last flight of the evening and will mainly have connecting passengers. More should be done to encourage them to fly Royal Air Maroc again.
The flight was over before I even got settled in !
I don't see what benefit the Business Class passengers get apart from lounge access and a wider seat / extra legroom. I sure would not have been pleased to have no catering in Business Class. Even BA manage a complimentary ClubEurope ( Business Class ) service on a 25 minute flight from Manchester to London Heathrow as well as a buy on board service in Economy ( EuroTraveller).

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Royal Air Maroc avec 7.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 0 heures et 41 minutes.

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  • Comment 443506 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6349 Comments
    It's a shame there was no service at all on this flight, but I'm not surprised. I'm used to having no service at all in Y on 45 minute DC-NYC flights. But you're right many other carriers manage a short drink service on short flights.
  • Comment 455480 by
    Kolia 612 Comments
    Thanks for this report, nice touch from the crew. Because that a bit shade to get a no service during this flight !!!
  • Comment 456463 by
    Enivit 45 Comments
    Hey there, thank you for sharing this flight report.
    All Royal Air Maroc Domestic flights there is no catering services exept for flights from Casablanca to the soth Morocco cities, Dakhla and Laayoune which are very far away. However catering is available for Business Class (mainly juices and soft drinks) for All domestic flights in RAM. you can notice that when you fly a domestic flight on board ATR as the gally in the ATR in the back side so the crew will be taking drink from the back and pass by economy to reach the front.
  • Comment 480985 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 981 Comments
    Hi Windowseat!!

    Only now do I realize that I skipped this report, which is strange because I am interested in all reports of flights to or from Casablanca.

    I wonder if having no onboard service is really a big issue for such a short flight. Anyways, my first report here was about a 17-minute flight and one of the FAs rushed along the aisle with a basket of sweets, inviting us to help ourselves to all the sweets we wanted.

    That water bottle and cans of soda that you were given at the end... I'm not sure how I would have taken that gesture in your place. I have the feeling that it was a bit too much. Were the crew really nice? Or were they rather like "This should keep your mouth shut?"

    A cat in the airport!! There should be one in every airport!!! I wonder who takes care of him/her? I have four!

    ( UU )

    Thank you very much for the photos of Marrakesh. Unfortunately, most of them are not loading. Do you think you could upload them again?

    Thanks for sharing!!

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