Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Singapore in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX659
Class Business
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 10 May 18, 01:45
Arrival at 10 May 18, 05:00
CX 465 reviews
By BRONZE 2836
Published on 2nd June 2018
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2nd leg – ORD-HKG

Followed the transit signs to security and we were spit out on the departure level in no time. Walked over to The Wing lounge and we were allowed access to the First Class section as we were within the 24 hour period coming off the plane. We were informed that the lounge would close at 12:30am.

photo 27475457127_2c2a2c2449_cphoto 27475454537_fec62ef3e0_c

The Haven dining room.

photo 41442844305_d7d46064b4_c

Yes, the champagne bar will do nicely.

photo 40537834020_a1cb4e6d17_c

We sidetracked to the Cabana and had to wait for one to open up as they were all in use. We were given a buzzer and we then planted ourselves by the champagne bar since it was right there.

photo 27475451017_1875430872_cphoto 41622191194_39624d492a_cphoto 28471609008_383cba44ea_c

Looking down.

photo 27475438257_59a99f22d9_cphoto 41442854035_7b15a24e18_c

The buzzer went off around 11:30pm which gave us an hour to spend in the Cabana. Mrs.I couldn’t understand why we were waiting for the Cabana when a shower suite would be just as good. When she saw it, she agreed that it was worth the wait.

After freshening up, we decided to move on to the Deck and see what it had to offer.

Making our way out the same way we came in.

photo 28471589228_16be4a4df7_c

Found out that our SIN flight would be at Gate 1 but it was later changed to Gate 4.

photo 41442838535_47c269a75e_c

We made our way over to Gate 15 where the Deck was located. This is a business class lounge only like the Bridge.

photo 41442834975_36a026a632_cphoto 28471577588_458e52636a_c

Walking into the lounge right after the entrance desk.

photo 41622172234_e700d0d10c_cphoto 27475403997_a14aeee41c_cphoto 41622170584_57ee73a0b2_c

There was an outside patio style area overlooking the concourse.

photo 41622168164_7e5d16ea30_cphoto 40537776980_19fe44711e_c

The flight to Zurich was delayed and had just begun boarding. The plane being flown for this flight was the Spirit of Hong Kong.

photo 40537774010_45dbf906da_cphoto 40537755890_9c64068243_cphoto 40537770560_c1ce03aa94_c

The noodle bar was closed, so no wanton noodles for me. :(

photo 27475386757_904068ef17_c

At least the buffet spread was still there.

photo 27475385777_6a1b6eddcd_c

We eventually headed off to Gate 4 where our flight would be leaving from. I like how CX does a pre-boarding sequence and gets people to line up before boarding starts – very efficient and boarding ended up being complete in 20 minutes.

photo 42344928551_2f0f91e03b_c

Snaking economy line.

photo 41442816965_11fa12b4f8_cphoto 41442816365_9ceee41d49_c

Once boarding was green lit, we made our way down the worlds longest jet bridge. Our plane tonight to Singapore would be an A-Three-Fiddy.

photo 41442817485_6d2e6215f7_cphoto 41442815735_eb93ba5174_cphoto 41442815395_af4bf19245_c

Comfy enough for a 3-ish hour hop.

photo 28537785348_ed168cda25_cphoto 41687580754_b3bd0c7f47_cphoto 41687579684_6dc6cebc0a_c

Pushback was 5 minutes early and everything else was smooth thereafter.

photo 28537784438_2c7212d70b_c

Bye Hong Kong, see you in 2-ish weeks.

photo 41687573964_a529c0f09a_c

After 10 minutes, the seat belt sign went off and the cabin crew sprung into action for the red eye dinner service.

photo 28537781268_3f335c86c8_c

Blasting through the menu again.

Went with the beef brisket option and was tasty and everything served on a single tray. Everything was cleared away around 1.5 hours into the flight and I took the opportunity to get some shut eye.

photo 28537780098_d657d9d48f_c

The captain came on the comm around 30 minutes to arrival and indicated that we were on time.

photo 28537778778_f0fa178c4a_c

Pulled up to our gate to see 2 other CX planes. CX now uses Terminal 4 and I was highly eager to get a whiff of that fresh carpet smell … amongst other things.

photo 41687568124_80284bf8cd_cphoto 28537778478_00f71393a1_c

Mmmmm, new carpet smell.

Immigration was dead and we were let through quickly. Waited for our bags at belt 2.

photo 28537777728_972b911056_cphoto 41687566304_cd6435ee41_cphoto 28537777288_4a2277dccf_c

As it was 5am when we landed, we took our time getting to the hotel. Opened up our bags, changed into more comfortable clothes more suitable for hot weather and then made our way to the shuttle bus that connects T4 to T2. From there, we would jump on the MRT down to the Four Points Sheraton.

photo 28537776758_030ea9451d_c

God, I love the Singapore MRT.

photo 42360752432_70549a48ce_c
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.5

Cathay Pacific The Wing - First Class Section


Hong Kong - HKG


Singapore - SIN



The short hop was as good as it could be given that it was a red eye. The cabin crew were friendly, service was warm and food was tasty. The cabin did begin to show slight wear and tear but it is to be expected.

The Wing lounge was phenomenal and the Deck was a standard affair. As always, HKG is a fun place to walk around and never gets boring.

Information on the route Hong Kong (HKG) Singapore (SIN)


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